Chapter 190 - Killed by Poison

Against the Gods

Chapter 190 - Killed by Poison

Under Yun Che’s recuperation, although Chu Yuechan’s meridians were still not recovered, the state of her body was already much better. Her face, which was originally as white as a sheet of paper, had already recovered some of its original color. However, her entire body was still paralyzed, and only her right arm and right hand could move a little. In this extremely dangerous place, for Yun Che to protect her well, he had to stay right by her side.

For each meal, Chu Yuechan could not eat much and a small bowl of fish soup would already suffice. Chu Yuechan, who had finished drinking the fish soup, closed her eyes gently and lay on Yun Che’s chest with a peaceful expression….. Even she herself did not realize, that this ease she felt, surpassed what she had felt when she was meditating in seclusion in her sect.

In these five months, a large part of her time was spent in slumber. The only thing she spent more time in other than sleeping, was in Yun Che’s arms. From the first rejection, to gradual acceptance, and finally completely accustomed. After she was used to it, she would unknowingly come to hate to leave him….. But this concept of “wanting to stay near” was completely foreign to Chu Yuechan, because before Yun Che, she had never lived alone with any man before, let alone come into contact intimately. But this time, they had actually lived inseparably and close to each other for almost five months. To Chu Yuechan, this was absolutely unimaginable.

Nobody knew what frame of mind she had in interacting with Yun Che, and even she herself did not know.

“Sleep peacefully for a while. Soon, we’ll be able to leave this place. And by then, all your strength will be recovered.” Yun Che patted Chu Yuechan’s pale back lightly, his voice soft, like he was coaxing a baby to sleep.

Not too long after, Chu Yuechan’s breathing became light and even, and she had fallen asleep.

Yun Che kept the thing by his hand, and stood up while carrying Chu Yuechan. Looking forward, he spoke, “Jasmine, how long have we been here?”

“Today is the hundred and forty first day.” Jasmine answered precisely.

“...That means, it’s less than a month away from the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament.” Yun Che furrowed his eyebrows as his heart grew slightly impatient. He had promised Lan Xueruo that he would return within half a year. By now, more than five months had already passed, but he was still trapped in this trial area. After five months had passed, he had already become accustomed to this place. To complete this trial, what he needed was merely time. But to leave this place, he still had to kill ten thousand more profound beasts. These profound beasts could not be killed as he pleased, because any one of them were all genuine Spirit Profound Beasts.

Also, after the second stage of the trial, there was still the third stage.

After exiting the trial grounds, it would still take a long time to walk out of the Wasteland of Death, and after walking out of the Wasteland of Death, even if he traveled day and night, it would still take at least five days’ worth of time to return to Blue Wind Imperial City…

If he didn’t leave this place as soon as possible, he would be unable to make it to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, and he would be unable to fulfill his promise towards Xueruo.

“It looks like I’ll have to speed up. Even if I die, I still have to finish killing the profound beasts here within ten days!” Yun Che frowned and said.

“Ten days? Hmph, what joke are you cracking! To complete this trial, you still have to kill sixteen thousand profound beasts. If you want to finish it in ten days, you’ll need to kill at least a thousand and six hundred of them every day! In these five months, you’ve only killed an average of six hundred profound beasts each day, and this is already your maximum speed after you’d gone all out. Killing sixteen thousand profound beasts in ten days is absolutely impossible….. If you get ahead of yourself in your impatience and lose your cool, you might get reverse killed by profound beasts instead.” Jasmine warned.

Yun Che had no way of countering that.


Suddenly, and ear-splitting growl came from far behind him. This sound made Yun Che frown, and then mutter darkly, “Damn! Why is it this guy again, it’s practically like a lingering spirit that won’t leave!”

At that, without even thinking, Yun Che ran. Not long after, a gigantic single horned profound beast rampaged past the spot he had been at, bringing a berserk aura as it rushed towards him.

Even though he had stayed here for the past five months, and had been surviving by killing profound beasts which far surpassed him in levels every day, Yun Che’s profound strength had still stayed at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm. It wasn’t that his profound energy had not shown any signs of breaking through, but rather that he kept pushing it down forcefully, not allowing it to break through. This was because, when profound strength made a breakthrough, he would be incapable of moving for a short period of time, and could not be disturbed by anything, or else his meridians would be easily damaged. In this endless wilderness that was fraught with dangers, not only could he not be guarded by anyone when he was breaking through, but Chu Yuechan would also be exposed to the same dangerous environment. Therefore, the breakthrough in his profound strength had forcibly been suppressed all this time.

Otherwise, with how he was killing far above his level every day and night, and how all fifty four of his profound veins were open, in five months, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if his profound strength could rise to the eighth level of the True Profound Realm.

Although he had not broken through all this while, his profound energy grew progressively, and even if he did not have the power of four great gods, his profound strength far surpassed the average practitioner in the fourth level of the True Profound Realm.

This profound beast that was chasing him was named Overlord Single-Horned Beast, and it was a profound beast of the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. It had great strength and an extremely tough body. That, in addition to its strong and solid profound defense made it difficult for Yun Che to harm it even with Dragon Fault. If Chu Yuechan hadn’t been at Yun Che’s side, he could still deal with it, but with one arm around Chu Yuechan, he could only hold the sword with one hand and it was impossible for him to even be a match for the Overlord Single-Horned Beast.

That was why Yun Che would run every time he met this guy.

Star God’s Broken Shadow was a single instance profound movement skill and not a long term speed increase type of profound skill, so it would not cause Yun Che’s speed to increase by much. However, Yun Che would usually be carrying a sword that weighed four thousand kilos. Therefore, when he needed to escape, all he had to do was to throw the sword into the Sky Poison Pearl, and his body would feel as if it were floating. Escaping would also be as fast as lightning, and shaking off this Overlord Single-Horned Beast would only be a matter of minutes.

Yun Che ran forward with all his might and the dirt underneath his feet were sent flying back as he increased the distance between him and the Overlord Single-Horned Beast. At this time, Jasmine’s warning suddenly came from his mind, “Careful, there’s a cliff up front!”

Just as Jasmine’s voice fell, a cliff appeared in front of Yun Che’s line of sight. His brows furrowed and his speed suddenly decreased as both his feet planted onto the ground firmly. After sliding for a short distance, he finally stopped dangerously at the edge of the cliff. But instantly, he let out a silent breath of relief.

Because looking down, the cliff was actually not high and it wasn’t even one hundred fifty meters tall, so he could easily leap down. There wasn’t any place dangerous below the cliff either, it was only extremely dense woods… Perhaps forest would be a better term for it, because before his eyes, each tree was joined to the next, and even though he was standing at a high vantage point, he still couldn’t completely see the edge of it.

“It’s a field area, why would there be forests.” Yun Che muttered and was about to jump down, when suddenly, a sliver of dangerous, strong wind came from his right side.

Yun Che glanced to the side and his right arm stretched out like lightning as two fingers pinching forcefully onto a thin, cold and slippery thing.

It was a Black Thread Snake that wasn’t very long and was only as thick as half of his finger. Seven inches of it was grabbed onto tightly by Yun Che and it struggled in pain, spitting blackness.

“Emperor Black Thread Snake!” Yun Che, who was proficient in all poisons that existed in the world, recognized the poisonous snake in an instant.

The Emperor Black Thread Snake was very thin and short, and its body was very weak. Even if a normal child were to accidentally step on it, it would also be stomped to death. But such a small and weak snake like this was crowned an “Emperor”, and was actually an expensive Spirit Profound Beast! This was because it had an extremely frightening toxicity and speed despite its size. All that come into contact with its poisonous fangs, as long as they were below the Spirit Profound Realm, would undoubtedly die within ten breaths of time. Even if those in the Spirit Profound Realm were to be bitten by it, they would not be able to live for longer than an hour without the antidote. Also, because of its small size, it was very hard to discover. When it moved, it resembled a streak of black lightning, so people had no chance of guarding against it. All Spirit Profound Beasts, and even Earth Profound Beasts that encounter it would have to take a detour, lest they’re too late.

With the Sky Poison Pearl in him, even if Yun Che were to be bitten by it, he would still not be affected in the least. Staring at this Emperor Black Thread Snake, he suddenly turned around to face the Overlord Single-Horned Beast that was already chasing towards him. Shifting the Emperor Black Thread Snake from his right hand to his left, he used the Sky Poison Pearl to instantly suck out all its poison, and then, throwing it away, he took out the Tiger Soul Sword he had not used in a long while and wiped the poison onto the blade of the Tiger Soul Sword.

“...It seems to be the first time you’re using poison after the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison had vanished.” Looking at the tip of the Tiger Soul Sword, the tragic scene of the massive area of corpses that had been resulted from releasing the poison onto the entire city that year flashed across his mind. His gaze quietly darkened by a tad, and he subsequently rushed toward the Overlord Single-Horned Beast like a gale.

Seeing that this human who normally ran away the moment he saw it unexpectedly rush up to it this time, the Overlord Single-Horned Beast paused in confusion for a bit, and then, with a roar, it exposed its fangs and pounced towards Yun Che


The Overlord Single-Horned Beast’s claws streaked across one of Yun Che’s illusionary shadows, while Yun Che’s moved horizontally from where it had been. Rushing up to it from its right side, he gathered his profound strength onto the Tiger Soul Sword and ruthlessly slashed at its right side, leaving a streak of two inches of so, leaving an injury that was enough to draw blood.

Yun Che stopped and the Tiger Soul Sword in his hands had already been kept, and swapped for Dragon Fault.

With the Overlord Single-Horned Beast’s large size, this small injury didn’t even count as an injury at all. The Overlord Single-Horned Beast, which had leapt into the sky, turned around and opened its large mouth as its body pounced towards Yun Che again. But midway, its front leg suddenly twisted, and its entire body fell onto the ground firmly. After that, it began to twitch, and its four limbs began to stamp on the ground, yet it was able to stand back up no matter what. Gradually, waves of pained yells came from its mouth… From that tiny wound, drops of pitch-black blood flowed out slowly.

Yun Che rushed up, and with a single blow, crushed its profound defense that had already been weakened under the extremely poisonous corrosion. After which, he continually rained seven to eight blows on its head, until it no longer made a sound.

“We don’t know either when the Sky Poison Pearl’s toxicity will recover.” Yun Che couldn’t help but sigh. Relying on just a little poison, he had practically finished off this Overlord Single-Horned Beast that he could only escape from previously without sparing much effort. On how formidable poison was, he was clearer than anyone else. That year, he hadn’t even been thirty yet, but he lived for a full seven years in the midst of all the chasing and killing throughout the entire continent. What he relied on, was the Sky Poison Pearl’s toxicity. Under the Sky Poison Pearl’s heavenly poison, countless of experts whose strength far surpassed Yun Che’s by many times over, and even the exceptionally strong all died under his hands.

“If the Sky Poison Pearl still had its poisonous strength, then within this trial ground, as the heavenly poison spreads, let alone ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine profound beasts, even if it was ten times that number, they would all still be poisoned to death by dusk.” Yun Che said with extreme emotion.

As a Heavenly Profound Treasure, the overpowered aspects of the Sky Poison Pearl laid in more than just its tempering and refining.

Wait… heavenly poison spreading?

Yun Che’s mind suddenly turned, and he looked towards the boundless forests beneath the cliff. In a while, he slowly began to smile.

“Jasmine, do you believe that we’ll be able to leave this place today if we’re lucky.”

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