Chapter 191 - Blood of the Dragon God

Against the Gods

Chapter 191 - Blood of the Dragon God

“... What are you going to do?” Jasmine asked with suspicion.

The wind screamed past Yun Che’s ears as he stood near the cliff and stretched out his hands to feel the wind. He faintly smiled, then took a deep breath. Facing upwards, he used all his strength and shouted loudly:


“Enhanced by profound strength, this shout was transmitted quite far, and directly scared Jasmine. Immediately after, countless profound beast roars sounded from the distance. For all the profound beasts living in this endless plain, Yun Che was their target. Previously, Yun Che hid whenever he could, so this was the absolute first time that he dared to behave in such a flashy way… And to actually do it in this place, was essentially the same as seeking death.

Very quickly, the roars of profound beasts grew in number as the sounds came closer and closer. From far away, no matter whether it was from the skies or the ground, more and more profound beast silhouettes began to surface as they all rapidly charged in this direction.

The sleeping Chu Yuechan was shaken awake by Yun Che’s yell. She opened her eyes slightly and asked: “Yun Che… What are you doing?”

Yun Che looked down at her and gently answered: “Little Fairy, your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is located in the empire’s northern region, so you all you really see is just ice and snow right? You must have never seen much fire… Today, I’ll show you a really big fire. Remember to keep your eyes wide open.”

After his voice fell, Yun Che leapt down from the cliff and fell into the endless forest beneath.

Just as he had expected, the profound beasts in this nameless forest was even more concentrated than the one’s in the plains. Right as he landed, he felt the aura of a dozen or so profound beasts lock onto him. He did not stay for long; after quickening his pace, he madly dashed forward. At his rear, the dozen or so profound beasts all made unearthly sounds. Bringing along a berserk aura, they sprang out from either the bushes or the trees and chased after Yun Che.

In the wake of Yun Che’s full strength dash, alerted profound beasts grew larger in number, and thus, the profound beasts at his rear naturally went up in number as well. After ten or so breaths, he suddenly halted in his steps. Not even taking a single glance at the profound beasts chasing him behind him, Yun Che’s body combusted into a bunch of flames that were several meters tall. He took a deep breath, and the group of flames rose higher and higher; they immediately rose up to over twenty meters in height and following Yun Che’s low roar, exploded outwards.

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”


Different from the previous blossoming Star Scorching Demon Lotuses, every layer of this Star Scorching Demon Lotus exploded outwards. This was the largest Star Scorching Demon Lotus Yun Che had ever discharged that used a full seventy percent of his profound strength. In the split second the Star Scorching Demon Lotus exploded outwards, it enveloped approximately three hundred meters of the nearby surroundings.

From far away, it was as if a volcano had erupted within this boundless jungle of trees.

More than half of the profound beasts that were chasing from behind were instantly killed under the extremely might of this Star Scorching Demon Lotus; the ones that remained alive within the flames howled in pain. This lush dark green forest was not easy to ignite, but what Yun Che released was a flame fused with Phoenix Flame. When the green trees that filled the sky made contact with the phoenix fire, they quickly combusted, as if they were dead trees.

A dozen or more breaths had passed by. Not only had the sea of fire created from the Star Scorching Demon Lotus not shrunk, it quickly expanded. Spurred on by the southern wind, the flourishing fire was like irresistible turbulent tide as it rapidly extended and swept southwards.

The large fire continued to burn. Along the sky of ancient winding trees, the fire immediately shot to a height of several meters. The southern wind whipped by, and the speed of the spreading fire quickly increased. In the blink of an eye, devastated land grew from five kilometers to ten, to fifteen...

The wretched roars from countless profound beasts came from far away. As Spirit Profound Beasts, it was difficult for ordinary fire to bring them harm, but staying inside a sea of fire for a long period of time was a completely different story. Forget about Spirit Profound Beasts, even if they were low level Earth Profound Beasts, if they could not escape in time, they would inevitably be buried in the sea of fire. However, the wind helped the fire flourish, and in an instant, it spread to around three hundred meters wide, so how could profound beasts possible escape?

Poison could be spread by air or water, but inside the forest, with the assistance of the pushing wind, the speed in which fire spread far surpassed the spreading of poison. Yun Che stood in the sea of fire. His entire person was already enveloped in flames, and no matter what direction one looked in, it was all ignited by a large wildfire. But with his Heretic God Fire Seed’s mastery of flame, any sort of fire or smoke was completely repelled, and could never bring harm to Chu Yuechang.

“Little Fairy, I didn’t lie to you right?” Yun Che asked while beaming. Standing in the midst of the blaze, he had a sense of security that he didn’t have for a long time. At least, when he stood in the middle of the large fire, there were no longer any sneak attacks from profound beasts that came at him.

“I don’t like fire.” Chu Yuechan softly said with closed eyes. The profound art she practiced was that of a pure-ice attribute. Fire and ice were incompatible elements, so she naturally had an instinct to reflexively reject fire.

“That’s because you were always alone back then.” Yun Che smiled, “Now that you’re with me inside this fire, if we look at it together… Would you still not like fire?”

“...” Chu Yuechan opened her eyes and stared at the boundless sea of fire before her. She stared blankly for a while and did not say a single word, but she also did not shift her gaze.

“So that’s it. You actually wanted to burn this entire forest. This forest ought to have existed here for a long time, so the moisture here is quite heavy. There is absolutely no way for ordinary fire to burn here, this is truly worthy of being called the Flame of the Phoenix. If the wind does not stop, this sea of fire would continue to burn until the entire forest was burned to a crisp. The profound beasts in this vast forest would also be burned to death. But are you sure that the profound beasts being burnt to death here, would be counted as being killed by you?” Jasmine asked.

“I’m sure!” Yun Che nodded: “The Primordial Azure Dragon only said that I had to eliminate ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine profound beasts, and didn't say how I had to eliminate them. Death by assault is fine, using poison and using fire is also fine. As long as I am the reason why these profound beasts are dying, then it would obviously be counted as my kill!”

The huge fire wildly spread like a gigantic crimson beast that proceeded to swallow up the entire forest filled with countless profound beasts. It didn’t even take an hour’s time for the fire to spread to a distance of fifty kilometers. Fifty kilometers of sky also shone red as the clouds became a burning red that usually happens at dusk.

The fifty kilometer fire’s burning sound was extremely fierce, but it was unable to drown out the miserable despairing howls of countless profound beasts. The number of profound beasts that died in this sea of fire was increasing at a rapid pace...

At this time, the scene before Yun Che’s eyes suddenly distorted. The sea of fire that filled the sky disappeared within the fuzziness, and became a field of blackness. The sounds near his ears had also completely faded away, and became tranquil. While carrying Chu Yuechan, he suddenly entered a completely dark world.

Above this dark world, a pair of gigantic azure blue eyes slowly opened.

The Primordial Azure Dragon’s eyes.

“Primordial Azure Dragon, since you took us out of the second stage’s trial ground, does it mean that we have already passed the second stage of the trial?” Without waiting for the Primordial Azure Dragon to speak, Yun Che spoke first.

“Right.” The Primordial Azure Dragon answered: “Although your method was a bit cheap, but you did indeed pass. Not only that, you also passed before five months of time. I believe that even if you do not use such a method, you would still be able to successfully accomplish your goal of exterminating ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine profound beasts in at most a month. As a lowly human, you have yet again shocked me greatly, you are truly extraordinary. Your performance within the trial realm has made me completely incapable of believing that you are a mere seventeen year old youngster.”

The Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice was filled with emotion. And to let a divine beast like the Dragon God feel such emotion, was undoubtedly a kind of supreme honor.

“And it also looks like you seem to urgently want to leave the trial realm. Otherwise, you would not chose to use your last forest burning method.”

“Yes,” Yun Che nodded: “I must return to the place I had previously settled in within twenty five days. Thus, I hope that the third stage of the trial would not take that long.”

“Twenty five days? Haha, is enough. Because you have already passed the third stage of the trial.” The Primordial Azure Dragon calmly stated.

“Already passed?” Yun Che said in surprise.

“You have went through the Phoenix Trial, so if I’m guessing correctly, one of the stages within the Phoenix Trial is most certainly a test of character. We would never let our bloodline be passed onto a human of inferior morals. And the last stage of this trial, just happens to be a trial of character. When you were passing through the two stages, you were always doing your best to protect the woman by your side, even if it meant that she would burden you with an increase in trial difficulty. Even when you were nearly unable to complete a trial, you never had a single thought of abandoning her. And the reason why you brought her into the trial ground, was also to personally protect her from danger. These actions of yours, is sufficient proof of your character. Thus, there was no need to carry out the third stage of the trial, for you have already passed.”

“Congratulations young human, you have become this land’s sole person who has passed the Dragon God Trial.”

Yun Che’s expression relaxed, and then he asked somewhat excitedly, “Since I have already passed, then doesn’t it mean that you can now tell me how to restore Little Fairy’s strength?”

Chu Yuechan’s eyes trembled… His first question was not about the Dragon God’s bloodline, but instead was about her strength restoration method. Even if her heart was as cold as pure ice, it would still be incapable of throbbing so quickly.

“Of course I’ll tell you that method. But before that, I have to first grant you something that you deserve.”

“Challengers who have passed the Dragon God Trial could obtain three drops of the Dragon God’s blood. And since you two have entered this trial as a pair, you may obtain three drops of Dragon God blood. Young human, the true person who had completely the trial is only you, and what you had completed was a trial with a two-fold difficulty, so I will grant all six drops of Dragon God blood to you.”

Yun Che stared dazedly, then immediately shook his head. “No! We entered the trial together and completed the trial together. The process is insignificant, but the outcome, was something we passed through together! How can I possibly monopolize the six drops of Dragon God blood. I should get three, and she should get three.”

Chu Yuechan: “...”

“Heheheheh, I guessed that you would say that. But currently, her profound veins and meridians are all broken, and she simply cannot fuse with the Dragon God blood at the moment. Instead, the power of the Dragon God blood would destroy her in an instant. Furthermore, the method to save her has to be executed by you. However, the prerequisite, is for you to possess at least six drops of Dragon God blood. If you really want to save her, then you must completely fuse with six drops of Dragon God blood, not one drop less.

Yun Che lowered his head and looked into Chu Yuechan’s eyes for a little while, and then nodded his head: “Alright.”

“I will give you seven days to completely fuse with the six drops of Dragon God blood. After seven days, I will then tell you how to save her. At the same time, within those seven days, you have to stabilize the profound strength breakthroughs that you had been suppressing for a while as well. You forcibly suppressed your breakthroughs for so long, so it is very likely to bring harm to your profound veins; if it is serious, it may affect the breakthroughs you will have later on. Carefully stabilize it… As for this woman, in these seven days, I will use my power to protect her life veins. You need not worry.”

As the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice fell, a speck of azure blue light suddenly came flying from the darkness, and accurately touched the spot between Yun Che’s eyebrows. Afterwards, it directly entered the space between his brows.

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