Chapter 203 - Someone's Coming

Against the Gods

Chapter 203 - Someone's Coming

Not long after the people from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace entered, the four people from Blue Wind Profound Palace entered the Villa as well, and they did not encounter each other. After entering the Villa, they were quickly directed to their pre-arranged residence. And, as the standard for a temporary residence, it was greatly beyond Yun Che's and Xia Yuanba's expectations.

Because, this was not just a simple guestroom, but evidently, an exquisite small courtyard... no, a big courtyard! There were exactly eight separate rooms in the courtyard, and within it were trees, a pavilion, a pond, and even a weapon rack filled with dozen different types of weapons.

"Wow! This can't be real, right... I had initially thought that we had to squeeze two people in a single room. I did not expect the place to be this big and luxurious." Xia Yuanba constantly exclaimed as he looked at the big courtyard.

"As expected of the Heavenly Sword Villa. With just their arrangements in entertaining guests, it is not something the other sects can compare to." Yun Che exclaimed as well.

Qin Wushang laughed, and said, "The participating teams in this ranking tournament number more than five hundred, and every participating team has one of this courtyard. The number of rooms in each pavilion are never less than eight, so as to allow each guest to have their own private room. With the Heavenly Sword Villa's large size, forget about five hundred, even if another five hundred teams were to come, they would still not have any problems with an arrangement like this."

"Distinguished guests, please select your own rooms. When night comes, I will bring the meals to your rooms. To prevent any unnecessary conflict before the tournament, a banquet was not arranged. Please forgive us." The Heavenly Sword female disciple, who brought them over to their residence, politely said.

With just four people, there was naturally a large leeway when they had eight rooms to choose from. Qin Wushang chose the second room from the right, Xia Yuanba chose the third from the right, Yun Che chose the fourth from the left, and Cang Yue chose the third from the left. The four of them were only separated by the room which was right opposite the courtyard entrance.

Although it was just a guestroom, the furniture in the room were not simple, and when compared to the room given to Inner Palace disciples in the Blue Wind Profound Palace, it was many times more luxurious.

With the existence of spatial rings, they naturally did not have anything similar to luggage to unpack and move. Qin Wushang said, "This is the first time Yun Che and Xia Yuanba have visited this Heavenly Sword Villa. This is a rare opportunity, and since it is still early, why don't you two take a walk around the Villa, and experience the magnificence of Blue Wind Empire's number one Villa."

"Alright!" Yun Che and Xia Yuanba nodded at the same time.

Cang Yue immediately said, "I'm coming as well. I came here once three years ago, and I still remember some places, especially the Sword Management Terrace vividly, so I can bring you two around. Palace Chief Qin, are you not going to stroll around the Villa?"

"I will pass. I have come here several times in the past few years, and I don't wish to once again see those nasty faces filled with ridicule." Qin Wushang said with a laugh.

Cang Yue obviously clearly knew what those "nasty faces filled with ridicule" Qin Wushang was referring to. She consoled him, "Palace Chief Qin, don't worry, this time, Junior brother Yun will definitely allow us to vent out our frustration and hold our heads up high."

"Good." Qin Wushang smiled and nodded. "Get going then, I just happen to feel like meditating. This villa is reverberated with endless sword essence, and every single time I'm here, I would always benefit from it."

When the three of them left the courtyard, their vicinity was filled with human activities. The guest residences were concentrated together, and most of them were nearby. As the day for the Ranking Tournament approached, this guest residental area would naturally become more lively. Several old acquaintances would stop, and converse with each other. People who were not acquainted would still smile and greet each other... In this Heavenly Sword Villa, these leading individuals who were usually extremely prideful and respected, no matter if they were old or young, would retract their pride, and become modest and polite. After all, in their own territories, they were individuals capable of controlling everything with the back of their hands, but in here, they might be at the very bottom in terms of influence, and at best, they would only be mediocre. No one would dare to be entirely sure that the person walking over to them would not be able to kill them with merely a finger or two.

And, in this Blue Wind Empire, there was never a single person who dared to act wildly in Heavenly Sword Villa.

"Do you two want to first visit the Sword Management Terrace, or the Sword Discourse Arena? There's thousands of swords in the Sword Management Terrace, and every single one of them are beyond ordinary. If a Heavenly Sword disciple wishes to obtain a sword from the Sword Management Terrace, he has to subdue the selected sword. The scenic view of countless thousands of swords flying around, I guarantee that once you guys see it, you will never forget it for your entire lives." Cang Yue said with sparkling eyes. "As for Sword Discourse Arena, that's the place where the Ranking Tournament will be held. It is made up of one main stage, and thirty other small stages. The preliminaries of the Ranking Tournament will all be held at the small stages, while the thirty-two finalists will compete on the main stage."

Suddenly, the moment Cang Yue finished her explanation, behind her, a surprised voice sounded. "Princess Cang Yue?"

Yun Che raised his head and looked towards the source of the voice, and he saw a group of seven people currently walking towards them. Among the seven, there were four youths and three elders; every one of them was dressed in red, with a red flame crest embroidered on the chest. Among the seven, the oldest was someone whose hair and beard were already pure white, both his elderly face and slightly cloudy eyes had a great amount of vicissitudes settled within. However, the profound aura being emitted out from his body was actually incomparably dense, causing several passers-by to reveal expressions of deep shock and worry when they looked towards him. Instinctively, these people would take a detour, as they did not dare to approach him.

And this elder caused Yun Che to feel a sense of familiarity. He pondered for a moment, and recalled the time he met this person...

Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, the Flame Dragon's settlement... He was among the five from Burning Heaven Clan who had attempted to take the Flame Dragon's life. Referred to as the Great Elder by the other four individuals, he was Fen Moli, who possessed strength at half a step to the Emperor Profound Realm!

In other words, these seven people, were members of the Burning Heaven Clan.

And the one who called out was a youth of about twenty-three years old. He looked at Cang Yue with a smile, and his gaze showed hints of surprise... and infatuation.

Hearing his voice, Cang Yue frowned, turned around, and politely replied. "So it was Young Master Fen, what a coincidence."

Fen Juecheng walked over. With a smile mixed with joy and elegance, he slightly bowed towards Cang Yue and laughed. "Juecheng should be the one calling this a coincidence, because Juecheng finally made a successful bet. Juecheng went through many troubles to earn the right to visit the Heavenly Sword Villa this time, and my sole reason for it was to see Your Imperial Highness. As I thought, Your Highness did indeed personally make a visit. Juecheng is extremely elated."

Fen Juecheng's eyes were entirely fixated on Cang Yue, completely ignoring Yun Che and Xia Yuanba who were by her side… One was at the True Profound Realm and the other was at the Elementary Profound Realm. They basically did not have the privilege of being made known to him.

"Young Master Fen, that's kind of you." Cang Yue forced out a smile. "I still have to bring my two friends on a tour around the villa, if there's nothing else, I will take my leave."

Fen Juecheng did not pester her any further, and slightly bowed. "Then I will be taking anymore of Your Highness' time. Juecheng will make another visit at a later time."

Cang Yue casually nodded once, then left with Yun Che and Xia Yuanba.

"Hehe, big brother, this is the first time I have ever seen you this patient with a girl. Tch, it's already been an entire three years. I really want to know how long your patience will last."

Fen Juebi walked over, and said with a face full of smiles. "But this Blue Moon Princess sure is out of the ordinary, even big brother doesn't catch her eye. Unless the person she wishes to marry is the Jade Emperor of the Heavens? Haah... If one day, you're tired of playing this game, with just your one word, I will personally tie her up and send her to your bed. How about it?"

"Do not fool around." Fen Juecheng snorted. "The exhilaration from subduing a woman is way better than simply obtaining a woman. And, although the Imperial Family is gradually declining and will soon be in our control, she's after all, still an imperial princess. She's not someone you can simply kidnap. If you happen to anger the Heavenly Sword Villa because of that, I would really like to see how you're going to clean up the mess."

"At the very most, the Heavenly Sword Villa will guarantee the safety of Cang Wanhe. I doubt they would have the mood to care about a princess' life." Fen Juebi laughed and then looked towards Cang Yue's graceful and beautiful back while slowly licking the corner of his lips.

Fen Juecheng looked towards the courtyard Cang Yue walked out from, and coincidentally, the Heavenly Sword female disciple, who made residential arrangements for Cang Yue and the rest, walked out. Fen Juecheng took a step forward and asked, "Junior sister, I am Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juecheng, do you mind telling me which room Princess Cang Yue is residing in?"


The night sky began to fall, and all of the participating teams for the Ranking Tournament had arrived. After circling around the open activity areas in the Heavenly Sword Villa, Yun Che and the rest returned to their own rooms.

The meals prepared by Heavenly Sword Villa were exceptionally fulfilling as well. After finishing dinner, it was already about seven in the evening. Although it was still not too late as there was still a slither of light in the sky, the guest residence area in the Heavenly Sword Villa was already in a state of silence. To prepare for the Ranking Tournament tomorrow, almost every single participating disciple was having an early sleep, so as to recharge their energy. Those who came to accompany them naturally did not make any noise to interrupt them.

But, to Yun Che, it was still a little too early to sleep. After tossing and turning a few rounds on the bed, he sat right up from his bed, opened the door, went out, and arrived before Cang Yue's room which was beside his. Cang Yue's room was still brightly lit. Since she was not going to participate in the tournament tomorrow, she naturally did not need to sleep early.

"Knock, knock, knock." Yun Che raised his fist and knocked on the door. "Senior sister, it's me."

The door was opened really quickly, and what appeared before him was Cang Yue's snow-white beautiful figure, shined upon by both the moonlight and candlelight. "Junior brother Yun, the tournament is tomorrow. Why aren't you asleep yet?"

Yun Che smiled gently, and without saying a word, he entered her room, closed the door, and pulled the door lock. Then, under Cang Yue's tender cry, he suddenly carried her by the waist, and walked over to the bedside with large strides. "That's obviously because I have been thinking about you, senior sister."

"Ah... But, you... have to compete tomorrow... Mnn... Mnnmnn..."

Before she could even finish, her lips were already forcefully kissed by Yun Che. Her entire body was also pressed against the bed, the sounds she instantly turned into moans. She instinctively struggled for a moment, and then, willingly closed her eyes, immersing herself in her lingering kiss with Yun Che.

Cang Yue's pair of lips was as tender as a flower, with a soft and creamy feeling. Yun Che was completely mesmerized as he continued to suck on them. Placing his two hands at her hips, his tongue stretched directly into her mouth, coming into contact with Cang Yue's tender and timid small tongue, and they tangled around each other.

Cang Yue made a "Mn" sound, her delicate brows slightly trembled from her nervousness. She instinctively gently bit on Yun Che's tongue which had invaded into her mouth with her front teeth. Breathing erratically, her scented breath gently brushed against Yun Che's face.

In the midst of lingering kiss, Cang Yue's face had unknowingly been flushed entirely in red. Her pair of eyes which occasionally opened and closed had turned completely hazy. In the midst of the immersion, the belt at her waist had already been pulled out by Yun Che, and the jade buttons on her garment were opened one at a time. Yun Che stretched his hands, invaded into her clothes, and without any restraints, his hands began to swim around her tender waist.

"Mn..." Having her skin in direct contact, Cang Yue's eyelids suddenly jumped, and her beautiful pair of eyes were wide open. As she moaned, she instinctively began to struggle. Turning her head aside, she finally managed to escape from Yun Che's tongue, and heavily panted. "No... Don't... You still have a tournament tomorrow..."

"With senior sister giving me strength, I will definitely perform much better tomorrow!" After saying that, he pushed his head forward, and once again pressed his lips against Cang Yue's. The two hands which were under her clothes suddenly went upwards, grabbing onto the pair of exceptionally tender snow lumps, and gently began to fondle them.

"Mn... Mn!" With her sensitive part being assaulted, Cang Yue's moans and struggle became even more intense, but with just her strength alone, how could she be able to resist against Yun Che? Very quickly, her struggles began to weaken, and not long after, a strange and foreign feeling began to slowly well up inside her. The pair of hands which were violating her pure body seemed to began to feel hotter as well. His hot touch passed through her skin and entered her body, causing her to suddenly feel as though a fire was burning within her body. Unknowingly, her soft waist began to gently fidget and erratic breathing sounds were being produced unconsciously from her nose. Her face was dizzily red, and from her eyes, she looked even more tipsy.

At this very moment, Cang Yue was incomparably seductive.

At this time, without any warning, Yun Che suddenly stopped his movements. His pair of hands were still gently holding onto Cang Yue's pair of towering breasts, but his lips had left Cang Yue's scented lips. His expression became calm, and his breathing had returned to normal as well.

Cang Yue slowly opened her hazy eyes, and her voice was as tender as water. "Junior brother Yun..."

"Shh... Someone's coming." Yun Che lowered his head, gave her another kiss, and said with a very soft voice.

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