Chapter 204 - Ranking Tournament: Start

Against the Gods

Chapter 204 - Ranking Tournament: Start

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Not long after Yun Che's voice landed, a very light sound of footsteps came from outside, accompanied by a series of knocks on the door, which were neither light nor heavy.

Cang Yue instantly restrained her breathing. Currently, her entire face flushed red, her long hair in a mess, and her clothes were even spread open by Yun Che, revealing a large part of her upper body's snowy skin. She was currently in no condition to see anyone. Keeping her breathing steady and forcing out a calm tone, she asked, "Who is it?"

Fen Juecheng's refined and gentle voice came from the other side of the door. "It's me, Fen Juecheng."

"Mn?" Yun Che shot a glance to the door, and then looked into Cang Yue's eyes with a complicated smile.

Looking at Yun Che's gaze, Cang Yue was a little flustered in her heart. Afraid that he had misunderstood her relationship with Fen Juecheng, she hurriedly used a cold tone and replied, "For Young Master Fen to visit this late, is there anything I can help you with?"

Fen Juecheng said with a smile, "Earlier, I was roaming the villa in the night, and when I coincidentally passed by this place, I saw that Your Highness' room was still brightly lit. Since it's still early in the night, I believed that Your Highness should not have gone to sleep. Tonight just happened to be a night with a full moon, and Heavenly Sword Villa's full moon gives off a intriguing feeling. If one were to miss it, it would definitely be a pity. If your highness is free, Juecheng wonders if he could have the honor to invite Your Highness to gaze upon the moon together?"

The corner of Yun Che's lips twitched, and he grinded his teeth hatefully... He was currently making love with the princess, and was about to advance to the next step, but this trash actually came over to invite her to gaze upon the moon... Why don't you gaze upon your sister's ass!

As he thought that, Yun Che suddenly applied force to his two hands, grasping the pair of snowy filled round plumps to be within his hands, with each of his fingers pressing deeply into them.

"Ah..." Cang Yue let out a moan. The moan was short but seductive, and was able to instantly stimulate a man's heart to madly throb. Her voice also landed in Fen Juecheng's ears, hurriedly asking, "Your Highness, what happened?"

Cang Yue grabbed onto Yun Che's wrists, looked at him with bashful eyes, and tried her best to calm down. "Young Master Fen, thank you for your good will. However, I'm not entirely interested in moongazing. If there's nothing else, Young Master Fen, please take your leave."

As she was talking, Yun Che's pair of hands started to move about in a bad manner. He gripped, rubbed, and pinched, causing Cang Yue to pant erratically. She had no choice but to grit her teeth, forcing herself to not emit any sound.

Fen Juecheng went into silence for a short moment, before letting out a sigh. "Your Highness, there are a few words, that Juecheng had always been wanting to tell you. Juecheng hopes that Your Highness will give him this chance. After saying those words, Juecheng will definitely leave immediately, and will not bother Your Highness."

At this time, one of Yun Che's hands quietly stretched downwards, parted away Cang Yue's long skirt, and his hand immediately sank deep within. Without any sort of restraint, he touched her long and smooth legs. Following the perfect curve of her thigh, his hand slowly moved upwards...

As though she was shocked by electricity, Cang Yue's body trembled. She was both embarrassed and anxious as she used both of her hands to forcefully block Yun Che's dirty hand from approaching her thigh. With great willpower, she used a calm tone to reply Fen Juecheng:

“I’m already heading to bed, if there’s something you want to tell me, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Young Master Fen, please take your leave…”

Under Yun Che’s over-excessive violation, her voice slightly quivered. Although Fen Juecheng was able to notice it, he did not put it into heart. Never would he think that the princess he was smooth-talking to was currently being pressed under a man’s body and was being taken advantage of.

He held onto his patient and gentlemanly demeanor, and rather than pressing onto the attack, he calmly said. “Juecheng is extremely ashamed for interrupting Your Highness’ rest. I know that Your Highness has a prejudice towards Juecheng due to certain affairs, but Juecheng’s intention towards your highness is true and clear, and the sun and moon can be my witnesses. If Your Highness if willing to give Juecheng a chance, Juecheng will exhaust all of his means to fulfill all of your highness’ wishes. I hope that your highness will not stay a thousand mile away from Juecheng, and reject Juecheng, time and time again.”

Cang Yue: “...”

After Fen Juecheng left those words, he took two steps back, and without staying for another moment, he slowly took his leave. After he left the courtyard, he raised his head and glanced at the night sky. He then closed his eyes, and muttered to himself. “In this world, other than I, Fen Juecheng, no one else has the qualifications to possess you. After all, you are the one and only imperial princess, and the only girl whom I, Fen Juecheng, is willing to be this patient with.”

After Fen Juecheng left a distance away, Cang Yue was once again pushed down by Yun Che. While tossing and turning on the mattress with Cang Yue, in the midst of her continuous moans, her clothes had all been quickly stripped off by Yun Che. Her perfect body, like a fine white tallow jade, was completely exposed in front of his eyes.

Cang Yue shrank to a corner of the bed, pulling over the blanket to somehow block the lovely sight of her chest, with misty eyes, she said pitifully. “There’s really nothing going on with Fen Juecheng and I. You… You can’t be angry, right?”

“Hmph, nothing going on?” Yun Che pretended to give a straightened face. “It’s late in the night, and he actually came straight to your room to find you. You must have told him.”

“Uuu… No, that’s not it, really. He must have heard it from the Heavenly Sword disciples.”

“Really… If you want to prove it, then pull away your blanket, and obediently let me eat you.” Yun Che grabbed onto the other corner of the blanket, and said indecently.

“Ah——” Cang Yue softly cried out. She unconsciously tightened her grip on the blanket, and with a face flushed entirely in red, she pitifully said. “Don’t! Wait… Wait till you’re done with the tournament, alright? After the tournament, no matter what you want to do with me, I will… will…”

Yun Che laughed. He flung the blanket away, leaned forward, and gently hugged onto Cang Yue’s soft and tender body. However, he did not make any other movements. “This is what senior sister personally said. When that time comes, you can’t go back on your words.”

“Hng…” Cang Yue held onto her chest with both of her hands, and burrowed her head into Yun Che’s chest. She no longer dared to look at him in the eye.

The candle-light in Cang Yue’s room extinguished. Qin Wushang, who had been meditating at the corner of the courtyard, while staying unnoticed by Yun Che and Fen Juecheng the entire time, shook his head, and uttered softly. “Haah, what an enviable youth…”


9 in the morning. The next day, Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Discourse Arena.

The main stage of the Sword Discourse Arena and the thirty other small sword arenas were all circular in shape. The main stage was three hundred meters long and the small stages were close to sixty meters long. The Sword Discourse Arena was the place used by Heavenly Sword Villa disciples for sparring. It was also where the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament was held. Currently, the seats around the main stage were already filled with people. In front of each seat was a plaque that indicated the group that was present.

Normally, seven people sat behind each plaque. But for Blue Wind Imperial Palace, there was only a pathetic number of four.

“It’s nine. It is about to start.” Qin Wushang spoke softly.

Suddenly, a loud and clear sound of screeching swords could be heard from midair. Everyone lifted their heads instinctively and saw that there were suddenly a hundred swords about three hundred metres above them. The floating swords seemed to have a mind of their own and started dancing around in the sky. The screeching sounds of the swords broke the silence of the skies and the sounds were extremely sharp. After circling the stage for a few rounds, they halted in midair above the main seat, and arranged themselves neatly. Below the floating swords, a white bearded elder walked out slowly, greeted with cusping fists, and spoke in a clear voice: “This old one is Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Baptizing Pavilion’s Elder Ling Wugou. I am glad to meet all the heroes and outstanding youths today. I represent our Villa to thank everyone for turning up at Heavenly Sword Villa. This year’s Blue Wind Ranking Tournament...”

“Ling Wugou’s nickname is ‘Scarless Sword’. Even though he looks like any normal elder, he is rumored to be at the eighth level of the Sky Profound Realm already. I’m no longer considered an opponent for him. He has already hosted several years of the tournament and is fair and just. He does not joke around and even within the Heavenly Sword Villa, he is a well respected figure. Even Ling Yuefeng has to show some respect towards him.” Qin Wushang whispered to Yun Che and Xia Yuanba.

“Wah! Stronger than Palace Chief Qin?” Xia Yuanba opened his mouth wide with a face of shock. Ever since he entered Blue Wind Imperial Palace and found out that Qin Wushang was the legendary “Sky Profound Realm”, he treated him as if he were a deity.

“Haha, in Blue Wind Empire, there are many people stronger than me.” Qin Wushang laughed: “I am only in the third level of the Sky Profound Realm and am far below Ling Wugou. Even if there were ten of me against one of him, I would not be his opponent. When reaching the Sky Profound Realm, every level is as hard as ascending to heavens. The time and effort needed is far beyond what is required to pass through ten whole levels of Spirit Profound Realm. Furthermore, the bottom half of the Sky Profound Realm and the top half of the Sky Profound Realm is two different worlds. Below the fifth level, they can be found at any flourishing sects. Above the fifth level, they are scarce even in the major sects. They are the true powerful experts... The famous ‘Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies’ are all above the fifth level of the Sky Profound Realm. Not counting the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace Mistress and the experts in secluded cultivation, the ones whose profound strength is in the top half of the Sky Profound Realm in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace are only those seven.”

When he finished, Ling Wugou’s usual pre-match brief had almost already finished too. Suddenly, his voice grew higher and each of his words were deafening: “This year’s Blue Wind Ranking Tournament’s witness comes from Profound Sky Continent’s Four Great Sacred Grounds —— Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Elder Ling Kun! With Elder Ling Kun’s strength and birthplace, I believe no one would doubt Elder Ling Kun’s qualifications and authority.”

When the four words “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region” came out, everyone was instantly stunned; especially those who had been to the tournament before. The hearts of those who have heard of the legendary “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region” beat faster as they all gasped… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was one of the legendary Four Great Sacred Grounds! When hearing this name, even all the Sect Masters all felt an invisible form of pressure.

If someone from the Sacred Grounds came to stand as witness, what kind of level would he be at… Who would dare do anything funny during the battles?

It has long been rumored that Heavenly Sword Villa and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had some relationship and the Elder that came this time also bore the Ling surname. This inevitably proved something to the people.

“Mighty Heavenly Sword Region? What kind of a place is it?” The surrounding audience’s reaction made Xia Yuanba very curious.

“...A place a thousand times stronger than Heavenly Sword Villa… Don’t ask any more questions.” Yun Che whispered.

“Ahh!?” Xia Yuanba eyes grew wider than an ox.

When Ling Wugou shouted, a green attired middle-aged man stood up beside him and nodded slightly. At the moment he stood up, as if attracted by an invisible force, all eyes were instantly gathered upon him… He looked to be about forty to fifty years of age, with an average built and expressionless face. Even though everyone appeared to be able to see him, they could not sense his presence at all. It was as though he was an imaginary illusion.

As he sat down, everyone’s eyes seemed to be repelled away as they all fell on different places. Instantly, everyone’s heart were filled with a deep respect and fear… It was no wonder he came from one of the sacred grounds. The level this Ling Kun was at, was completely incomprehensible by anyone there.

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