Chapter 233 - Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Offer

Against the Gods

Chapter 233 - Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Offer

Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Jie surrenders. Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins! He will advance to tomorrow’s Grand Finals!”

Ling Wugou was stunned for an entire three breaths before he glimpsed at Ling Yuefeng and announced the results in an extremely awkward tone.

Clapclap… Clapclapclapclap…

Applause rang out from the edges of the Sword Discourse Arena. It initially started out with a few, before spreading to a small area… to a larger area… Eventually, nearly everyone including a few sect elders stood up and praised with loud applause.

In the history of the Ranking Tournament, applause following an exciting battle was common. However, such passionate applause that rang throughout the whole arena was rare. This was indeed a match worthy of such an applause. Many of the sects did not achieve results that were too satisfactory, but after witnessing this battle, they all felt ‘lucky and relieved’ to be here. This was because they were able to witness with their own eyes, the elegance of a celestial sword and the prowess of a heavy sword. They also witnessed the first battle between two youths who would no doubt become Blue Wind Empire’s future elites.

Thinking back, they were only sixteen and seventeen. Their profound strengths were also only in the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm and the tenth level of the True Profound Realm. This caused the hearts of the people there to uncontrollably tremor.

After Ling Wugou announced the results of the match, and cheers rang throughout the arena, Yun Che’s face did not reveal any excitement. Instead, he silently stared at the half of his Overlord’s Colossal Sword in his hands. The half that was in his hands was already filled with cracks. A cool breeze gently blew, blowing his hair up, along with the broken pieces of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword...

Pieces of black shards fell from the sword and dropped near Yun Che’s feet. In the end, only the hilt of the colossal sword was left in his hands.

The great sword that had shown its might throughout the battles, showcasing why it was called Overlord’s Colossal Sword, had finally reached its demise today in Yun Che’s hands.

Yun Che knelt down and carefully collected all the broken pieces, not allowing any to be left behind. In the end, he kept everything in the Sky Poison Pearl. Seeing Yun Che’s empty hand and the unexplainable expression on his face, Ling Jie, who was slowly approaching him had a face full of distress. As a sword user himself, he was the clearest what it meant to love a sword. The existence of a sword was like family. After controlling himself for sometime, he weakly said: “Ugh, ahhhhh, B… Boss, there are several heavy swords over at the Sword Management Terrace. There are three to four of them that are of Earth Profound grade. Let… Let me compensate you, it’s alright even if you want to take all of them.”

Once he had finished saying that, Ling Jie was determined. Even if Yun Che wanted to take away all the Earth Profound heavy swords and his father was against it, he would do all that he could to let Yun Che have his way.

“No need,” Yun Che smiled casually: “I had already said, being able to destroy it is your capability. There’s no need to feel guilty. So, are you satisfied now?”

Seeing that he laughed without any hard feelings, Ling Jie finally relaxed. The unease in his heart turned into a warm feeling: “Heh, I’m satisfied, completely satisfied. Every part of me is satisfied. In the future, you are I, Ling Jie’s, boss! Ahhh, ahhh… Boss! How exactly did you do it? You are only in the tenth level of the True Profound Realm but are already so powerful! Half a year ago, your strength was still far below me. Yet now, you are able to defeat me! And your body, how did you train it? It seems to be harder than rock… Also, boss, my father said that the heavy sword is a weapon without a future, how can you be so strong with it? After that fight with you, even I feel like training with a heavy sword…”

The few calls of “Boss” by Ling Jie were completely willing and smooth. When he looked at Yun Che, his eyes glowed, and his questions came out one after another. He was extremely anticipative of the answers to his questions. However, Yun Che only answered his last question: “The heavy sword is the weapon that suits me most, but they do not suit most people. Don’t get any weird ideas about going to practice the heavy sword.”

“Hehe…” Ling Jie laughed sillily. He was of course just casually speaking.

Ling Jie had overused his profound strength and had to be supported by Yun Che down the Sword Discourse Arena. At that point, Ling Kun, who usually was very silent, stood up from his seat and looked at Yun Che. Although his actions could be considered inconspicuous on the gigantic Sword Discourse Arena, everyone present turned to him as if attracted by an unknown aura and subconsciously watched him. His sudden action seemed to make everyone’s hearts thump.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, a place that was sacred and distant, and perhaps even legendary to them. The applause stopped immediately and the entire Sword Discourse Arena turned so silent that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard. Everyone held their breaths as they waited to see what this mighty elder that came from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region wanted to do.

“Young man, you are called Yun Che?” Ling Kun looked at Yun Che as he asked cheerfully. His voice was very peaceful.

Yun Che’s footsteps stopped for a moment, as he was visibly shocked by the question. He nodded and replied humbly: “Yes, I am Yun Che. I wonder if Senior Ling wishes to say anything to me.”

“You are currently a disciple of the Profound Palace set up by the Blue Wind Empire’s Imperial Family, right?” Ling Kun asked.


Ling Kun nodded slowly before saying something earth shattering: “Well, are you interested to join our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region?”

This one question of Ling Kun’s, echoed through the ears of everyone, causing great shock. Qin Wushang was stunned, and so was Cang Yue. Even Ling Yuefeng was shocked motionless. Every person in the audience revealed an expression of deep astonishment.

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. One of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, an almighty existence in the Profound Sky Continent. If one was able to enter the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he must be one of the top profound practitioners currently in existence. Without exaggeration, if a servant in the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region came to Blue Wind Empire, he could become a renowned master of a faction. In terms of status, he would easily be more respectable than a country’s emperor! Many of the young profound practitioners could be considered to be of a genius level, but not one of them dared to dream of entering one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Not even Ling Yun had dared think of it before.

Among the seven countries in Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Empire was the smallest and weakest one. It was also the one that was the furthest from the Four Great Sacred Grounds. They had only heard the names of the Four Great Sacred Grounds in legends. Most of the people would not interact with it in any form throughout their lives. Today however, one of the legendary Sacred Grounds had taken the initiative to invite a seventeen year old youth to join them.

Everyone’s eyes fell onto Yun Che… Shock, envy, amazement, jealousy and disbelief… On Burning Heaven Clan’s seating area, Fen Juecheng’s face turned extremely ugly. Severely injuring Fen Juebi, causing shame to the Burning Heaven Clan, and touching on his sensitive spot had caused him to be extremely angry and disgraced... Yun Che had long since been on his hit list. However, if Yun Che really became a member of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, not just him, even his father Fen Duanhun would have to show some respect and treat Yun Che courteously if he saw him. No one in the entire Blue Wind Empire would dare offend him. Even if he had the absolute confidence to kill Yun Che, he would never ever dare do it… Killing a member of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would be pulling the entire Burning Heaven Clan to die with him!

“Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… That is a place even I do not dare to dream of.” Qin Wushang exclaimed in a shocked manner: “Even Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has invited him. Even I, cannot fathom his future anymore. With his talent, he isn’t something a little Blue Wind Profound Palace is worthy of having. Maybe the Four Great Sacred Grounds are the ones that are truly worthy of keeping him. In the times to come, knowing him would probably be something that would make me proud for the rest of my life. Hahahaha.”

Qin Wushang laughed warmly, but Cang Yue was feeling complicated… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s invitation could easily make all the profound practitioners in the world envious and jealous. She felt elated for Yun Che, but at the same time felt lost and insecure… He was only seventeen and had already obtained the right to enter such a dream-like place. His future was completely unfathomable. The difference between him and her would be worlds apart. She wondered if she was a match for him… If he went to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, would he still return to a small little place like the Blue Wind Empire...

Ling Jie, who was beside Yun Che had his mouth agape. With an excited face, he told Yun Che: “Boss, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! The Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! That’s a Sacred Ground! You’re so great. Boss is really too great!”

Yun Che’s brows moved slightly. He did not have the elation and excitement everyone expected him to have. His face was shockingly, only a field of calmness. He took a step forward and replied courteously: “Many thanks to Senior Ling for thinking so highly of this junior. However, this junior is currently still a disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace and has no thoughts of leaving yet. Furthermore, this junior still has plenty of unfinished business here. Even though my heart longs for it, I am unable to bring myself to leave… I can only thank Senior Ling for the love and kind intentions.”

Yun Che’s answer was completely out of everyone’s expectation. Everyone stared at him and wondered if he had gone mad… Being invited by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was something that people did not even dare to dream about, and he actually rejected it! Instead, he was willing to stay in a small Blue Wind Profound Palace! This was a reply only an idiot or lunatic would make.

Ling Kun, however, was not angry, and instead laughed peacefully: “Hahahaha, good! Even though you are young, you are not arrogant, nor are you impatient. You are not flustered, nor are you rash. This is indeed rare. The reason I want to bring you into Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is not because of the talent you displayed. Although your talent is considered shocking in this country, in the Sacred Grounds, it might not even be considered average. The reason I want to bring you in is because of the beautiful way you handle the heavy sword… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region used to have a Heavy Sword department. However, it eventually died out. From you, I can see hopes of reforming that department. It is inappropriate for me to ask who your master is, but I hope that when you do join Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, you are able to reform the Heavy Sword department. If you could do it, becoming an elder-ranked figure of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is not unlikely.”


“Elder-ranked figure of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region”. These few words made many people shudder. That was a figure that even Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master Ling Yuefeng was unqualified to meet.

Yun Che still remained very calm and replied without hesitation: “Senior Ling’s graciousness, this junior will remember it well. When this junior is done with his unfinished business, he will definitely think about it deeply.”

“Good!” Ling Kun still did not become angry, and instead commended him with a nod: “I admire your personality. If that is the case, I shall not force you. Here, take this!”

Ling Kun flicked his finger and a piece of a deep purple colored jade stone the size of a fist horizontally flew out and was caught by Yun Che.

Ling Kun withdrew his palm and said coolly: “This is a special Sound Transmission Stone that is able to communicate with me as long as we are within a distance of a hundred fifty kilometers. If you eventually decide to join our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, drop me a message. I will guide you to us and bring you to meet the Venerable Sword Master. I believe the Venerable Sword Master would be immensely interested in how you handle the heavy sword.”

Despite being rejected twice by Yun Che, Ling Kun did not become angry. Instead, he left him a Sound Transmission Jade. Such treatment was undoubtedly an extremely favorable one which left many people envying till they nearly cried blood tears. However, Ling Kun also had absolute confidence that Yun Che would initiate contact with him in the near future… The invitation to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was a ‘temptation’ that any young profound practitioner could not possibly reject.

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