Chapter 234 - Qingyue VS Ling Yun

Against the Gods

Chapter 234 - Qingyue VS Ling Yun

As Yun Che returned to Blue Wind Profound Palace’s seats, Cang Yue came toward him in a swift pace carrying bottles and vases full of ointments. Taking up a gauze, she gently started wiping the wounds on his forehead: “Junior Brother Yun, do you have any injuries that are very severe? Did you receive any internal injuries?”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s all a bunch of light wounds that don’t hurt or itch. It would be healed fine if I just sleep it off.” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression.

Yun Che’s complexion was rosy, and his breathing was calm; there was not even any hurriedness after an intense battle. The wounds under the broken clothes were basically some red marks, and even the traces of blood could not be found in many places. Cang Yue felt relieved, assessed him with a glance, and suddenly laughed with a ‘Pfft’: “Look at your appearance right now, it’s as if you are a barbarian who had just climbed out from the deep mountains.”

A gust of wind blew past. Yun Che instantly felt his entire body chill, as if he wasn’t wearing any clothings at all. He hastily took out a set of somewhat loose attire from the Sky Poison Pearl and covered himself with it. From the side of his ears, he heard Qin Wushang speaking with a meaningful tone: “Yun Che, why would you surrender the chance of entering the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region? To even refuse such a land of dreams, you must have some extremely important reasons, right?”

“Mn, I suppose so.” Yun Che nodded: “The Mighty Heavenly Sword Region indeed is immensely alluring to me. But for me, there are many things that are hundreds and thousands times more important than Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.” As he finished speaking, he turned a glance toward Cang Yue and faintly smiled.

Cang Yue slightly froze, and then also gently started smiling as a hint of moisture swelled up within her eyes… It’s enough… Just with that sentence of his, with that expression in his eyes and his gentle smile, I am already content for life…

“It really doesn’t sound like something said by a young man of your age.” Qin Wushang’s face was filled with praise. He then slightly squinted his eyes, and said with a smile: “Then, about tomorrow’s finals, how confident are you to win?”

The matches before, Qin Wushang had once and once again thought that they were the finish line for Yun Che in the Ranking Tournament, and he couldn’t advance any further. Yet Yun Che won perfect victories match after match; it once and once again made him realize that he had completely underestimated this youth. And now, facing the Ling Yun who could not be defeated no matter how one thought of it, Qin Wushang did not assert that he did not have any possibility of winning, and instead asked how confident he was in winning with an extremely serious and expectant tone.

Yun Che didn’t think, and directly shook his head: “No confidence at all. Tomorrow’s opponent, is really too strong.”

“Even if you lose, it’s fine. After all, Ling Yun had already surpassed the level that a young profound practitioner could reach.” Qin Wushang laughed heartily: “Also, you’ve already made the biggest limelight in this Ranking Tournament. I believe that in most people’s eyes, you are already the greatest victor in this Ranking Tournament.”

As they spoke, Yun Che felt a hint of malicious feeling sweeping across his back. He turned around, took a glance at the Burning Heaven Clan’s location, and smiled coldly.

Yun Che’s unexpectant refusal of joining the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region made Fen Juecheng feel extremely relieved, and at the same time, his intent to kill Yun Che rose by several folds. He was absolutely certain that Yun Che wouldn't really be able to resist the extremely great temptation of joining the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. If he didn’t join now, he would voluntarily go find Ling Kun not long after. After all, in his hands, there was still the Sound Transmission Jade personally given by Ling Kun.

Then, if he were to kill Yun Che, he had to speed it up… It must be done before he becomes a member of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!

Then, the greatest chance would be....

Fen Juecheng’s gaze swept through, and fell upon the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ seats. He saw Mu Tianbei, whose expression was as unsightly as if he had just swallowed feces. Even though he was far away, the maliciousness and killing intent within Mu Tianbei’s eagle eyes could be faintly felt.

“Seems like, there is a good blade to use.” Fen Juecheng’s hand supported his chin as he started to laugh silently and ghastly.

After quite a while, the Sword Discourse Arena that was full of wounds finally became somewhat flat with emergency repair. Ling Wugou came to the center of the Sword Discourse Arena once again, and announced the starting of the second match.

“Go!” Ling Yuefeng gave Ling Yun a sweeping gesture with his hand.

Ling Yun nodded. Without seeing any motion or profound energy fluctuation under his feet, his entire body had already vaulted up. As he was in midair, he grabbed at the nothingness with his palm, and the Celestial Yuan Sword that was in Ling Jie’s hands, flew up by itself into his hands. In the next instant, he had already landed in the middle of the Sword Discourse Arena and stood there magnificently. The edge of his clothing fluttered, his otherworldly handsome face was like jade, his gaze as if the autumn water. It instantly made the eyes of many young girls bloom like peach blossoms as they lose control of their beating heart.

“Qingyue, go. If you win against Ling Yun, then we’ve already obtained first place in this Ranking Tournament ahead of time.” Chu Yueli spoke with a very certain tone.

Along with a wave of fluttering ice spirits and a slightly drifting cold energy, Xia Qingyue also silently landed in front of Ling Yun. She was still in white attire with blue spirits, and an ice gauze covered her face. Only a pair of eyes like the starry sky flashed with an extremely beautiful brilliance.

Looking at this pair of eyes close up, Ling Yun’s calm gaze actually became inattentive for an instant. Because this was the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen in his entire life. This kind of beauty could not be described and explained. He clearly felt that as he was looking at this pair of charming eyes, his consciousness and soul were both being deeply attracted, and almost made him unable to divert his gaze.

What beautiful eyes… Below the face veil, should be a girl as beautiful as a goddess, right....

Ling Yun thought silently in his heart, and at the same time birthed an urge of wanting to see her true face. With a swing of the Celestial Yuan Sword, he made a simple sword courtesy toward Xia Qingyue: “Heavenly Sword Villa’s Disciple, Ling Yun, asks for Xia Fairy’s guidance.”

Xia Qingyue did not answer, and was as silent as a statue made of ice.

Seeing the two had already finished preparing, Ling Wugou did not delay either and said with a loud voice: “Second match of the Semifinals, Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Yun, against Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue, battle start!!”

With the duel between Yun Che and Ling Jie that brimmed with astonishment as appetizer, no one had much expectations for this match. This was a match with an already decided outcome, because one of the them was Ling Yun… And battles with Ling Yun, would unquestionably be a single-sided oppression. Just like what Qin Wushang had said, Ling Yun’s strength had already surpassed the level of the younger generation. Within the same generation, it was simply impossible to find anyone that could be his match.

If not for Jasmine’s words, Yun Che’s thoughts would not be much different from the others.

But Jasmine’s evaluation of Xia Qingyue, filled Yun Che with odd expectations toward this match. The focus of his attention, also moved from Ling Yun to Xia Qingyue. No matter who wins this match, it was destined to be an extremely difficult and bitter battle tomorrow… If Ling Yun wins; while Ling Jie was already that powerful at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, one could just imagine how strong Ling Yun, who was at the third level of the Earth Profound Realm, was. But if by any chance… that Xia Qingyue wins, then the Xia Qingyue, who could even defeat Ling Yun, would undoubtedly be an even more terrifying opponent.

Xia Qingyue… Is it really possible for her to defeat Ling Yun who had already took first place in the Ranking Tournament when he was seventeen?

Ling Yun stood whilst wielding his sword as the sword energy fluctuated around him. Yet he did not move; the opponent was a girl, and in addition to that, her age and profound energy were all much lower than his. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t take action first. Xia Qingyue raised her jade hand, and amidst the flashing of cold light, a crystal clear longsword of ice had already appeared in her hand. With the channeling of Frozen Cloud Arts, the surrounding ice spirits floated around her. Stepping on a lotus, the starting stance of “Frozen Cloud Thirteen Sword Styles”, “Silent Moon of Snow”, lightly and swiftly pierced out. Seemingly without any destructive force, it was a feast for the eyes for everyone; however, only Ling Yun deeply felt a wave of bone-chilling coldness that came toward him.

Ling Yun’s left hand folded behind his back, and only moved with simple interweaving steps without any movement profound skills. He lifted his Celestial Yuan Sword, did not swing any kind of sword skills either, and calmly engaged...

Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang….

Along with Ling Yun’s casual swinging of the sword, the Celestial Yuan Sword and the ice crystal sword collided several tens of times in the blink of an eye. A great amount of light blue colored ice auroras and ice shards that dispersed as ice lotuses shattered, and then drifted around them. In the match before, the moves between Yun Che and Ling Jie earlier were fierce and thrilling, and targeted at the opponent. Yet the battle between Ling Yun and Xia Qingyue, was as though a pair of handsome man and woman were gracefully dancing; it was breathtaking.

“Haha, seems like, Yun’er wants to leave a little face for the other side.” Ling Yuefeng said while laughing.

“That’s natural, Yun’er’s disposition is kind. This is the Semifinals, the opponent is also just a girl, of course he wouldn’t thwart the opponent in a lift of the hand like before.”

Xia Qingyue’s sword gestures were as if a blue butterfly dancing, and Ling Yun was as if strolling in a quiet courtyard. Along with several tens of ice lotus blossoming and wilting, the two’s swords had also collided several hundreds of times, letting out a harmonious scene of being evenly matched. Yet flames of rage surged in Yun Che’s eyes as he watched… You motherf*cking Ling Yun! Even this daddy here hasn’t danced with swords with Qingyue my wife, and you’re actually god damn enjoying it! If my opponent tomorrow is you, see if I wouldn’t smash you down deep into the ground with one strike!!


As the two swords clashed, an ice lotus splendidly exploded at the point of collision. With a somersault, Ling Yun’s body landed around fifteen meters away. He lifted the Celestial Yuan Sword horizontally. His gaze concentrated as the sword force also went through a great change. The sword intent that surrounded his body and his sword, also exploded as if a flood that broke through a dam.

“Xia Fairy… I apologize!!”

As his voice fell, Ling Yun’s palm flipped. As the profound energy and sword intent flowed, the Celestial Yuan Sword suddenly transformed into a dash of light and flew toward Xia Qingyue. During the flight, the sword brilliance of the Celestial Yuan Sword quickly dispersed; from one sword it turned to ten, and then several tens… several hundreds… In the end, it turned into a sword formation field that blanketed the heavens and earth, and enveloped Xia Qingyue as if a meteor shower.

“Wah!!” A great amount of astonishing cries sounded in the Sword Discourse Arena.

This move, they had personally seen during the fight between Ling Jie and Yun Che. It was precisely this move, Heaven’s Might Sword Formation —— Heavenly Star Frenzy. But this Heavenly Star Frenzy of Ling Yun’s, was more than ten times greater, in terms of formation, than the one Ling Jie had displayed. Ling Jie had only dispersed a hundred sword lights, yet Ling Yun had dispersed over one thousand lines of sword beams. Moreover, each and every one of the sword beams were glaring to the point of making one unable to look at it straight; in terms of power, it simply couldn’t be compared in the same way with the one by Ling Jie.

From this move, Ling Yun’s terrifying strength could be evidently seen.

“Looks like the match is already over.” Almost everyone had thought like this in their hearts. This kind of formation even startled a few seniors of some sects. Within the younger generation, it was simply impossible for anyone to receive it. It would be impossible for Ling Jie or Yun Che, and it was even more so for Xia Qingyue.

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