Chapter 247 - Waking Up

Against the Gods

Chapter 247 - Waking Up

A room which was quiet and neatly arranged. Rays of light which were not too bright spilled through the half-open bamboo window, hence, the room was not overly dim.

Yun Che quietly laid on the soft bed, his entire body was smeared with medicine which did not have a heavy smell. He had already maintained this posture for three days, which also meant that he had been in a coma for entire three days.

In front of the bed, ice spirits floated, and then, gradually, a figure of a woman dressed entirely in a snow dress appeared. She raised her snow-ice like palm, and placed it on Yun Che’s chest, sensing the recovery situation of his wounds and profound energy. A few moments later, the ice spirits around her body began to flutter quickly. Her palm was fully opened as well; as she held it in front of his chest, a pale, ice-blue glow silently enveloped his body...

This state lasted for an entire half a quarter of an hour. At this moment, footsteps that were intentionally made light could be heard from outside the door. The woman retracted her palm. With a gentle turn of her body, she disappeared from the spot, as though it was all but a dream.

And at this time, Yun Che’s eyes showed a slight tremble, and then, they were slowly opened.

There was nowhere in his body where he could not feel any pain, but the pain was not that unbearable, and there was even a trace of a cool feeling which made him especially comfortable. Yun Che tried to move his body, and he was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Although his movements were sluggish, the mobility of his body did not seem to be stiff. At the very most, he would feel a little pain from over-exaggerated movements, but this was enough to prove that his body functions had basically fully recovered.

As expected, the recovery ability bestowed by the Second Realm of the Great Way of the Buddha was not a joke!

The door to the room was pushed open. Cang Yue walked into the room with a bowl of soup in her hands, and following behind her was Qin Wushang. Currently, Princess Cang Yue looked really frail, as though she had not slept a wink for several days and nights. Yun Che slightly moved his body, and gently called out. “Senior sister, Palace Chief Qin.”

“Ah!” Cang Yue let out a tender cry, and had almost thrown aside the bowl of soup in her hands. She placed the bowl of soup on the table, and hastily arrived before Yun Che, saying surprisingly. “Junior brother Yun, you’re… you’re awake… This is great! Grandmother Jiumu said you might have to be in a coma for dozens of days, but I knew that you would definitely be safe and sound much sooner.”

The “Grandmother Jiumu” Cang Yue said out was referring to the number one genius doctor in Heavenly Sword Villa, who had lived in the Heaven Returning Pavilion for quite a while.

“I’m already fine. I’m sorry I had to cause Senior sister to worry.” Seeing Cang Yue’s expression, Yun Che answered with a pained heart. As he was speaking, he even raised out the right hand he could already freely move to grab onto Cang Yue’s small hand, to prove to her that he was really alright.

“Hoho, it’s good that you’re awake. This way, the Princess and I can finally feel at ease.” Qin Wushang nodded and laughed, as a relaxed expression revealed on his face. “Yun Che, do you know? Currently, you’re already famous throughout the world, and you’re even titled as number one among the younger generation this year. And you are entirely worthy indeed of this title. But, I believe that with your character, you wouldn’t overly care about such fame.”

“Things like titles, though they sound nice, there are many a time they can be a form of burden.” Yun Che smiled indifferently, and then, he asked. “Senior sister, how long have I been asleep for?”

“It’s already been three days.” Cang Yue replied. “Junior brother Yun, how do you feel right now? Do you feel especially uncomfortable anywhere?”

“Don’t worry, I feel that my body has already recovered to a certain extent… Three days…” Yun Che suddenly recalled something, and hurriedly asked. “When is the exploration of the Heaven Basin Secret Realm going to be conducted?”

“The Heaven Basin Secret Basin will open on the day after tomorrow.” Qin Wushang sighed. “But, in your current state, you should be unable to participate in the exploration this time. But, don’t worry. You’re only seventeen this year. Even if you miss this out, you will still have another chance three years later.”

“The day after tomorrow…” Yun Che closed his eyes. Within his Sky Poison Pearl, there were a large amount of Great Heaven Returning Pellets which he had refined himself, and adding his extremely powerful self-recovery ability, the injuries on his body should be healed by more than ninety-percent the day after tomorrow. However, it was impossible for the recovery of his profound energy to be as quick, and not even half of it could be recovered by then. Adding that he had burned the power source of the Phoenix blood, at the very least, he would not be able to make use of the power of the Phoenix flames for three months. His overall strength was thus greatly reduced.

Yun Che himself understood the condition of his body and its self-recovery ability. If he could recover about a half of his strength, it was not that impossible for him to participate in the exploration of the Heaven Basin Secret Realm the day after tomorrow; the danger would just be raised by a lot.

After all, entering the Heaven Basin Domain, was equal to leaving the Heavenly Sword Villa’s domain. People that did not dare to act rashly in the Heavenly Sword Villa, could finally act on their own free will.

“It might not have to be that pessimistic. My profound art carries a very strong self-recovery ability, when that day comes, I will make my decision of entering the Heavenly Basin Secret Realm based on the state of my recovery. But, the matter of me waking up, please do not tell anyone as of yet.” Yun Che said.

Qin Wushang did not know what Yun Che’s “Profound Art” was, and in the end, no one else was able to find out either. He nodded, and no longer said anything else.

Cang Yue fed the medicinal soup to Yun Che, and left after keeping him company for a while longer, allowing him to rest quietly by himself.

“You sure are reckless. Aren’t you afraid of being crippled?” Jasmine said snappishly.

“I have countless of similar experiences, and I have considered most of the factors in my mind. No matter how reckless I am, I wouldn’t really cause myself to be crippled.” Yun Che took up a more comfortable lying posture, took out a Great Heaven Returning Pellet from the Sky Poison Pearl and threw it into his mouth. Then, he slowly refined it with the little amount of profound energy he had recovered. “But in only three days, my injuries on the surface are actually healed to such great extent, and my internal injuries are completely healed. The second stage of the Great Way of the Buddha is extraordinary, as expected.”

“Hmph, do you really think that, by borrowing the strength of the second stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, could heal you to such an extent?” Jasmine coldly snorted.

“... Could there be another reason?”

“In these three days, there’s someone who came by twice every day, and used a large amount of profound energy to heal your injuries. Otherwise, you would have been in coma for at least another two days, and it would have been impossible for your internal injuries to be completely healed this quickly.”

Yun Che was stunned, and then, he was suddenly agitated. “Could it be… Little Fairy?”

“This woman had always treated you coldly. Bluntly speaking, back then, she had even blasted you out of the room. But when you’re injured, she actually sneakily entered your room by herself, and treated your injuries without minding the large amount of profound energy she used. A woman’s way of thinking is really strange.” Jasmine said casually. However, no matter who it was, he would feel awkward when he realized the last line was actually said by a girl who was only fourteen years old.

“Haha, when you grow up, and become a real woman, you might be able to understand.” Yun Che laughed loudly, and his mood instantly improved greatly. “When does she usually come?”

“Noon, and midnight. What? You want to wait for her?”

“Of course! She definitely wouldn’t have imagined that I have already woken up, so, she will definitely come again.” Yun Che said very pleasantly.


“Dirty…” Yun Che was angry now, as he growled. “Hey hey! Where the hell did a littlel brat like you learn this phrase? How can I be called dirty-minded? I really wish to see her out of very pure intentions, alright!? Even though you’re much stronger than me, and you even have much more knowledge stuffed in your brain than me, no matter the case, you’re still only a thirteen or fourteen year old little girl. Of course you wouldn’t understand the pure and beautiful feelings between us adults.”

“You… an adult? Me… a little brat?” Jasmine smiled coldly. “You actually dare to disrespect your master! There had never been anyone who dared to call me a little brat!”

Jasmine’s voice, evidently carried the thing called “killing intent”. Yun Che’s neck suddenly cramped, and he said hurriedly. “I-I-I’m in the wrong… Aaah… Jasmine, I definitely, definitely, definitely did not call you a small brat, you must have heard wrong…”


That night, it was exactly midnight, and everything was completely quiet and still.

The window in Yun Che’s room gently opened, and following after, a cool breeze blew. The figure of a woman, whose skin was snow-white like that of a dream’s, quietly appeared in front of Yun Che’s bed. Although the light was dim, it was still possible to see the blurred figure of her flawless and graceful curves. Yet, the aura emitted out of her body was cold and noble, imperceptibly carrying a resolute form of cold pride.

She raised out her hand, and gently placed it on Yun Che’s chest. Just when she was about to investigate the conditions of Yun Che’s injuries again, at this moment, Yun Che, who should have been in a coma, suddenly stretched out his right hand, and grabbed onto her hand which was placed on his chest.

With Che Yuechan’s current strength, there were not many in the Blue Wind Empire that could approach her. However, she was focused on Yun Che’s injuries, and was currently concentrating all her thoughts on gathering the purest profound energy within her. And, adding that she completely did not think that Yun Che would actually be awake, her palm was thus instantly grabbed just like that.

Che Yuechan’s hand was soft and cold, just like a piece of smooth, soft jade. However, her hand was not grabbed by Yun Che for that long of a time, as after that moment of pause, she abruptly broke away from his grasp. Chu Yuechan retreated quickly as well, and the aura emitted from her body turned bone-piercing cold.

“Little Fairy, I just knew that, you will definitely be worried about me…” Yun che straightened his upper body, and gently called out.

“So you were already awake.” Chu Yuechan’s cold voice did not have a single hint of emotion. She did not give Yun Che the opportunity to speak too much, and coldly said. “You don’t have to think too much about it. After all, you were injured because of Qingyue, as her Senior Master, I have that little bit of responsibility to heal your injuries. Since you’re well enough, then there’s no longer a need for me to act… And, do not call me Little Fairy. You can call me Chu Yuechan, or… Senior Chu!”

After saying that, Che Yuechan resolutely turned, and prepared to leave.

“Little Fairy…” Yun Che hurriedly shouted, and wanted to stand up in a rush. Suddenly, with an “Ah”, a large mouthful of blood suddenly splurged out of his mouth, and his entire body instantly fell towards the bed.

When Chu Yuechan, who was about to leave, saw that Yue Che had suddenly spit out blood, her entire body trembled, her snow-like body quickly charged towards Yun Che to support him. Although the light was dim, Yun Che could clearly see the hint of franticness that flashed past her usually ice-cold face… A man that could cause the heart of the world-famous Fairy of Frozen Beauty to fluster, he believed that he was the first, and was also the only one.

The blood he spat out from his mouth, was actually the bad blood that was forced out from his internal organs after taking in the Great Heaven Returning Pellet. It should have been spat out much earlier, but he desperately suppressed it, so as to prevent Chu Yuechan from leaving decisively after seeing that he had woken up. Evidently, this plan of his was completely effective. With the bad blood forced out, his organs momentarily relaxed. When Little Fairy held onto him, he followed up and embraced her cold, yet soft and tender waist… Although Chu Yuechan trembled slightly, facing this “heavily injured person” who had just spat out a large amount of blood earlier, she basically did not dare to break free. She simply allowed him to embrace her, and the embrace gradually became tighter.

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