Chapter 248 - The Night Before Heaven Basin

Against the Gods

Chapter 248 - The Night Before Heaven Basin

“Are you alright?” Chu Yuechan said, trying to sound less cold. However, because she was being hugged, her heartbeat had gone out of control and she had to make use of the Frozen Cloud Arts to calm herself.

Over the past five months, she had constantly been embraced by him. She could not possibly be more familiar with his touch. Sometime within that period of time, she had unknowingly started to enjoy the feeling of being embraced. However, a voice within told her that she had no choice but to be embraced because she was paralyzed and had to depend on him for protection. It was different now... She had already made a grave mistake by sleeping with him and she should not continue making more mistakes...

Yun Che pressed the entirety of his body weight onto Chu Yuechan, looking very feeble in a half-dead manner. He said in a very weak voice: “I… I’m okay. Little Fairy… don’t leave me…”

“...” Chu Yuechan could not reply. Hearing Yun Che speak with such a weak voice had sent pain equivalent to needles piercing through her heart. She couldn’t bear to push Yun Che aside. She could only quietly be embraced by him... She had actually tried to steel herself to push him aside, but she couldn’t bear to do so in the end.

It’s already very late. There’s only the two of us here and there’ll be nobody around to disturb us. He’s also badly wounded... I’ll give in this once. It’ll be the last time... This was what Chu Yuechan constantly repeated in her heart to console and convince herself.

It was only until Chu Yuechan had sent her profound energy into Yun Che’s body to check Yun Che’s current condition...


The moment Yun Che had been pushed away by Chu Yuechan, his back hit the wall and he grimaced in pain and shouted: “Ah, it hurts. It hurts!”

“You actually dare to deceive me in this manner!” Chu Yuechan coldly said, her face still as cold as ever but her eyes showing her sullen mood. Although on the surface she was angry, she had felt relief in her heart upon knowing that his wounds were taking a turn for the better. However, this sort of relieved feeling had caused her mind to go into disorder... She was not supposed to be able to feel this way.

Yun Che rubbed his back with his hands and said in a pitiful manner: “I thought my Little Fairy would have just left like that. Little Fairy, I know that for the past few days, you have always…”

“You’re not allowed to continue talking!”

Chu Yuechan’s chest was trembling as she interrupted Yun Che with a cold tone. She turned around, and said with a cold voice devoid of emotion: “What has happened between you and I was a mistake. I have almost forgotten about it. I hope that you will do the same. If you’re unable to forget about it, then just pretend it was all but a dream. Please do not attempt to make it a reality.”

Yun Che: “...”

“What has happened between you and I cannot be known by outsiders. If you do not wish to encounter difficulties because of it, please do not reveal the six stages of the Frozen Cloud Arts that you have obtained... You are Qingyue’s husband. If you do not wish for her and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to become the laughing stock of the world, and be questioned about their morals ethics, please forget about me...”

Chu Yuechan closed both of her eyes, and the ice spirits around her body floated around her in a crazed manner: “Once we leave Heavenly Sword Villa, we shall never meet again.”

After saying that, Chu Yuechan vanished from Yun Che’s sight. Yun Che could only silently gaze at the ice spirits which have yet to disappear...

“Sigh.” After a while, Yun Che returned to the bed and let out a long sigh. He put both of his hands on his nose and could still vaguely smell her fragrance, which was similar to an ice lotus.

“Looks like you’re unable to attain your goals.” Jasmine gloated.

“You won’t understand.” Yun Che tilted his head and muttered before sighing again. He gave Chu Yuechan’s parting words some thought... “Laughing stock of the world’, ‘questioned about their morals ethics’’... these words had been deeply etched into his mind.

Xia Qingyue was his wife.

Chu Yuechan was Xia Qingyue’s Senior Master, and at the same time, was also partially her teacher.

Matters that had violated moral ethics would definitely draw the attention of the world... Especially if it concerned a respected sect in Blue Wind Empire, like Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Even if Chu Yuechan truly had feelings for him as an individual, at the same time she was Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Fairy of Frozen Beauty. She could not knowingly ruin Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s thousand year reputation without regard for the consequences.

Regardless of how she felt, rejection, was the only choice she could make.


The Ranking Tournament at both the main and the secondary arena had finished. The rankings of over five hundred sects had been decided.

1st Place: Blue Wind Imperial Family

2nd Place: Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace

3rd Place: Heavenly Sword Villa

4th Place: Xiao Sect

5th Place: Burning Heaven Clan

After these rankings were announced, it had caused large waves amongst those in Blue Wind Empire’s profound circle. Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were both only seventeen years old, but their names had already spread throughout every corner of the Blue Wind Empire and traveled towards the six other nations very quickly.

The other nations had always paid close attention to the Blue Wind Empire’s Ranking Tournament. The results of the Ranking Tournament had greatly shocked the other nations as well, making them unable to not remember the names Yun Che and Xia Qingyue.

Yun Che’s origin, his circumstances, the incidents he had been involved in within the Blue Wind Profound Palace, his performance at the Ranking Tournament... were all fabricated into various books which circulated around the market. His battle with Xia Qingyue had especially been exaggerated and hyped to be earthshaking and described as if it had been a battle between deities... The others, even included the exceeding sentimental love story of him and the Blue Moon Princess that could move even the heaven and earth...

If Yun Che was walking around any of the streets at any of the cities in Blue Wind Empire that talked about his exploits, he would have had a convulsion on the spot.

Yun Che had greatly underestimated the influence of the Ranking Tournament. While he was staying at the quiet Heavenly Sword Villa, he was clueless of the fact that his name and his deeds were being exaggerated and spread around as legends.

After the Ranking Tournament had ended, the various big sects had started to leave. Only the top ten sects of the Ranking Tournament had remained for the sake of entering the Heaven Basin Secret Realm. None of them were willing to pass this chance up.

As the days passed, the day when the entrance to the Heaven Basin Secret Realm would open quickly approached.

After Yun Che had awakened, the recovery of his wounds had considerably sped up. He did not go anywhere during the next two days and had quietly nursed his wounds. Based on his injuries on the Sword Discourse Arena the other day, nobody would believe that he had already woke up. Furthermore, his wounds were already mostly healed.

The night before the opening of the Heaven Basin Secret Realm.

Ling Yuefeng stood under an ancient tree in his courtyard, gazing at the crescent moon in the night sky. His clothes had gotten moist from the misty night atmosphere. It had shown that he had been standing here for a long time.

“Sigh.” Ling Yuefeng suddenly let out a very long sigh.

“Yuefeng, what has happened, has already happened. There’s no point in dwelling on it. Even though we had lost, it doesn’t mean that our Heavenly Sword Villa’s disciples are weak. Both Yun Che and Xia Qingyue being this strong was unexpected. Our loss was not without justifiable reason.”

Xuanyuan Yufeng walked over and consoled him.

Ling Yuefeng continued to gaze at the crescent moon while deep in thought. He had not realized that Xuanyuan Yufeng was nearby. He had a complex look in his eyes as he turned around and sighed, while saying: “It has been about a thousand two hundred years since our ancestors had constructed Heavenly Sword Villa. Nobody had ever challenged our position as the number one sect. But during my time as Villa Master, I actually… I have been trying to calmly accept the facts, but I am unable to let go. I have let our ancestors down. I have let the thousand year history of Heavenly Sword Villa down.”

“Don’t put it like that.” Xuanyuan Yufeng consoled: “You’ve taken up the heavy responsibility of Villa Master since you were young. It has been twenty one years since then. I’ve been with you throughout. We’ve watched Heavenly Sword Villa grow, we’ve watched Yun’er and Jie’er get strong under your care and surpass the younger you. We’ve already done enough to be proud of ourselves. Although we didn’t perform as expected during the Ranking Tournament, the Ranking Tournament is only a competition between the younger generation. Whether it is our foundation, resources, prestige or overall strength, we wouldn’t lose even if you put the nine other ranked sects together. Why can’t you just let go if that’s the case?”

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s words had greatly calmed Ling Yuefeng down. He embraced Xuanyuan Yufeng and said with emotion: “My wife, you’re right. To be wed to you in this lifetime is my, Ling Yuefeng’s greatest blessing. What can’t I let go?”

Xuanyuan Yufeng gently smiled and leaned on her husband’s shoulder.

Ling Yuefeng shifted his gaze, looked into the distance, and said: “There’s still light in Yun’er’s room... Sigh, I can tell that he has been very restless lately. I believe the one who’ll have the hardest time letting go would be Yun’er. I’m worried that his self confidence and love towards swordsmanship will take a hit. I should pay him a visit and talk to him about this.”

Xuanyuan Yufeng stood up and slowly shook her head: “Yun’er’s restlessness has nothing to do with his defeat the other day.”

“You mean...”

Xuanyuan Yufeng said: “That’s good too. Yuefeng, go ahead and pay him a visit. Let him speak of his troubles and maybe you can give him some advice. He will know what to do from then on.”

Ling Yuefeng nodded, then walked out of the courtyard slowly, towards the direction of Ling Yun’s courtyard.

Xuanyuan Yufeng returned to her room. Not long later, someone had knocked on the door: “Yufeng, it’s me.”

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Yufeng immediately went to open the door. Surprisingly, it was Ling Kun.

Ling Kun sat down upon entering the room. He looked at Xuanyuan Yufeng for a bit before saying: “Yufeng, how have you been for the past years? Did that Ling Yuefeng brat ever mistreat you?”

“Yuefeng has always treated me well. Thank you for the concern, Uncle.” Xuanyuan Yufeng replied with a smile. She poured a cup of tea for Ling Kun before sitting down opposite him. She asked sullenly: “I wanted to meet Uncle this late at night because I wanted to know… I wanted to know if my father… Is my father still… Is he still mad at me?”

“Heh heh.” Ling Kun laughed and said: “Yufeng, as his daughter, you should be the most clear about what kind of person your father is. The Ninth Elder has gotten over it a long time ago. Do you really think that the relationship between Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Heavenly Sword Villa could be facilitated by a lowly aide like myself? The Ninth Elder had always been secretly pulling strings from behind. The Dragonscale Armor that I had brought over was from the Ninth Elder. Although the Ninth Elder had long accepted your marriage with Ling Yuefeng... his stubborn personality had prevented him from saying anything. The only thing he has been displeased with over the years is that you have not went back to visit him even once.”

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s eyes became watery: “That year, father flew into such a huge rage and I had even caused him to lose face. How would I dare to go back?”

“Sigh, silly girl. You’re wrong... You are the Ninth Elder’s only daughter. He would never truly resent you. Even though he doesn’t openly say so, anyone can tell that he sorely misses you. If not, he wouldn’t keep talking about what you did in the past... After we’ve sealed the demon, you should bring Yuefeng, along with Yun’er and Ji’er and visit Mighty Heavenly Sword Region with me. When the Ninth Elder sees you along with his two grandsons, he will be extremely elated. After you have reunited with the Ninth Elder and removed the gap between you and him, he might regularly visit you and his grandsons. At that point of time, Heavenly Sword Villa will greatly benefit. If Yun’er and Jie’er are able to personally receive guidance from the Ninth Elder, their prowess will definitely skyrocket.

Xuanyuan Yufeng, with great difficulty, controlled her emotions and slowly nodded her head: “...Alright. When Yuefeng returns, I will talk to him about this.”

“That’s good.” Ling Kun laughed. He then casually asked: “When I was coming over, I saw Yuefeng rushing towards the southeast, is there an urgent matter?”

“He went…”

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s voice suddenly changed as she abruptly raised her head. She had an ugly expression on her face: “Southeast? You said… southeast?”

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