Chapter 254 - A Woman’s Heart

Against the Gods

Chapter 254 - A Woman’s Heart

“Who… Who are you?”

Mu Tianbei had never thought that there would ever come a day where he would be frightened by a little girl, to the point where his entire body spasmed. For Jasmine, who was currently only in a half-soul form, her strength was not even ten thousandth of her normal form. However, to Mu Tianbei, it was still a nightmare-like pressure. Even though in front of him was just a little girl whose beauty could not be described, he felt as though he was looking at the abyss of death. Every part of his body was uncontrollably trembling crazily.

Jasmine’s tender lips slightly tilted, revealing an ice-cold light smile. “This princess has already given you a chance to choose your method of death. Since you refuse to choose, then this princess shall choose on your behalf… Disappear!!”

Jasmine’s small hand gently sliced the empty air...


A gentle explosive sound rang. Before this sound could travel too far, it had already been submerged completely into the snowstorm. In this slight commotion, Mu Tianbei’s body instantly burst… To be more exact, his body was instantly broken down! His body broke down into countless of extremely small fragments, and then, these fragments continued to break down, and break down… and they broke down into fragments even smaller than dust, until the fragments completely disappeared. Not even a trace of his body was left… as it was taken over by complete nothingness.

As she watched Mu Tianbei disappear in front of her eyes, Jasmine’s expression was completely indifferent. Her two hands held in front of her chest, and following the flipping of her palms, she cast a mystical profound formation. This profound formation spiraled at high speed, and disappeared within her chest. After that, Jasmine’s figure disappeared from the spot.

With Mu Tianbei nearing their backs, Xia Qingyue initially thought that they no longer had any possibility to escape. Just when she was about to forcefully open her Frozen Cloud Domain, she was surprised to feel that the pressure coming from Mu Tianbei had suddenly disappeared. When she turned to look, she could no longer see Mu Tianbei’s figure as well. Although she was surprised, she did not dare to stop even for a single moment as she brought Yun Che further and further away at an incredible speed… Unconsciously, she had already went past one ice mountain after another.

Sensing that Jasmine had returned, Yun Che immediately asked. “Is the deed done?”

“Do you really believe that he can escape alive under my hands?” Jasmine said snappily.

“... Then what about Fen Juecheng? Did you deal with him as well?”

“I only told you that I will help you kill a single person. I don’t have the mood to care about some Fen Juecheng!”

“Shit… If Fen Juecheng isn’t dead, then didn’t I kill Fen Juebi for nothing!? He only has to tell Fen Moli, and whole world will know that I was the one who killed Fen Juebi! If that’s the case, I might as well kill Fen Juebi personally with my hands back then!”

“That’s your problem. What does that have to do with me?”

“...” Yun Che’s face cramped for a moment. He could only take a deep breath, and helplessly said. “Never mind! Where’s Mu Tianbei’s corpse? Is it still at the place where he almost caught up to us earlier?”

“I have already made sure that he completely disappeared from this world. Forget about a corpse, not even a single speck of ash is left. What did you want to do with his corpse?”

“F*ck!” Yun Che almost leapt out of Xia Qingyue’s body. “Mu Tianbei is the Fort Master of the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress! The Fort Master, you know! There’s definitely a large amount of sect treasures in his spatial ring, or he might even have some sort of world-shocking secret, and you actually made him to vanish just like that! It would have been great if you had casually sliced him into half, it would have saved you time and effort as well! Y-y-y-you… You will definitely be a spoiled woman when you grow up in the future.”

Jasmine coldly snorted. “You don’t have the capability to kill him yourself, and had me deal with him instead, so stop with all this nonsense!”

“...” Yun Che had no words to rebut her with.

Turning back to give another glance, Yun Che could only swallow down the thought of turning back to kill Fen Juecheng. In the vast snowfield, it was basically impossible to determine one’s direction. When Xia Qingyue sprinted, she did not leave any trace, and even if there were some traces left behind, they would have already been covered by the snowstorm. The possibility of turning back to find them was basically none.

“Currently, I have already sealed my profound energy. In the next very long period of time, my strength will only be used to expel the poison, and it cannot be released outside. A seal like this is something I can’t even remove myself. When you once again encounter some danger, just pray for the best.” Jasmine said, and her words were definitely not a joke. She had seriously sealed her own profound energy. However, a seal like this did not prevent her from circulating profound energy, rather, it prevented her from releasing her profound energy outside her body.

“A very long period of time? How long is that?”

“It is a sealing profound formation that I casually casted, I don’t know how long the seal will last either. The shortest is a single year, while the longest might be a few dozen years!”


After continuously proceeding forward for more than two hours, and after confirming that Mu Tianbei would not be chasing after them, Xia Qingyue’s mind finally relaxed as she fell onto the patch of snow with Yun Che.

As though he had been startled, Yun Che let out a “Aiya” sound. His body was suddenly thrown forward. He instantly landed on Xia Qingyue’s body and hugged her really tightly.

After sprinting with her full strength for so long, a large majority of Xia Qingyue’s profound energy was used up. She steadied her breathing for a moment, and then, neither lightly nor heavily, raised her hand to push away Yun Che, who was on her body. Then, she stood up, and her breathing had slowly calmed down as well. Her expression was even more calm, with not even a hint of emotions on her face.

“Stand up. There’s no need to act anymore, I know that your internal injuries never acted up in the first place.” Looking at Yun Che who she had pushed into the pile of snow, Xia Qingyue spoke with an indifferent expression.

Yun Che stood up from the pile of snow and casually patted off the snow on his body. Just when he was about to speak up, he was suddenly stunned for a moment… Earlier, when Xia Qingyue had brought him to flee with all her strength, the veil on her face had long fell off somewhere along the way. A beautiful face, so absolutely beautiful to the point of causing people to hold their breaths, was revealed before him, at such a close distance. Her snow-dress fluttered, bathing within the snowstorm. A charm like this, even the legendary snow woman would pale in comparison.

Seeing that he did not say anything for a long while, and was instead looking at her own face while in a slight daze, Xia Qingyue reached out her hand to touch her own cheek. Only then did she realize that her veil had gone missing. Her brows slightly twitched. She slanted her face to the side, and lightly asked. “The reason why Fen Juecheng and Fen Moli wished to kill you, is because of Princess Cang Yue. But why did Mu Tianbei want to kill you?”

Evidently, she had heard the conversation between Yun Che, Fen Juecheng and Fen Juebi. Yun Che regained his senses, slightly curled his lips, and said. “Mu Tianbei had once invited me to join Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, and even ridiculed the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Then, he was sent back by my ridiculing comments, and I even harmed his core disciple, hence, he held a grudge against me… It was just something like that.”

Xia Qingyue softly said. “Mu Tianbei is number one in the Northern Passes, and no one would dare to offend to him. People like him would never tolerate even a little bit of offense that come their way, and I had heard from Master once that he had always been prideful and egoistic… People like him, it’s best that you don’t offend them in the future.”

“I had never take the initiative to offend someone, all of them were the ones who came to offend me. It’s just that I have learnt to never be polite and tolerate people who offend me.” Yun Che said without a care. Looking at the side-view of Xia Qingyue’s perfect face, he smiled. “Qingyue my wife, it’s good that you’re here this time. Otherwise, I would have definitely died in Mu Tianbei’s hands. But, you’re my wife, after all, so I won’t say thank you… Speaking of which, why were you nearby back then? You couldn’t have seen that I had yet to recover from my injuries, was worried about my safety, and have been sneakily following after me, right?”

“I just happened to pass by.”

Evidently, Xia Qingyue was not good at lying. When she said those words, her tone and demeanor was very unnatural. She shifted her gaze away as well, not wanting to make eye contact with Yun Che. She turned to the side, and coldly said. “Mu Tianbei should have lost us, it’s nearly impossible for him to think of finding you in this Secret Realm. Your injuries have already fully healed, and your profound energy has already recovered by at least seventy percent. It should be enough to fend for yourself in this place. Take care.”

After saying that, Xia Qingyue’s snow-dress fluttered, and she was about to leave.

“Hey, hey! Wait a minute!” Yun Che hurriedly stepped forward, and blocked her front. “You can’t really be leaving like this, right? In truth… In truth, earlier, those words were used to fool Fen Juecheng, my wounds are basically not fully healed at all. At most, I’m only fifty percent healed, especially my internal injuries, right now, they’re still… Kuh kuh… Cough cough cough cough… My profound energy has only recovered by thirty percent at most, really… If, I’m once again found by Fen Juecheng and Mu Tianbei, without you by my side to protect me, then wouldn’t I… It doesn’t matter if I die, but to burden you to become a widow, how could I bear such a thing…”

Xia Qingyue’s beautiful brows evidently twitched for a moment.

“Besides, we are a legally wedded husband and wife, and since we’re husband and wife, we should live together on the same bed, die together in the same hole, share our blessings and depend on each in times of crisis. Now that I’m currently troubled by various things, as my wife, shouldn’t you do your part as what a wife would do, and take up the responsibility to protect me… Hey, hey! Don’t go…”

Back then, when Yun Che’s meridians were crippled, facing Xia Qingyue who was too high for him to reach back then, he would frequently say these cheap words, causing her to feel angry and helpless. Currently, in terms of strength, Yun Che could not compete with Xia Qingyue, but in terms of persistence, Xia Qingyue was definitely unable to compete with Yun Che. Hence, the two of them were basically six of one and half a dozen of the other. When Yun Che spoke with Xia Qingyue, naturally, he would not have any sort of scruples at all.

Xia Qingyue did not bother to pay attention to what he was saying as she directly circled around him, and lightly stepped on the snow as she headed towards the north. Yun Che stood at the same spot, and said very resentfully. “You can’t… really be leaving me here alone like this, right?”

Xia Qingyue did not answer. After walking very far away, she suddenly stopped her steps, and said with an extremely soft voice. “What are you still standing there for? Hurry and catch up to me.”

“As you command!” Yun Che instantly grinned from ear to ear. With a slight tap underneath his feet, he caught up with Xia Qingyue’s side swiftly… He did not look as though he had not fully recovered from his heavy injuries at all.

The two of them headed northwards, and very quickly, they disappeared within the snowstorm.

In regards to Xia Qingyue appearing and saving him, it was impossible for him not to feel grateful in his heart. Because the person he faced back then was Mu Tianbei, an extreme expert of the Sect Master class. When Xia Qingyue saved him, she undoubtedly carried the same risk of dying under Mu Tianbei’s hands, together with him. And, at the same time, he was very puzzled… When he encountered Xia Qingyue again at Heavenly Sword Villa, he could only feel indifference from her body. Not closeness, not rejection, not coldness, but just the form of indifference that he could extremely not bear at all.

The few days after their marriage, he worked hard to plant his figure into Xia Qingyue’s heart. But, such a long period of separation, was evidently enough to completely disperse his shallow figure in Xia Qingyue’s heart. Also, to a certain degree, he believed that currently, in Xia Qingyue’s eyes, he was nothing but a normal existence whom she was binded with a marriage certificate. Someone who could she do with, and could do without. But, today, when Xia Qingyue followed him to protect him, and came out to save him, he was once again confused… He completely unable to figure out what kind of place he currently had in her heart.

To a man, if there was something in the world that he would never be able to understand, it would undoubtedly be a woman’s heart.

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