Chapter 255 - Heaven Basin’s Enormous Beast (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 255 - Heaven Basin’s Enormous Beast (1)

Yun Che and Xia Qingyue journeyed together just like that. The two of them were unquestionably the strongest combination among Blue Wind Empire’s younger generation. The two of them continued straight north… To speak more precisely, they didn’t know what direction laid ahead of them either. Only boundless snow-covered plains and blizzard could be seen; there weren’t any rewards, nor did they meet any danger. Not even half a silhouette of profound beasts was seen.

Yun Che kept on chattering endlessly, asking Xia Qingyue various questions, and then self-servingly told her about Xia Yuanba’s situation from back then to now. Xia Qingyue’s response was always impeccably indifferent, and only occasionally replied nonchalantly. Her hands continuously waved, sweeping away the ice and snow on the ground, but never found anything throughout the process.

“Qingyue my wife, don’t you have anything you want to ask me? Like… Have I been well after you left, what places have I been to, and was I bullied by anyone…”

“With your personality, it would already be good if you didn’t bully others; who could truly be able to bully you.” Xia Qingyue expressionlessly replied with her charming eyes looking toward the front. After that, the light in her eyes moved, and she finally voluntarily asked him a question: “But I want to know, during this period of time, just how did you grow to such an extent?

Xia Qingyue had finally taken the initiative to ask him a question. Yun Che’s expression immediately became serious, and he spoke: “This matter is my secret, and I absolutely would not tell other people. But since you are my wife, so that’s a different story. Mn… I met a master, she allowed my profound veins to grow anew and also taught me a bunch of random things. Furthermore, I’ve also had some special encounters during this period of time. That is how I came to be today.”

“Your Master?” A hint of surprise flashed through Xia Qingyue’s eyes: “To be able to bring you up to such a height within such a short period of time, your Master is definitely a supremely extraordinary person.”

Yun Che waited for a bit, but didn’t hear any further questions. He instantly said: “Don’t you want to ask me who this master of mine is?”

“That is your privacy, I have no right to probe.” Xia Qingyue replied with indifference.

“Mm…” Yun Che pondered a little, and said while smiling: “This master of mine, indeed is a supremely remarkable being. But you definitely won’t be able to guess just exactly why she is “remarkable”. She is even more amazing than you imagined, and also completely changed my fate. However, she definitely isn’t a good master. Because, to be precise, she didn’t truly teach me anything, and had just always stuffed a bunch of things directly into my head. Then, she made me comprehend and practice them myself. But I, as the disciple, had never disappointed her, alright? Everything she stuffed into me, I would always comprehend them in a very short amount of time. That’s how the present me came to be.”

“Hmph, you narcissist!” In his mind, resounded Jasmine’s voice that was full of contempt.

At this time, an eccentric feeling suddenly came from Yun Che’s left hand’s palm. He immediately lifted up his left hand, and shockingly discovered that his palm was currently flashing with a green brilliance that belonged to the Sky Poison Pearl.

This is….

The Sky Poison Pearl’s reaction toward treasures!!

And to make the Sky Poison Pearl react, it certainly wasn’t just any ordinary treasure either. At the very least, it would be at the rank of the Star Concealing Grass.

After coming back to the Blue Wind Empire, the Sky Poison Pearl had a total of two detection reactions. The first time had discovered the Star Concealing Grass, and the second time had detected the existence of the Heretic God’s Fire Seed. And this third time… the direction that the reaction pointed at, just happened to be directly ahead of them.

“What happened?” Xia Qingyue saw that he stopped moving, and asked while turning her head back.

“I’m guessing that we will have an enormous reward very soon!” Yun Che clasped his palms: “Let’s go continue forward.”

The blizzard did not have any hint of stopping, and it was unknown just how long this blizzard had been going on. The ice and snow under their feet also thickened to an unimaginable extent. The two of them continued traveling forward for more than four hours; the Sky Poison Pearl’s reaction was still there, but nothing was gained yet. This did not disappoint Yun Che, and the inside of his heart instead became even more excited… To make the Sky Poison Pearl have an reaction across such a long distance, the thing that it discovered must be no trivial thing! At the very least, it would be much more rare than the Star Concealing Grass!

Just what would it be?

The temperature of this place was frighteningly low. After walking for so long under this sky and earth of ice, in order to defend against the acute cold, the profound energy expenditure speed was also extremely fast. Even for Yun Che, who had a body not inferior to a true dragon, this was also starting to become a little unbearable, so it could be imagined how much more unbearable this was for the other young profound practitioners with slightly weaker profound strength. He shrunk his neck a little as his gaze looked toward the front with care, and then asked on a whim: “Qingyue my wife, your Master and Senior Master should have come here many times before, what rewards did they usually obtain?”

Xia Qingyue thought for a bit, and said: “Master had come to this place twice before, and was rewarded plentifully every time. The first time, she acquired three pieces of Pure Cloud Jade and two Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Reishi; the second time, she obtained a chunk of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, three drops of Profound Spirit Jade Dew and a chunk of an enormous beast’s bone. Master said that there are a total of three seasons here, and the season’s characteristics are exhibited to an extreme. Amongst them, the most unlucky would be encountering winter. It is because the winter’s blizzard would cover everything tightly, thus, it would be very difficult to obtain anything rewarding.

Very unfortunately, Yun Che and Xia Qingyue encountered the cold winter with overwhelming flying snow on their first time entering the Heaven Basin Secret Realm. That’s right, any and everything was tightly covered by the ice and snow. Let alone treasures, even a chunk of rock could not be seen.

“What is the best thing that someone who entered this Heaven Basin Secret Realm had found?” Yun Che asked. As he spoke till here, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Xia Qingyue also stopped right after, and slightly nodded: “I don’t know. If someone really found anything great, they normally would stay quiet about it. However, I had heard my Master bring up that more than four hundred years ago, someone had found a Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus in the Heaven Basin before.”

“Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus?” Yun Che had a surprised face. Out of all the grasses and herbs in the world, the ones that Yun Che did not know could be counted with one hand. Yet he had never heard his Master bring up the name Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus. Today was actually the first time he had heard of it.

Xia Qingyue slightly lifted her gaze, and slowly spoke: “The Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus is a type of sacred object that’s recorded in my Sect’s 《Frozen Cloud Sacred Book》, and the other top Sects also has records of it. In the records, it is a sacred object gifted by the heavens, and is also a kind of object which shouldn't exist in the mortal world because it opposes the heavens. Legends say that one appeared long ago, and never appeared again afterwards. It only existed within the many records that spoke about it. Four hundred years ago, a Senior of the Xiao Sect had used Spirit Sound Transmission and told everyone who were in the Heaven Basin Secret Realm at that time that he found the “Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus” which was exactly the same as in the records… However, those were his last words. After he spoke those words, there was no further contact from him. He never could walk out of the Secret Realm, and fell there.”

“Sacred object gifted by the heavens”, “Object that opposes the heavens”. All of these descriptive words that came from Xia Qingyue hinted at how shocking of an existence the “Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus” was. Yun Che followed up and asked: “Just how exactly does this ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ oppose the natural law? Don’t tell me that one would become immortal after eating it or something?”

“...No one had actually seen it so everything about it are only from the records.” Xia Qingyue said with a light voice: “I heard my Master say that after consuming the ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’, it could make someone without any profound strength step into the Earth Profound Realm in a day’s time… With my current realm, if I were to consume the ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’, I could step into the Sky Profound Realm with a single step. Furthermore, the power hidden inside ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ is extremely gentle, and absolutely would not cause a situation, where the person who consumed it cannot endure the change and become injured, to appear.”

“...It’s that amazing?!” Yun Che’s mouth flew wide open. To make someone without any profound strength at all to directly step into the Earth Profound Realm, and allow a profound practitioner of the Earth Profound Realm to enter the Sky Profound Realm, that the vast majority would not even dare to peek at, with a single step; it was simply hard to believe that there existed something like that in this world.

If one could acquire it, one could climb to a height that others may not achieve even if they worked hard for their entire lives. The words “object that opposes the heavens”, was not at all an exaggeration for it. And this kind of thing that breaks the balance too much, should indeed, not exist in this world.

“Speaking of which, what does that ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ look like?” Yun Che’s hand tapped his chin, as his face revealed an extremely odd complexion. His gaze was also somewhat erratic.

Xia Qingyue’s pink lips slightly opened, and said vividly: “I have seen the records regarding ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ before. It is much larger than a normal lotus flower, and its diameter when blooming is as long as five feet. On its petals, is a somewhat eccentric light blue color…”

“...Is it a blue color like a blue crystal? Every single petal also had the luster of glazed glass like crystals. The stamen in the center of the flower is a scarlet red, and even glows. The flower stem that supports it is also blue, a type of illusory blue that’s much deeper than the petal’s color…” Yun Che stared at Xia Qingyue, and spoke sentence by sentence with an odd expression.

A hint of surprise condensed in Xia Qingyue’s charming eyes: “So you actually had seen the records about it before?”

“No no, definitely not.” Yun Che extended his finger, and probingly pointed behind her: “What I am talking about, is that lotus flower behind you.”

Xia Qingyue suddenly turned around. And then, her fragrant lips slightly opened, as her entire being froze there.

In a place no more than fifty steps away from them, appeared a light blue colored silhouette. That’s right; that was a lotus, an enormous lotus flower. Its diameter was as long as five feet, it had an illusory blue colored jade-like flower stem and light blue flower petals that flowed with fluorescent brilliance. Yet its stamen was like a red colored starry sky that had gathered together, and flashed with a mysterious and eccentric light.

A lotus ought to bloom in the summer with a scorching sun, yet this lotus, had lofty bloomed within the blizzard. The wind howled and the falling snow flew about, so it would be difficult even for an ordinary person to stand upright under this kind of blizzard. Yet this lotus flower unyieldingly stood there; neither the petals or the stamen had the slightest of waver. It was as if none of its petals could possibly fall even if the blizzard was ten times stronger.

Under the snow, the entire land was even submerged underneath. Yet only this lotus flower was not covered. On the petals, even a trace of the drifting snow could not be seen. In this world of overwhelming blizzard and snow, it became the only, and also the most blinding existence.

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