Chapter 256 - Heaven Basin’s Enormous Beast (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 256 - Heaven Basin’s Enormous Beast (2)

“Emperor Awakening… Heart… Lotus....” Xia Qingyue was completely stunned. That lotus flower in her sights and the “Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus” from the records were exactly the same. None of the characteristics were any different. The color of its unique petal, its radiance, and furthermore, it was being battered by the elements, yet still had the attitude of arrogance towards all living things on heaven and earth. All of this proved that this was absolutely an extraordinary object. Only at this moment, Xia Qingyue had a look of disbelief in her eyes. She didn’t dare to think she could inadvertently and unexpectedly encounter such a divine existence from the legends and records.

“Could that really be the ‘Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ that you mentioned?” Hearing Xia Qingyue’s disillusioned murmurs, Yun Che’s expression was similar stirred in a peculiar manner… this was the one of the divine objects from legends, the heaven opposing lotus? Found just like this?

So quaint? So simple? So lucky?

Wait… Lotus flowers all bloomed in the water. The person who discovered the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus on the verge of the death four hundred years ago told everyone that when he discovered it, he was within the Heaven Basin… Could it be, that he himself and Xia Qingyue just happened to stepped onto the Heaven Basin… on the Heaven Basin which had frozen over?

“There’s no mistake, it’s exactly the same as the records.”

Yun Che saw an extremely rare expression of excitement from Xia Qingyue’s face. Such a divine object from legends just suddenly appeared right in front of their eyes. Let alone her, even Chu Yuechan would probably have difficulty maintaining her composure as well. Xia Qingyue took some steps forward and prepared to approach that blue lotus, but she was blocked by Yun Che’s hands right way: “Wait, don’t go near it yet. If that event from four hundred years ago is real; then, the one which that person discovered was perhaps this exact one! In other words, right now we are already standing on the Heaven Basin. After that person discovered it, he left behind a note before death… to state that it was extremely likely that a huge, hidden danger hid behind this lotus flower.

Xia Qingyue withdrew her footsteps and slowly nodded. The rarer the object, the more likely it was protected by a powerful profound beast. Naturally, it wasn’t because those profound beasts were looking out for its safety, but it was for the powerful strength it contained. It would nourish the growth of the profound beast and at a suitable time, the profound beast guarding it would consume it in order to advance its strength by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it would guard it with its life and absolutely did not let another person approach and touch it.

“Jasmine, are there auras of powerful profound beasts nearby?” Yun Che calmed down and asked Jasmine.

But he waited a good while, but still did not hear a response from Jasmine.

Yun Che shut his eyes and entered into the Sky Poison Pearl, but discovered that Jasmine peacefully laid down on her white jade bed with a tranquil look over her snow white face. Her hands intersected over her chest and formed a very strange gesture. Around her body, green light flickered from time to time.

Could she be detoxifying herself?

Yun Che didn’t dare to bother Jasmine and exited from the Sky Poison Pearl. He then concentrated and spread his senses in all four directions, but was in fact unable to detect the existence of any dangerous auras. He then muttered hesitantly to himself: “It’s so empty here, if a profound beast was here, then I could probably spot it right away. Additionally, if we stepped into the Heaven Basin and the Heaven Basin had been iced over a long time ago, all the profound beasts would naturally be sealed under as well and would probably not come out. If I think of it like this, then perhaps it wouldn’t be as dangerous as we thought.”

“But still, it’s still good to be careful. There could still be profound beasts hiding under the snow. If this Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was truly being guarded by a profound beast, then it would certainly be an extremely dangerous one.” Xia Qingyue raised her brows slightly.

Yun Che sensed the situation around himself again and then stepped forward: “Don’t move from that spot, I’ll go take a look.”

“Let’s go together.” Xia Qingyue followed beside him: “Just in case there is a danger, us two can look after each other.”

Accidentally discovering this divine object from the legends, the two were nervous and excited at the same time. An object such as the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was absolutely not something ordinary people could discover, let alone obtained by ordinary people. The two slowly moved forward, and cautiously and carefully approached… Until both of them stood at a position within reach of the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus, and still without any accidents occurring.

The two then let out a long sigh of relief at the same time.

Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was almost right in front of them. Looking at the incomparably captivating petal and pistil, Yun Che rubbed his hands in unimaginable excitement “Hehe, it looked like it wasn’t a completely terrible misfortune to encounter winter here! The effect of the weather here on the profound beasts, especially the profound beasts in the Heaven Basin is much greater than it is on us.”

As he spoke, Yun Che reached out with his left and touched the blossoming Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus.

“Wait!” Xia Qingyue yelled at him to stop: “If you wanted to pluck it off, you have to be careful. Plucking such a high valued divine object, the difficulty would be extremely high. If you’re even the least bit careless, it would easily drain away a great deal of effect.

“You can be at ease about this, don’t forget, I’m a genius doctor.” Yun Che laughed with great self-confidence. With the Sky Poison Pearl, no matter the plant, he could seize it with absolute perfection. After plucking it, it would directly enter the Sky Poison Pearl and not even a trace of the power it contained would be lost.

Yun Che softly nipped at the stem of the otherworldly blue flower with his left hand that silently released a green light. At this moment, he suddenly raised his head and asked: “Qingyue my wife, aren’t you afraid that I’ll keep it to myself after pluck it?”

Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes slanted and with an indifferent expression: “This Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was found by you, it should belong to you anyway. How does it concern me in any way?”

Yun Che was suddenly startled. A peculiar feeling flashed within his mind and he immediately stopped talking. A green light flashed in his palms; then, the entire Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus disappeared into the Sky Poison Pearl.

Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was absolutely an extremely valuable treasure, but no matter how valuable it was, it was impossible for it to surpass the Sky Poison Pearl. Under the effects of the Sky Poison Pearl, the originally hard to pluck Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was plucked off by Yun Che with as much ease as the most ordinary of flowers.

From discovery to approach, to successfully plucking it, the entire process was incredibly smooth. Let alone risks, even an obstacle did not exist. It was simple to the point that it was somewhat abnormal. Yun Che smacked his hands and stood up. Just as he was about to speak, an incomparably muffled sound like a roar originating from the endless abyss suddenly echoed past… The source of that sound seemed to come from underneath his foot. Then, a faint vibration occurred beneath them that gradually intensified.

Yun Che’s expression suddenly changed. He grabbed Xia Qingyue’s hands right away and muttered: “Quickly, leave!!”

The Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus was indeed not unguarded by a profound beast.

A severe winter descended upon the Heaven Basin, so it froze over. As for this profound beast which stood guard by the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus’ side all year round, it had entered deep hibernation on the bottom of the Heaven Basin. Since it did not sense Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s approach, it was still fast asleep then. However, once the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus had been plucked away, when its aura had completely disappeared, it had finally woken up, evoking a fury that surged to the skies.

That was the most terrifying roar that Yun Che had heard in his two lives. The oppressing power that the roar contained practically crushed his spirit, as well as his five visceras and six organs. Xia Qingyue’s expression was not any different from Yun Che’s expression. They rushed into the distance at their fastest speed. Under their top speed, they traveled outwards past about six hundred meters in the blink of an eye. The vibrations underneath their feet gradually intensified at this moment, as if mother earth could collapse at any moment.



A huge heaven crashing earth splitting sound echoed from behind Yun Che and Xia Qingyue, followed by a terrifying roar that was enough to burst heaven and earth.

This roar suddenly shook Yun Che’s brain into a blank state as he fell into the ice and snow together with Xia Qingyue. Then, they subconsciously looked back at the same time, and discovered the most shocking scene they had ever seen in their lives.

The ground was entirely uplifted. The ice and snow that covered the ground and countless huge chunks of ice was lifted into the skies quite far away, until it reached an altitude they were no longer capable of seeing. Then, a huge wave of water soared into the sky... that’s right, a wave of water! Yun Che’s thoughts weren’t wrong. They were stepping on the frozen Heaven Basin beneath them. The ice covering the Heaven Basin was over thirty meters thick, but was easily broken like thin sheets of paper. The basin water beneath them rose into mid air and became an incredibly tall tower of ice. Underneath the wave of water, an incredibly huge white figure rushed into the air until it leapt over a hundred feet high. Then, it heavily landed.... The sound it caused the instant that it landed was world-shaking. The layers of ice in the surrounding was widely ruptured as well. One of the cracks reached right below Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s feet.

This was an enormous beast that completely surpassed Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s imagination. It was around three hundred meters tall and white hair covered its entire body. It had a humanlike body and a vicious wolflike head with scarlet red eyes. When it landed, it was like a small mountain that blocked a huge amount of light from the heavens, and the aura it released, was way more terrifying than over ten thousand mountains. In front of its huge body, Yun Che and Xia Qingyue were as insignificant as two little flies. The distance they ran with their fastest speeds to escape, was covered by its feet in merely two steps.


In between two icy mountains, Ling Yuefeng finally found his first reward from an ancient forest that wasn’t completely covered in ice and snow. Just as he was about to pluck that pitch black Reishi, the sound of a profound beast suddenly echoed from the distance. The place it came from was very far away, so the sound wasn’t very loud, but it indeed shook Ling Yuefeng’s entire body. His face showed an incredibly shocked expression, and even his soul was unexpectedly trembled by the roar that originated from faraway.

“This is… this is… the power of a Tyrant Profound Beast!!” Ling Yuefeng looked in the distance and an uncontrollable fear loomed over his face.

“Inside the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, there was actually a Tyrant Profound Beast…”

“Wait! This cry is filled with anger! Could it be that someone stepped into its territory or provoked it?”

While thinking about these things, Ling Yuefeng’s expression kept changing. The power that this sound contained could send him, a Throne, into deep fear. He felt that the owner of this sound could destroy him effortlessly. Tyrant Profound Realm... a level never before seen in Blue Wind Empire, because in the history of Blue Wind Empire, there never was a true Overlord. “Throne” was already the peak and limit of the Blue Wind Empire. Titles like “Overlord” and “Monarch” could exist only in the fantasies of Blue Wind profound practitioners. It was a level that they absolutely could not comprehend and imagine.

The person who offended this Tyrant Profound Beast, he would turn into dust particles in the blink of an eye... It was impossible for there to be a second outcome.

Ling Yuefeng subconsciously retreated two steps, and then flew towards that roar in the distance. Right now, he could only deeply pray that the ones who offended this terrifying Tyrant Profound Beast wasn’t a part of his Heavenly Sword Villa.

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