Chapter 31 – Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies – Chu Yueli

Against the Gods

Chapter 31 – Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies – Chu Yueli

“Wait a minute! You can’t leave just yet!”

A voice came from behind, and temporarily stopped Xiao Che in his tracks.

Xiao Yulong walked quickly towards Xiao Che and, at the same time, said with a righteous face: “Everyone knows that Xiao Che just got married four days ago, and the one he married is our Floating Cloud City’s number one beauty, the Xia family’s precious daughter, Xia Qingyue. But, everyone must not forget the reason Xia Qingyue married Xiao Che! It’s because Fifth Elder’s son, Xiao Ying, had saved Xia Qingyue’s life in the past. The first reason was to repay the debt of gratitude, and the second reason was to honor the engagement from sixteen years ago. But whether it’s to repay the debt of gratitude, or honor the engagement, the one she should have married was Xiao Ying’s biological son… and not this bastard who isn’t of Xiao Clan’s bloodline, who popped out from who knows where!”

Xiao Yulong words instantly reminded everyone, the fact that Xia Qingyue had married Xiao Che was because of the agreement made sixteen years ago. Since Xiao Che was no longer the biological child of Xiao Ying, therefore the marriage was precisely an absolute mistake!

And since it was a mistake, it should…

Xiao Che didn’t look back, and replied coldly: “Xiao Yulong, it’s none of your business to interfere in my marriage affairs.”

“No, it is my business.” Xiao Yulong smirked and said: “At the moment, the entire Floating Cloud City knows that the number one beauty had been married into our Xiao Clan. Once today is over, the entire city will also know that this number one beauty had in fact not married into Xiao Clan, but to a bastard child that the Xiao Clan had been feeding in vain for sixteen years. And what a huge joke it would be!” Turning his gaze, he looked towards the silent Xia Hongyi that was standing at the back; Yulong raised his voice again and continued: “Master Xia, from what Yulong had heard, you and Xiao Ying had been brothers in arms years ago, and it may have been your wish to marry your daughter to Xiao Che. However now that the truth is out, that this Xiao Che was actually not Xiao Ying’s son, but was just a bastard child that was picked up from god knows where, I suppose that you must feel conflicted in your heart and is having trouble accepting this right now.”

Xia Hongyi remained silent, but his facial expression did indeed look somewhat terrible.

And at this time, the rest of the Xiao Clan disciples who could not bear to see Xia Qingyue’s marriage to Xiao Che finally found their opportunity to vent their frustrations and started to yell.

“Xiao Yulong is right! Xia Qingyue belongs to our Xiao Clan, and now that we know Xiao Che is not one of our Xiao Clan people, the marriage should be annulled!”

“The Fifth Elder clearly knew that Xiao Che wasn’t one of us, yet he still went ahead with the marriage…. this is simply a shameless swindle of a marriage!”

“This good for nothing trash Xiao Che was not fit to be with Xia Qingyue in the first place! Quickly annul this marriage and then banish him from Xiao Clan!”

“Master Xia! Please say something… Aren’t you angry after being lied to by Fifth Elder and Xiao Che for so many years? Are you going to let your daughter’s marriage become nothing but a joke?”


Sarcasm, criticism, rejoicement, insults, and even the sound of people fanning the flames were heard… The people who were jealous of Xiao Che marrying Xiao Qingyue finally found an outlet to release their anger, and with each shout, the insults became more ear-piercing than the last. Since all of them were supposedly on the “correct” side, each and every one of them continued to criticize with an upright face, as if they were at a common trial.

At this moment, Xiao Yunhai gave his verdict with a cold face: “Xiao Che, you have heard everyone. You have no right to marry Xia Clan’s precious daughter. In order to not let our Xiao Clan become Floating Cloud City’s laughingstock and bring shame to the Xia Clan, hand over the marriage certificate before you leave our Xiao Clan.”

Xiao Che did not speak as he reached into his chest and took out the marriage certificate… He had always carried around this marriage certificate with him. This was because the number of people within the Xiao Clan who wanted to destroy this certificate were simple too numerous.

Once Xiao Yulong saw the certificate, he rushed toward him with the intent to snatch it, however Xiao Che just moved to the side and placed the marriage certificate into the hands on Xia Qingyue.

Xia Qingyue subconsciously held on to the certificate, as if in a trance.

“As husband and wife, the decision on whether or not we should separate, should always be between us. Not even the gods have the right to interfere.” As Xiao Che looked at Xia Qingyue, his cold voice reached everyone’s ears. Immediately after, he gentled his voice as he tenderly looked at Xia Qingyue: “But at the moment, I don’t have the power to protect this marriage certificate, so I can only pass it to you… If you still want to be my wife, then keep and protect it. If you want to regain your freedom… which is also good as well, then destroy it at once.”

Xia Qingyue: “..…”

Although he lost some of his pride as man by passing the responsibility of the marriage certificate and decision to Xia Qingyue, at that time, he had no other choice.

As he saw the quiet Xia Qingyue tightly clutch onto the marriage certificate, he gave her a slight smile and nodded. He took one last glance at Xiao Lie, Xiao Lingxi, and Xia Hongyi, and then walked towards the main entrance. He never turned his head back as he solitarily stepped out of Xiao Clan, and disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

Xiao Che was a nobody, and had always been since the beginning. Even amongst the Xiao Clan, he was a dispensable existence. Even if his speech today had amazed quite a number of people, it still didn’t change the impression people had towards him for the past number of years. Since his departure was only just a small matter, it at most let them gloat for a while… Instantly, all their attention were focused onto the marriage certificate in Xia Qingyue hands.

“Lady Xia, I assume that you must be furious after knowing the truth.” Xiao Yulong walked closer to Xia Qingyue, laughing as he continued: “Xiao Che not only deceived our Xiao Clan for sixteen years, but had also dragged your Xia Clan down too. But it’s okay now; Lady Xia just has to tear up the marriage certificate in your hand and whatever that had happened before would just disappear. The entire Floating Cloud City will understand and support your decision. With your talent and beauty, surely you can find someone who is a thousand times better than Xiao Che.”

Ever since Xiao Yulong’s shameful performance, Xia Qingyue had always felt disgust towards him, and at this point in time, she was even further disgusted than before. She coldly replied: “Do you not understand what my husband had just said? Outsiders have no business in interfering with our affairs!”

Xiao Yulong’s complexion suddenly changed color… a lot of other complexions had also changed.

Almost everyone thought that Xia Qingyue had only wanted to repay a debt of gratitude and thus was forced into marrying Xiao Che in order to fulfill the agreement from sixteen years ago. If not, with her talent and appearance, why would she willingly marry a good for nothing piece of trash when she had the pick of any number of talented young men? They were under the impression that Xia Qingyue would not hesitate to rip the marriage certificate into shreds, but who would have thought that she would say the same words Xiao Che had said with an incomparable determination, and still called Xiao Che… “Husband”.

Xiao Yulong face became the red color of pork liver. This was entirely different from the play he had expected to happen. Now that Xiao Che had been expelled from Xiao Clan, by right, Xia Qingyue did not have any relationships with the Xiao Clan anymore. If she doesn’t tear the marriage certificate, the Xiao Clan fundamentally had no right to force her.

Xiao Lie lifeless eyes suddenly flash with splendor, and his gaze towards Xia Qingyue became extremely gentle. Under Xiao Clan’s pressure and chants, she had instead said those words, so no matter what the future may hold, she could be considered to have not let Xiao Che down… At least, she defended the last of Xiao Che’s pride.

Even Xiao Lingxi, who always had an unspeakable enmity towards Xia Qingyue felt sincere gratitude for her.

Xia Hongyi who had been keeping silent the entire time nodded his head at this very moment, with a very pleased look appearing on his face.

Xiao Kuangyun’s complexion had also become ashen. If Xia Qingyue did not tear up the marriage certificate, it would become much more troublesome to obtain her. This was because behind him, was his overseer, Xiao Moshan, the Vice Leader of Xiao Sect’s Discipline Hall, who was old fashioned, strict, and also someone whom even he feared. He came with Xiao Kuangyun this time to firstly protect him, but secondly to monitor him, and prevent him from doing anything that would sully the reputation of the Xiao Sect. Xiao Moshan allowed him to flirt as he pleased, yet he would never allow him to steal another’s wife… even if he was the biological son of the Sect Master, he would still interfere regardless.

However, he was still a young master of the Xiao Sect; how could he not be able to handle a merchant’s daughter from Floating Cloud City? He lowered his eyebrows and forcefully ordered: “This matter is not your decision to make! This marriage has affected Xiao Clan’s reputation, and since Xiao Clan originated from the Xiao Sect, this means it also affects my Xiao Sect’s reputation! I won’t allow anyone to tarnish the reputation of my Xiao Sect! Xiao Ba, go and destroy the marriage certificate for me!!”

“Yes! Young Master!”

Xiao Kuangyun forcefully roared out an implausible reason, but no one dared to refute him. Xiao Moshan too, did not take any action. Xiao Ba responded to the order by jumping down from the stage and charged towards Xia Qingyue; his target, the marriage certificate in her hands.

Even if it was just a follower of the Xiao Sect, who in Floating Cloud City would be able to stop him? Just as everyone thought the marriage certificate in Xia Qingyue hands was unable to be saved, a whizzing sound suddenly descended from the sky, accompanied by a surge of extremely cold wind….


Before Xiao Ba even reached the floor, he had already been blown back, and unsightly sprawled on the stage. He continued to lie on the floor, trembling, and did not get up… If one took a closer look, they would notice a thin layer of ice surrounding his entire body.

The sudden change of events caused everyone to exclaim in surprise. Xiao Moshan who had been keeping his eyes closed all this while, suddenly opened his eyes and look upwards towards the sky… At this moment, a clear and chilly voice came from above: “You Xiao Sect have truly gotten more and more capable huh, so much that you even start to meddle in the marriage affairs of my immortal palace's disciple! Who gave you the right to do so?”

In the blue sky with the occasional white cloud, was a floating woman, fully dressed in white, who looked down on the crowd with her cold eyes. She had an exceptionally snow white complexion and vermilion lips, a beauty with skin that was both smooth and fair. She had peerless elegance and a pure holiness, like that of a fairy who had descended from the palace in the moon. At the same time, she resembled a cold, prideful, and untainted icy lotus.

(TL: Palace in the moon referencing a Chinese folktale about Chang’Er.)

Although her features were clearly distinct, it was hard for anyone to ascertain her true age. She seemed to be in her twenties, and then in her thirties, yet still appeared to be in her teens as well… A piece of sparkling and translucent ice crystal levitated around her body. She was just like a fairy, dreamy and absolutely beautiful.

The beautiful sight in the sky stunned everyone. Suddenly, a trembling shout rang out in the crowd.

“Pro.. Profound Floating Technique! It’s the Profound Floating Technique!!”

This cry was like a bomb that had dropped onto everyone, and caused their jaws to open widely as their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. A huge change in expression can be seen in every one of their eyes.

That’s right! The woman in the sky was clearly floating without any help of any profound items, nor any flying creature! She was purely using her own power to float in the sky… and the only people that can float in the sky, who should have mastered the Profound Floating Technique, must at least reach the level of the Sky Profound Realm!

This woman in the sky, was actually a practitioner of the legendary… Sky Profound Realm!!

“Frozen Cloud’s… Seven Fairies!!” Xiao Moshan whispered under his breath as both his mind and body began to tighten and deep fear flashed across his eyes.

“What? What did you say?” Xiao Kuangyun who was intoxicated by the woman in the sky, suddenly regained his senses after hearing the four words “Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies”…. These seven women were the reason why Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was one of the top clans. They were people that even his father deeply feared. Rumors say that within the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, the lowest profound strength was already at the Sky Profound Realm! And the strongest of them, was reportedly to be halfway to the Emperor Profound Realm!

Xiao Sect’s position was always below the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s because of the existence of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies. For three consecutive seasons in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, the Xiao Sect had always lost to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

“Young Master, she is the fifth ranked amongst the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, Chu Yueli! I don’t know why she would appear here… But no matter what, do not offend her… Even if ten of me were to come together, I will still not be able to win against her!” Xiao Moshan whispered softly. He clearly knew what kind of lecher Xiao Kuangyun truly was. If he angered her by revealing his perverted nature, the consequences would simply be unthinkable!

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