Chapter 32 – The Ice Fairy Deterrent

Against the Gods

Chapter 32 – The Ice Fairy Deterrent

When he heard what Moshan had said, how could Xiao Kuangyun dare be cocky? He rapidly curbed his arrogance and raised his head to speak: “So it’s actually Chu fairy of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, this junior’s name is Xiao Kuangyun. To have accidentally encountered you here is this Kuangyun’s great fortune. But, why did Chu fairy decide to personally descend on this little Floating Cloud City today? Could it be that it’s an important matter? Father had always lectured to be extremely courteous if encountering a fairy from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. If there is anything I can help you with, Chu fairy should not hesitate to speak.”

After hearing the words “Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace” from Xiao Kuangyun’s mouth, everyone became instantly stunned and a *gulp* sound could be heard coming out of their throats.

This little Floating Cloud City had received the concern of a fairy? Normally, even third-rate Sects held this place beneath their contempt but today, not only had Xiao Sect members come, even Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had sent people!

It was not surprising that this woman had come forth in such an extraordinary manner, for she had a beauty that was out of this world, and also used the Profound Floating Technique. She was actually a person from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and her status within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was not low at all! Otherwise, Xiao Kuangyun, as the Xiao Sect Master’s son, would unlikely go out of his way to be this cautious and polite.

“Why am I come here?” Chu Yueli coldly answered: “You Xiao Sect are even bullying my disciple, don’t tell me that you want me to watch silently and allow you to humiliate her?”

“Your disciple?” Xiao Kuangyun stared blankly for a bit, then afterwards he adopted a frightened look: “Chu fairy, the disciple you are talking about…. could it be…. Xia Qingyue?”

As he said that, Xia Qingyue walked up to Chu Yueli and respectfully said: “Master.”

That one simple word had cause Xiao Kuangyun’s face to fiercely convulse as Xiao Yulong fell into a complete daze. The entire Xiao Clan and the various nobles of Floating Cloud City were all struck dumb, shocked to the point that their hearts had nearly halted.

My heavens! This Xia Clan’s daughter was actually Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple! Unexpectedly, a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had all along been within this Floating Cloud City!!

The faces of those that looked at Xia Qingyue had changed to become incomparably shocked and awed. The gaze of the watching Xia Hongyi had also abruptedly changed.

Xiao Yulong stood there for a long time, and then suddenly broke up into a cold sweat. Xia Qingyue was actually a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace…. Previously, he went as far as attempting to molest her, but had been taught a lesson that had landed him in an awkward situation. His heart still held that resentment, but when he thought about it, coming back alive from that was simply like picking up what’s left of his entire life! To have tried to take liberties with a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace…. how many people in Blue Wind Empire had that kind of courage?

That was nothing compared to how Xiao Che and Xia Qingyue had been forced apart. This was his plan he offered to Xiao Kuangyun, so that Xiao Kuangyun could obtain Xia Qingyue after Xiao Che’s departure, that had miserably failed…. If this were to be found out by Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he was practically doomed to die a tragic death.

In his cold sweat, Xiao Yulong looked towards the direction of Xiao Kuangyun’s face that was devoid of color.

“So…. so it turns out that Xia Qingyue was unexpectedly your noble disciple, this…. junior had not been aware of this beforehand, which resulted in this misunderstanding.”

If it was his Xiao Sect’s disciple, Xiao Kuangyun would never let this go. But Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was different! Those of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace were not a blood-related sect. Their disciples were all female, selected from the ones with the best aptitude amongst the Blue Wind Empire. As a result, they were the smallest sect out of the Four Major Sects. However, they still ranked second amongst the Four Major Sects, which clearly indicated their extraordinary level of skill. The aptitude of every disciple within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was extremely high, and none were mediocre. Each and every one of them received the protection of their Immortal Palace. If he provoked his Xiao Sect’s disciples of a lower position, perhaps it would only be a trivial matter. If he provoked another Sect’s disciples, their death would usually be the common result. But to provoke Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace…. even if it was the lowest level female disciple, the Immortal Palace still wouldn’t yield, still not give a satisfactory answer, and by no means abandon them!

“Misunderstanding? It’s best if it’s only a misunderstanding. Are you still going to continue to tear my disciple’s marriage certificate to shreds?” Chu Yueli asked with an indifferent expression as she swept her gaze downwards and no one dared to meet her gaze, face to face. Although she was just a woman, all the men present felt that she was a fairy of the Moon Palace. As a common man, they were ashamed of their inferiority and felt the gap in between; it was fundamentally impossible for them to dare to take more than a single glimpse.

“Since it was a misunderstanding, how could this one dare?” Xiao Kuangyun reasoned calmly: “But, junior is puzzled about one matter…. Although junior may not know many things, it is understood that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s fairies are forbidden to be passionate, and have to suppress their desires. They are never allowed to married, yet why was this Xia Qingyue allowed to…..”

“Hmph! Although my palace’s Frozen Clouds Arts indeed requires self restraint and abstinence, it never forbade disciples to marry. Qingyue joined my Immortal Palace at the age of twelve but had always been reluctant to follow me back to Immortal Palace. It was simply for the wait of marrying Xiao Che at the age of sixteen. It wasn’t out of passion, but merely because of her kindness and commitment. In the face of such heavy righteousness and genuine nature, my Immortal Palace naturally would not prevent this; even if my Immortal Palace prohibited marriage, this may well be the biggest exception. Young Master Xiao, do you have any other questions?” Chu Yueli coldly replied. It was said in a flat voice, and every single letter lingered in one’s ear, laced in ice. It made the heart suffer an uncontrollable chill that didn’t let one dare to have any refutable thoughts.

“No no, this was truly just a misunderstanding.” Xiao Kuangyun hurriedly said. He had no choice but to turn towards Xia Qingyue and say: “Xia fairy, just then, I was unaware that you were a Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace disciple. If you were offended in anyway, please do not take it to heart.”

The status of being Xiao Sect Master’s son was obviously higher than that of a Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple, but with Chu Yueli here, he had no option but to know his place. This was an inconspicuously remote place, so there was only Xiao Moshan, Xiao Ba, and Xiao Jiu by his side. If he annoyed Chu Yueli in anyway and made her unhappy, they could be completely be exterminated on their road back home. Afterwards, they would be destroyed without a trace, and could only die in vain.

Before arriving to this dump, how could he possible anticipate the unexpected appearance of a person of status like Chu Yueli?

His desire for a dip of Xia Qingyue pie was now impossible and he had wasted half a day’s worth of planning. In front of Chu Yueli, he had no choice but to hold back what he honestly wanted and his heart stifled in oppression. As his chest heaved, he turned his gaze towards Xiao Lingxi…. Even though Xia Qingyue was already a lost cause, there was another one! Chu Yueli would protect Xia Qingyue but she wouldn’t protect Xiao Lingxi, a stranger! Otherwise, she would have showed up when Xiao Che had been expelled instead of only appearing when the gazes shifted towards Xia Qingyue.

Indeed, in regards to Chu Yueli, she only looked after Xia Qingyue. About other people whom she had no relations with, she simply did not care one bit. Furthermore, she had no reason and even less of an obligation to interfere. “With Chu fairy’s visit, you Xiao Clan could be considered to have been graced with the light of her presence! And so, we ought to begin the business we’re all here for today.” Xia Kuangyun’s complexion changed as his gazed pointed towards Xiao Lingxi: “So now…. Xiao Ba, Xiao Jiu! First, seize the thief who stole the Profound Opening Powder! Tomorrow the offender will be brought back for Xiao Sect to be dealt with!”

The sentence “tomorrow the offender will be brought back for Xiao Sect to deal with!” once more would let the foolish understand the obvious reason behind Xiao Kuangyun’s despicable and shameless staged play. Although this staged accusation had already been exposed by Xiao Che in front of everyone, it was suppressed under the absoluteness of the Xiao Sect, and Xiao Kuangyun simply continued to execute it without delay.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu stepped off the platform at the same time and closed in on Xiao Lingxi.

“Master!” Upon seeing that, Xia Qingyue promptly hinted at Chu Yueli with a meaningful look, hoping that she would help protect Xiao Lingxi…. At the very least, to not let Xiao Kuangyun take her away. However, Chu Yueli remained unaware, and did not respond.

Xia Qingyue’s expression became even more anxious as she wore her plea on her face and said: “Master, you have also seen how Xiao Kuangyun was aiming for me today; Xiao Che was expelled and had to suffer because of our implication. Before leaving, he asked me to protect his grandfather and little aunt. I had already agreed…. Consider this as the last thing I will do for him; after this matter, I will immediately follow Master back to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, remain in Immortal Palace, and meditate to cultivate in the ways of the Profound…. I ask Master to fulfill this request!”

Chu Yueli’s eyes brightened and stirred slightly as she let out a soft sigh. She lifted her right hand and gently waved.

In a split second, a current of cold air abruptly appeared. Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu suddenly felt a chill and stopped in their tracks, not daring to venture any futher.

There was an immediate subtle change in Xiao Kuangyun’s complexion as he took a deep breath: “Chu fairy, what is the meaning of this? Chu fairy had criticized my Xiao Sect’s involvement in your noble disciple’s marriage affair…. Yet when we’re handling my Xiao Sect affair, Chu fairy is still planning to intervene?”

“No! I have no interest in getting involved with your Xiao Sect’s affair.” Chu Yueli said calmly with an indifferent expression that did not waver: “I’m simply somewhat unaccustomed to these matters, and as a result, moved as I pleased. Since you said that this is your Xiao Sect’s affair, then is Xiao Lingxi one of your Xiao Sect’s people?”

Xiao Kuangyun shook his head: “No! What she had stolen was my Xiao Sect’s Profound Opening Powder!”

“But from what I had heard earlier, the Profound Opening Powder was a gift you brought from Xiao Sect that you had already given to Xiao Clan yesterday. What, the gifts you have already given out, still actually belongs to your Xiao Sect? If this affair were to spread out, are you not worried about being ridiculed by others?” Chu Yueli bluntly said without restraint.

Xiao Kuangyun immediately widened his eyes as he became dumbstruck and was left speechless.

“Xiao Lingxi is a person of Xiao Clan, not your Xiao Sect. The Profound Opening Powder has already become Xiao Clan’s possession and does not belong to your Xiao Sect’s anymore. In that case, even if Xiao Lingxi had stolen the Profound Opening Powder, it is also up to Xiao Clan to administer the punishment. This affair has absolutely no relation with your Xiao Sect.”

Chu Yueli inclined her eyes and looked at Xiao Yunhai. It was merely just a gaze, yet it made Xiao Yunhai’s entire body quiver and unconsciously made him shortened his height by half. Chu Yueli lightly continued: “Xiao Clan’s Master, how do you handle a situation where the culprit of a theft was one of your Xiao Clan members?”

Xiao Yunhai glanced at Xiao Kuangyun and clenched his teeth as he was compelled to feign his calmness: “If a child of this Clan was guilty of a theft…. The lightest punishment would be an isolation of three months in the rear mountains…. What Xiao Lingxi had stolen was Xiao Sect’s important treasure, so she ought to be given the heaviest of punishments…. It should be a confinement of fifteen years in the rear mountains. In those fifteen years, she is not allowed to even think about walking half a step beyond the rear mountain’s Reflection Gorge!”

Xiao Yunhai looked away and did not speak any longer.

“Then what are you staring blankly for? You’re not going to shut her inside that Reflection Gorge?” Xiao Kuangyun’s calm and collected face howled in rage! Even though his heart was unwillingly humbled, even if he was more foolish than before, he still understood that Chu Yueli had already preserved a considerably large amount of his reputation. Otherwise, it was possible that she would directly expose his accusations, which at the same time, would make him unable to obtain Xiao Lingxi, lose the greatest amount of face, and publicly embarrass him enough to the point he would be unable to get off the platform.

Although Chu Yueli didn’t publicly expose Xiao Kuangyun to the public and didn’t restore Xiao Lingxi’s innocence, it still made Xiao Lie deeply respect her as his heart filled with gratitude. This dignified Frozen Cloud Seven Fairy was an honorable person of character that took an extra step for a girl of the minor Xiao Clan. This could be considered to be an extreme benevolence, a major favor, and a huge amount of kindness…. At the very least, she had prevented the nightmare of Xiao Kuangyun bringing Xiao Lingxi back to the Xiao Sect.

“The girl I taught had been misdirected and I had deceived the Xiao Clan for more than ten years, so I ought to suffer the same severe punishment.” Xiao Lie’s complexion remained serene and he spoke indifferently as he watched the Fourth Elder Xiao Cheng who walked over.

In Chu Yueli’s presence, how could Xiao Cheng possibly dare be rash? He didn’t dare to speak a single sentence and yielded to the norms of society as he lead Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi towards the direction of the rear mountains.

Although it ultimately ended in a miserable confinement of fifteen years, Xia Qingyue understood that this situation Chu Yueli had accomplished was her absolute limit. It was obvious that Xiao Lie’s spontaneous request to be confined to the Reflection Gorge was to accompany Xiao Lingxi, and at the same time, protect her from harm. Perhaps in the case of safety, there was no need for any worries. As for what would follow, they have no choice but to take care of their own destiny.

“In that case, there is essentially no reason for us master and disciple to stay here any longer.” After Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie were brought to the rear mountains, Chu Yueli indifferently spoke: “Young Master Xiao, after you have left Floating Cloud City, I will still be nearby…. Qingyue, let us depart.”

The final words Chu Yueli had said made Xiao Kuangyun secretly clench his teeth…. “After you have left Floating Cloud City, I will still be nearby”. It was obvious that her words warned him to not mess with Xiao Lingxi! Although she simply said it for Xiao Lingxi’s safety, since she wanted to protect her, it was inevitable that this protection will last until the very end.

After Chu Yueli left with Xia Qingyue, Xiao Kuangyun heavily punched and ruthlessly smashed the seat’s handle. The grandmaster chair vibrated in shock and broken down into wooden pieces. He was under the impression that he would obtain two beauties who were devastatingly beautiful enough to cause the downfall of either a city or a state, and didn’t expect this scheme to actually become a wasted effort. The result was merely the expulsion of an insignificant nobody and the confinement of two people within the Xiao Clan, to nothing more than a Reflection Gorge. It was absolutely, completely, and fundamentally different from the outcome he had desired!

At this moment, he wasn’t aware of the fact that he had not only failed to obtain what he wanted, but instead brought a disaster, similar to that of a drowning, upon him and the entire Xiao Sect!

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