Chapter 318 - Killing Fen Moli

Against the Gods

Chapter 318 - Killing Fen Moli

Yun Che completely ignored the fire dragons that Fen Moli slashed out. Driving Dragon Fault straight out, the air was quickly blown away by the heavy sword’s terrifying strength, forming a vacuum space, which also caused the approaching fire dragons extinguished.

Fen Moli’s expression on his face instantly changed. He had never ever expected, that the current Yun Che would actually be strong to the extent where he could suppress his Burning Heaven flames to the point of extinguishing them, with just the force of his sword. The sword’s force in front of him, had also allowed him to finally understand why Fen Moran and Fen Duancang had lost their lives with just a single sword strike from Yun Che, without even having the chance to become heavily injured. His face twisted, as he no longer had time to counter the attack head on; forcing out all of his strength, he casted out a flame barrier in front of him.


The flame barrier instantly shattered, however, it was still barely able to block Yun Che’s attack. Fen Moli groaned miserably as he was sent flying backwards, his internal organs turn and twisted. Yun Che simply did not give him any opportunity to catch his breath, and with a swing of his Dragon Fault, three Phoenix Breaks, amidst the growls of dragons and the cries of phoenixes, flew out whistling. Within Fen Moli’s enlarged pupils, all of them blasted onto his body which was still flying backwards in the air.

Boom, boom, boom!

Three Phoenix Breaks exploded on Fen Moli’s chest, and even imprinted three palm-sized holes of blood on his chest. Fresh blood flowed out excessively, and a few of his internal organs could be seen. Holding onto his wounds, Feng moli took a few dozen consecutive steps back. His face was at times pale, and at times crimson red… He had thought that the terrifying strength Yun Che demonstrated earlier was perhaps already enough to suppress him; however, he never expected that it would actually be able to suppress him to such an extent. In less than ten breaths of time, he had already been injured to such a miserable state, and he himself, did not even have the opportunity to retaliate.

The faces of the other three from Burning Heaven Clan, even more so, did not have a single hint blood color…… Their Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Elder whose might shook the world, and was revered by countless of people, was actually heavily injured in just two exchanges.

“Puaah!” Fen Moli forcefully puked out a mouthful of fresh blood, his face was filled with savageness. His anger, fear, shock, shame, had all been turned into bone-piercing resentment and killing intent at this very instant: “Yun Che! It’s you who forced me… Watch me… tear you… into pieces!!”


As he let out a nearly crazed roar, Fen Moli once again widened out his mouth, and spayed out a huge mouthful of blood mist… However this time, what he spewed out was no longer fresh blood, but… his blood essence!

Fen Moli swung the Burning Heaven Blade, which was in his hands, into the air, allowing all the essence blood he spewed out to shower on the blade. With an explosive roar, instantly, his body suddenly erupted out a pillar of purple flames that was at least thirty meters in height. An oppressive and searing atmosphere instantly enveloped three hundred meters of the surrounding space.

The three from Burning Heaven Clan opened their eyes wide simultaneously, and their entire bodies stiffened… Because, Fen Moli actually did not spare to sacrifice a large amount of his essence blood, to activate the Burning Heaven Clan’s forbidden technique “Burning Heaven Dragon” ! If he had not been pressed to the point where he was simple unable to see any hope, he definitely would not have made such a decision.. Damages to blood essence was almost impossible to recover, and after this, Fen Moli’s profound strength would most definitely drop by a huge amount as well. He might even part from being half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm from then on, and return to the Tenth Level of the Sky Profound Realm… And perhaps in this entire lifetime, he would be unable to return to half-step Emperor Profound Realm.

Right now, they could only pray that Fen Moli’s desperate strike, which carried his life and future, would be able to completely blast Yun Che to death.


Fen Moli’s face was frighteningly savage. Adding on his front chest which was dripping with flesh and blood, he basically looked like a devil which had crawled out of the blood sea of hell. With a voice cracking scream, both his claws abruptly pushed out, and a purple colored flame dragon more than three meters thick rushed straight toward Yun Che.

This was not the first time Yun Che had faced the Burning Heaven Dragon. During the Ranking Tournament, when he fought with Fen Juebi, Fen Juebi had also didn’t spare to sacrifice his essence blood to activate this move under insanity. However, this move was currently being released from Fen Moli’s hands, so how could it even be put in the same category as Fen Juebi’s?

Back then, although he was able to take Fen Juebi’s attack, it was still slightly dangerous when he received it. And currently, he was facing a Burning Heaven Dragon whose might surpassed the one back then by a hundred times over… However, Yun Che did not even adopt the posture to dodge. His expression was still, and he simply coldly watched the gigantic purple-colored flame dragon as it approached. Only when the flame dragon was only about a meter away from him, did his Dragon Fault suddenly strike out, and smashed directly onto the flame dragon just like that.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

Yun Che’s action, caused Fen Moli to feel overjoyed, as though he could seemingly see Yun Che being completely engulfed by the instantly exploding Burning Heaven flames in the next second… However, Yun Che’s sword strike, contained not just a catastrophic force of impact, it also contained an unmatched controlling ability towards fire elemental energy. The moment Dragon Fault collided with the Burning Heaven Dragon, the Burning Heaven Dragon, however, did not explode then, and rather, with a dull-sounding echo, it suddenly changed direction and flew directly towards the two Burning Heaven Clan elders who had always been at Yun Che’s right side.

The eye-burning purple light, illuminated the extreme despair on the two’s faces.


The Burning Heaven Dragon exploded with a bang, and a flame tongue surged up the sky, rising straight up to several hundred meters in the air, and even caused a remnant piece of cloud in the sky to speedily evaporate. The surrounding few hundred meters of land, had even more so turned into a sea of purple flames. Everything within it was being ruthlessly incinerated, and even the ground itself, was slowly sinking within the flames.

This was a forbidden attack which surpassed Fen Moli’s limits, that exhausted his life and potential. Its might was incomparably terrifying, and even late-stage Sky Profound Realm experts would instantly lose their lives if they were blasted by it head-on, let alone those two Burning Heaven Clan elders who were at the early-stages of Sky Profound Realm. They did not even have the time to let out a slight wail before they were engulfed by the purple sea of flames, and then turning into ashes in the blink of an eye.

The attack which he had paid a huge price for, yet did not harm even a single strand of Yun Che’s hair, and killed two of his own clan members instead, Fen Moli felt as though a bomb had exploded in his head, his body was so cold, it was as though he was currently in a cave of ice. In a flash, Yun Che rushed towards him, yet, he did not have a single reaction, as though his mind had already completely collapsed.


Dragon Fault heavily smashed onto Fen Moli’s chest, and with a loud bang, the tyrannical force crazily flooded into his body, and smashed all his internal organs and meridians into pieces. With a “Gwah”, Fen Moli puked out a mouthful of fresh blood, and landed on the ground a few dozen of meters away, never able to stand back up again.

Yun Che leisurely walked over, and looked condescendingly at the Burning Heaven Clan Great Elder who he himself could only look up to back then. Fen Moli’s entire body was spasming painfully, his round-open eyes, stared fixedly at Yun Che. However, his throat was already unable to let out a single sound. In his pair of eyes which was starting to slack, heavy despair flashed past.

“Old dog Fen, I have said before, that there will come a day, when I personally take your pathetic life!” Yun Che said coldly. “If no one else had stepped in, I had almost died twice in your hands. My life, is a million times more important and precious than your pathetic life! Making you repay me with just your life, is really too good of a deal for you!”

When Yun Che’s words fell, Dragon Fault’s suddenly descended, piercing into Fen Moli’s throat. Fen Moli’s entire body stiffened, his pair of bulged out eyes lost its final color of despair, and then his body stopped moving, no longer making a single sound as he died with everlasting regrets.

Pulling out Dragon Fault, the blade of the sword was not even stained with a single drop of blood. Looking at Fen Moli’s corpse, peculiarities constantly flashed though Yun Che’s eyes…... In Blue Wind Empire, Earth Profound Realm practitioners could be known as Grandmasters, while Sky Profound Realm practitioners could shake the world with their names. Almost every downfall of a Sky Profound Realm expert, would cause various degrees of uproar within the Blue Wind Empire’s profound practicing world. And today, in less than fifteen minutes, with the Dragon Fault in his hands, he had exterminated a total of six Sky Profound Realm experts! And among them, there were even two at the late-stage Sky Profound Realm, and one at half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm!

During the Ranking Tournament, level like this, was still a supreme existence that he could not hope to touch. Yet, in just a span of less than two years, Sky Profound Realm practitioners, and even a practitioner at half-step into the Emperor Profound Realm, was easily slashed to death by him. In such a short span of time, his strength, had already leapt the level of the young generation, into the true pinnacle level of Blue Wind Empire.

The Primordial Azure Dragon had told him, that after merging with the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul, his strength had ascended to another level. Back then, he did not feel too much of a difference, and only now did he understand just what extent that ascension was.

To the extent where, he did not even use his Profound Handle, nor Dragon Soul Domain.

Turning around, his gaze fell onto the final person. As for that Burning Heaven Clan elder, unknown to when it happened, he had already sat paralyzed on the ground. When Yun Che’s gaze landed on him, his entire body shivered. Let out a strange cry from his mouth, he crawled and tumbled as he fled, as though he was a dog whose guts had been frightened into pieces… When he fled, he even forgot how to use the Profound Floating Technique.

Burning Heaven Clan’s elder ranked beings had always lived a pampered life, and were worshipped by people, so naturally, in their bones, most of them were people who feared death. With a laugh of ridicule, Yun Che’s body flashed; Star God Broken Shadow activated consecutively, and after ten seconds, he had already closed in right behind that person’s back. Smashing his sword out, the ground below him instantly capsized, violently him to flipping him down onto the ground with the shockwave.

That person cried out in despair, but immediately, he shockingly discovered that he actually did not suffer any injuries. He turned his body over, and sat unmoving on the ground. His entire body trembled as he looked at Yun Che who was holding Dragon Fault in his hands, and the muscles on his face shrank severely out of fear. “Young… Young… Young hero, spare my life! I hold… no grudge… no grudge… with you, young hero… I simply acted under orders… Young hero, please be magnanimous spare my cheap life… I will definitely be beyond gratified… and will definitely repay you in the future… spare me young hero… spare me…”

“Heh heh!” Yun Che held onto his own chin, and looked at him while grinning: “What are you being so afraid for? If you pee if you pants, that will be too unbecoming. What’s your name?”

Seeing Yun Che, whose each of his sword strike was thrown ruthlessly earlier, actually did not immediately strike out and even began to chat with him, a strand of hope rose in his heart. he hastily said: “This… This little one is Fen Duanhai, I’m… I’m the Pavilion Master of Burning Heaven Clan’s Groundfire Pavilion…”

“Oh, Fen Duanhai. This name, sure sounds domineering. But what a pity, to actually grow up to have such a cheap character.” Yun Che’s expression sank. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you today, and I won’t even injure you. Not only that, I’ll even allow you to return to Burning Heaven Clan safe and sound…” (TN: Duanhai here, or 断海, means Severing Ocean)

Fen Duanhai’s face revealed a color of ecstasy, as he almost did not dare to believe his own ears.

“After you return, tell your Clan Master Fen Duanhun, that your life, is the last of face and leeway I will leave for the Burning Heaven Clan! Fen Juebi did indeed die because of me, however, it was him and Fen Juecheng who wished to secretly harm me first! Same with Fen Juecheng, they only have themselves to blame! This time, out of those that came out, seven died, including your Great Elder; it was also your lot who hunted me down at first, all of you deserved your deaths! If your Burning Heaven Clan were to leave this matter at it is now, and no longer find me any trouble, I can take it as everything had never happened, and I will definitely no longer find trouble for your Burning Heaven Clan. But if you people dare to provoke me again… I don’t mind allowing your entire Burning Heaven Clan, to become a stepping stone that I will step and shatter!”

How could Fen Duanhai not dare to agree with him? He nodded a little chick pecking on rice grains: “Yes, yes, I guarantee that I will pass down your words to Clan Master without leaving out a single word… I guarantee, without leaving a single word… Thank… Thank you, young hero, for your grace of sparing me…”

“I am absolutely not afraid of your Burning Heaven Clan, and I more so don’t mind forming a thorough death grudge with your Burning Heaven Clan at all. Only, I simply have too many matters on my hands recently, and I don’t wish to waste any more of my energy minding some flies of no importance! I hope that your Clan Master and elders can still be considered as people who have brains… Scram!!”

Fen Duanhai no longer dared to say another word. He hurriedly crawled up, taking along this life of his that could almost be considered as having been picked back up from the street, and fled in a fluster. Very quickly, he disappeared from Yun Che’s line of sight.

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