Chapter 319 - Immortal Palace of The Snow Region

Against the Gods

Chapter 319 - Immortal Palace of The Snow Region

Yun Che searched all of the corpses, and retrieved all of their spatial rings. These higher-ups of the Burning Heaven Clan would naturally have quite a good amount of treasures on them. Yun Che reaped up a huge amount of rewards, and in Fen Moli’s spatial ring, he even found a small piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal.

“To have sent me such a great gift, at the very least, your death can be considered as worth it.” Yun Che picked up that small piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal and weighed it, as he quietly spoke with a laugh. However, compared to the mountain of Purple Veined Divine Crystals that Jasmine needed, this small little piece could only be considered as a grain of seed in the ocean.

“Initially, I had even wanted to try out the Profound Handle, but I didn’t expect that there would actually be no opportunity to use the Profound Handle at all.” Yun Che put away Dragon Fault, looked at his two hands, and murmured to himself. “My current strength, should be enough to rival Qingyue of sixteen months ago, right?”

Qingyue of sixteen months ago, was at the Second Level of the Emperor Profound Realm!

Strength that could easily defeat Fen Moli… The strength of the current Yun Che, was already comparable to an actual Throne!

“No, it should be more than that.” Jasmine quietly said. “Evidently, you don’t understand the mightiness of Dragon God’s Marrow. When you obtained the six drops of Dragon God’s blood back then, your strength had increased by a huge degree. But the marrow is the foundation of bones, and the source of blood; with the Dragon God’s Marrow, in your body, there will not be merely the existence of just six drops of Dragon God’s blood. Amidst its endless creation of blood, it’ll allow your bloodline to approach closer and closer to the Dragon God’s bloodline! From now, even if you don’t train at all, your strength will still gradually ascend to higher levels due to the blood. With the amount of Dragon God’s Marrow the Primordial Azure Dragon bestowed to you, given enough time, your body will possess nearly ten percent of the Dragon God’s blood at the highest limit! Did you not yet notice, that you even faintly carry the aura and might of a dragon when you attack now?”

“Ten… Ten percent!?” Yun Che was so shocked that he lost control of his voice right then and there.

Six drops of Dragon God’s blood had already caused his body and strength to improve by leaps and bounds. And if ten percent of blood in his body was all blood of the Dragon God, then what kind of concept would that be?

In terms of bloodline, that would be nearly ten percent of a True God’s bloodline!!

“Hmph, that’s on the premise that you’re able to stay alive till then.” Jasmine said snappily: “Do a good count yourself. In these three years, just how many times have you nearly died! Don’t just be accustomed to throwing yourself into danger all the time, and even more so, do not overestimate your own limits. If you die, everything that you obtained until now, will all turn into waste!”

“Alright… I understand.” Yun Che gave a complacent response, however, his expression showed otherwise.

“In the Boundless Universe, there exists many heritage left by True Gods. There are bloodline heritages, profound art heritages, treasure heritages, but it’s actually still my first time seeing an inheritance of the marrow and soul. Seems like, for its own daughter, the Primordial Azure Dragon is really putting all his stakes on you. However, if the Primordial Azure Dragon really does have a daughter who still exists in the world, then that would be really interesting… Because in this world where True Gods are already extinct, if she were to really appear, then that would be a Dragon God who possesses a complete bloodline! True Gods who have been extinct for countless of years, will also once again resurface in the world from this. I really wonder just what kind of abnormalities… or perhaps even great chaos, will be instigated in this world!”

“If there comes a day when I really head to the ‘Realm of Gods’, let’s talk about it then. It’s a little too ridiculous for the current me to think about this matter,” Yun Che’s face began to turn cold and still. Looking towards the north, he said with a low voice: “Right now, I only wish that Little Fairy, and my child, is safe and sound. Otherwise… Otherwise…”

Otherwise, even Yun Che himself didn’t know just what kind of crazy things he would do.

His figure flashed, and headed straight towards the north, leaving behind a trail of dust.


Three days later.

The ground under Yun Che’s feet was already nearing the extreme northern region of Blue Wind Empire. As he moved forward, the incoming wind began to carry an even heavier chilling sensation. The traces of human settlement began to decrease as well, to the point where there was not even not a single human figure in his line of sight. Even profound beasts and plants were becoming fewer and more sparse.

Along the way, Yun Che inquired about Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s position every time he encountered people. The closer he was, the clearer the position of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was to him. At this moment, the curtains of the night had descended. Yun Che ignited up his Phoenix flames for light, and after continuing forward under the stars for half a night, a surge of drowsiness assaulted him. He casually took out a random blanket from the Sky Poison Pearl, set it down, and laid on it. The moment he closed his eyes, he entered the land of his dreams.

The late night passed, the dawn came unannounced, and the sky began to hazily brighten. And at this moment, Yun Che also opened his eyes… A gentle breeze blew past his ear. Although it was just a gentle breeze, it carried a intense chill. If Yun Che had not possessed the Heretic God’s Water Seed in his body, and did not fear the ice, snow and severe cold, what he would feel would definitely be heart-piercing and bone-chilling cold.

He stood up, and looked towards the distance borrowing the faint light… What was displayed before his eyes, was a world that was covered with pure-white snow.

“So this is… the Snow Region of Extreme Ice?”

Looking at the world of ice and snow in front of him which seemed to be without bounds, Yun Che refreshed his mind. The brain which had just woke up from slumber earlier, instantly became clear. He hurriedly drank down a few mouthfuls of dragon blood, before rushing forward impatiently.

The moment he stepped into the region of ice and snow, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, as though from a hot summer, he instantly stepped into a cold winter without any transitions. If an ordinary person were to arrive at this place, the sudden change in temperature would be enough to cause that person’s body to instantly stiffen.

Entering the Ice Pole Snow Region, meant that he was no longer far from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. The bitter cold did not affect Yun Che in the slightest. His figure was as swift as the wind, and as fast as lightning, and very quickly disappeared into the snow-white world.

The Snow Region of Extreme Ice was located at the extreme north of Blue Wind Empire. It was covered in ice and snow for all four seasons in a year, and was surrounded by everlasting and unmelting mountains of ice and cliffs of snow. The coldness in this place, was to the degree where, unless you were to personally experience it, it would be seemingly impossible to imagine. It was definitely not somewhere a regular human could survive in. However, such an extremely cold land, yet, because of the existence of an influential power, had turned into a sacred place in the eyes of Blue Wind profound practitioners. However, this Snow Region of Extreme Ice was completely different compared to the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range possessed by the Heavenly Sword Villa, as it did not entirely belong to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. However, after a thousand years, it had basically turned into a land which was Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s exclusive ground. When people mention the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, they would immediately think of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. And, with the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s existence there, even if it were sects that similarly practiced Ice Attribute Profound Arts, they wouldn’t dare to settle in the Ice Pole Snow Region.

The reasons why the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had became an existence similar to a sacred land in the eyes of all profound practitioners, was not merely because of their strength; the bigger reason was that in the entire Immortal Palace, not a single person there was not a world-class beauty. The number one beauties in all of Blue Wind Empire’s history, had all basically came from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Even without mentioning their facial features, merely the skin of ice and bones of jade unique to the Frozen Cloud Fairies, was already enough to cause all men in the world to be mesmerized, and all women to be envious.

It was extremely easy for one to lose their sense of direction within this white-filled world. Plus that the sun and moon could barely be seen all year round here, the sky was an expanse of whiteness and not even a single point of reference could be found. Even Yun Che who had an extremely strong sense of direction, had lost his way several times within it.

The current Yun Che’s mind was filled with concern for Chu Yuechan and their child who should be already seven to eight months old. That feeling of excitement which he never experienced before had caused him to be unable to calm down no matter what he did. And accompanying it, was deep fear and anxiety as well… Because he was unable to ascertain whether their child had really been born. He might be currently lying in Chu Yuechan’s embrace, blinking its crystal-like cute and shiny eyes, waiting to meet his father for the first time… or maybe… or maybe… a year ago, he had already...

Yun Che strongly shook his head, using all his strength to suppress all the distracting thoughts. Slowing his speed down and following his sharp senses, he walked forward step by step.

“Little Fairy… I wonder if you have already gotten the news of me still being alive… Just when it was exactly the time you needed me the most, yet, I was sealed underground. Not only was I unable to shoulder it with you, I instead gave you the heaviest blow and fright… This time, even if you’re unwilling, even if the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is to disagree, and even if I have to take you by force, I will definitely take you out of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!”

Yun Che silently swore in his heart. He regretted following Chu Yuechan’s wish back then. During the time in the Heavenly Sword Villa, he should have been a little more forceful to her… She had lived in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for dozens of years, and the mindset that came from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had already been deeply ingrained in her heart. She was unable to convince and allow herself to willfully enjoy this sort of feeling that couldn’t be settled anymore the moment it sprouts. The thing she needed the most, was his unyielding… However, as if out of deliberation, he only truly understood it after he found out about her puking out blood and fainting because of the news of his death…

“In the northwest direction, around ten kilometers away, there’s a clear reaction of profound energy… If there’s only a single sect in this entire snow region, then that place should be your target this time.”

Jasmine who had slept for two consecutive days woke up at this moment, and very generously pointed out the right direction for Yun Che.

Yun Che instantly adjusted the direction he was facing, and headed towards the northwest.

Ten kilometers of the snow plains were very quickly passed under Yun Che’s feet. An palace with auroras of ice flowing all around, appeared in Yun Che’s line of sight at this moment.

This was a palace that looked as though it had been constructed by the purest ice and snow, and its surroundings reflected a gentle yet ice-cold flow of light, making the entire palace looked as though it was immersed in a stretch of snowy mist and the brilliance of ice. Looking from afar, it was like an immortal palace hidden within the clouds.

Compared to the huge and majestic presence of Heavenly Sword Villa, the entire palace city could only be described with “petite”, as it only occupied a land of less than two kilometers in length. It’s size and height could not even match a small branch sect of the Xiao Sect, and its atmosphere wasn’t very ambitious and frightening either. But instead, it emitted a chill that directly pierced at one’s heart and soul, and an aura of holiness which caused people to lose their will of approaching.

“So this is… Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace?” Yun Che stopped, mumbled softly, then increased his pace and approached it with extreme speed.

The closer he neared the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the colder the temperature was. Mystical flowers and strange stalks of grass which looked as though they were icy blades and sharp snow petals, bloomed competitively around the ice palace, sparkling with an extravagant brilliance like those of crystals and jewelry. They were so beautiful, that it could cause one to hold their breath from the sight of it. These strange plants were all nurtured with the purest energy of ice and snow, without being stained by even a hint of the mundane. The air here was unbelievably pure and fresh as well, allowing Yun Che’s quick churning heart to even slowly calm down.

The flowers and grasses that were overly pure and beautiful made even Yun Che to not have the heart to harm them. He carefully went around the plants, and slowly pressed forward. Very quickly, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s crystal-like palace gate, appeared right in front of Yun Che… glows of ice flowed and circled on the palace door, as it faintly flashed with mystical markings, as though some special profound formation was sealed within.

Yet as he walked to this point, he still did not see any single human figure from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. The entire ice palace was cold and silent, as though there was not even a single person present.

“Senior sister had said that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had begun its seclusion sixteen months ago…” Yun Che deeply murmured, and he continued to walk forward. At this moment, Jasmine suddenly spoke out: “There’s an attack profound formation in front. However, with your current strength, if you wish to forcefully break through it, it’s not able to stop you either.”

With Jasmine’s warning, Yun Che instantly sensed that on the snowy ground less than ten steps ahead from him, strands of profound energy ripples could be felt. His brows slightly moved, and continued to walk forward. Just as he took the seventh step, a glow of ice was suddenly released from the ground in front of him, and an ice lotus-shaped profound formation which was thirty meters wide bloomed. Above the profound formation, eighteen huge words were emitting an ice-cold air of deterrence:

“Frozen Cloud in seclusion, no guests are welcome. If one were to forcefully breach, then face the consequences!

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