Chapter 340 - Luring the Tiger out of its Den

Against the Gods

Chapter 340 - Luring the Tiger out of its Den

Xiao Lie leaned on a corner of the Dragon Confining Prison. His face was thin and his complexion was haggard. There was no anger, no resentment, no panic nor struggle. In regards to someone’s arrival, he did not have the slightest of reactions, as if he was already completely indifferent to his life and death. As a nobody from a small town being brought into Burning Heaven Clan’s dungeons, anyone would know how he would ultimately end up.

Xiao Lie’s aura was minutely weak, and was accompanied by the marks of his slight internal injuries. However, there weren’t any scars on his body, which allowed Yun Che to heave a large breath of relief.

The disciple guarding the prison stepped forward, opened the heavy prison door, and then said stiffly: “Go in, remember to be quick.”

“No need…” Yun Che’s eyes went cold. Before the four prison guarding disciples had time to react, Dragon Fault was already within his hands, and instantly swept once.



The entire Dragon Confining Prison’s surface slightly quaked as the four prison guarding disciples were instantly sent flying with a bang. To have been directly attacked by Dragon Fault, their outcome was undoubtedly going to be instant death. Before they died, their eyes had gone wide, reflecting that nightmarishly awful Dragon Fault.

This sudden change immediately caused the seventh floor of the Dragon Confining Prison to become chaotic. Everyone locked within the prison threw themselves forward, and it was unknown whether they were howling screams of excitement or fear. It was also at this time that the deathly still Xiao Lie lifted his head. Yun Che took a huge stride forward, grabbed onto Xiao Lie’s arm with one hand as he emotionally yelled: “Grandfather, it’s me… it’s Che’er!”

As he said that, Yun Che gently wiped his face, and his face immediately appeared within Xiao Lie’s line of sight. Xiao Lie’s dim eyes suddenly burst with light. He grabbed onto Yun Che’s arm as his entire body trembled with emotion: “Che’er, you… you…”

Yun Che said with a resolute expression: “Grandfather, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, I have so many things I want to say to you, but now is not the right time… We have to leave this place first… Don’t worry Grandfather, we will definitely escape! Little Aunt is already waiting for us in a safe place.”

Xiao Lie fixed his gaze at Yun Che, and had millions upon millions of emotions and words to say. As he looked at Yun Che’s expression, he felt an aura that was as thick as a mountain, as boundless as the sea, that was strange yet incomparably familiar. He heavily nodded his head: “Okay… okay!”

“What’s happening!!”

Loud shouts sounded from up above, accompanied by the sound of approaching footsteps. Yun Che lifted Xiao Lie, tightly held his body and said softly: “Grandfather, we’re going to leave right now… Haah!!!”

Yun Che fiercely sucked in a deep breath and yelled lowly. Followed by the loud and clear sound of a dragon’s cry, Dragon Fault smashed upwards...

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

An enormous sound, as though the heavens and earth had all collapsed, resounded through the entire Burning Heaven Clan, making the originally quiet Burning Heaven Clan fill with alarmed cries as yells sprang up from every corner of the night. In just one strike from Yun Che, the entire seven floored Dragon Confining Prison had directly been penetrated through. Yun Che suddenly lept while carrying Xiao Lie, instantly rising over a height of sixty six meters, returning back to Burning Heaven Clan’s ground level.

The suddenly exploded open ground naturally attracted every gaze in the surroundings, but when the nearby Burning Heaven disciples clearly saw who had landed, their faces instantly changed into endless terror: “Yun… Yun Che!!”

The profound seal on the back of Yun Che’s hand emitted rays of light, and the Snow Phoenix Beast appeared beside him amidst its long cry. He quickly pushed Xiao Lie onto the Snow Phoenix’s back and said calmly: “Grandfather, let Little Chan bring you away first. It will bring you to the place where Little Aunt is… I’m going to stay to settle personal grievances… Rest assured, in at most four hours, I’ll return and meet up with you two!”

“Little Chan, leave quickly!!”

“Che’er, you…”

Before Xiao Lie’s anxious words had completely left his mouth, the Snow Phoenix had swiftly gone with the wind in the midst of a long bird cry. Like a snow white shooting star beneath the dark night, it disappeared from his line of sight in the blink of an eye. Yun Che had not heard Xiao Lie’s later words, but he knew what Xiao Lie had wanted to say.

As he watched the Snow Phoenix fly into the distance, Yun Che smile cheerfully. Once he turned his face around, his face instantly became cold. With the Snow Phoenix’s speed, even Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master might not be able to catch up to them. But currently, the Snow Phoenix was supported by medicinal power, and it was fundamentally unable to maintain its extremely quick flight speed. Adding on to the fact that Xiao Lingxi’s currently location was not too far from Burning Heaven Clan, he absolutely could not travel together with Xiao Lie. If he did, there was a large chance that they would be be overtaken, and the hiding place would be discovered.

Besides, Burning Heaven Clan’s objective was never actually Xiao Lie, and was instead him. Since he had appeared, there would obviously be no one who would care about Xiao Lie. Once Xiao Lie had left, he was basically completely safe!

After safely rescuing both Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie out of Burning Heaven Clan, Yun Che was finally at ease. But to him, the situation at hand had obviously not ended yet. Because now was the time that he would formally demand payment from Burning Heaven Clan.

Dragon Fault loudly smashed onto the ground with a bang, and more than ten lines of cracks quickly spread outwards from under his feet. They expanded all the way to the feet of the Burning Heaven disciples, making them hurriedly retreat in fear. Seeing those Burning Heaven disciples'str sorry figures, he laughed wildly and said: “That’s right! Your Grandaddy Yun’s here again! Obediently wait for me here! I, Yun Che, solemnly swear that within one month, I’ll strike your Burning Heaven Clan off of the Profound Sky Continent, forever!”

Yun Che’s voice was extremely earsplitting, and his clear voice spread throughout the entire Burning Heaven Clan encampment. Amidst his wild laughter, Yun Che withdrew Dragon Fault, turned around, and quickly fled towards the south, his figure rapidly disappearing into the curtains of the night.

Not long after, like a sudden clap of thunder, a bellow could be heard from the sky: “Devilspawn! Tonight, this old man shall make you disappear forever!! Where do you think you’re going?!”

This voice was even more earsplitting than Yun Che’s. At the same time, it was mixed with deep fury; it was evident that it had been thoroughly infuriated by Yun Che’s words. Before the voice had even landed, two black figures came from the sky, immediately chasing in the direction Yun Che had fled in with a monstrous speed… Among these two black figures, one was Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue; the other, was Grand Elder Fen Ziya!

Very quickly, Fen Duanhun and a group of elders rushed to the scene. Seeing the mess above the Dragon Confining Prison, they all flatly breathed in a cold breath of air.

“Clan Master, should we go support Grand Clan Master?” Fen Moji asked.

“No need!” Fen Duanhun raised his hand: “With my father and Grand Elder’s strength, they simply do not need our help. Hmph, he had just suffered serious injuries yesterday and wasted a large amount of his strength. I didn’t expect that he would dare break in again… This time, with the combined forces of Father and Grand Elder, it’s impossible for him to escape even if you gave him wings.”

“In the end he is just too young. Just to save a useless relative, he’d actually throw his life away regardless of his injuries. With Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder going out together, it’s absolutely foolproof. I believe that within half a quarter of an hour, they would get him… This time, we must make Yun Che pay the greatest, most miserable of prices!” Another elder said as he gnashed his teeth, as if Yun Che was already in their hands.

Not long after Yun Che had dashed out of Burning Heaven Clan, two streaks of incomparably strong aura directly chased after him. He stared blankly for a moment, and then sneered… He never expected that it would actually be Burning Heaven Clan’s old farts who refuse to die that were chasing after him together. It was simply...

Too wonderful!!

He usually carried Dragon Fault on his back when moving, and used Dragon Fault to fight. This was usually one way in which Yun Che trained himself. With Dragon Fault in hand, Yun Che possessed an extremely destructive power, but when in movement, it was exceedingly cumbersome. In regards to displacement, evasion, and surprise attacks, he usually depended on Star God’s Broken Shadow. And once he had put away Dragon Fault, it was as if Yun Che had discarded a huge mountain that was on his back. His speed quickened, becoming as fast as lightning, instantly making the two great Emperor Profound experts behind him incapable of catching up to him.

Three streaks of human silhouettes; one up front, and two behind, traveled throughout the dark night. The two streaks of aura above him firmly locked onto Yun Che. As they continued their pursuit, the two grew increasingly surprised… They had clearly seen that Yun Che had been wounded yesterday. The time between getting the injury and now was only one and a half days. He had actually recovered to such an extent, that he was able to make them continue chasing him for this long.

Unwittingly, thirty or forty kilometers swept past under their feet. The distance between the two great Emperor Profounds and Yun Che was still not one meter away from the initial one hundred meters. And at this time, the Yun Che who was in front of them had finally arrived at an eerie deep forest.

“Devilspawn! Because of what you did to our Burning Heaven Clan, tonight, I’ll definitely dismember your body into ten thousand pieces! Even if you run to the very ends of the earth, don’t even think about escaping out of this old man’s hands!!” Fen Yijue furiously roared as the distance between him and Yun Che grew ever increasingly closer.

“With just you? You’re not even worthy!!”

Yun Che suddenly turned around in the middle of his wild dash. With Dragon Fault in hand, the sound of a howl was accompanied by the silhouette of a wolf came from behind him. A Heavenly Wolf Slash smashed onto the two people in the air.


The silhouette of a wolf soared into the sky, and the extremely tyrannical power greatly changed both of their expressions at the same time. Not daring to receive the attack together, they had instead simultaneously flashed in the sky, rapidly splitting into two different directions to avoid it… The Sky Wolf’s silhouette nearly brushed past, instantly causing all the hairs on their body to stand erect. This kind of frightening sensation made them clearly realize that if they were directly hit by that wolf silhouette, even if it was them, they would still suffer serious injuries.

The panicked dodge they executed with all their strength allowed a split second of interruption to appear in their firm locking of Yun Che’s aura. Seizing this opportunity, Yun Che rushed into the jungle up ahead with the fast speed possible, directly towards the south.

“Hmph! You still have the delusion of escaping from within our grasp?!” The two people simultaneously locked onto Yun Che’s aura, and immediately began chasing again. With a speed even swifter than a fierce gale, the two people’s figures rapidly, and completely, disappeared into the darkness.

And it was at this time that Yun Che’s figure casually came out from the most outer edge of the forest. He sneered behind a thin layer of the Frozen Cloud Wall that had enveloped him as he looked towards the direction in which the two great Emperor Profounds had left for.

That’s right, what Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya chased after, was merely his Profound Handle.

With Frozen Cloud Wall still activated, Yun Che turned around in Burning Heaven Clan’s direction. As the distance between the three grew increasingly further, Yun Che’s speed became faster and faster. Once there was a safe enough distance between them, he cancelled Frozen Cloud Wall and dashed straight for Burning Heaven Clan at full speed.

Not long after, fields and fields of fire soared from a remote distance… Inside the dark forest, Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya, who had lost Yun Che’s aura used a special method to force “the concealed” Yun Che out; they began to set fire to the forest. Never would they have believed that Yun Che would escape out of their aura lock, nor would they believe that Yun Che, whose “aura had just disappeared”, had actually been more than five hundred kilometers away from them since a long time ago.

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