Chapter 341 - Heaven Scorching Phoenix Flame

Against the Gods

Chapter 341 - Heaven Scorching Phoenix Flame

Once the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder personally took charge, everyone in Burning Heaven Clan thought that Yun Che’s death was inevitable. What they saw were not the Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder’s capture of Yun Che… but instead only Yun Che.

“Yun… Yun Che!!”

But once Yun Che’s sword shook the ground and appeared within Burning Heaven Clan, it was as though everyone had seen an evil spirit from hell which frightened them to the point where their souls had flown away. Fen Moji yelled: “Where’s Grand Clan Master… and Grand Elder?! Why is it only you?!”

“Oh, you’re talking about those two morons?” Yun Che taunted while sneering: “I don’t know which forest they’re playing with fire in. They like to play with fire, but I… like to kill dogs!!”

Yun Che’s expression and voice immediately became incomparably dark. Accompanied by the wild dragon cry, Dragon Fault was suddenly swung out.

“Stop him!!” Fen Duanhun roared. Fen Duanhun had already experienced Yun Che’s terror yesterday, and he only felt a deep fear and dread towards Yun Che. Seeing that Yun Che had actually escaped Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya, and charged straight back to Burning Heaven Clan, his heart suddenly dropped to the floor. He could only pray that the injuries Yun Che had gotten yesterday had not recovered much.

But what made him lose hope, was that under Yun Che’s smash, that terrifying storm which came from the heavy sword directly flew towards five elders! Its might was no less powerful than yesterday’s, and he showed not the least bit of an injured or weak state.

“Father, where are you? Yun Che has already invaded the clan once again!!” Fen Duanhun held the sound transmission jade and used the loudest shout he could muster while retreating backwards. Just as he finished shouting, before he had even received Fen Yijue’s response, an aura of death suddenly loomed towards him. He lifted his head and astonishingly saw that the distance between him and Yun Che’s heavy sword was no less than fifteen meters.

“Do not harm our Clan Master!!”

The sounds of roaring echoed like thunder claps as more than a dozen thick fiery dragons attacked Yun Che from different directions, and exploded the instant they touched his body. However, these powerful profound flames that came from Sky Profound experts had only stalled Yun Che for an instant, not harming him at all. Yun Che cut open the flames, and without even looking ahead, swung an Overlord’s Fury that was accompanied by a soul shaking dragon cry...


Under the force and profound weapon’s absolute suppression, the four Earth Profound level Burning Heaven Blades were all destroyed into four pieces. Four Burning Heaven elders had also all flew backwards while vomiting blood, landing more than thirty meters away, incapable of getting up for a long time.

“Heaven Scorching Burning Fire!!”

A longblade enveloped by a wildly ignited purple flame suddenly slashed forward from Yun Che’s rear. Yun Che didn’t move his body, as if he had not detected the attack. Just as it was barely half a foot away from his head, as quick as lightning, he suddenly extended his hand, grabbing onto the Burning Heaven Blade’s body… A extremely ear-piercing crunching sound echoed, together with the direct collapse of the purple flames on the Burning Heaven Blade’s body.

The mouth of that elder who had launched a sneak attack on Yun Che gaped open, as both his eyeballs almost popped out of his sockets. With a flip of Yun Che’s palm, the half of the blade in Yun Che’s hands flew outwards, piercing through the body of that Burning Heaven elder, firmly nailing him to the ground.

“Nineteenth Brother… AHHH! Yun Che, I’m going to kill you!!”

As he watched the elder get impaled by his own Burning Heaven Blade, Fen Moji’s eyes became bloodshot. His previous fear had all completely become insanity as he discarded his Burning Heaven Blade, charging towards Yun Che with only an enormous blood-red claw that aimed for Yun Che’s chest.

“Hmph, overestimating yourself.”

As soon as the blood claw struck onto Dragon Fault’s tip, in that instant, the blood claw, which contained a Sky Profound might, shattered. Dragon Fault lightly swung, meeting the suicidal Fen Moji.

“Hurry up and dodge Second Elder!!” Fully aware of the terror behind Yun Che’s heavy sword, the Elders and Pavilion Masters all roared in alarm.


Dragon Fault heavily smashed onto Fen Moji's chest, and the fracturing of more than a dozen breastbones distinctively resounded through everyone’s ears. Fen Moji flew outwards like a kite with a broken string, spraying out a bloody mist that filled the sky. He fell on the ground with his already shattered internal organs, and no longer made a sound.

Following the death of Great Elder Fen Moli, Second Elder Fen Moji had also died a tragic death under Yun Che’s sword.

“Second Elder!!”

Every Burning Heaven Clan member trembled in fear. They never thought that the “prey”, they lured in due to their scheming which did not hesitate to be despicable, was actually a devil that currently pressed them towards an abyss of despair. When he came back to Burning Heaven Clan, in not even thirty breaths of time, three more Elders and one more Pavilion Master had died by his hand. Furthermore, eight had suffered various degrees of injury… As for those Burning Heaven disciples beneath the rank of elders, more than a large amount of them had died. This was because they simply were unable to receive the aftereffects of Yun Che’s heavy sword… They could only die, and none were without injuries.

Fen Duanhun roared with indignation: “Yun Che, you’ve gone too far!!”

“It’s you guys who have gone too far first!” Yun Che roared back: “You Burning Heaven Clan have always time and time again tried to kill me, and I still had given you some leeway! But not only had you not shown restraint, you actually dared to touch my close relatives… and now you say that I’ve gone too far? Bullshit!”

Yun Che pointed his sword at Fen Duanhun and growled: “In my eyes, not one person in your entire clan is as important as the hair on my relative’s head! To actually dare to touch my Grandfather and Little Aunt, I will definitely exterminate your entire Burning Heaven Clan!”

Fen Duanhun’s face distorted. When he thought about the cause of everything, he really wished he could personally cripple Fen Juecheng. He said furiously: “Dream on! How could our Burning Heaven Clan with a millennium's worth of heritage possibly be exterminated just based on your delusions… Every Elder and Pavilion Master, use all your strength to stop him! Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder are currently coming back to the sect at full speed, and will return shortly!”

Burning Heaven Fire rose, as a field of brilliant purple red filled the night sky. Every Elder and Pavilion Master’s profound fire came together and completely swallowed up Yun Che. Yun Che sneered, and shouted: “Don’t you Burning Heaven Clan enjoy playing with fire? Then I’ll let you Burning Heaven members… fully enjoy this round of fire playing!!”

“Star… Scorching… Demon… Lotus!!”

Yun Che leapt up high, and the biggest phoenix fire lotus he had ever released up to this point, instantly blossomed in midair. The scarlet colored flame continuously blossomed, spreading out for more than three hundred meters. The thoroughly red blaze completely covered everything within the three hundred meter area.

“R… run quickly!!”

The flame lotus in the sky emitted a terrifying high temperature, greatly changing the complexions of all those who had been playing with fire since birth. Those elders and pavilion masters who were quicker to react didn’t even bother to think as they constructed the most powerful of profound defense barriers around their entire body and desperately tried to flee outside the three hundred meter region.

Star Scorching Demon Lotus blossomed to its largest, and if one were to see it from a far distance, they would see a completely red, indescribably enchanting fire lotus blooming in midair. As soon as this fire lotus fell, a sea of fire instantly formed, wildly engulfing and burning everything in sight. The broiling temperature had almost instantly extended over the entire Burning Heaven Clan, making the entire Burning Heaven Clan feel as if they were currently being roasted alive by hellfire. Under the phoenix fire, those Burning Heaven Clan disciples who did not escape in time were instantly burnt into charcoal, and did not even have the chance to cry wretchedly.

Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya who were still fifteen kilometers away clearly saw the sky above Burning Heaven Clan become a field of red. Both howled simultaneously; their speed increased to their maximum limit as they crazily dashed over.

Yun Che never planned to stay at Burning Heaven Clan for long. It was not because he feared Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya; instead, it was because his grandfather and little aunt still hung in his heart. If he were to encounter Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya at the same time, escaping would definitely not be that simple.

Yun Che flew out of the center of the flame lotus, searched through Fen Zizai’s memories, and directly charged towards Fen Juecheng’s dwelling.


City Destroying Pavilion’s wall was smashed open in one strike. In just one glance, Yun Che saw Fen Juecheng’s completely colorless face. Fen Juecheng spent the entire day quaking in fear, because he clearly knew that the first person Yun Che wanted to kill was him. All the resentments between Yun Che and Burning Heaven Clan had ultimately been birthed because of him, and even Fen Yijue was also furious with him. At this very moment, he himself was already thoroughly regretting so much that his intestines had almost snapped… Now that he saw Yun Che’s face suddenly appear before his eyes, it was as if he had suddenly fallen into a nightmare.

“Yun Che, you…”

Just as Fen Juecheng spat those three words out, he had already been grabbed by the collar by Yun Che, like a raised chicken about to be slaughtered.

Dragon Fault disappeared within Yun Che’s hands. Yun che’s body flickered, heading straight towards the north, and quickly disappeared into the night… behind him, came the panicked shouts of “Young Master!”

By the time Fen Yijue and Fen Ziya had returned to Burning Heaven Clan, it was already messed up beyond recognition as phoenix fire still raged in combustion. This was a blaze with the Phoenix attribute; even if it were the Burning Heaven Elders who possessed strong fire attribute profound arts, it was still extremely difficult for them to suppress the phoenix fire to the point where it could be extinguished.

Yun Che had long since disappeared without a trace, and had even brought Young Master Fen Juecheng along with him.

Fen Yijue trembled all over and he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. His fiendish roar reverberated throughout the entire Burning Heaven Valley: “Yun Che! As long as I, Fen Yijue am still alive, I swear that I’ll turn your bones into dust!!”

Yun Che continued going northwards, and then gradually arrived at the place where he had hidden with Xiao Lingxi. The Snow Phoenix was currently loyally guarding the cavern’s entrance. Seeing that he had returned, it let out a long happy cry. Rushing into the cave, he saw the protected Xiao Lie by Xiao Lingxi’s side… And it was also at this moment that Xiao Lingxi, who was in a deep sleep, happened to open her eyes.


Night had passed, and dawn’s light quietly shined. Bluefire City’s streets were completely silent. Aside from the city guard’s night vigil, there were barely any figures moving about.

Right at this moment, a Fierce Zephyr Bird was currently flying over Bluefire City. On top of the Fierce Zephyr Bird, was an anxious looking youth who appeared to be around seventeen or eighteen.

Bluefire City’s peacefulness surprised this young man. He stopped in midair, pondered for a long while, and then suddenly slapped his own head while soliloquizing: “Oh right! I just remembered that I have his sound transmission imprint.”

The young man promptly took out his sound transmission jade and a sound transmission talisman. After thinking for a while, he said carefully: “Boss, it’s Little Jie. I just arrived at the Bluefire Region. I basically know what happened between you and Burning Heaven Clan these past two days… Is there anything I can help you with?”

The sound transmission talisman slowly disappeared and after a little while, receiving formation appeared. Yun Che’s voice was transmitted over: “Where are you?”

Ling Jie was pleasantly surprised after receiving a reply, and hurriedly sound transmitted: “I’m right above Bluefire City. Where are you? May I go find you?”

Yun Che’s voice quickly transmitted: “Approximately ten kilometers south of Bluefire City. Once you get in range, I’ll go find you… I do indeed have something that I need your help in.”

“I’ll be right there!” Ling Jie put away his sound transmission jade and quickly urged the Fierce Zephyr Bird to swiftly fly towards the south.

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