Chapter 345 - Cruel Hand

Against the Gods

Chapter 345 - Cruel Hand

“You are indeed somewhat stronger than what I had expected, but no matter how strong your combat power as a mere Earth Profound Realm is, you will never be able to resist against a Throne’s Domain… Burning Heaven Domain!!”

After a few frontal exchanges with Yun Che, what Fen Yijue felt was far more than “somewhat stronger than my expectations”. The shock in his heart was like the turbulent waves. Clearly only having the profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm, yet wasn’t slightly disadvantaged under his Burning Heaven Flames and Burning Heaven Blade, this was something he totally did not expect.

As Grand Clan Master of the Burning Heaven Clan, the pinnacle being of the current world, a true Throne, to actually be unable to take care of a mere Earth Profound Realm practitioner after several strikes, especially under the gazes of the masses, his patience and face could no longer hold out, for he directly released his powerful Domain skill.

Waves of fire tumbled and churned around Yun Che as the purple flames surged to the heavens. Following Fen Yijue’s loud shout, the world in his vision had suddenly became a pure purple; the purple flames that could even quickly melt fine steel filled every inch of space around him. It was as though he had suddenly been imprisoned in a world of raging flames; purple flames and burning to ashes, was the only rule of this world!

The entire Bluefire City’s temperature abruptly rose. Looking from afar, it actually seemed like an extra purple sun had appeared in midair. The purple colored flame’s light blotted out both the sky and the sun, and even the surrounding space was scorched to the extent of distorting.

“Do… Domain!”

“That’s the Domain that could only be casted at the Emperor Profound Realm!”

“I actually saw the legendary Domain with my own eyes… Yun Che is completely engulfed by the Domain. No matter how strong he is, it’d be basically impossible for him to live after entering this kind of domain, right?”

Burning Heaven Domain was different from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s control domain and Yun Che’s soul domain; it was a pure attack type domain. This Domain wasn’t built upon the caster, but instead was built around the enemy, locking the enemy into an inescapable Domain with endless flames.

Yun Che’s body, which was locked inside the domain, swayed and swiftly dashed toward the front. However, there seemed to be no end to this flame world. After dashing at full speed for a long while, he was still actually unable to break out. With the Heretic God’s power protecting him, he wouldn’t be harmed even if these flames were ten times stronger. If it was someone else, even if they were at the later stages of Sky Profound Realm, they would certainly be heavily injured from being burnt by now.

Yun Che stopped his steps, but laughed heartily: “Fen Yijue, do you think a mere Domain, would be able to trap me? This Domain of yours, isn’t worth even a single cent in my eyes!”

With a explosive shout, Yun Che brought up all the strength in his body and blasted a sword strike forward. The incomparably ferocious power condensed into a mighty sword beam of over three meters wide in front of him, breaking through and directly blasting the tumbling raging flames ahead.


With a huge sound, the place where Dragon Fault smashed instantly formed a void of over three meters wide in the flames. The residual force of the heavy sword maintained the void, causing the surrounding flames to be unable to spread into it at all. With a twist of his body, Yun Che rose again, stepping with Star God’s Broken Shadows, dashing everywhere within the Burning Heaven Domain. Every time his body shifted, the heavy sword would bring about a huge rumbling sound… In the turn of an eye, Yun Che consecutively swung out over a hundred strikes, blasting the entire world of flames and riddling it with thousands of gaps. Looking from the outside, that “sun” suspended in midair had actually seemed to have turned into a huge sieve all of a sudden.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang...

A noise similar to crystals shattering resounded, and the heavily damaged Burning Heaven Domain finally, and completely, shattered under Yun Che’s last sword strike. Large amounts of purple flames quickly scattered toward different directions, causing the space around them to distort from the impact.

“You… You actually broke my Domain!!”

After opening Burning Heaven Domain, Fen Yijue didn’t immediately go save Fen Juecheng, because he wanted to personally hear the scream of despair coming from Yun Che. But after more than a dozen breaths of time had passed, not only did he not hear the sound he wanted to hear, he had instead seen his Burning Heaven Domain be blasted with one hole after another, before directly collapsing. He was shocked to the point where his soul had almost flown out into the heavens. When he saw Yun Che walking out of the shattered Domain, his pupils abruptly stared wide, as he couldn’t dare to believe his eyes at all.

Because Yun Che, who was trapped within the Domain for over a dozen breaths of time, wasn't the slightest harmed from head to toe!

“Impossible… this is impossible!!”

Fen Yijue’s body swayed, as his voice uncontrollably leaked out. He couldn’t accept the scene he saw, he couldn't accept it no matter what. The Domain was a power that only Emperor Profound experts could release. In the Blue Wind Empire, a Domain in undoubtedly the most pinnacle of power. In the entire Blue Wind Empire, there were no more than ten people who could cast Domains. Once a Domain was casted, other than those pinnacle experts who were similarly at Emperor Profound Realm like him, there was simply no one who could resist against it… Because the power of Domain, was not merely the suppression in terms of power; more so, it had the suppression of planes and nature’s law!

Emperor Profound and Earth Profound; there were a whole two planes of difference! That originally ought to be an absolute suppression that couldn’t be resisted and countered no matter what.

But the outcome was that his Domain was actually broken by this profound practitioner of the Earth Profound Realm! Moreover, it only lasted for over a dozen breaths of time.

Him using the Domain so soon, was precisely for burning Yun Che to death in the shortest amount of time. He hadn’t expected that this would be the outcome in spite of everything.

At this moment, a sliver of fear was suddenly born in Fen Yijue’s heart… A fear that he may really fall under Yun Che’s hands. And to a strong being of his level, once this sliver of fear emerged, it would instantly transform into an endless malice and bloodlust.

“I had said before that your Domain isn’t worth even a single cent before me!” Yun Che said as he coldly laughed.

Fen Yijue lifted up his Absolute Flame Blade, as his voice filled with extremely cold and thick killing intent: “Your strength, has indeed surpassed my expectations… and indeed is worthy for me to use all my strength!”

“Hoh!” Yun Che’s lips disdainfully curled up: “It’s like you’re saying you haven’t used your full strength yet.”

“You…” Fen Yijue’s face violently convulsed. He raised up the Absolute Flame Blade, and said with a cold tone: “I seemed to have made a mistake from the start. Perhaps it’s because you possess the Phoenix’s Bloodline, your control over the laws of fire had far surpassed my expectations. It’s difficult to harm you with ordinary profound fire, and I simply shouldn’t use profound fire to deal with you… Otherwise, how could a insignificant Earth Profound Realm practitioner like you be able to resist against the power of the Emperor Profound Realm!!”

With an explosive cry, Fen Yijue’s Absolute Flame Blade slashed down from above… This time, there weren’t any flames ignited on the Absolute Flame Blade; there was only a blade beam over three foot long. Even though it was only a blade strike without any fancy tricks, the crowds over several kilometers away all felt a force that could sever mountains and rivers in half.

Because this was a blade strike that came from a Throne.

The biggest reason why Yun Che could deal with Fen Yijue before, was because he didn’t fear profound fire in the slightest. However, this absolutely did not mean that he could make light of a Throne’s mighty profound strength. Watching the trajectory that Absolute Flame Blade slashed down, his brows slightly knitted as he greeted it with a sword strike.

The sword’s body and the blade’s edge collided together, and a ray of eye-piercing light unleashed in midair. The two colliding energies entangled into a vortex that surged up to the sky, and the surrounding ground was completely ripped apart as shattered stones, sand, and dust shot outwards without restraint. The spectators over a few kilometers away were impacted by a storm that suddenly arrived, to the point where the blood and air in their body churned; they had no choice but to conjure their profound energy to protect themselves, while some of the ones weaker in profound strength were directly sent tumbling away from the impact.

And even the closest of them from Yun Che and Fen Yijue, were at least a kilometer away… The intimidation of the two’s energy colliding, had caused everyone to be terribly startled.

This was the strength of a Throne!!

Yun Che consecutively retreated seven or eight steps as the blood and gas in his body churned. Dragon Fault dragged out a long ditch on the ground, and all of the shattered stones beneath his feet were also tramped into fine sand. Fen Yijue tumbled away in midair. Then his figure suddenly paused, and abruptly drew down a stroke of grey shadow in the air, instantly charging within thirty meters of Yun Che. The Absolute Flame Blade slashed out countless blade mirages, which shrouded toward Yun Che.


Both the space and earth were crazily slice apart by the blade beams, and countless criss crossed blade marks instantaneously bore on the ground’s surface.

Yun Che retreated one step after another. Every single one of Fen Yijue’s blade beams contained the genuine power of the Emperor Profound Realm. Even though the constitution of his body was extremely strong, it definitely wouldn’t be pleasant if he were to be touched by any of these blade strikes.

Using Star God’s Broken Shadow, Yun Che’s figure drifted back and forth through the blade beams like a ghost, but he didn’t have any chance to counterattack for a short while… In the turn of an eye, Fen Yijue had already slashed out over a thousand strikes, and over a hundred meters of surrounding land had completely turned into a beehive from the destruction.

“As expected, without using the Burning Heaven Flames, you don’t even have the chance to counterattack! And no wonder you could run rampant in my Burning Heaven Clan… Even though the power of Burning Heaven Blade without fire has greatly fell, it is already enough to chop you into mincemeat!!”

With continuous low shouts, Fen Yijue floated in the air as blade beams slashed down, tightly suppressing Yun Che who couldn’t use the Profound Floating Technique. And at this time, Fen Duanhun and the Elders of Burning Heaven Clan had finally arrived as well. They saw Fen Yijue and Yun Che’s fight at first glance. When seeing Yun Che being completely suppressed by Fen Yijue, they all secretly breathed out a sigh of relief… And in their eyes, this was the outcome that should be happening. Even if Yun Che was stronger, how would it be possible for him to be stronger than their Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master?

But when he saw Fen Juecheng dangling above the city gate without a single thread of clothing on, the blood in Fen Duanhun’s entire body almost flowed backwards and leaked out… Even though Fen Juecheng had committed a great fault and was the main reason why the sect had suffered such a great disaster, he was still his biological son! And more so the Young Clan Master of Burning Heaven Clan! He had actually received such a cruel and inhumane humiliation!

After today, how could he still establish himself in Blue Wind Empire! Also, to what extent would Burning Heaven Clan be mocked?

Fen Duanhun loudly roared, took off the ground and rushed toward Fen Juecheng. It was at this time that the eyes of Yun Che, who was being pressed backwards step after step suddenly glimmered, as a cold smile flashed through the corner of his lips. His retreating steps suddenly stopped as an extremely overbearing energy storm exploded outwards.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

A dragon cry pierced the skies and Dragon Fault heavily smashed onto all of the sword beams ahead of him. With a huge rumbling noise that sounded like the collision between two enormous mountains, all of the sword beams were instantly shattered. The broken sword beams shot out, scattering like razor blades. Fen Yijue flew backwards over a hundred meters away in the air. The part between his thumb and index finger that held on blade burst apart, and a blood vessel on his right arm exploded as a spring of fresh blood rushed out.

After blasting Fen Yijue away with a sword strike, Yun Che vaulted up and neared Fen Juecheng beating Fen Duanhun to the punch. With a swing of the Dragon Fault, a stroke of phoenix flames suddenly shot out, blasting onto Fen Juecheng’s body.

The phoenix flames explosively ignited the instant they touched Fen Juecheng’s body, and spread all over his entire body. Fen Juecheng, who appeared to be no different from a dead person, suddenly uttered screams of agony that were as miserable as banshees under the burning of phoenix flames while his entire body painfully struggled like a violently wriggling earthworm.

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