Chapter 346 - Alone Against Two Thrones

Against the Gods

Chapter 346 - Alone Against Two Thrones


Fen Duanhun’s pupils shrunk as he let out a shriek that tore through his chest. By that time, the rough rope that was suspending Fen Juecheng had also been burnt and broken. Fen Duanhun rushed before Fen Juecheng, who had fallen onto the ground, and discharged his profound energy without holding back, yet he was still unable to quench the flames on his body… He could only stare wide-eyed as his own son lost his last struggle amidst his shouting, as a living and breathing person was reduced to a pile of burnt ashes before his own eyes.

The flames of the phoenix’s fire far surpassed any ordinary profound fire. In just a few breaths of time, Fen Juecheng had been thoroughly burnt, and even his bones had been burnt to ashes. Let alone leaving a corpse, even his bone ashes were dispersed swiftly by the wind. Fen Duanhun stood there, his face deathly pale, as if he had just experienced a terrifying nightmare. Trembling, he turned his hand, finger pointing towards Yun Che, as he let out a low howl, “Yun Che… You… Your heart is so vicious!”

A cold smile covered Yun Che’s face as he muttered lowly, “My good heart is only saved for those who are good to me. I’ve never known what pity I should be taking when treating those who are worse than dogs and pigs! The reason why I’ve waited for you to come to kill him is so that you can taste the pain and consequences of losing a loved one when provoking me!!”

“I’ll kill you!!”

Fen Duanhui has completely lost control of his emotions. Grabbing onto the Burning Heaven Blade he let out a shout, and rushed towards Yun Che while yelling madly.

“You aren’t his match, back down!” Fen Yijue shouted.

In the face of his father’s scolding, the Fen Duanhun who had never defied an edict, did not take heed in the least as he rushed towards Yun Che like a madman; even the profound energy on his body was in utter chaos.


Fen Duanhun’s Burning Heaven Blade was sent flying by a single strike from Yun Che. The second strike landed on his chest, shattering all the protective profound energy on his body in an instant. Fen Duanhun threw up blood incessantly, and fainted after falling straight down from the sky.

He, who was at the ninth level of the Sky Profound Realm, wasn’t fit to be Yun Che’s opponent. In the great mess his mind was in, he had even been grievously injured by Yun Che in just two hits.

Fen Yijue’s eyes had already turned red when as he watched wide-eyed when his grandson had been reduced to ashes while his own son was injured severely. He crowed coarsely, “This enmity… will never be reconciled!!”

All the profound energy in Fen Yijue’s body was crazily set into motion. In a split moment, the aura that he had been releasing suddenly burst exponentially… In his rage, all the energy in every cell of his body flared up, and with a loud howl, he charged towards the top of Yun Che’s head with his sword. An enormous wave of a profound tornado welled up from the tip of the sword, bringing with it a shriek that split the heavens and the earth.


Yun Che dodged backwards. The ground under his feet was instantly gouged out by the profound storm, forming an extremely large hole. Fen Yijue’s eyes locked unyieldingly onto Yun Che. Extending the palm of his left hand, he formed an eccentric hand sign, and a majestic wave of energy suddenly condensed and burst out.

“Burning Heaven Print!!”

In an instant, a violent ripple suddenly ripped through the space between Fen Yijue and Yun Che suddenly. A hand print of enormous might pressed down, crushing towards Yun Che’s skull just like the hands of the sky. Being suppressed by the matchless tyrannical energy caused a momentary stagnation in Yun Che’s actions.

Yun Che’s movements slowed as his eyes grew cold. Lifting Dragon Fault, he gave a great shout and rushed up to face it.


The rolling thunderlike explosive sounds thoroughly penetrated the entire Bluefire City, causing the ears of people a few kilometers away to buzz as their visions darken. A wave of an almost solid profound energy storm crazily dispersed out, and Bluefire City’s stone city gate was shattered from the impact as if it was made of rotten wood. The overwhelming sand and dust, as well as the suddenly erupting purple flame cloud, shrouded Yun Che and Fen Yijue’s silhouettes. Everyone was staring with their eyes wide, waiting for that ball of flowing dust and flame cloud to disperse without blinking at all… They wanted to know, just who exactly had obtained the upper hand? And whether or not Yun Che, who was mythologically strong, had endured a furious strike that came from a Throne.

From within the fire cloud and flowing dust, colliding rumbles of sword and blade came. Under the profound energy storms that continuously exploded, the fire cloud and the sand quickly dissipated, revealing Fen Yijue and Yun Che’s figure. Both of Yun Che’s sleeves were completely busted apart, lines after lines of small blood marks riddled all over his arms, and there was even a hint of blood on the corner of his lips. Fen Yijue’s clothing was similarly utterly tattered, and a stroke of a long and thick blood mark that startled one’s eyes was on his arm.

“This enmity between us, even if I have to burn up all my blood essence, I’ll kill you!!”

Fen Yijue’s gaze was ferocious. His face was savage, completely devoid of the elegant demeanor that a clan’s grand clan master should have; he even appeared nearly insane. Every single one of his attacks were fiercer than the previous, but they were all defended by Yun Che.

“Heh, then you’ll have to burn through your blood essence for me to see!! The great, honorable Burning Heaven Clan’s Grand Clan Master is actually unable to cope with a small junior like me… You’re not just trash, you’re a pitiful and ridiculous piece of trash that only knows how to talk big!!” Yun Che sneered, toxically.

“AHH!!” Fen Yijue’s eyes stared widely, and with a roar, another “Burning Heaven Print” came crashing down.


Both men flew out and collapsed simultaneously as a hundred meter wide hole appeared in the ground that had already been ruined beyond comprehension.

Fen Duanhun was supported up by Elder Zhong and was quickly fed a healing pellet. Watching the fight between Yun Che and Fen Yijue, none of them did not feel scared witless. Up until then, they had originally been seeing Yun Che getting suppressed completely by Fen Yijue… But Yun Che seemed to have not been using his full strength then, and against Fen Yijue, who was currently in violent rage, a practitioner of the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, a strong fighter who sat loftily at the pinnacle of the practicing world, he seemed to actually be completely not at a disadvantage. He had even taken all of Fen Yijue’s extremely strong Burning Heaven Prints head on.

“This Yun Che, how on earth did he train… To actually… actually fight on the same level as the Grand Clan Master!” An elder spoke as his mouth trembled.

“Rumors say that he is a person from the Divine Phoenix Sect… But the junior generation of the Divine Phoenix Sect all say that they’ve never met a person like him. Some rumors also say that he is the descendant of one of the sacred grounds… What sort of person must his master have been!”

Earth Profound against an Emperor Profound practitioner, forget about ever seeing it before... In all the history of the Blue Wind Continent, this had never even happened before!”

“What kind of experience and seniority does our Grand Clan Master possess? Yun Che might be at a deadlock with our Grand Clan Master for the moment, but once the fight drags out, he’ll definitely not be a match for our Grand Clan Master.”

This battle between Fen Yijue and Yun Che caused their hearts to be in a continuously trembling state. But they seemed to have simultaneously neglected a point, which was the fact that Fen Yijue had the absolute advantage in terms of position and movement! He could freely fly using profound energy, but Yun Che couldn’t! His attack effectiveness, was also greatly discounted in this unfair fighting condition.

“Piercing Sun Blade!!”

Even though the blade’s body was devoid of fire, the might of this blade was still extremely terrifying. Following the Absolute Flame Blade’s slashing path, a fissure of over a hundred meters long and unknown depth spanned the ground. Yun Che’s left shoulder to his left ribcage instantly burst out with blood as a streak of a bloody wound that one could almost see the bones was torn apart. His footsteps also retreated with a stagger. Taking the chance while Yun Che’s body was unbalanced, Fen Yijue fiercely rushed down from above, and an enormous hand print diagonally pushed toward him.

“Burning Sea Print!!”


Dragon Fault was forcefully pushed aside by the frightening power, and the handprint that hid an overbearing strength solidly smashed onto Yun Che’s chest. Yun Che’s lower body instantly sunk into the ground, an arrow of blood sprayed out from his mouth as his face was also dyed with a touch of paleness… Before Fen Yijue had the chance to wildly laugh, something blurred in his vision, and Yun Che had actually already disappeared from his original location as a wave of energy even more violent than his “Burning Sea Print” was already blasting toward his chest.

When Fen Yijue was afloat, Yun Che could only defend most of the time. Taking the chance of him rushing down to attack, an Overlord’s Fury combined with Star God’s Broken Shadow heavily smashed onto Fen Yijue’s chest… The heavy sword’s energy storm, loudly exploded on his chest.


Two of Fen Yijue’s ribs snapped with a “crack”, and his body was smashed flying a hundred meters away. Holding his chest, blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth while he glared viciously at Yun Che: “You!!”

Yun Che’s breathing was heavy, his gaze cold and sinister. Wiping away the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth, he said coldly: “The one who will die today, can only be you!”

Fen Yijue spat out a bloody sputum, and said with a overcast tone: “I have to admit that you are indeed a great prodigy. Not even twenty years old, yet you could actually do battle with a Throne! In the history of the Blue Wind Empire, you are worthy of being number one! But you are the enemy… Since you are the enemy, the more prodigious you are, the more you must die!”

“Even though your strength is shocking, you are still too young, and already have the indications of exhaustion… As this fight goes on, you’ll definitely not be my match!”

“Is that so?” Yun Che coldly laughed. Straightening his body, a dreadful field of energy flooded above the Dragon Fault: “Are you really that sure that my strength is only temporarily even with yours? You seem to have been using your full power… But I, haven’t yet!”

Fen Yijue froze for a bit, then wildly laughed with disdain: “Your internal energy is already weak, and your profound energy is already in chaos, yet you still dare to shamelessly boast like this, what a enormous joke! Since that’s the case, then let me see your so-called ‘full power’!”

“Rainbow Slicing Blade!!”

Light shot in all directions from the Absolute Flame Blade, and for a short while, it even obstructed the light that came from the sky. Before this blade strike fell, its might had already caused the crowd several kilometers away to feel their entire bodies turn cold. At this moment, an explosive roar came from afar:

“Clan Master, I shall assist you!!”

Sand and dust were swept up from the south as a fierce wind surged. A grey clothed elderly man carrying a golden longblade swooped over. Seeing this person, all of the Burning Heaven Clan’s elders revealed joyous surprise: “Grand Elder!”

Fen Ziya had found out about everything that had happened here through sound transmission. He dashed to Fen Yijue’s side, and he was astonished as he saw that Fen Yijue was actually carrying injuries. While furiously glaring Yun Che, he said with a sullen voice: “This lad destroyed our sect, killed our disciples and elders, and even crippled and killed Young Clan Master! For this huge debt of blood, even ten thousands of his lives wouldn’t suffice as compensation! I know that Clan Master doesn’t wish to join forces, but this lad…”

“I understand! Today, we’ll join hands and strike him down here! Do not give him any chance of escape whatsoever!” Fen Yijue said with bloodshot eyes: “Leaving him with a sliver of life is even better… Letting him die just like this, is seriously too good for him.”

“Alright!” Fen Ziya responded with a nod.

One in front and one in the back, the two surrounded Yun Che with him at the center. The two extremely strong Emperor Profound auras tightly locked him down. The sand and dust that were swept into midair all froze there under the extremely terrifying energy field, and didn’t float down for a long time.

“Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder are joining forces… This time, Yun Che will definitely die!”

“This devilspawn… his corpse must be minced into ten thousand pieces!” An Elder of Burning Heaven Clan said with resentment written all over his face.

Faced with Fen Yijue in front and Fen Ziya behind him, it was as if two chunks of metal plate weighing fifteen hundred thousand kilograms heavily pressed onto Yun Che’s chest and back. His two hands grasping Dragon Fault secretly tightened, as sweat perfused his forehead. His pair of eyes, were as cold as a spring in winter.

He was going up against two great Emperor Profounds simultaneously.

In the Blue Wind Empire, where Emperor Profound practitioners were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns, this was practically a situation that would never happen.

Today, it had actually happened to him, a youth who was merely nineteen.

Whether or not he gets defeated or killed today, or even perhaps miraculously win, in any case, he would shake the Blue Wind down, straight to its core.

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