Chapter 359 - Phoenix Flames, Frozen End (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 359 - Phoenix Flames, Frozen End (2)

The Heavenly Sword Domain was a supreme Domain that belonged to a Heavenly Sword Throne. This was a type of purely attack-oriented Domain, an advanced version of the Heavenly Sword Elementary Domain, the “Ten Thousand Sword Domain”. Similarly, it was also recognized as the strongest Domain, and the one and only without rival, in Blue Wind Empire. The moment the Heavenly Sword Domain was released within the Blue Wind realm, it could be said that not a single person could resist it.

Ling Tianni and Yun Che had only just began exchanging blows, yet, he was actually forced to use the Heavenly Sword Domain. To him, this could be said to be the first in his lifetime. However, the amount of strength Yun Che suddenly unleashed was too overly frightening, if he did not use his own strongest Domain skill, with this one strike from Yun Che, he could have suffered heavy injuries right there and then.

This was Yun Che’s third time using Destroying Sky Decimating Earth. The first time, was when he defeated Xia Qingyue, whose abilities far surpassed his back then. The second time, was when he killed one of two great Emperor Profound practitioners, while injuring the other… And this time, he forced the incredibly strong Blue Wind Empire’s number one expert to the point where he had no choice but to use his full strength.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

Deafening explosions rang wildly, to the point where even space seemed to cave in. The power of the heavy sword was as violent as lightning. As the countless of sword beams tore through dimensions, the sword beams shattered bit by bit, while the violent power also began to weaken layer by layer. The Sword Saint was at the exact center of the windstorm, yet, his entire body did not move an inch, as though he was a boulder that had lasted ten millennia. Just at this moment, his eyes suddenly opened up glaringly. More than seventy percent of the sword beams exploded, forming numerous thousands of sword intent vortexes, spreading out and swallowing all of the surrounding violent profound energy...


Following the last explosive sound, the energy of “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” dispersed completely. The Sword Saint was still standing at his original spot; there was not even a slight change in his position, there was not a single trace of injury on his body, and even his hair, and clothes, were not damaged in the least... However, this definitely did not mean that Ling Tianni was very relaxed. The creamy radiance on the exterior of his body had completely disappeared, and his energy aura had been weakened by a large degree as well. Furthermore, the Heavenly Sword Domain which was originally invincible in the Blue Wind, was about ninety percent destroyed. Only a few final hundreds of sword beams remained out of the initial numerous thousands.

Ling Jie, who was at the back, was stunned senseless at his spot. This was the first time he saw Yun Che revealing his hand after separating from him for about a year. He clearly understood that the strength of Yun Che, who was capable of exterminating the entire Burning Heaven Clan by himself, must have already reached an extremely terrifying height. However, Ling Jie had never thought that he would be terrifying to such an extent… He was actually able to force his grandfather to use the Heavenly Sword Domain, and had even destroyed the Heavenly Sword Domain to such an extent!

If he had not seen it personally, he definitely would not have believed it… Even in Heavenly Sword Villa, no one would have ever believed it either.

Looking at Ling Tianni who was completely unharmed, Yun Che’s gaze suddenly sank.

Ling Tianni looked calm on the exterior, however, his heart was surging like the waves of a stormy sea. In order to to block that one strike from Yun Che, his Heavenly Sword Domain was close to collapsing completely… as for his profound energy, a total of forty percent of it had been consumed!

He blocked one of his opponent’s strike, yet it had consumed a total of forty percent of his energy! To him, this was basically something he could never imagine. Hence, at the same time, the killing intent in his heart rose explosively once again… With profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm, he was able to possess such terrifying fighting potential, and adding his growth rate, once he were to reach the Sky Profound Realm, it would be impossible for he himself to match up against him. Within the Blue Wind, there would not be anyone else that could act against him either! No matter what, on this day, he had to kill him right now.

In contrast, Yun Che, who had forcefully opened Purgatory, and had forcefully unleashed Destroying Sky Decimating Earth, his energy consumption had exceeded more than eighty percent. However, he didn’t not keep any reserves… He had kept a bit of energy to escape.

“Fiend, die!!”

Yun Che’s energy aura had weakened by a large amount. Ling Tianni clearly understood that one blow from Yun Che earlier was definitely a desperate gamble, and currently, he was nothing more than a burnt-out lamp, with almost no strength left. With a loud roar, the numerous hundreds of swords behind him flew out, and then, they swiftly gathered, forming a gold Heavenly Sword that was thirty meters long, and three meters wide. Carrying an unmatched sharpness that looked down upon the world, it flew towards Yun Che.

“Grandpa… Stop!!”

Before Ling Jie could wake up from his shock, he suddenly saw that terrifying Heavenly Sword that came from his grandfather. His face instantly paled, as he flew over with all his might. However, how could his speed be compared to the speed of the Heavenly Sword? Regarding his loud cries, Ling Tianni basically did not care at all, the speed of the Heavenly Sword had instead, suddenly accelerated, and came crashing down.

“Boss!!” Ling Jie’s pupils shrank, as he roared out with a hoarse voice. As long one had a slight bit amount of profound energy, it would be possible to clearly sense that Yun Che’s current energy aura had already weakened by an extremely huge degree. In his current state, he probably might not even be able to block a single regular sword strike from Ling Tianni, let alone this terrifying Heavenly Sword! And this Heavenly Sword, was the true core existence of the “Heavenly Sword Domain”. After the countless sword beams shatter all of the opponent’s attacks and defenses, at the end, they would form a sword which covered the heavens, bestowing the opponent a strike of despair. Although only ten percent remained of the might of this Heavenly Sword due to the collapsed Heavenly Sword Domain, it was still completely enough to completely disintegrate Yun Che in his current state.

A change suddenly occurred in the light above. Yun Che raised his head and saw the eye-piercing golden light that covered the skies and blocked out the sun. The unmatched aura that was contained in within the sword beam was so strong that it caused his body to feel as though it was being pressed by a ten ton boulder, and it seemed as though he was unable to move.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”

With the Heavenly Sword sinking down, Yun Che straightened his body, and instantly unleashed the defensive barrier that came from the Heretic God.


The Heavenly Sword struck onto the Sealing Cloud Locking Sun protective screen. Boundless sword intent accompanied the sword beams that filled the sky as it was released wildly, as though a golden sun had exploded on the surface. The Heavenly Sword pushed inwards bit by bit, however, it was unable to break through that layer of Heretic God barrier. It could only push Yun Che’s body as he withdrew step by step...

Kling~! Kling~!

A crack appeared on both the Heavenly Sword and above the Heretic God barrier at the same time. The two cracks spread rapidly; one crack encompassed the entire blade of the sword, while the other crack encompassed the entire barrier!


Seemingly at the same time, the Heretic God barrier and the Heavenly Sword burst out completely, turning into fragments of energy which filled the sky. Yun Che’s body was pushed numerous tens of meters away, and the moment he landed, his body flashed with a Star God’s Broken Shadow, and avoided all of the aftermaths from the exploded Heavenly Sword. Not a single strand of hair on his body had been harmed. However, his energy aura had once again weakened. The moment he stopped his body, he was gasping huge breaths.

“!?” Under the Heavenly Sword, Yun Che was actually completely unharmed. Shock once again surfaced on Ling Tianni’s face. However, his reaction was incomparably swift; with a wave of his arm, in an instant, the energy fragments exploded off from the Heavenly Sword once again formed into several dozens of golden sword beams. As they emitted out shrills from tearing space, they flew towards Yun Che, who had just landed.

Yun Che had just took on the Heavenly Sword, and to dodge the aftermath, he had used Star God’s Broken Shadow. Currently, his energy was depleted, and before he could put in any force, the gold sword beams had seemingly followed after him. The moment the tip of his foot landed the ground, the gold sword beams were already less than a meter away from him, leaving him with no possibilities of dodging.

However, with his Dragon God’s physique, it was basically impossible for sword beams hastily gathered by the Sword Saint to penetrate his body. At the very most, it would leave dozens of wounds that were neither light nor heavy. Just when he clenched his teeth tightly, preparing himself to take on the sword beams with his body, an ice cold blue light suddenly showered down from the sky above and the surrounding space instantly condensed as well. When the flying sword beams were but a few centimeters away from Yun Che, they suddenly stopped there, and then, very quickly, their color turned from gold, into an even deeper blue.

Afterwards, they shattered with a crisp sounding “bang”, turning into fine ice blue fragments… These ice blue fragments naturally fell, but before they landed on the ground, they had already completely disappeared in midair.

“This is...”

Yun Che hurriedly raised his head, and looked towards the high skies.

Ling Tianni’s brows furrowed greatly, letting out a growl. “Frozen Cloud Arts? No… wait! Could it be…”

That devilish ice blue color, and that form of mysterious and strong aura that did not belonged to the Frozen Cloud Arts, caused Ling Tianni to suddenly recalled something. At that very instant, his facial expression suddenly changed, and he hurriedly turned to look towards the high skies.

A few hundred meters high in the sky, a light blue figure was floating there. Her appearance, at that very moment, masked over all of the brilliance between heaven and earth. The moment people saw her, they were no longer able to shift their gaze away, as though they had seen a goddess who had descended from the heavenly court; who was obscure, mysterious, fantastical, and beautiful beyond compare.

“Qingyue…” Yun Che murmured softly.

Back then, when he headed to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he did not see her. He did not expect that they would actually meet again in a situation like this. And having not seen her for more than a year, the feelings he felt from Xia Qingyue had underwent a very big change. She was still a woman with unearthly beauty, yet a cold pride and a mysterious feeling that could not be described with words were now mixed in as well. In the surroundings of her body, ice spirits were still floating about. However, they were completely different from before… The crystals condensed by the cold air, which was naturally released by the ice spirits before, were beautiful and ethereal. They were ice cold, yet pleasing to the eyes, but other than having good looks, there were no other uses.

However, the ice spirits that were currently floating about around Xia Qingyue, seemed as if they were alive, as though every single one of them had a life of its own, ice snow spirits that existed independently. These spirits flew and danced freely, clustering near their owner, as though they were the many stars surrounding the moon.

“Fairy of Frozen Moon… Xia Qingyue! Why is she… here? And she actually… completely froze my grandpa’s attack from such a long distance!” Ling Jie raised his head, staring dumbfoundedly as he uttered out, while sounds of discussion came from his surroundings. Currently, everyone in Blue Wind all knew of the relationship between Xia Qingyue and Yun Che. Her sudden appearance, caused all of their hearts to stir.

Yun Che was looking at Xia Qingyue, and Xia Qingyue was looking at him as well. The two them had once again met each other after being “separated heavens apart”, their expressions and feelings carried complications that were hard to describe. After their marriage three years ago, this was their second meeting. In their every meeting, they would always feel familiarity, and unfamiliarity. He was no longer the Yun Che from last time, and she, was no longer the Xia Qingyue from back then either.

With the rise in strength, naturally, it would be accompanied by the change, or even sublimation in one’s state of mind. They would not be able to know if what was currently important to either of them, and what they were pursuing, were the same as before. Even more so, they would not know if their feelings, which had slightly warmed up in the Heavenly Basin Secret Realm, had once again grown cold again due to this “separation of heavens apart”.

Perhaps the answers they had in their hearts were simply a blur.

Ling Tianni did not continue attacking Yun Che. He raised his head, looked at Xia Qingyue whom he did not know when she appeared, and gave a long sigh. “Last year, I had once heard that an absolute stunning disciple had appeared from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Not only is her talent astonishing, even more so, she has bestowed with great fortune. At just an age of seventeen, she was already at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm… Currently, she is actually already at the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm. Recalling back then, I used a span of a total of fifteen years to leap from the second level to the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, while you, had only used less than two years. It seems like, the era that belongs to me has already completely passed. Your future achievements, are something that I can never compare to in my lifetime.”

Xia Qingyue softly spoke. “Senior has wrongly praised, this junior is not worthy. Earlier, this junior has offended you by intervening, I beg for senior’s indulgence, and I only hope that senior lets go of Yun Che. He is not a treacherous and evil person.”

Ling Tianni was expressionless. He said with a sigh. “You wish to protect Yun Che. Is that your personal wish, or is this the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s intentions?”

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