Chapter 360 - Phoenix Flames, Frozen End (3)

Against the Gods

Chapter 360 - Phoenix Flames, Frozen End (3)

Xia Qingyue answered: “It is my personal wish, and also the sect’s intention. He is after all, my husband. As his wife, I cannot just turn a cold shoulder. He and my sect are well acquainted, and he has also done favors for my sect. Our Palace Mistress expected that after Burning Heaven Clan is annihilated, Senior would definitely act, thus she requested Qingyue to make sure she come here, and ask Senior to grant our sect a little face. Palace Mistress promises that she’ll definitely visit the Heavenly Sword Villa to pay her gratitude at a future date.”

Surprise flashed through Ling Tianni’s face. He hadn't expected that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would actually use the sect’s name in order to save Yun Che. But after exchanging blows with Yun Che for a while, he had felt shock and dread in his heart several times, and had already decided that Yun Che absolutely could not be spared, otherwise, the future troubles would be endless.

“I naturally wouldn’t view the honorable Immortal Palace’s face as nothing, but Yun Che’s sins are overwhelmingly heinous, and he definitely cannot be spared.”

Xia Qingyue let out a faint sigh, and the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon fell from the sky, circling and dancing around her body of ice: “Since Senior insist on doing so, then forgive this junior for her offense.”

As Xia Qingyue’s voice fell, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon suddenly swung, flinging out an ice chain that was nearly a hundred meters long, as her body also descended, bringing along a bone-piercing chill.

That ice chain fluttered near, as if a flying snake of ice. With Ling Tianni’s realm, even though such an attack was swift and fierce, it wasn’t to the extent of being any threat to him at all. But seeing the nearing chain of ice, his expression wavered yet once again. Just as the ice chain was about to wrap onto his body, his arm extended and raised up. Instantly, golden light explosively shot out from his body all of a sudden, and golden colored profound energy, as well as shapeless sword intent, flooded out. He did not swing his sword, yet a golden colored sword handle appeared in front of him… And the sword’s body, was shockingly his own body.

With his body as the sword, Ling Tianni slashed forward. His eyes that were as billowless as a dried well emitted a light even harsher and sharper than the sword’s beam. Space was compressed inch by inch everywhere the sword tip reached, and an increasingly deep trench was carved into the ground by the impact.

This kind of sword force made everyone hold their breaths. They only felt that even though they were several kilometers away, their bodies still felt like they were about to be pulverized from such a terrifying sword force’s pressure. The Sword Saint’s terror, had completely surpassed their scope of comprehension.

Could Xia Qingyue even defend against such a sword strike?

Accompanying a chain of shattering noises, Xia Qingyue’s ice chain was entirely destroyed, turning into shattered ice dispersing all over the sky. Facing the Sword Saint’s golden sword beam, Xia Qingyue’s snow-white face was completely calm. Blue light abruptly emerged from her whole body, and tens of thousands of ice spirits suddenly left her body, weaving into an enormous stretch of an ice blue colored screen of light, sealing the sword beam that came at her along with Ling Tianni within it.


The energy of ice and sword intent simultaneously erupted as golden colored and blue colored light chaotically collided and entwined, destroying each other. The air was violently pushed aside, and the chaotic streams of air swept up waves after waves of rampant storms. At first, the golden sword beam was at an immense advantage, shattering the blue colored ice spirits by the chunks; but right after, the speed that the sword beam assaulted became increasingly slower, and more and more sword beams were even directly frozen and shattered.


The two’s profound strength surged at the same time, and then they simultaneously retreated back over a hundred meters. The ground beneath them had deeply caved under in an exaggerated fashion, the shattered ice crystals covering the sky quickly fell, covering the caved in ground with a thick layer of ice.

Ling Tianni’s head, shoulders, and even the sword, were all covered with a layer of thick frost, and he actually looked to be in a slightly sorry state. With a shift of his profound energy, all the ice crystals were blasted away. When he looked at Xia Qingyue again, the expression in his eyes were once again completely different from before. The expression on his face, more so made no secret of that astonishment and exclamation of praise coming from the depth of his heart: “So it really isn’t Frozen Cloud Arts! Could it be… You have actually already cultivated… Frozen End Divine Arts?

The moment “Frozen End Divine Art” was spoken, everyone present were all at a loss. However, Ling Jie’s body shook, and revealed an extremely shocked expression.

Everyone all knew that the core profound art of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was Frozen Cloud Arts.

But very few know, that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace also had a series of profound arts far surpassing Frozen Cloud Arts in might… Frozen End Divine Arts.

As the inheritor of Heavenly Sword Villa’s Villa Master’s bloodline, Ling Jie knew a secret very well… His ancestor a thousand years ago, who was also the founder of Heavenly Sword Villa, had lost to a person within Blue Wind Empire before —— And also had only ever lost to one person.

That was precisely the founder of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace —— Mu Bingyun!

Back then, Heavenly Sword founder’s cultivation was at the eight level of the Emperor Profound Realm and his Heavenly Sword Divine Art had reached the peak of perfection; Mu Bingyun was only at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, two levels lower than him… Yet amongst the three battles between him and Mu Bingyun, he had lost all of them under her Frozen End Divine Arts.

According to the records left by the Heavenly Sword Founder, Frozen End Divine Arts was a unparalleled profound art that far surpassed Heavenly Sword Divine Arts, and wasn’t even inferior to the level of Sacred Grounds. Cultivating Frozen Cloud Art to the extreme could freeze all objects, and even freeze profound strength and profound energy. But Mu Bingyun’s Frozen End Divine Arts, could even freeze his sword intent, sword heart, and even his heart and soul.

Only, in order to cultivate Frozen End Divine Arts, not only would one need Frozen Cloud Art as foundation, one would also need an extremely high comprehension ability. However, after Mu Bingyun established Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, a thousand years later, no one had ever successfully cultivate Frozen End Divine Art from start to finish. This mighty profound art that was acclaimed by the Heavenly Sword Founder to surpass the Heavenly Sword Divine Art, had also been gradually forgotten amidst the thousand years, and only the other three major sects had records of it.

Facing Ling Tianni’s gaze of exclamation, Xia Qingyue didn’t speak… But her silence was tacit acknowledgement!

Frozen End Divine Art appearing in the world once again, endlessly stirred Ling Tianni’s heart. He said with a sigh: “I didn’t expect that I could actually personally witness the legendary Frozen End Divine Art. With a successor like you, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would definitely rise up in glory. If you could use Frozen End Divine Art to perfection, reaching the legendary realm of freezing the sword intent and soul, perhaps I wouldn’t be your match even today. Yet it is evident that you have just reached the fundamental level. It is impossible for the current you to be my match… You should withdraw.”

Ling Tianni’s body rushed straight out, the green sword in his hand swiftly slashed. Instantly, the sword’s force soared in the air, swallowing all beneath the heavens. The golden colored sword beam that blotted out the sun cut apart space, and also seemed to split the sky apart from the middle. Under the imposing force of this sword, the crowd actually had a feeling that even the heavens and earth were about to be severed.

The Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon faintly trembled, and uttered a moan as thought it couldn’t bear the heavy burden. Even the fluttering of the ice spirits had also begun to slow down.

Xia Qingyue’s expression still stayed the same, like a sculpture of ice and snow that wouldn’t melt in tens of thousand of years. As she opened her arms wide, her complexion suddenly became entirely snow white, and even her fluttering long hair had instantly become light blue like that of ice crystals. An ice cold yet glamorous ice lotus bloomed extravagantly in front of her body.


The blooming ice lotus and the Sword Saint’s sky cleaving strike fiercely clashed, and the golden and blue colored light once again chaotically interweaved, but the stalemate only lasted for ten breaths of time. The golden sword beam’s light suddenly became increasingly powerful, violently suppressing and engulfing the ice blue light.

Just like Ling Tianni had said, even though Xia Qingyue had successfully cultivated the Frozen End Divine Art, she had merely learned the rudiments. After all, from her studying to cultivating, merely half a year had passed in total. In such a short amount of time, even if her comprehension ability was extremely great, she could only cultivate Frozen End Divine Art to the third stage. Furthermore, with Ling Tianni’s hundred years of cultivation, his profound energy was incomparably rich and thick, far surpassing Xia Qingyue. To be able to form a stalemate with Ling Tianni, was already a feat enough to look down upon the world with pride.


The Frozen End Lotus completely bursted apart, and Xia Qingyue’s body was blown far away. Forming a sword with his body, Ling Tianni slashed down… Xia Qingyue assaulting him without any hesitation at all clearly showed that she was hell bent on saving Yun Che. Then, if he wanted to kill Yun Che, he had to first make Xia Qingyue lose the capability to fight.

The golden colored sword beam pierced through more than half of Xia Qingyue’s protective profound energy in the blink of an eye as if piercing through bamboo. And at this time, a surge of extremely ferocious storm suddenly flooded at him from behind.

“Are you treating me as if I don’t exist!!!”

Yun Che’s entire body burned with phoenix flames. The black hair on his head unbridledly hung astray, like a raging devil, his eyes were as red as blood. His vicious face, as well as the terrifying power swing out by the Dragon Fault, made even the Sword Saint’s heart stop for a moment. His body turned around with the quickest speed, and the sword beam retracted from Xia Qingyue’s direction, meeting Dragon Fault with full force.


Heavy sword against the green sword, without any fancy tricks at all.

A frightening noise exploded between Yun Che and Ling Tianni. The profound energy storm directly caused the ground to deeply cave in, as sand and stone blotted out the sky. The terror of the imposing might wasn’t at all inferior to a roar from the sea.

Direct smash attacks close in proximity was precisely the greatest advantage of the heavy sword. Under the explosive strength of Dragon Fault, even the Sword Saint’s entire body greatly shook as his right arm instantly went numb. Yun Che’s gaze was vicious, the veins of both his arms popped up, and with a low cry, the second wave of strength flooded out from his body and erupted once again.


As though he had been swept away by a storm, Ling Tianni was flung far away, and was only able to stabilize his posture in midair after being sent over one hundred and fifty meters outwards.

Yun Che’s body quickly fell back, and staggered as he landed. He quickly walked over to Xia Qingyue’s side, his gaze falling to her thin and tender body as he asked: “Qingyue, are you okay?”

“...Why didn’t you leave earlier?” Xia Qingyue’s charming eyes were devoid of expression, her voice gentle yet ice cold.

“It’s been so long since we’ve met and when we finally met, your first sentence is actually for me to leave?” Yun Che had on an expression of being heartbroken: “Isn’t the role of wife that you are playing a bit too heartless?”

Xia Qingyue’s gaze fell onto his face, lingered for a bit, then silently left. She said quietly: “Senior Sword Saint’s might, is not something I can match. Shortly, I will do all I can to delay him for thirty breaths of time, you should flee with all your strength. The current situation, is not something you…”

“The reason why I didn’t leave wasn’t because I was being conceited, but was because he simply isn’t able to kill me!” Yun Che interrupted her words. His steps shifted forward, and stood beside Xia Qingyue. He pressed his hand onto his chest, and said with a low voice: “Since I dared to appear before him, then I naturally had the confidence to not be killed by him. I had originally decided that after contending with him for a bit that I’ll flee far away, but now, I’ve changed my mind.”

On Yun Che’s chest, three balls of scarlet colored flames that came from who knew where suddenly began to burn. Yun Che half narrowed his eyes: “Even though Ling Tianni is extremely strong, our current level of power isn’t the difference of cloud and mud compared him either! When exchanging blows with him earlier, he had already been forcefully exhausted of forty percent of his strength. If we join forces, it may not necessarily be impossible to defeat him!!”


Flames surged up on Yun Che’s body as the three drops of Phoenix Blood began to crazily burn. His aura that had been largely weakened also sharply rose at this moment… Initially, he had planned on fleeing using the power exchanged by burning the Phoenix Blood as the price, but Xia Qingyue’s appearance made him change his plans… He will mercilessly thwart this Sword Saint, whose existence was like the judicator, under everyone’s eyes within this Imperial City!! And make him pay the price that he had to pay!!

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