Chapter 40 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 40 – Blood-soaked Jasmine (2)

Although Cyan Forest Town’s shops were few in number, they still had all the necessities. Knitting his brows tightly, Yun Che hastened his footsteps, and soon turned into a pharmacy on the right.

“Shopkeeper, are there any Purple Lantern Flowers and Iron Sand Vines?” Yun Che said immediately after entering the pharmacy, and at the same time quickly scanned the pharmacy with his eyes.

At a glance, the pharmacy shopkeeper looked like a listless and bored middle-aged man. The medicinal herbs Yun Che asked for were also the most common of medicinal herbs. Purple Lantern Flowers could dispel colds and Iron Sand Vines could be refined into the lowest grade Profound Recovery Pellet; both could be found anywhere and were very inexpensive. The shopkeeper feebly responded: “There are, how much do you want?”

“A quarter kilos of each!” Yun Che said with haste.

The shopkeeper readily wrapped the medicine, and threw it at him: “Twenty Yellow Profound Coins altogether.”

【Author’s Note: Profound Sky Continent’s currency are split into three different kinds: Yellow Profound Coin, Cyan Profound Coin, and Purple Profound Coin. 1 Purple Profound Coin = 100 Cyan Profound Coins = 10000 Yellow Profound Coins. Profound Coin Value Reference: Profound Sky Continent’s average household’s annual income is about 30000 Yellow Profound Coin, or 3 Purple Profound Coins】

Putting the Profound Coins on the counter, Yun Che left in a hurry; without stopping, he headed toward the town’s Southern Exit.

Xiao Ba, whom now has discovered his silhouette, didn’t hurry to attack but instead trailed behind him without any expressions on his face.

Cyan Forest Town’s exit quickly appeared before them. To the south of Cyan Forest Town was a vast vein of mountains, namely the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range. These mountains were inhabited by a variety of profound beasts, making it very dangerous. Even the Cyan Forest Town’s military unit and practitioners who practiced in the profound, who were known for their strength, only dared to move around in the outermost parts of the mountains. When one goes deeper into the mountains, higher leveled profound beasts would be encountered and this often ended with narrow escapes. The reason why the mountain was named the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, was because in the center of the mountain vein there lived an enormous fire breathing Great Flame Dragon, thus granting it that name.

However that was only in legends and no one had actually seen it before. Dragons were at the apex of profound beasts, so even the lowest leveled dragons are terrifyingly powerful. And if they really existed, there was no possibility of survival after seeing one.

Stepping into Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, Yun Che slowly inhaled, hugged the two bags of medicine he’d bought from the pharmacy onto his chest with his right hand, and covered the medicine with his left hand as the Sky Poison Pearl’s radiance twinkled…… Suddenly, a large amount of flakes fell through from his hands. As Yun Che removed his left hand, what’s left in his palm was only a small pile of purple-black powder.

The Purple Lantern Flower didn’t have any poisonous properties, and neither does Iron Sand Vine, so there wouldn’t be any poisonous responses even if both were consumed together. Even if it were poisonous, a normal poison’s effect would be only miniscule against powerful individuals that had achieved the Spirit Profound Realm; or may not even have any effect at all.

However, a powder created by combining certain components of the Purple Lantern Flower and the Iron Sand Vine together, had the properties to tremendously irritate the eyes. If touched by the eye, no matter how powerful one’s profound strength may be, they would still lose their sight temporarily.

Grasping this handful of powder, Yun Che slowly turned around and looked at Xiao Ba, who wasn’t even ten steps away from him, that appeared like a ghost without presence.

Xiao Ba became slightly surprised when Yun Che was able to notice him. He looked at Yun Che with scorn, and coldly said: “You’re called Xiao Che, right? The good for nothing that was kicked out of Xiao Clan!”

“No, I am named Yun Che!” Yun Che leisurely stared back at him. There wasn’t a single hint of fear on this face.

“Hmph!” Xiao Ba wasn’t actually interested what his name was, nor did he react to Yun Che’s leisure gesture, since dealing with a super wastrel with damaged profound veins wasn’t something he even needed to think about: “I’ve got orders from my young master to deliver you to meet your maker! In the next life, remember not to provoke those that you can’t afford to offend!”

As his voice faded, a short blade already appeared in Xiao Ba’s hand. He then swung his right hand, and the blade flew toward with Yun Che with the ear-piercing sound of space being torn apart…. Xiao Kuangyun wanted him to disfigure Yun Che’s face and cut off his tongue, but he evidently didn’t have the patience to waste so much time and energy on a complete trash like him. He was too lazy to even touch Yun Che at all, so he just threw out a blade and aimed it directly at the throat.

When Xiao Ba suddenly took out the short blade, Yun Che’s brow shook violently, and when Xiao Ba swung his right arm out, his heart finally dropped…. He had prepared for Xiao Ba to rush forward and bash him, but he didn’t expect that a person that had achieved the Spirit Profound Realm from Xiao Sect would actually use weapons against a worthless person like him! And even assassinating him using throwing knives!

With the pitifully insignificant profound power in his body, how could he dodge a throwing knife thrown by a powerful being that had reached the Spirit Profound Realm?

Was this Xiao Ba’s personality twisted? He actually acted offbeat from the logic of a normal person! To even use weapons in order kill someone who didnn’t possess profound power at all like me; won’t he feel ashamed if others knew about this?…Yun Che powerlessly cursed in his heart. As the blade reflected in his pupils got closer, his consciousness promptly tried to dodge the knife by reflex, but his slow body had no chance of dodging it at all….

Just as the knife was about to piece Yun Che’s throat, a red shadow shot out of Yun Che’s body like a lightning bolt, and darted toward Xiao Ba….


The short blade had not pierced Yun Che’s throat and simply vanished from his vision! But now behind Xiao Ba’s body, was the addition of a petite silhouette. She had her back towards Yun Che; dressed in a white one piece, she exhibited a naked shin and feet that were as beautiful as jade. As her red hair scattered all the way down to her waist, this enchanting allure was unparalleled.

And in her right hand, was clearly the short blade that Xiao Ba shot at him!

This girl… her clothes, and red hair… don’t tell me….

Xiao Ba still kept the same posture as when he threw the short blade, his whole body froze like before. In the ghastly silence, he didn’t turn around, nor did his expression and movements change at all, as if he was suspended in time. The only change would be that his pupils contracted to the size of the eye of a needle, as if at that moment, he saw the world’s most horrifying scene….

As a gust of refreshing breeze brushed by, Xiao Ba’s erect body suddenly fell apart in the light wind… That’s right! It fell apart, like the collapse of a pile of toy building blocks that fell down one block at a time, to become a pool of blood and a countless number of minute dismembered pieces.

As the wind blew into Yun Che’s face, it brought back the pungent scent of blood. His whole body was petrified in place. As he looked at the back of the girl, his pupils contracted violently, and couldn’t breath at all. Even his heartbeat had almost completely stopped.

Her garment and red hair revealed to him that this was clearly the girl that he met during that night in the rear mountains, who also entered inside the Sky Poison Pearl. However, after going into the Sky Poison Pearl, she had always been unconsciously sleeping… But now, she had awoken, left the Sky Poison Pearl by herself, and showed him the most terrifying scene he had ever witnessed in the Profound Sky Continent.

In just that instant, it was doubtless that this girl was able to grab the knife that almost pierced his throat, rushed toward Xiao Ba, and killed him… The whole process could only be seen as a flash of red light that lasted during an inconsiderably puny tick of time… Xiao Ba’s body was entirely minced, and to be dismantled into such a state, it would at least take over hundreds of strikes….

In other words,this girl not only intercepted the knife that almost took his life just a moment ago, but also used the same knife and chopped Xiao Ba at least several hundreds times!!

Was… Was this even the ability a small girl could have?

No! Was this even a realm that “humans” could reach?!!



During Yun Che’s extreme state of shock, the girl’s short blade suddenly dropped to the ground, and she emitted a painful moan that usually could be heard from a small animal. Right after that, her entire body slowly assumed a squatting position onto the ground, and her petite body shivering slightly, as if bathing inside an icy cold gust….

“This hateful Absolute God Slaying Poison…… How could this princess… experience such a…. rebound… when only using this degree of power… Uuuu….” Yun Che carefully walked two steps closer, and every time his gaze fell onto the puddle of blood, his heart would feel a chill… Who was this red-haired girl! Xiao Ba was from Xiao Sect, so his true strength was at least in the lower levels of Spirit Profound Realm! It was probable that almost no one in Floating Cloud City could even match him; however this girl had instantly killed him in a flash!

This girl undoubtedly appeared to be only twelve or thirteen! At this age, even reaching Elementary Profound Realm would be rare. Xia Qingyue reaching tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm at the age of sixteen was already considered to be the number one genius in the entire city, but this girl…… this girl……

This was the first time, since arriving in this Profound Sky Continent, that Yun Che was genuinely shocked for the first time. For when he looked at the scene before his eyes, it completely exceeded his apprehension… his apprehension gained from an entire two lifetimes!

Yun Che took a heavy deep breath, strove to calm down with great effort, clenched his teeth, and finally spoke: “Little girl, you… woke up?”

Hearing Yun Che’s voice, the girl’s body stopped shivering. She slowly stood up, turned around, and showed her face that was as delicate as a doll. Although this immature and tender face and was unbelievably beautiful, right now it had an apparent expression of pain. She looked at Yun Che, and spoke with a tender but icy cold tone: “How unbelievable, the Sky Poison Pearl would actually choose a useless common person like you as its master! Don’t tell me that this Heavenly Profound Treasure’s spirituality had already become distorted?”

Strictly speaking, this was the first time Yun Che saw her face to face. Although he had visited her many times everyday in the Sky Poison Pearl, as he looked at her again right now, Yun Che still was incapable of turning his gaze away. This was due to the extreme beauty of the girl, she was beautiful enough to the point of being able to steal souls. Every single feature on her snow like face were exquisitely delicate and perfect beyond compare; moreover, it reached the pinnacle of indescribably perfection.

Her eyes were sparkling and translucent like precious black gemstones, but were also as profound as the night sky. From her eyes, Yun Che saw a kind of loftiness…. Yet this loftiness was absolutely not like Xiao Kuangyun’s kind of senseless and haughty arrogance that abused authority, but a noble aloofness that came from the soul; as if before her eyes, every spirit in this world were all, without exception, simply just large ants, while every living thing in this world was comparable to be as insignificant as dust.


Cyan Forest Town, within the inn.

All the entrees and side dishes had been served, yet Xiao Ba still had not returned.

Xiao Kuangyun started to feel agitated, and snorted coldly: “Against a piece of trash, he actually wasted this much time. Hmph, perhaps he got lost in this unfamiliar place? Xiao Jiu, you go take a look.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Xiao Jiu accepted the order and immediately stood up to walk out of the inn, to then trail towards the direction Xiao Ba had previously gone.

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