Chapter 41 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (3)

Against the Gods

Chapter 41 – Blood-soaked Jasmine (3)

Yun Che had already quickly calmed down inside. But from what the young girl said just now, combined with her muttering before, there were a few phrases that stuck out to him. This princess…. Absolute God Slaying Poison… Heavenly Profound Treasure…

She called herself a princess? Was she a princess from a certain empire?

And what is Absolute God Slaying Poison? I knew all the poison in the world on the back of my hand, how could I have never heard of this name?

And this Heavenly Profound Treasure…. Grandfather said that my birth parents were being hunted because they carried a “Heavenly Profound Treasure” with them, and the words “Heavenly Profound Treasure” were a kind of frightening taboo! And from what this girl said, she was clearly talking about the “Sky Poison Pearl”. Is there actually more than just one Heavenly Profound Treasure?

But Yun Che didn’t inquire about any of these questions, nor was it time for asking. He hesitated a little, and finally said: “Little girl, I don’t really understand what you are saying. But since you finally woke up from such a long slumber in the Sky Poison Pearl, could you tell me your name?”

Facing Yun Che’s inquiry, the girl’s complexion and gaze didn’t shift, as if she hadn’t heard him at all. But after a short while, she nevertheless answered Yun Che’s questions. Moving her pink and tender lips, she muttered an icy cold word: “Jasmine.”

“Jasmine?” Yun Che smiled, his gaze carried honest appreciation: “Jasmine is cute and petite, has a rich aroma, and is beautifully white without imperfections. This name really suits you.”

“White without imperfections?” The girl’s complexion of pain slowly abated, her lips slightly curled and tilted , forming an ice cold angle. At this time, a wave of cold breeze passed by and made her scarlet hair flutter in the air. A emerald colored leaf fell in the wind, and was caught in a grip by the girl: “I am Jasmine, a Jasmine that had been dyed red with blood!”

As the girl loosened her grip, the previously intact leaf had now became a pile of tiny flakes, and fell out of her hands accompanying the wind.

“….” Yun Che’s heart experienced a bone-freezing chill he had never ever felt before.

Those tiny flakes dispersed with the wind, and when some of them flew toward the girl’s body, an eerie scene appeared before Yun Che’s eyes…. As those flakes touched the girl’s body, they actually didn’t cling onto her, but passed straight through and scattered behind her…

“!!!!” What is this? Don’t tell me, this girl’s body is actually… Ethereal?

No! If she was ethereal, then how could she have picked up the short knife and catch that falling leaf just now? Is it that she can touch something willingly, but can’t be touched otherwise…. a semi-ethereal body?

“Your question, this princess had already answered it. Now, it’s time for you to answer this princess’ questions.” Jasmine’s black gemstone like eyes stared straight at Yun Che’s. The impeccably charming gaze, however, was like a razor-sharp knife, and pierced straight into the deepest part of his heart and soul: “Where in the world, did you obtain the Sky Poison Pearl!”

“My master passed it on to me. However he has passed away, and I don’t know where he obtained the Sky Poison Pearl either.” Yun Che said directly. Facing this girl’s gaze as clear as a diamond, he had a terrified feeling that he shouldn’t lie about even half a sentence. So he simply answered the truth directly…. since in this case, the truth was probably worthless to her anyways.

The girl stared into his eyes for three whole seconds, then finally fluctuated a little. Using a icy cold tone that shouldn’t belong to a twelve or thirteen year old girl, she plainly said: “Sky Poison Pearl, ranked fifth in the seven Heavenly Profound Treasures; limitless inner space, can counteract all poisons, refine all ingredients. When appeared for an instant one thousand and three hundred years ago, the whole world turmoiled to obtain it, then it disappeared without a trace. I didn’t expect, that it actually landed into a wastrel with forever broken Profound Veins’ hands! And even fused with your body! What ridiculousness. I don’t know whether this Sky Poison Pearl had lost its spirituality, or its spirit had thoroughly become insane!”

Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures…. Ranked fifth?

The girl’s brow that was like a waning moon suddenly sunk, a wave of ice cold murdering intent solidified and tightly caged Yun Che’s body: “If the Sky Poison Pearl would even fuse with a wastrel like you, there is no reason it wouldn’t fuse with this princess!”


A flood of cold gale flew toward Yue Che, and his back violently crashed into the tree trunk behind him before he could even react. The girl’s charming face full of murderous intent was now only a foot away, and her left hand tightly gripped on his throat,

“You….” Yun Che opened his eyes wide, and his face rapidly turned ghastly under the excruciating suffocation.

“I’ll give you two choices.” The girl’s absolute stunning features were now full of dreadfulness, and every word from her tender voice is chilling: “Your first choice, obediently turn over the Sky Poison Pearl to this princess. The other is that this princess will take the Sky Poison Pearl from your dead body after I take your life!”

Although the young girl’s hands were undoubtedly supple like tender jade, it rigidly constricted his throat, and rendered him unable to move at all with excruciating pain. However, his face didn’t show even the slightest fear or panic, instead spoke dully with his weak and hoarse voice: “I choose the second choice, quickly kill me now.”

The girl’s lovely eyes narrowed, and sneered: “You think I* wouldn’t dare to?”

As she was speaking, her fingers abruptly tightened. Five lines of frightening blood prints immediately appeared on Yun Che’s neck, and his complexion became even more anguished than before. However he curled up his lips, and smiled with a ghastly white face: “If you really wished for me to die…. then just now… you wouldn’t have saved me despite risking the poison’s rebound!”

Jasmine: “……”

Yun Che stared into her eyes, and continued as his face contorted with pain: “You were hit by a strange poison, but this poison not only poison the body, but also poison the soul! That night, your body already dissipated in my face, and you became only a soul tormented by this severe poison…. The body you have now, is only a semi-physical body born from you forcefully sucking my blood the other day, while borrowing power from the Sky Poison Pearl that was fused with me! This means that, my life, is also your life! If you had died, it wouldn’t affect me in the slightest; but if I had died, you would have instantly died with me!”

“If I turned over the Sky Poison Pearl to you, I would have really invited my own death!”

“….” An intense shock swayed through the depth of Jasmine’s charming eyes, and she slowly loosened her small hands that were on Yun Che’s throat.

As he finally had escaped the pain of being choked, Yun Che harshly coughed with unrivaled intensity. He then violently vomited, to the point of even hurling out his bile. His complexion becoming even ghastly than before.

“You don’t actually seem to be as useless as you look.” Jasmine looked at him with the corner of her eye: “How could you tell?

“Heh…” Yun Che smiled with a low voice: “Because I’m an exceptionally skilled doctor! If you don’t want to die, you must not only spare me, but must also protect me with all your might! To be able to consolidate your soul into a body, one would at least need to have the strength of Emperor Profound Realm! Your life, certainly would worth much more than mine.”

To reach Emperor Profound Realm at the age of twelve or thirteen, one could imagine Yun Che’s turmoil in his heart as he spoke his words. Throughout the Blue Wind Empire, if one had reached Sky Profound Realm, one would already be considered unsurmountable; and for people who had achieved Emperor Profound Realm, there weren’t even ten in the entire Blue Wind Empire. Without exception, these people can boast like emperors, for they were unparalleled between the heavens and earth. To reach this realm, one would not only need exceptional ingenuity and lucky opportunities, but also need an adequate amount of time. People in Blue Wind Empire who could reach Emperor Profound Realm were invariably over hundreds of years old. After reaching this realm, even if the physical body was destroyed, one could still take form by crystallizing the soul; if they could find a chance to rebuild the physical body, they would be able to flawlessly resurrect.

However this girl who had her body destroyed, whose soul was still alive and depended on his life force, clearly had the strength of Emperor Profound Realm! How terrifying of a concept is that?

However the girl’s next sentence, stupefied Yun Che for an entire five seconds.

“Emperor Profound Realm?” The girl’s gaze didn’t waver, but her face openly expressed a deep disinterest: “What’s that?”

Yun Che: “….”

At this time, the sound of slightly hurried foot steps could be heard from up ahead. Jasmine’s gaze congealed, and slowly snapped her body around. The owner of the footsteps sound quickly appeared in their vision.

Xiao Jiu!

“Another one has come for my life. What to do is up to you.”

When he was facing Xiao Ba earlier, although he had his “secret weapon” held in hand, it was impossible to assert that he wasn’t nervous. But now, looking at the Xiao Jiu in front of his eyes, he wasn’t nervous even in the slightest. He leaned half of his body onto the tree trunk behind him, his gaze toward Xiao Jiu actually contained a tiny bit of pity…. and disappointment… Why did only a Xiao Jiu come? It would have been great if a few more came to accompany him in the grave.

Xiao Jiu first saw Yun Che, then saw the puddle of blood and minced meat on the ground. Although Xiao Ba’s body was already broken into several thousand of pieces, he still recognized it since they had been companions for decades. Suddenly, he became aghast for a while. But as his gaze fell upon Jasmine, he became utterly flabbergasted.

Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu were both born from impure bloodlines, their position in the humongous Xiao Sect was at first meager. But because they had expressed exceptional talent, they were selected and went through impossibly strict training, and later became Xiao Kuangyun’s personal guard. They not only possessed great profound strength, but their personality were also cold and ruthless. They only knew loyalty, and was uninterested in all other things…. including women! Even if they had stunningly alluring maidens in their arms, their expressions and heat wouldn’t waver and fluctuate even a little, as if they were robots without any sex drive. Of course, being a pedophile was further out of the question.

But the moment he saw Jasmine, his eyes became dazed and his body experienced a numbing sensation he had never felt before; all of the blood in his body nearly boiled over.

He didn’t know what language he could use to describe the beauty of the girl in front of his eyes…. Her eyes, as if it was the most dazzling pearl in the world, shimmered with a mystifying beautiful complexion. What exquisite flawlessness were her cheeks and features, impeccable to the point that it couldn’t even be described as an immaculate statue made of jade…..

The petite and tender young bodyline that brimmed with immatureness, was alluring to the extreme. Following the white dress downwards, beauty like nature itself poured out. Below the skirt hem, there exhibited two thin, straight and tender shins. With faultlessly white and creamy skin as if crafted from jade, it overflowed with a honeyed milk sleekness, and announced its crystal clearness like that of ice. Her feet that touched the ground were like two blooming icy lotus blossoms, impeccably beautiful, as if they didn’t belong in the human realm.

In this world, how could there be something this beautiful….?

Xiao Jiu was thoroughly frozen, both of his eyes opened wide and contained a sluggish gaze as his awareness entirely went beyond the heavens. As if his soul was taken away, he forgot about Xiao Ba who died tragically, and forgot about Yun Che whom he needed to kill. In his eyes, in his awareness, only the girl that was beautiful enough to drain the colors from both heaven and earth remained. Her long scarlet hair that blew in the wind added a bit of flirtatiousness onto her absolute beauty. It made his heartbeat speed up, and heated up his whole body. His heart entrenched the intense desire to possess her, pin her below his body and wildy ravage her with abandon.

“You have a death wish!!” Looking at Xiao Jiu’s exceedingly feverish gaze, Jasmine expressed a sullen anger on her face. She abruptly lifted her tender and jade-like hand, and pointed her palm at Xiao Jiu’s chest…..

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