Chapter 453 - Extreme Mirage Lightning Actively Dropping In

Against the Gods

Chapter 453 - Extreme Mirage Lightning Actively Dropping In

“That person seems to be… the Supreme Ocean Palace’s Se… Se… Senior Ji.”

Xia Yuanba forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva, tugged at Yun Che, and prepared to make a detour, but he saw that after pausing for a little while, Yun Che unexpectedly walked over on his own accord.

“Ahhh… Brother-in-law…” Xia Yuanba didn’t hold on tightly enough. He stared blankly as Yun Che walked towards Ji Qianrou who, in his eyes, was even scarier than ferocious Primordial Beasts.

“The smell in this Phoenix City is really hateful, this dry and rough burning feeling is my flawless skin’s biggest enemy. The only one that is fit to be called beautiful, is this enchanting Phoenix flower. A pity, no matter how beautiful, a flower must wilt, just like like my appearance which is even more beautiful than this Phoenix flower. I will grow old one day, this is the rule of the world, and it will forever be so cruel… Don’t you agree, Little Cheche.”

Two petals floated gently from his fingers, as the figure beneath the Phoenix tree turned, revealing a beautiful alluring face and rippling eyes that looked at Yun Che.

Such a face with such an expression was no doubt a massive killer weapon, yet Yun Che was not the least affected by it. He moved forward with an unwavering expression: “Junior Yun Che, greets Senior Ji, I thank senior for speaking up for this junior.”

“Senior Ji?” Ji Qianrou’s snow white sleeve floated, as he whipped his long hair with incomparable charm: “I hate people calling me senior the most, look at this one’s youthful good looks. I’m also older than you by just six hundred years, how am I your senior? If you call me senior again, this one will get angry already, you know.”

“...Then, how should this junior address you.”

Ji Qianrou narrowed his coquettish eyes and said beamingly: “You can call me Qianrou, or you can call me Little Qianqian, Little Rourou… Little Jiji is fine too, you know.”

“...” Even though Yun Che tried his best to maintain his calm, his throat was already twitching. He was silent a long time, staring as he did not know how to reply.

“You don’t need to thank me, this one spoke up for you only because this one feels that you are… still not too bad, you know.” Ji Qianrou gazed from top to bottom, slowly sweeping across Yun Che’s entire body, his gaze as flirtatious as water, immediately causing Yun Che to get goose bumps. He initially wanted to speak longer with Ji Qianrou, but he had totally changed his mind now, wishing that he could just run off.

Yun Che quickly said: “In any case, this junior cannot thank Senior Ji enough for taking a stand in that matter. Forgive junior for asking, in these few years, has Senior Ji, due to a kind of special toad poison… Junior is familiar with medicine, therefore, I can vaguely see some clues. I’m not sure if I’m right.”

“Oh? Ji Qianrou squinted and stared into Yun Che’s eyes, then said in a velvety voice: “Two hundred years ago, I accidently encountered an ugly toad. This one hates these kinds of ugly things the most, thus, I casually destroyed it. I didn’t expect that I would accidentally get into contact with its vicious venom.” Ji Qianrou extended his fingers and looked at an indistinct black line on his fingertips: “That’s why, not only should you not look at ugly things, you should not even touch them.”

Yun Che said: “The venom which Senior Ji has mentioned is a kind of Soul Coiling Toad’s Poison, it attaches itself onto the mind, and lives off blood. Thus, regular methods are absolutely unable to force it out. Of course, based on Senior Ji’s powerful profound strength, this kind of toad poison will not have any severe consequences, but it isn’t just a small frustration too…”

“Junior has some qualifications in detoxification, this detoxification pellet may be of some help to Senior Ji.” Yun Che said while taking out a pellet which he had prepared beforehand by injecting the purifying power of the Sky Poison Pearl into the pellet. He initially wanted to put it into Qian Jirou’s hand, but after looking at his palm and thinking for a while, he chose to toss it over.

Ji Qianrou waved his fingers and gripped it between his fingers.

“This junior shall take his leave.” Yun Che cupped his hands, then left as if he was fleeing.

The pellet in his hand was as green as jade. Just by holding it, the entire body would feel a bone-piercing aura of freshness. Ji Qianrou glanced at Yun Che’s back view with slanted eyes, sniffed at the pellet, then opened his lips lightly, and placed it in his mouth.

Together with Xia Yuanba, he strolled around Phoenix City. Yun Che listened to him talk about things like Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Upon returning to the courtyard, darkness had completely enveloped their surroundings, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s room was completely dark, he appeared to be resting.

Yun Che returned to his room. Upon closing the door, his eyebrows twitched, and he felt a vague feeling that something was wrong.

Somebody had been in the room!

Back in Azure Cloud Continent, he was hunted day and night, he had long developed an incomparably abnormal anti-hunting ability. He could tell with a glance if anywhere he had been was touched after he left... In the end, he didn’t even need to spot the difference, but his instincts could detect any disturbances his naked eyes could not.

Yun Che became vigilant. This was Phoenix City’s guest area, outsiders could not simply enter, even a Phoenix disciple would not be able to. Only himself, Xia Yuanba, and Spiritual Master Ancient Blue stayed here. He had left together with Xia Yuanba and Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had no reason to walk through this area… just who exactly had come in?

Yun Che’s eyebrows sank. His gaze swept across every nook and cranny of the room thoroughly, but he did not discover any traces which aroused his attention. After contemplating for a while, he walked to the bedside. Just when he wanted to lie down, his gaze suddenly fell onto the pillow.

He reached out, and rapidly moved the pillow away… beneath the pillow was shockingly a bundle of green jade strips.


Yun Che was a hundred percent sure that the jade strips were not there before. Because after picking the rooms with Xia Yuanba, he had cautiously inspected the bed on purpose.

Yun Che scrunched his eyebrows, directly reaching to grab the jade strips, then carefully opened them.

Following the opening of the first piece of jade strip, three incomparably distinct words shined into Yun Che’s eyes:

Extreme Mirage Lightning!

“Extreme Mirage Lightning!?” Yun Che cried out softly.

This was actually Extreme Mirage Lightning, Hua Minghai’s family heirloom which had the reputation of Profound Sky’s number one profound movement skill!!

The person who had been here was Hua Minghai? How did he know which room to find me in? And why did he put these jade strips with the Extreme Mirage Lightning imprinted here?

Hua Minghai’s profound strength was only at the later stages of the Sky Profound Realm, but with this “Extreme Mirage Lightning”, he became Profound Sky Continent’s mightily renowned “Ghost Mirage Bandit Saint”. He could even safely go through Divine Phoenix Sect, and even several Overlords acting together could not touch the corners of his shirt. It could even be said that “Extreme Mirage Lightning” made Yun Che’s mouth water. However, when he had saved Ru Xiaoya and expressed his interest to Hua Minghai, he was rejected.

It was because the skill was his Hua family’s sacred skill, it could never be passed on to outsiders. Hua Minghai even said that apart from that request, he would give in to any other request.

But now, these jade strips which the “Extreme Mirage Lightning” was imprinted on, had appeared in this place!

“It seems like this person named Hua Minghai wants you to owe him a huge favour.” Jasmine said unenthusiastically.

Yun Che had witnessed the power of “Extreme Mirage Lightning” with his own two eyes, and it was just before him now. Yet, after flipping over the first jade strip, Yun Che did not continue to look through it any further. After saving Ru Xiaoya, Hua Minghai was ashamed, yet determined in rejecting Yun Che’s request to practice Extreme Mirage Lightning. Only several days had passed, and he took the initiative to hand it over. Not only did he not deliver it in person, it was sent without a message.

What Jasmine had said was not wrong, if he really learned Extreme Mirage Lightning just like that, then, he would owe Hua Minghai a huge favor. And Hua Minghai’s intention of taking the initiative to send Extreme Mirage Lightning over, was exactly to make Yun Che owe him a favor.

“It seems like after seeing my performance in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, he wants to borrow my strength to help him accomplish some kind of objective.” Yun Che muttered to himself.

“Then why did he not give it to you personally?” Jasmine said.

Yun Che said unhurriedly: “Firstly, my current strength is not sufficient. What he has his eyes on, is my potential, he believes that I will have sufficient strength in the future. Secondly, he feels that I will definitely refuse if he speaks to me in person, thus, he chose this method, to directly send a huge bait without even requesting anything. If I can’t resist the bait and cultivate Extreme Mirage Lightning, then I would owe him this huge favor. When the time comes, I would not be able to reject him. Another way of looking at it is that if I use this Extreme Mirage Lightning, others would think that I am from the Hua family.”

“If that’s the case, you seem to know his motive already.”

“More or less.” Yun Che said: “Hua Minghai’s family was destroyed by Sun Moon Divine Hall. Based on Hua Minghai’s abilities, for him to keep his life is not an issue, but taking revenge is impossible. Thus, he wants to borrow my strength after I become strong enough. However, everyone fears Sun Moon Divine Hall. They are a paramount Sacred Ground. Not only that, I have no enmity with them, Hua Minghai would not be so naive as to think that just a “Extreme Mirage Lightning” would make me take action… What does he want to achieve? Or should I say, where does his certainty come from?”

“Then do you want to cultivate it? This Extreme Mirage Lightning would not affect your fighting abilities much, but in regards to travel or escape, it would be extremely strong. In this continent, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the strongest profound movement skill.”

Yun Che contemplated for awhile, but closed the jade strips in the end, and stored it in the Sky Poison Pearl: “Although it is very enticing, before the next time I meet Hua Minghai, I had better not cultivate it. Let’s not care about this issue yet, I have to ascend that mysterious Primordial Profound Ark early tomorrow morning… but I keep feeling that this journey will come with a lot of risk. The Primordial Profound Ark is the best place for the Divine Phoenix Sect to attack me.”

“If you retreat the moment you feel risk, then don’t ever think about having any breakthroughs. You wouldn’t be as strong as you are now either.” Jasmine said coldly: “The Primordial Profound Ark is the only thing in the continent which perks my interest. You have to bring me up! Based on my spirit strength, I could possibly be aware of its secrets in an instant.”

“Got it.” Yun Che crooked his lips: “To increase the possibility of surviving, I need to revitalize by… sleeping!”


Divine Phoenix Sect.

“Sect Master.”

Feng Feiyan drifted through the night and landed behind Feng Hengkong.

Feng Hengkong turned around, his face calm, with an indistinct darkness. He faced Feng Feiyan. Using an extremely low voice, he said: “Tomorrow’s ascension to the Primordial Profound Ark is the best chance to kill Yun Che, do you understand our intentions?”

Feng Feiyan’s eyebrows twitched, then nodded slowly: “I even thought that Sect Master was going to spare Yun Che. This Yun Che definitely cannot be spared, especially when his future will bring who knows what kind of dangers. Sect Master, you can relax. I will arrange for people to take action during tomorrow’s ascension to the Primordial Profound Ark. Based on the Primordial Profound Ark’s special laws of space, there will be no traces left after killing Yun Che… Or, I can do it myself!”

“Mn.” Feng Hengkong nodded.

Sect Master, will Xue’er be ascending the Primordial Profound Ark tomorrow too?” Feng Feiyan asked.

“That’s right, the Primordial Profound Ark appears once every three hundred years, to miss this opportunity would mean waiting another three hundred years. I will definitely bring Xue’er for this experience. Xue’er herself has some interest in the Primordial Profound Ark too. Although the Primordial Profound Ark is mysterious and strange, it still is not too dangerous. Besides, all the elders would be present too.” Feng Hengkong added.

Feng Feiyan nodded: “Hope that there will be rewards for the journey to the Profound Ark tomorrow. If Sect Master has nothing else, I will be taking my leave.”

As Feng Feiyan’s voice fell, his silhouette slowly disappeared into the night as well.

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