Chapter 454 - Entering the Primordial Profound Ark

Against the Gods

Chapter 454 - Entering the Primordial Profound Ark

Today was the first day after the end of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. The day had barely dawned, but Divine Phoenix City was already a field of clamorous noise. Countless profound practitioners raised their heads and looked upwards, watching the colossal black silhouette above the firmament… Today was the last day the Primordial Profound Ark would stop at Divine Phoenix City, and was also the only day the ark would open.

Yun Che meditated for an entire night. In the morning, when he walked out of his room at the scheduled time, Ancient Blue and Xia Yuanba were already waiting. When they heard Yun Che walk out, they turned around at the same time. Xia Yuanba quickly walked over: “Brother-in-law, I was just about to go and call for you. The Primordial Profound Ark will open in around fifteen minutes; the people from Divine Phoenix Sect have already gone up.”

“It’s about time. Let’s go up.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue said slowly. He swung the horsetail whisk in his hand, and instantly, five-foot-wide profound energy cyclones simultaneously appeared underneath Yun Che and Xia Yuanba’s feet.

Before Yun Che could speak, the cyclone already began to revolve, carrying Yun Che’s body as it flew up rapidly in a straight line. By the time he had reacted to it, his body was already three hundred meters into the air.

What kind of concept was sixty thousand meters? The altitude of an ordinary cloud was only around one or two thousand meters. Yun Che’s body rose upwards in a straight line, quickly passing through layer after layer of clouds as the wind beside his ears whistled like rumbling thunder. Yun Che wanted to speak, but the moment he opened his mouth, berserk streams of air violently poured into his mouth, making him unable to do anything but obediently close his mouth.

Although both the Sky Profound Realm and Emperor Profound Realm were capable of utilizing the Profound Floating Technique, an altitude of sixty thousand meters was something they absolutely could not reach. In order to reach this altitude, one must at least be at Overlord-level profound strength. And to an incomparably powerful Monarch, it was actually nothing much. It wouldn’t be in the least problematic to bring several thousand people up, let alone bringing Yun Che and Xia Yuanba.

Finally, after passing through countless layers of clouds, the sound of the wind beside his ears began to die down. Yun Che raised his head. The distance between him and the incomparably enormous Primordial Profound Ark was less than three hundred meters. As far as the eye could see, the Profound Ark was so enormous one simply couldn’t even see its borders. Its color also wasn’t the dull gray color which could be seen from below, but clearly a kind of deep red color.

At this time, only a short span of one hundred breaths’ time had elapsed… Traveling sixty thousand meters in a hundred breaths, this was much faster than Yun Che’s speed on land!

The place Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had brought them was one of the sides of the Primordial Profound Ark. When the three arrived, only twenty to thirty people had stopped at this place. Among these people, Ji Qianrou and Ling Kun were present, as well as the three people from Black Fiend Nation. Included among these people were a Tyrant, a half-step to Tyrant, and a young profound practitioner. The three from Black Fiend Nation were all peak figures amongst their generation, but the people around them were all from Divine Phoenix Sect and the Sacred Grounds, so their expressions were especially reserved; they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Apart from these people, everyone else was from Divine Phoenix Sect. Yun Che saw Feng Hengkong, Feng Feiyan, Feng Ximing… and beside Feng Hengkong, still stood the Phoenix jade glass-covered Feng Xue’er. Those who had the qualifications to come explore the Primordial Profound Ark were naturally existences with extremely high standings and power in Divine Phoenix Sect. Of these twenty-odd people, other than the aura-less Feng Xue’er, every single person released a Tyrant-realm aura.

Several tens of Tyrant powerhouses floated in the air together. The oppressive feeling that arose as a result was incomparably frightful; even the air had completely stopped circulating.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had arrived, so the Feng Hengkong and company walked over and paid their respects, but to Yun Che, they merely glanced at him for a moment.

Xia Yuanba’s gaze swept the area as he spoke next to Yun Che’s ear: “Master has entered the Primordial Profound Ark before. From what I’ve heard Master say, the maximum number of people that can enter the Primordial Profound Ark is thirty six. Every time, beside the Four Great Sacred Grounds, those that enter are basically all core members of Divine Phoenix Sect. Including us, thirty five people have already arrived… there should be one more person.”

“It’s Ye Xinghan.” Yun Che said directly.

Yun Che raised his head, and looked at the incomparably enormous Profound Ark in front of his eyes. With his current eyesight, he was simply incapable of seeing the periphery to the top, bottom, left, or right of the Profound Ark. An indistinct colorless and formless aura field floated above the surface of the Profound Ark. After Yun Che’s spiritual sense touched this aura field, it would thoroughly disconnect, making him unable to sense even the least bit of activity within the Profound Ark.

And right in front of his line of sight, a “door” existed impressively on the surface of the Profound Ark. This door was fifteen meters wide, and a profound light imprint flashed on the surface of the door, flickering on and off. The flickering of this profound energy seal seemed to indicate that it was about to disappear.

Everyone’s gazes were also focused on this flashing profound imprint. At this time, the sound of a whistling cyclone came through distantly from below.

“Hmph, arriving just now, how arrogant.” Feng Ximing snorted coldly as an expression of disgust flashed on his face.

A blast of air soared upwards, and a man’s silhouette subsequently floated downwards; it was precisely Ye Xinghan. However, he didn’t arrive alone. He was accompanied by the two seductive women beside him, one clinging to the left and the other clinging to the right of his bosom. Both women’s attires were different from the day before; dressed in fiery-red up to the middle of their chest with the bottom part barely covering her buttocks, and the slightest movement showing everything. Although everyone present were exceptional Overlord-level experts, their expressions still became unnatural.

“Heheh, it looks like everyone is here. This young master was quite lusty last night and unconsciously lost track of time. I hope everyone won’t take offense.” Ye Xinghan embraced the two women, stepped off the cyclone, and sauntered over. His gaze passed through everyone as he looked at the Profound Ark’s door: “Seems like this profound ark door is about to open.”

If it was any other person who dared to be this arrogant, rude, and condescending, Divine Phoenix Sect would have exploded long ago. But this person was Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master. Even if Divine Phoenix Sect hated him in their hearts, none of them would dare reprimand him. Feng Hengkong nodded: “Young Hall Master Ye is just in time. In just a few more breaths, the Profound Ark’s door would… Oh?”

Before Feng Hengkong finished speaking, the profound seal on the ark’s door suddenly stopped flickering, and then slowly disappeared. The Profound Ark’s door which had always been shut slowly opened at this time with an extremely ear-piercing creaking noise.

“It opened!” Xia Yuanba called out. Those who were visiting the Primordial Profound Ark for the first time all held their breaths, and their eyes stared wide.

The door to the Primordial Profound Ark opened extremely slowly, and several dozen breaths’ worth of time passed before the door opened completely. An incomparably pitch-black vortex lay behind the door, revolving rapidly like an ocean whirlpool.

“That’s the spacial whirlpool to enter the Profound Ark. After entering, you’ll be sent to a fixed location within the Profound Ark. Only, the Primordial Profound Ark is too large, and its interior is extremely tangled and complicated. After all of these years, we are still unable to determine where the location we are sent to actually is within the Profound Ark.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue explained to Xia Yuanba and Yun Che.

“Since it has opened, let’s go in.” Ye Xinghan laughed heartily. Disinclined to pay attention to everyone else, he drew himself closer to the two women and strode over to the entrance of the Profound Ark. Watching his attitude, the expressions of the people from Divine Phoenix Sect changed immediately. Feng Ximing frowned, and said: “Young Hall Master Ye, halt.”

Ye Xinghan’s footsteps paused. He leaned his head around, and said with a slack expression: “Does Divine Phoenix Prince have something to command?”

“I don’t dare to command.” Feng Ximing clenched his teeth, and said: “I just wanted to confirm, does Young Hall Master plan on bringing these two women in as well?”

“Of course.” Ye Xinghan narrowed his eyes: “But they aren’t ‘two women’; they’re my concubines —— Yueji and Meiji, did—you—get—that?”

Ye Xinghan’s last few words carried an obvious air of annoyance. Feng Ximing violently furrowed his brow; just as he was about to speak again, he heard Feng Feiyan snort lightly and say: “Young Hall Master Ye must know that only a total of thirty six people can enter the Primordial Profound Ark! The people that may enter have already been decided, this isn’t someplace you can enter just because you want to! Young Hall Master Ye is included within these thirty six people, but these two young ladies that Young Hall Master Ye have brought are not included within our Divine Phoenix Sect’s invitations!”

The idea expressed in Feng Feiyan’s words was incomparably clear, but how could a madman like Ye Xinghan be someone who followed the rules? His eyes slanted as he said with a squinting smile: “What if this young master must bring them in?”

Once Ye Xinghan’s rude and unreasonable words filled with menace came out, Feng Feiyan’s complexion suddenly stood stiff, unsure of how to reply for quite a while. At this time, a soft and velvety laugh sounded: “Oh my, Little Hanhan wants to bring these two women in, yet the other side doesn’t want Little Hanhan to bring these two women in… this problem couldn’t be simpler. Kill both of these women, wouldn’t that settle this issue completely? Hahahaha…”

This delicate laugh that was even more charming than that of a woman actually caused everyone to shiver unconsciously. Ye Xinghan’s expression became fiercely overcast: “Ji Qianrou, you dare!”

“Hoh,” Ji Qianrou’s finger stuck upwards, and the corner of his eyebrows bent: “Little Hanhan’s meaning is that other people won’t dare to do so?”

Ye Xinghan was incomparably haughty, and Ji Qianrou was even more so someone that didn’t even put emperors in his eyes. If these two people actually got into a conflict, Divine Phoenix Sect would still be the most hapless in the end, to say nothing of the fact that this was the most crucial moment of the Profound Ark’s opening. Feng Hengkong let out a heavy sigh, then said: “Our two esteemed Sacred Ground guests, the entrance to the Profound Ark has already opened; this is absolutely not the time to argue and waste time. Chiran, Yanmu, you two stay outside.”

The Feng Chiran and Feng Yanmu Feng Hengkong spoke of walked out of the Divine Phoenix Sect crowd. Although their expressions were dim and they had no other choice, regarding Ye Xinghan, they dared to be angry, but didn’t dare to voice it out.

“Hahahaha! Divine Phoenix Sect Master is truly broad-minded, fair, and reasonable. This junior cannot thank Sect Master enough. Yueji, Meiji, quickly thank Divine Phoenix Sect Master.”

“That’s not necessary.” Feng Hengkong raised his hand, suppressing the disgust in his heart with great effort: “The ark door has already opened, everyone should enter.”

“It’s only natural that Divine Phoenix Sect Leader enters first.” Ye Xinghan assumed an apologetic posture.

Feng Hengkong didn’t say anything else, and entered the Profound Ark with Feng Xue’er. The instant their two bodies touched the spacial whirlpool, they disappeared into it completely.

Ye Xinghan, Yueji, and Meiji followed closely behind them, and the rest of the people from Divine Phoenix Sect filed in afterwards.

Ji Qianrou walked past Yun Che. Suddenly, his footsteps stopped, and he extended his pure white fingers towards Yun Che as he said silkily: “Little Cheche, I owe you a favor.”

After he spoke, he smiled bewitchingly and stepped into the spacial whirlpool.

“Owe you a favor?” Xia Yuanba looked at Yun Che with wide eyes: “Brother-in-law, what does he mean?”

“It’s just a trivial matter, let’s go in.”


Yun Che and Xia Yuanba were the last two people to enter. The instant they touched the spacial whirlpool, an enormous attractive force greeted them head-on. Subsequently, their minds spun giddily from the frightening space-tearing force. Just as Yun Che was about to use his profound energy to resist the space-tearing force, a field of light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes.

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