Chapter 462 - Explode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 462 - Explode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (2)

“What’s that?” Feng Feiyan, who was just about to step forward to deal a fatal blow to Xia Yuanba, stopped his feet, and questioned.

Suddenly, the golden light radiating from Xia Yuanba’s chest slightly startled Ye Xinghan. Following after, his expression suddenly changed greatly. Even his eyes which had been narrowed lazily all this while, had completely widened in an instant, and they were even filled immediately with deep fear. “Tyrannical… Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins!!”

“Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins? What does that mean?” Feng Feiyan turned to face Ye Xinghan, and asked skeptically. The legends surrounding the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins only existed in the records kept in the Sacred Grounds. Although Feng Feiyan was the Great Elder of Divine Phoenix Sect, he had never heard of it either.

When he turned to face Ye Xinghan, he had naturally seen the severe change in his expression as well. His heart suddenly skipped a beat, before he hurriedly turned to once again face Xia Yuanba… And at that moment his line of sight landed on Xia Yuanba once again, his pupils fiercely shrank.

Xia Yuanba, who was initially gasping for his final breath and looked as though he was about to lose his life, suddenly stood up slowly at this moment. The golden radiance quickly spread out from his chest, gradually enveloping his entire body, which caused his chest, limbs, and even his hair, to become a blinding golden color! And at the moment this golden color spread to where his left arm was, the radiance suddenly grew intense, and right after, it suddenly stretched… In an instant, the left arm and even the hand which he had initially lost, actually grew out in but a single moment!! It recovered nicely and completely.

“Wh… Wh… What!?” Feng Feiyan’s pair of eyeballs had almost burst from shock. This was definitely the most shocking, and most unbelievable scene he had ever seen in his entire life.

Not just his severed arm, following the spread of the golden radiance, the injuries on Xia Yuanba’s entire body were recovering extremely quickly. In but a few seconds, the hundreds of large and small wounds on his entire body, had all disappeared. He straightened his body, and stared widely with his eyes… His pair of pupils, were shockingly a blinding golden color as well! From his muscles, to his blood, to his hair, and to his pupils… Not a single part of his body wasn’t golden!

This abnormal change which he had never seen, nor had he ever heard of before, frightened Feng Feiyan to the extent where it was as though he had seen the descent of the legendary demon god. He fiercely swallowed down a mouthful of saliva, and said with a trembling voice. “Yuh… Young Hall Master? What is going on here? Could this be some sort of unique profound art… from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary?”

However, after he said that, he did not receive a reply from Ye Xinghan. The moment he turned his head, in his shock, he realized that Ye Xinghan who was just by his side a moment earlier, was already several hundreds of meters away. And, he was currently fleeing with astonishing speed… That speed, seemed to have already surpassed the limit a mid-stage Overlord could have! And earlier, while he was shocked by Xia Yuanba’s unbelievable change, he actually didn’t notice that Ye Xinghan had already fled with all his might.

And the direction he was fleeing to, was definitely not the direction Yun Che and Feng Xue’er had left towards earlier. Rather, he was distancing himself from Xia Yuanba in the complete opposite direction!

Feng Feiyan completely did not understand what had happened to Xia Yuanba’s body, nor did he understand the concept of the “Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins” which Ye Xinghan had shouted out earlier. But even if he was an idiot, he should still understand how terrifying of an existence this person was to actually frighten Ye Xinghan to such an extent. He took a step back, fiercely raised his energy, and was just about to flee with all his might… But following after, his body shuddered, and his feet did not move a single inch.

Because at that moment, he could feel his body suddenly being tightly locked onto by an indescribable large aura. A boundless, overbearing, and extremely heavy pressure, as though tens of thousands of mountains all mashed together, was ruthlessly pressing down onto his body, restraining a mighty level eight Overlord like him to the point where he couldn’t even move… He sensed that this colossal power had even completely sealed the surrounding space, sky and earth.

What… is this power!?

Impossible… Impossible! He was clearly at the brink of death! He’s clearly a burnt-out candle, a mid-stage Overlord who was beaten till he was half-dead! How could he possess such a powerful aura… How could such a thing happen!?

Endless shock and fear filled Feng Feiyan’s soul. No matter how much he crazily circulated the profound energy in his entire body, he was unable to move even the slightest inch… That feeling, was as though he was nailed to a metal frame, a convict who could die at any moment! He could only continue to widen his horrified eyes as he looked Xia Yuanba, whose entire body was golden in color. His pupils would occasionally expand, and occasionally shrink.

The painful expression on Xia Yuanba’s face had completely disappeared, and what replaced it was complete calm, to the extent where not a single emotion existed. His pair of eyes were completely golden in color, so pure where the existence of the pupils could not even be seen. Slowly, he raised his right fist…


Space was brutally torn by a ray of golden light, and Xia Yuanba’s golden body, had appeared right before Feng Feiyan… Feng Feiyan’s eyes were deadly widened, and countless strands of blood, like cracks, hurriedly filled his pair of eyeballs. Slowly, he hanged his head down, and his sight which had begun to blur, clearly saw a pair of robust golden arms that had completely sunk into his body… His body, which was several times stronger than stainless steel, when faced with his golden arms, was penetrated like beancurd.

“Just… what… kind of… a… monster… are… you…”

These were Feng Feiyan’s final words in his life. Xia Yuanba’s face was completely indifferent. Before his lips even moved, a low voice had actually spilled out from his throat. “A lowly creature such as you, actually dares to infuriate me… Die!!”

A violent energy exploded from within Feng Feiyan’s body, completely wrecking his organs and profound veins in an instant. Right after, with a “boom”, Feng Feiyan’s entire body directly exploded, scattering flesh and blood which filled the sky; the furthest was blown several hundreds of meters away… Forget a completely intact corpse, not even a complete finger was left behind.

When the blood stained onto Xia Yuanba’s golden body, it instantly disappeared, and not even a single trace of blood could be seen on his right arm. He slowly lowered his arms, and his cold gaze looked towards the direction Ye Xinghan fled to. However, he didn’t chase after him, and his humongous body fell forward in an upright manner, just like that…

Plop... Xia Yuanba heavily collapsed onto the ground, and the golden radiance on his body had completely disappeared as well. That pressure which even the heavens would have to hold their breaths for, had completely disappeared at the moment he fell as well.

Xia Yuanba’s collapsed body did not move an inch, and even the strength to twitch had been completely lost. Only after a long while, did his fingers finally slightly move. His arm moved upwards bit by bit… This action which could even be said to be extremely easy for a baby, had actually caused him to use several seconds to complete. Finally, his palm had caught onto that piece of jade which was hanging on his neck, then, he used all of his might to shatter it.


The shattered jade radiated a light glow, and then, a small-scaled profound formation appeared above Xia Yuanba’s body. Following after the spiraling of the profound formation, Xia Yuanba’s body, along with the profound formation, disappeared from the place in an instant.

The vicinity had quietened down, however, the heavy scent of blood which suffused into the air did not disperse for a long while. In the high skies, a few kilometers above ground, a snow-white figure retracted his gaze, and murmured. “Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins? That sure is incredible… Oh?”

In the next moment after Xia Yuanba disappeared, Ye Xinghan who had flown far away earlier, was returning with extreme speed. Evidently, after the sudden explosive aura Xia Yuanba had, disappeared, he no longer had the need to continue fleeing as well.

Ye Xinghan’s speed was as fast as a shooting star, and in a blink of an eye, he had already returned to his former place. His expression looked as though he was still a little shocked and unstable. With a cold gaze, he swept through the surroundings, and what he could see were merely the traces of blood and tattered, torn flesh which filled the ground. And these pieces of flesh still carried a weak presence of the Phoenix’s bloodline, proving that Feng Feiyan had already died… He had even died utterly, completely, and absolutely miserably. However, he couldn’t determine if Xia Yuanba was among these torn pieces of corpses. Recalling that Xia Yuanba did not hesitate to cause self-infliction to force out the power of the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins earlier, and seeing that his figure could not be seen as well, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that he had already died. Because forcefully awakening the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins’ power was suicidal. There was an extremely huge possibility that he would die from self-explosion, and even if he didn’t die, it would be impossible for him to possess the strength to flee.

“The Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins stated in legends… actually appeared!” Ye Xinghan’s face twitched from fear. If he had not heard of the rumors surrounding the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, and had fled with all his might, then the person dying miserably here might not have been Fei Fengyan, but him.

“And it was no wonder that old man Ancient Blue would value this person so greatly… If he didn’t die, once he grows up, the position of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary will solidify even more! It’s great that he’s already dead… If father and the rest knew that I had inadvertently killed Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s hidden trump card, they will definitely reward me extremely well!”

Ye Xinghan muttered to himself. After confirming that Xia Yuanba only carried the possibility of death, he was finally able to completely put his heart at ease. In regards to Feng Feiyan… Although it was a little unfortunate, his value had already been pretty much squeezed out. And, Feng Feiyan had already helped him accomplish his goal, so it no longer mattered if he died!

Ye Xinghan’s gaze turned towards the direction Yun Che and Feng Xue’er had fled towards earlier. As though his entire body was a shooting star, he charged over. His speed was at the least five or six times faster than Yun Che as he brought about a violent windstorm behind him.


Phoenix City.

Feng Xichen occasionally raised his head to look at the activated Primordial Profound Ark in the sky, and occasionally walked back and forth. He was completely anxious and filled with worries. Right after the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was the exploration of the Primordial Profound Ark so Feng Hengkong would have the time to care about his matters. However, he was very clear that after the completion of the exploration of the Primordial Profound Ark, Feng Hengkong would definitely not easily forgive him. And from last night to the afternoon today, he could also sense that the eyes of the other princes and even the regular Phoenix disciples, were all carrying various anomalies.

At this moment, just right in front of him, a profound light suddenly flashed. A small-scaled profound formation appeared in thin air, and within the profound formation, a figure that was especially robust appeared.

“Who goes there!?”

The frustrated Feng Xichen was stunned as he shouted with a sharp voice. However, immediately after, he realized that the eyes of this person who suddenly appeared had his eyes tightly shut. There wasn’t even a single movement; his face was extremely pale, and his presence was even more so, incomparably weak. He was basically no different from an actual dead person. He took two steps forward, and was able to recognize the person with a single glance. This was clearly that disciple whom Spiritual Master Ancient Blue of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had brought along!

Feng Xichen’s earlier shout had caused the two guardians that were protecting outside to charge inside with swift steps. Seeing Xia Yuanba, they could not help but exclaim out. “Is… isn’t that the disciple of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue? In the morning, he had clearly headed towards the Primordial Profound Ark, so how can he be here? And he seems to have suffered heavy injuries.”

Xia Yuanba’s aura was frighteningly weak, and he could die at any moment. If Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s disciple were to die in Phoenix City, then that matter would definitely be huge. Cold sweat dripped down Feng Xichen’s forehead as he anxiously called out. “Hurry! Hurry and carry him to the Medicine Room! Instruct Elder Feng Yu to definitely save his life, no matter how huge the price is! He is after all, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s closed-door disciple. If he were to die here, when Absolute Monarch Sanctuary comes seeking for blame, you two had best prepare to take on the blame and bury yourselves!!”

“Y… Yes!” The bodies of those two guardians stiffened, before they hurriedly agreed. Cautiously lifting Xia Yuanba, they charged straight towards the Medicine Room.

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