Chapter 463 - Three-headed Giant Python

Against the Gods

Chapter 463 - Three-headed Giant Python

Yun Che dashed madly throughout entire journey. Apart from being obstructed for a moment by Yue Ji and Mei Ji, he did not stop at all for two hours. His forehead was drenched with sweat; in his ordinary state, he would not feel exhausted from sprinting for such a short while, but in the past two hours, he had been running madly at full speed. Along with expending a huge amount of profound and physical energy, the utilization of the Dragon Soul Domain from before had caused his consciousness to be exhausted too.

This world was incomparably spacious. The sky was entirely murky, only an endless wasteland was visible without any significant changes in the height of the land, even more so without any forestation to hide in; even slightly taller rocks were rarely seen. Therefore, fleeing forward was Yun Che’s only choice.

The consolation was that for the past two hours, there was no one chasing them.

“Be careful, there’s a big dangerous fellow up ahead.” Jasmine suddenly cautioned.

Yun Che momentarily raised his vigilance. They had met a number of profound beasts throughout the journey, but were all easily gotten rid by him. However, since Jasmine had specially warned him, the profound beast this time around would definitely not be an ordinary one.

Very quickly, a huge black lump appeared within Yun Che’s line of sight. It was quietly curled up ahead, seeming like a giant profound beast sleeping soundly, and when Yun Che saw it, it had also detected the presence of life. The originally coiled up body started to unfurl, revealing three gigantic pitch-black heads which were triangular and twice the size of Yun Che’s body. Spitting pitch-black venom from its mouth, its tiny eyes emitted a terrifying radiance.

It was actually a Three-headed Giant Python!!

“Ah!!” Just when Yun Che wanted to warn Feng Xue’er to shut her eyes, the startled voice of a young lady came from his arms. With regards to creatures like snakes, even the strongest women would be instinctively afraid, let alone such a huge Three-headed Giant Python.

The aura the Three-headed Giant Python emitted was dark and terrifying, it was as powerful as a high level Emperor profound beast! It’s six pairs of eyes locked onto Yun Che; with a hiss, the middle head rushed over like black colored lightning. Opening its giant abyss-like pitch-black mouth, it's poisonous teeth like poisonous blades from hell would cause one to feel terrified.

Yun Che quickly protected Feng Xue’er with his chest, not allowing her to see the horrifying scene. With a flash, he instantly appeared thirty meters ahead as if stepping across space, causing the giant python’s attack to miss completely. Throughout the journey, he would simply use all his might to avoid and shake off any profound beasts he encountered, never fighting face to face. This was because it would cost him and Feng Xue’er precious time to flee; this giant python was no different.

Just as Yun Che dodged the giant python’s attack and was about to use his full power to shake it off, a hissing sound came from his side… the second head of the giant python also attacked at this point, its speed twice as fast as the first head. Yun Che had just activated the Star God’s Broken Shadow and would not be able to move for an extremely short amount of time. Based on his current speed, even if he reached his limits, it would still be impossible for him to dodge the giant python’s attack. His face fell as he rapidly turned his body and grabbed Dragon Fault, ruthlessly smashing the giant python on its terrifying mouth.

A strange and extremely awful sound could be heard. The giant python’s second head was smashed, its entire body was stirring chaotically, yet this Three-headed Giant Python’s strength was more than what Yun Che had expected. Under a huge amount of force, he was flung far away. Ferociously slamming into the ground, his legs slid across the ground for more than sixty meters before stopping.

“Xue’er, are you alright…”

Just as Yun Che wanted to check on whether Feng Xue’er was hurt, a dangerous aura approached yet again. The second head had just been smashed, yet the first and third heads immediately came biting and tearing, not giving Yun Che any time to breathe at all.

Having just witnessed this giant python’s terrifying speed and strength, Yun Che retreated rapidly. It was basically impossible for him to single-handedly defend against attacks from two python heads at the same time. He immediately made a decision; pushing his palm upwards, he tossed Feng Xue’er high into the sky in a breath. Grabbing Dragon Fault with both hands, he activated Burning Heart and an Overlord’s Fury met the two python heads.


Under the bombardment of Yun Che’s full strength, the two python heads let out painful hisses at the same time, and were smashed far away. Yun Che turned his body, then leaped into the air, gently encircling the falling Feng Xue’er back into his embrace… It was just that since he was conscious and vigilant about the Three-headed Giant Python at all times, the position of his hand shift slightly when receiving Feng Xue’er; his palm was covered by a towering and silky soft ball.

The feeling in his hand was a soft and somewhat tender, yet still developing plumpness. It just so happened that it could be completely grabbed by Yun Che’s palm. Though there was a layer of Phoenix clothes, the inconceivably soft feeling permeated through his entire palm, causing his entire body to go numb for a little while.

“Nnn…” The young lady in his embrace let out a whimper. All of a sudden, Yun Che also realized what his hand had touched. Just as he wanted to hurriedly move away his hand, a huge black shadow bringing along a violent storm swept across from behind… it was astonishingly the tail of the Three-headed Giant Python!

Three python heads and a tail could take action independently. Facing these three headed giant python, Yun Che completely felt as if he was facing four different enemies. Moreover, it was four enemies whose speed completely surpassed his; he simply had no opportunity to catch a breath. Yun Che’s eyes focused; without caring about anything else, he suddenly gripped Feng Xue’er tightly. His palm also subconsciously grabbed harder too… Immediately, the five fingers of his right hand had sunk into a ball of soft and tender silkiness.


Falling Moon Sinking Star!!

The young lady’s startled cry and the violent crash both sounded out at the same time, the giant python tail was smashed away by Dragon Fault. Yun Che was also swept away, staggering for more than ten steps after landing, almost falling face first on the ground.

“Big brother Yun… your… hand…” Feng Xue’er’s whimpering was as soft as a mosquito. Her powerless body struggled slightly. Yun Che hurriedly put his arm down and grabbed her waist: “Xue’er, I didn’t do it on purpose…”

The Three-headed Giant Python did not give Yun Che any time whatsoever. The giant python who was continuously attacked was now deeply enraged. Its gigantic body was now fully extended. Spanning over more than thirty meters, the three giant python heads’ demonic fangs simultaneously descended from the sky, biting at Yun Che.

Yun Che activated Star God’s Broken Shadow, and abruptly dodging backwards. Then, repeating the moves from before, he threw Feng Xue’er’s lovely body up into the air again, and grabbed Dragon Fault with both hands as the look in his eyes became extremely dark.

This giant python was a huge problem. If it was not thoroughly repelled, it would be virtually impossible to get rid of!


Yun Che’s eyes instantly glowed red, the aura from his entire body suddenly became as violent as lava.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”

Yun Che’s entire body ignited in flames. He suddenly rushed upwards and pierced the three python heads in an instant, ruthlessly ramming it in its body.


Following the explosion from the wave of flames, the Three-headed Python let out an incomparably tragic screech. As if he had been knocked flying by a hurricane, Yun Che was flipped back to his original spot by the sound waves. A blue light flashed behind him as the silhouette of the Heavenly Wolf roared toward the sky.

Heavenly Wolf Slash!!

Following Dragon Fault’s violent brandishing, the silhouette of a Heavenly Wolf shot out, ripping across the air, viciously charging at the body of the Three-headed Python, causing its giant body to rotate rapidly in the air like a gyroscope, as pitch-black snake blood sprinkled the sky.

After expending energy on the immensely taxing Purgatory and using two huge moves consecutively, Yun Che’s body similarly experienced a large amount of stress. After utilizing the Heavenly Wolf Slash, he staggered backwards from the recoil, deviating from the position which he predicted to land. At this point, Feng Xue’er fell from the sky. He clumsily balanced himself, leaped upwards to catch her mid fall and embraced her firmly. Then, he carried her, protecting her perfectly.

“Big brother Yun… your hand…”

Feng Xue’er’s voice was soft and delicate. In addition, there was a vague sobbing sound, Yun Che grabbed her delicate waist firmly with one hand, the other hand was grabbing onto a ball of silkiness… He looked down and his pupils jumped violently, because that hand of his had slipped into Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix clothing, and was gripped tightly by her snowy legs, and his palm, was plastered onto her forbidden area.

“~!#¥%…” Yun Che removed his hand like lightning. No matter how quick-witted he was, he couldn’t help but to be at a loss as said in a flurry: “I’m sorry… Xue’er, I didn’t do that on purpose… definitely not on purpose…”

Previously, he had firmly grabbed onto her chest. Now… even Yun Che himself could not really believe that none of that was not on purpose.

“I know…” Feng Xue’er buried her entire snowy face into Yun Che’s chest. A cloud of red had already spread from her ears to her neck: “But Big brother Yun… is really bad…”

“...” After hearing that Feng Xue’er was not angry, Yun Che inwardly sighed a breath of relief. As he carried Feng Xue’er again, the exceptional feeling was still lingering on his palm, unwilling to scatter, causing his heart to ripple unceasingly.

In the distance, the giant python which was smashed away by Yun Che had finally calmed down and did not continue attacking Yun Che. Its six sinister looking eyes glanced at Yun Che but its humongous body retreated. Fleeing with astonishing speed, it quickly disappeared from Yun Che’s line of sight.

“You’re in trouble.”

As the giant python escaped, Yun Che was just starting to relax when an overcast voice sounded out in Yun Che’s mind. He paused for a moment. Just when he wanted to question Jasmine, he suddenly became somewhat aware and rapidly turned around.

He had a vague feeling that an incomparably strong and dangerous aura was heading towards their direction with extremely quick speed. Gradually, within his line of sight… a blurry white dot appeared. Furthermore, it became bigger and bigger with incomparably astonishing speed, coming closer and closer.

“Ye Xinghan!!”

The look on Yun Che’s face changed abruptly as he bit his teeth together… he had still caught up in the end! He clenched his fists. Then, with his maximum speed, he fled forward quickly.

“You can’t outrun him.” Jasmine said faintly: “You noticed him, which means that he has certainly noticed you. This area is just a piece of empty land. Based on your speed, it would be impossible to outrun him… Your best choice now would be to use the jade stone that Xia Yuanba gave you to leave this place immediately, or else, you will inevitably die!”

“Have you ever seen me abandon a lady to escape!” Yun Che clenched his teeth and said.


“This is not even mentioning that Xue’er had saved my life before… even if she didn’t save me before, I won’t allow her to be harmed by anyone!”

“Hmph.” Jasmine’s voice was full of disdain: “There should be a limit even if you want to play hero. Ye Xinghan is a mid-stage Overlord. Do you think that even if you put your life on the line, you’ll be able to save her? You are clearly sending yourself to die!”

“I still have to try!”


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