Chapter 469 - Xue’er Wait for me...

Against the Gods

Chapter 469 - Xue’er… Wait for me...

“This… bastard!!”

What Yun Che was the most worried about had happened. With Ye Xinghan’s abilities, he had expectedly seen through the profound formation. Ye Xinghan had already escaped with his fastest speed, yet Yun Che’s heart had dropped. He rapidly rose, whipped out Dragon Fault and attacked the stone door with his full strength.


The piercing sound of the strike could almost tear ear drums; the immense recoil caused both of Yun Che’s arms to hurt immensely as the internal injuries which he had recuperated with much difficulty had completely ruptured. He staggered backwards, then fell heavily onto the ground.

“Big brother Yun!” Feng Xue’er shifted her body and held onto Yun Che’s shoulder: “Are you alright, are you hurt?”

Yun Che’s gaze fell on the stone door where Dragon Fault had landed… forget about a crack, there was not even a nick which the naked eye could see on that area. He took a deep breath and drooped his shoulders.

“Big brother Yun... “ Seeing Yun Che this way, and thinking of their situation, Feng Xue’er hugged him tightly… ”Big brother Yun.”

To her, these three words were all the emotional support she could give.

“I’m sorry Xue’er, in the end, we were still forced to such a point.” Yun Che laughed bitterly as he said powerlessly.

Feng Xue’er forcefully shook her head: “No… I was the one who let Big brother Yun down. It’s all because of me. If not for Big brother Yun protecting me, nothing would have happened at all…”

Tears from the phoenix girl dripped, landing lightly on Yun Che’s arm. He turned over, looked in Feng Xue’er’s eyes, and said lightly after some time: “Xue’er, are you afraid?”

Yun Che’s face was completely pale, yet the look in his eyes was one that she was familiar with; one with warmth which caused her to unknowingly become infatuated. She shook her head slowly: “If I was alone, I would be afraid, but with Big brother Yun, I’m not afraid at all.”

“But, I’m really afraid.” Yun Che shut his eyes: “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see my close ones and wives again… afraid that no one will protect them… afraid that I will not be able to complete the final wish that grandfather entrusted me… I’m afraid that I will not be able to see Little Fairy again within this lifetime, and our child… I’m afraid… of many things…”

“Yet now… right in front of me, what I’m most afraid of, is that I will really see you lose your life here.”

Rumble… Rumble...

The surroundings shuddered more and more violently, the booming not stop for a long time.

Dragon Fault had been tossed aside by Yun Che. His hands held onto Feng Xue’er’s little hands, as he gazed upwards and said with disappointment: “Xue’er, did you know that I’ve always been someone who cherished my own life and is even more so, an incomparably selfish person. I used to poison many people to death just to let myself live, so many to the point that you can’t even imagine, and within those, there were many innocents…”

Feng Xue’er shook her head: “I only know that big brother Yun is the nicest person in the world, and he’s also the one who treats me the best. No matter who tells me that big brother Yun is a bad person, I will not believe it.”

“Yun Che laughed out loud: “Xue’er, your heart is just like a crystal, even though I had cheated you in such a manner originally, not only did you not expose me, you instead taught me the World Ode of the Phoenix on your own accord, and yesterday, you helped me with such perseverance… In front of you, I am ashamed and tainted by filth and the guilt of countless crimes… your appearance was just as if a pearl had been inserted into my soul, one so precious that I don’t even have the courage to touch it.

“Big brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er didn’t understand why Yun Che was saying such strange things. Every word from him was praise and admiration, causing her heart to feel satisfied and warm, yet at the same time, there was a kind of unexplainable unease.

“That’s why, no matter what, I will not watch helplessly as you die… at least for now, I would rather die.”

“...Big brother Yun, I will forever remember your words today. Even if I die, and go to another world, I will never forget.” Feng Xue’er murmured softly. Being trapped in such a situation and unable to escape, with another fifteen minutes before the death god came knocking and facing imminent death, she ought to have felt fear along with a multitude of concerns, yet at that moment, her heart instead became extremely peaceful, without a trace of fear. She knew the reason… it was because of the person beside her.

A trace of determination flashed in Yun Che’s eyes. He reached out his palm as an imprint of a golden flame flashed between his eyebrows. He looked at Feng Xue’er and said: “Xue’er, close your eyes.”

Feng Xue’er closed her eyes like before. Yun Che reached out with two fingers and lightly tapped on the area between Feng Xue’er’s eyebrows. Instantly, the Phoenix imprint flashed between Feng Xue’er’s eyebrows… a golden imprint just like Yun Che’s .

“Ah… this is?” Feng Xue’er opened her eyes and gasped in amazement.

“These are the profound formulas of the World Ode of the Phoenix’s fifth and sixth stage .” Yun Che said: “Quickly, engrave them into your memory.”

The fifth and sixth stages of the World Ode of the Phoenix was something that the Divine Phoenix Sect had been yearning for the past five thousand years, and now, somebody had finally attained it. Though the timing wasn’t quite suitable, Feng Xue’er still obediently complied. Shutting her eyes, she calmed her mind, deeply engraving the profound imprints within her mind into her soul.

After less than an eighth of an hour, Feng Xue’er opened her eyes. Yun Che smiled slightly and said: “Xue’er really is indeed much more clever than I thought. If it’s like this, Xue’er will be able to master them in just a few months time.”

The surroundings began to rumble continuously Moreover, the degree of rumbling became more and more intense, as if there was going to be a cave-in any moment. Yet Yun Che had on a particularly peaceful expression. He noticed that Feng Xue’er’s eyes were a little misty, and then said earnestly: “Xue’er, you must listen very carefully to my following words, alright?”

“Mn.” Feng Xue’er nodded: “I will listen as long as it’s big brother Yun’s words.”

Yun Che laughed slightly and said: “The Four Great Sacred Grounds are evidently already aware of the passing of the Phoenix God; you revealing your strength at the ranking tournament yesterday also allowed them to confirm this point. In the near future, your Divine Phoenix Sect would most probably face unprecedented pressure and danger. I’m not certain how your royal father will handle this matter, and nobody knows what will happen in the future, but, Xue’er, after leaving this place, you have to properly cultivate this sixth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix, and attain an even greater strength to protect yourself.”

“Apart from your royal father and grandfather, do not easily trust anyone else, including your royal brothers, because due to pressure and concern to improve their fate, there might be a chance that someone close to you may give in to the Four Great Sacred Grounds… No matter what, you have to give your life and safety the top priority, because to your royal father and the people of your sect… and to me, your life is more important than the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. If one day your sect really encounters a disaster which cannot be withstood, Xue’er, I hope that you will not risk your life in protecting your sect, and instead use all your might to flee, to allow yourself to live on… Xue’er, please promise me these.”

“Ah…” Xue’er opened her tender lips slightly, feeling somewhat lost: “After… leaving this place? We still are able to leave this place?”

“No matter, promise me that first.” Yun Che said firmly: “You said it yourself just now, that if it were my words, you would listen.”

“Mn…” Feng Xue’er nodded lightly: “Then… I promise.”

Yun Che started laughing. He extended his pinky towards Feng Xue’er: “Then let’s do it like the last time… pinky swear!”

Feng Xue’er extended her own delicate pinky and buckled together with Yun Che’s pinky. As they quietly gripped tighter and tighter while looking into each other’s eyes, they both thought about the first time when they made a pinky swear at the same time, and started to laugh lightly. Yun Che said with a smile: “Since we have made a pinky swear, this means that Xue’er has promised me and can’t go against it.”

“Mm!” Feng Xue’er agreed crisply: “I will definitely do what I’ve promised big brother Yun. Big brother Yun, you too can’t renege the promise about bringing me to see snow.”

Yun Che’s eyes wavered slightly. He didn’t answer immediately, but instead reached out to remove the transportation jade that Xia Yuanba had given him from his neck, then gently hung it around Feng Xue’er’s neck.

“This is…” Feng Xue’er held the jade in her hand and asked curiously. The jade was originally sparkling and transparent, yet under the glow of Feng Xue’er’s snowy jade-like neck, it had lost its splendor.

Yun Che placed his palm onto Feng Xue’er’s hands, then quietly grasped the stone. He looked at her beautiful complexion with reluctance, his voice like a gentle breeze: “What I’ve promised Xue’er, I will definitely do… After three years, I will bring Xue’er to see the endless snow in Blue Wind Nation’s Snow Region of Extreme Ice. After three years, Xue’er, will you wait there for me?”

Rumble… Rumble… Rumble...

The surroundings seemed to be boiling; Yun Che and Feng Xue’er were being flung around under the intense rumbling. The Primordial Profound Ark had finally reached the final countdown of its closing. Feng Xue’er stared at Yun Che in a daze, her heart becoming more and more misty, with an unspeakable uneasiness: “Wait for you? Big brother Yun, why do I need to… wait for you?”


An astonishing crack appeared in the air, appearing not more than three feet behind Yun Che. Yun Che’s expression remained as calm as ever, as if at this moment, there was nothing in this world which could impinge his state of mind. He lightly tightened his grip. With a light “ping” sound, the transportation jade shattered, and a profound light instantly radiated as a delicate profound formation appeared on Feng Xue’er’s body. The appearance of the profound formation along with its mysterious profound aura caused Feng Xue’er to suddenly have a premonition about something: “Big brother Yun, you…”

“Xue’er… wait for me…”

Those four words of Yun Che’s were unhurried and peaceful, yet when they drifted into Feng Xue’er’s ears, it was as though profound lightning had struck her, causing her mind to be thoroughly thrown into chaos… to the point that it was on the verge of collapse. She widened her eyes in fear; endless fear and heartache spread to every part of her body. She stretched out her palm, wanting to catch Yun Che, but realized that her body was already starting to blur, and that they were getting further and further… further and further...

“Big brother Yun… big brother Yun! Nooo!!!!”

Following her blood curdling scream, all the sound and light seemed to become distant as Yun Che’s silhouette became completely blurry in the endless space...

Rumble… Crack… Sss… Boom...

Space was completely thrown into disorder; the entire world seemed to be on the verge of destruction. Yun Che put down his arm, grabbed Dragon Fault and hugged it, closing his eyes...


The entire space of the Primordial Profound Ark seemed to instantly shatter. Countless cracks in space filled every corner of the profound ark, and countless bloody scars instantly exploded on Yun Che’s body. His entire body instantly becoming a bloody mess, as though his entire body was shattered and minced by the space in that instant...

At that moment, it was early morning in Divine Phoenix City, The heart of Divine Phoenix City suddenly seemed to become a lot brighter; people subconsciously looked

upwards and realized that in the distant blue skies, the Primordial Profound Ark which had stopped there for half a year, had disappeared without a trace.

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