Chapter 470 - Re-emergence of the Divine Phoenix

Against the Gods

Chapter 470 - Re-emergence of the Divine Phoenix

Ancient Blue, Feng Hengkong and the rest, had been expelled by the Primordial Profound Ark at basically the same time. Then, they appeared on the ground directly beneath the Primordial Profound Ark… which was exactly within Phoenix City. A crowd of elders and princes had long been waiting there, and when they saw the appearance of Feng Hengkong and the rest, they hurriedly went to greet them, and ask of their well-being.

The people of Divine Phoenix Sect that went in together, had appeared at the same time. Feng Hengkong swiftly swept his gaze around the vicinity, however, he realized that two people were missing… And they were even the two most important people. He said with a frown. “Where’s Feng Xue’er and Great Elder? Why aren’t they out yet?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue raised his head to glance at the Primordial Profound Ark which had yet to disappear, and calmly said. “My disciple has yet to appear either. Their positions in the Primordial Profound Ark are different from ours, so there might be a deviation in the time they appear.”

Feng Hengkong slowly nodded, as he seemed to have agreed to this idea… Because Xia Yuanba, Feng Feiyan, and Feng Xue’er had all stayed back to freely roam around the initial areas, and did not join the investigation teams.

Ye Xinghan and Ji Qianrou had appeared at the same time with Feng Hengkong and the rest as well. Ye Xinghan’s expression was a little gloomy. Ji Qianrou’s eyes swept past him, and shifted away the next instant, while he carried a carefree expression, as though a huge matter that occurred did not concern him in the slightest.

The moment he heard these words, Feng Xichen hurriedly stepped forward, and said. “Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, your esteemed disciple came out not even four hours after the Primordial Profound Ark opened. He is currently in the Pellet Hall.”

“What did you say?” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s expression slightly changed, while Feng Hengkong’s brows furrowed as well. “Chen’er, are you certain that you did not make a mistake? We had personally seen Xia Yuanba enter the profound ark, so how is it possible for him to exit halfway through?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, however, said with a stern expression. “Did he suffer some form of serious injury? How are his wounds currently?”

Feng Xichen hurriedly said. “He doesn’t seem to have suffered any injuries, however, he’s unconscious with no signs of waking up. And, from his entire body, the presence of profound energy cannot be sensed at all… It’s as though… he has been crippled.”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s expression once again changed. No injuries, and no presence of profound energy from his entire body. Could it be...

After having stayed depressed and silent the entire time, Ye Xinghan’s eyebrows twitched, and in his heart, he instantly sensed that the situation was bad. Feng Feiyan had died, and it was impossible for Yun Che and Feng Xue’er to appear once again. The only person who knew of this entire incident was Ji Qianrou. As long as he could keep Ji Qianrou in check, no one would know of the matters that happened in the Primordial Profound Ark. However, he completely did not expect that Xia Yuanba actually wasn’t dead… The reason for his disappearance, was actually because he had left the Primordial Profound Ark prematurely!

And he suddenly recalled that he seemed to have indeed heard not too long ago, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had a transportation jade which could meddle with the Primordial Profound Ark’s space. However, the quantity was extremely small, and it was incomparably precious. He never expected that Xia Yuanba actually possessed one… However, when he thought of his Tyrannical Emperor’s Profound Veins, Ye Xinghan suddenly felt that it was a rather logical matter.

Feng Hengkong pondered for a moment, and just as he was about to speak up, a profound light suddenly flashed in front of him. A small profound formation slowly appeared, and after seeing this profound formation, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue revealed a suspicious look… Because this profound formation, was clearly the unique transportation profound formation that was contained in the transportation jade.

Within the profound formation, Feng Xue’er’s figure appeared. Her appearance, caused Ye Xinghan’s expression to instantly change. The emotion he displayed was not fear, but astonishment carried with extreme joy.

A familiar place, a familiar air, familiar people within her line of sight, and familiar sounds by her earside... However, it was as though Feng Xue’er was unable to sense all of them at all. She quietly stood there, and looked at the blue sky with her head raised… She was clearly at home, yet it felt incomparably lonely.

The Primordial Profound Ark which was above the blue skies, had completely disappeared at this moment as well.

Feng Xue’er’s eyes completely blurred at this instant. Two clear streams of tears gently slid down her cheeks. In front of her, all she could see was Yun Che’s blurred face at that very last moment. His voice, which was as gentle as the wind, resounded in her ears, over and over again...

Xue’er… Wait for me...

“Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun…”

With a soft sob, every word was filled with sadness, that was seemingly about to tear everyone’s heart apart. She closed her eyes, and like an elf that had lost its soul, she directly fell backwards.


When Feng Xue’er appeared, Feng Hengkong heavily sighed in relief, and shouted for her twice. However, he did not receive any response from Feng Xue’er. Just as he was thinking that it was strange, he saw that she was actually falling straight down towards the ground. He was instantly thrown into a shock, and hurriedly charged over to hold her. The moment he touched her body, his expression changed instantly. "This is… the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation!”

“What!?” The moment they heard these four words, every member of Divine Phoenix Sect was shocked. They gathered around one after another, and sensed the blurry aura on Feng Xue’er’s body. Every one of their faces instantly paled.

“How could this be!?” Feng Ximing gritted his teeth. “The Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation is used on our sect’s disciples who have committed heinous crimes. How could it appear on Xue’er… And with Xue’er’s strength, only a few people in the entire sect is capable of casting the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation on her!” When he spoke of this, he suddenly thought of something, and his face was instantly filled with fear. “Only the people of our sect are able to cast the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation. Great Elder was the only person with Xue’er… But… this… why would Great Elder…”

Feng Hengkong swiftly swept his gaze around the vicinity, and realized that Feng Feiyan had still not exited. His expression was frighteningly dark… Because ever since Feng Xue’er was young, forget about being harmed by anyone, she had never even been loudly lectured upon. Yet, currently, someone actually cast the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation on her. His expression had turned ashen, and was already furious to the point where he was basically unable to say a word. Taking a deep breath, flames began to burn on both of his hands, as he unhesitantly inserted the source of his flaming energy into Feng Xue’er’s body… Not long later, the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation in Feng Xue’er’s body disintegrated soundlessly.

Feng Xue’er who had fainted, slowly woke up at this moment as well.

“Xue’er!” Feng Hengkong retracted his Phoenix flames, and held Feng Xue’er up. Forcefully suppressing his rage, he said anxiously. “What happened to you in the Primordial Profound Ark? Who… Who injured you?”

Although Feng Xue’er had opened her eyes, her expression was still pale. Her pair of beautiful eyes were dull, and even though Feng Hengkong had repeatedly called out to her, she was completely unresponsive, as though her soul had gone missing. Until… her line of sight suddenly made contact with Ye Xinghan’s figure.

“It’s you… It’s you who killed Big Brother Yun… It’s you who killed Big Brother Yun!!”

The voice that Feng Xue’er let out was seemingly heartbreaking. Her gaze, was actually filled with hatred and killing intent which Feng Hengkong was incomparably foreign to… As the father of Feng Xue’er, in his entire life, this was still the first time he had sensed hatred and killing intent emitting from her body. And when Ye Xinghan was the person she was pointing to, his heart fiercely stirred as well. He hurriedly held onto Feng Xue’er’s shoulder, and said with a solemn voice. “Xue’er, calm down. Tell your royal father just what actually happened!”

Ancient Blue swept his gaze at the surroundings, yet, he was unable to see Yun Che’s figure. Xia Yuanba’s abnormal state and Feng Xue’er’s emotional outburst had allowed him to faintly guess what had gone on. He glanced at Ye Xinghan indifferently, and said with a calm voice. “Princess Snow, calm your emotions.”

Although these few words from Spiritual Master Ancient Blue were simple and plain, they carried peerless profound energy within them, as they brushed across Feng Xue’er’s soul like a light breeze, allowing her emotions to slowly return to normal. She no longer lost control of her emotions, however, her soul was still in pain, preventing her from breathing. She bit her lips, and a strand of fresh blood slowly fell from her lips, flowing straight onto her creamy snow-white neck.

She had escaped from desperate straits. She had left the Primordial Profound Ark. She had returned to the sides of her loved ones. She had escaped from all dangers...

However, everything, was in exchange for Yun Che’s life.

Clearly, he could have safely escaped danger on his own… He could have done it right from the beginning. Yet, he desperately fled while bringing her along. For her sake, he completely offended Ye Xinghan without the slightest hesitation, and in the end… he even exchanged his own life, for hers...

Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun...

The tears on her cheeks were slowly dried by the wind, yet, the tears in her heart, had accumulated into an ocean… For the very first time, she realized that this was actually how sadness truly felt, and how painful and torturous sadness was… Closing her eyes, the corner of her eyelids filled with tears. Though her voice was calm, every single word was filled with sorrow. “Great Elder has betrayed us. He had long pledged loyalty to Sun Moon Divine Hall… Ye Xinghan wanted to possess me. Great Elder appeared, however, he suddenly made a move against me, and struck the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation on me… Big Brother Yun and Bulky Big Brother were the ones who saved me… Big Brother Yun carried me, and fled to an ancient fortress… Ye Xinghan wanted to force Big Brother Yun and me to death, so Big Brother Yun handed me something that could escape from the place. Big Brother Yun… He…”

Feng Xue’er’s description was in bits and pieces, and her voice constantly fluctuated, however, they still clearly understood what had happened. After speaking her last few words, in front of Feng Xue’er eyes, the image of Yun Che’s figure instantly heading far, far away had once again surfaced. Her soul felt as though it was pierced by ten thousand arrows, and her eyes instantly blurred. She then… fainted once more.

“Xue’er!” Feng Hengkong held Feng Xue’er up, and his entire body was already trembling with fury and hatred. When he sensed the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation in Feng Xue’er’s body, he had already thought of Feng Feiyan… Because Feng Feiyan was the only person who did not head into the inner areas of the profound ark, who was tasked to protect Feng Xue’er from the shadows. He didn’t expect that this terrifying guess had actually turned into reality, and it was countless times more terrifying than he had thought it was!

The elder brother whom had grown up with him, whom he had respected, trusted, and even relied upon the most among his age-group, had actually…

All the signs, which showed that the Four Great Sacred Grounds seemed to have found out the news of the Divine Phoenix’s passing… was actually not his imagination! It was actually Feng Feiyan who had informed Sun Moon Divine Hall of this matter! He had completely betrayed the Divine Phoenix Sect.

If he was barely able to accept the fact that Feng Feiyan had betrayed them, then, the fact that Feng Xue’er had almost fell into dangerous hands, and had even almost lost her life in the Primordial Profound Ark forever… had already completely touched the reverse scale that definitely shouldn’t have been touched. It had completely crossed his final line. The endless rage had caused Feng Hengkong’s chest to look as though it was about to explode. He looked at Ye Xinghan angrily, and his voice carried a slight tremble. “Ye Xinghan… You had best… give us… an... explanation!!”

All of the gazes from those of the Divine Phoenix Sect gathered onto Ye Xinghan. Every single one of their gazes were filled with deep anger and hatred. If not for Ye Xinghan’s identity as the Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, they would have already pounced at him one after another, and tear him into shreds on-site. Not only was Feng Xue’er’s Feng Hengkong’s reverse scale, she was even more so, the reverse scale of the entire Divine Phoenix Sect.

Although Spiritual Master’s expression looked rather calm, rage was already faintly being carried in his eyes. Ji Qianrou turned aside, and was leisurely enjoying the view of the Phoenix flowers not far away. Ling Kun’s eyes were shifting from Divine Phoenix Sect and Ye Xinghan back and forth, and his brows had begun to furrow deeply as well.

Facing Feng Hengkong who could explode with flaming rage at any moment, Ye Xinghan, however, did not look even the least bit anxious. His eyes narrowed into long slits, as he slowly said casually. “Phoenix Sect Master, please calm your anger. Although this young master’s methods have indeed been excessive, it’s simply because I love Little Sister Xue’er too much, which led to this moment of impulse. Phoenix Sect Master has been young once, so I believe you will definitely understand.”

“Understand?” Feng Hengkong laughed out loud furiously, and his eyes had already turned crimson-red. Two balls of Phoenix flames intensely swayed in his pupils. Clearly, he had already entered a state of extreme rage. “Then if we want to kill you, I believe your Sun Moon Divine Hall will definitely understand as well!”

“Kill me? Hahahaha!” Ye Xinghan laughed out loud without a hint of fear on his expression. Instead, his face was filled with disdain and ridicule. “Alright! Then Phoenix Sect Master, why don’t you try it out. Tsk tsk, I wonder just how long Divine Phoenix Sect is able to survive under the wrathful flames of our Sun Moon Divine Hall without the existence of the Divine Phoenix? Is it a year, and a month?”

Feng Hengkong’s and Feng Ximing’s expressions instantly changed.

“Shut up!” A Phoenix elder said sharply. “Clearly, you were the one who first dealt your deadly hands on Princess Snow, yet you actually desecrate our Lord Phoenix God with your words! Our Lord Phoenix God is the only divine spirit in the Profound Sky Continent, and possesses an endless lifespan. It has protected our Divine Phoenix clan throughout every generation, and will exist forever! Do you really think our Divine Phoenix Sect is really afraid of your Sun Moon Divine Hall!?”

“Hahahaha… Hahahahaha…” Ye Xinghan once again burst out into an incomparably ear-piercing crazed laughter. “You people from the Divine Phoenix Sect sure are a sorry bunch, being completely fooled by your Sect Master and all. Your Phoenix God is already dead for several years. Yet, you people actually don’t know about this, and still bring up your ancestor which had already died a long time ago. My front teeth is about to fall from all this laughter, hahahaha… If you don’t believe me, you can try asking your Sect Master.”

“You… You’re basically speaking utter nonsense, a pack of rubbish!” The crowd of Phoenix elders were all trembling from the anger, however, Ye Xinghan’s arrogant demeanor and relaxed tone, were unable to cast away the doubts in their hearts. And, when their eyes turned towards Feng Hengkong, they realized that his expression was ashen, yet, he still did not refute a single word, causing their hearts to tremble even more.

Could it be… The Lord Phoenix God has really...

“The news of your Phoenix God’s death, was personally told to me by your own Great Elder Feng Feiyan.” Ye Xinghan said sinisterly. “The people of our Four Great Sacred Grounds had received this piece of news since two years ago, it’s laughable that the people of your own sect are unaware of it, and are still living in a sorrowful false image. Why don’t all of you think about this carefully? If your so-called Phoenix God isn’t dead, then why did your Great Elder want to defect to our Sun Moon Divine Hall?”

“When your Phoenix God isn’t dead, we will still give a certain degree of respect. In regards to a Divine Phoenix Sect without its Phoenix God, heheh... “ Ye Xinghan curled his lips. “It’s time for the word ‘Divine’ to be removed. Forget about resisting against our Sun Moon Divine Hall, you people basically hold no qualifications for us to even look at you. In a situation such as this, seeing that I have my eyes on your Princess Snow, it’s considered a blessing to your entire sect! Not only are you people not showing your appreciation, you actually want to kill me? Phoenix Sect Master, why don’t you actually try killing me then!!”

Ye Xinghan’s speech was like a poisonous blade, which ruthlessly pierced into every single Divine Phoenix Sect member’s soul, causing deep fear to reveal on their faces. With trembling voices, they looked towards Feng Hengkong. “Sect Master, is what he said… true? Has the Lord Phoenix God already… already…”

The Divine Phoenix, was the ancestor of Divine Phoenix Sect, and was even more so, the backing, faith, and pillar of spiritual support of the entire sect. If this pillar were to collapse, a large half of Divine Phoenix Sect would collapse as well. Not only would their deterrent power steeply fall, the hearts of the entire sect would be in a huge mess as well. However, at this moment, this matter could no longer be concealed. Feng Hengkong raised his head, after a deep sigh, he said. “In regards to the matters of the Lord Phoenix Sect…”

“Which lowly junior dares to slander about this god’s death!?”

A mighty and calm voice which faintly carried a hint of anger, suddenly sounded from the distant blue skies. It was clearly sent into every one of their ears, and then, carrying a penetrative force which could not be resisted against, it resounded in their souls, blood, and bones… through every single corner of their bodies.

This voice shook all of the bodies of the people present. At the same time, a boundless, heaven-toppling aura descended, as though it had enveloped the entire sky and earth. Under this majestic aura, the bodies of everyone stiffened and their hearts tightened. Even someone as strong as Ancient Blue, was feeling as though he was as small as a grain of sand at the base of a mountain.

Feng Hengkong raised his head. After a moment of shock, his body shivered from the excitement. “This… This voice and strength is… is…”

At this moment, two long and narrow golden streaks of light suddenly appeared in the distant blue skies. Soon after, like a pair of slightly closed eyes, these two long golden streaks of light slowly opened… Two incomparably huge golden eyes, which looked as though they were embedded onto the sky, opened.

Phoenix eyes!!

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