Chapter 491 - Miniature Profound Ark

Against the Gods

Chapter 491 - Miniature Profound Ark

Yun Che went towards the north, sprinting to the position that Jasmine had mentioned. On the way, he passed by many small towns, and naturally met many humans and demons, which made him even more certain that this was indeed a world where humans and demons co-existed.

After meeting more demons, Yun Che quickly learned how to tell whether one was a human or demon from their aura. Although the number of demons present was not less than humans, what Yun Che saw were mainly human forms. After all, in the boundless universe, the human figure was the most perfect form. The pure humans and demons in human figures all interacted normally, at least from what Yun Che saw; there was not one bit of division and furthermore, many of the married couples he saw were human-demon pairs.

“As expected, in the boundless universe, nothing is inconceivable. Perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to say that within each world, there are unique and different existences. Everything about this world would undoubtedly shock anyone from the Profound Sky Continent; and the reverse must be true as well. In the Profound Sky Continent, where demons are extremely rare existences that are ostracized by normal humans, would that be abnormal to the people here?”

Yun Che, who was tired from flying, sat on an ancient tree and sighed.

“The complexity of the boundless universe is not something you are able to comprehend. No matter if it is the Profound Sky Continent or this world, they are but a small grain of sand within the boundless universe, unable to represent anything.” Jasmine coldly said. Then, she suddenly changed her tone and continued: “You'd better come into the Sky Poison Pearl for a while.”

“Eh?” Yun Che was stunned. Then, he closed his eyes and sent his consciousness into the Sky Poison pearl.

Once inside, he heard the “munch munch” sound of eating.

Jasmine hovered in midair with both arms folded in front of her chest. She was expressionless as she looked forward, and in front of her… Yun Che was shocked to find Hong’er.

“Hong’er?” Yun Che stared widely: “What is she doing here?!”

“Sky Poison Pearl and the Profound Seal Space all exist within your body, and are therefore connected. There’s nothing weird about that.” Jasmine calmly stated.

“But, before, when the Snow Phoenix was still here, it wasn’t able to enter this place! Furthermore, the internal space of the Sky Poison Pearl is very special; even if its space is within my body, it wouldn’t merge with other spaces.”

“Who knows.” Jasmine pursed her lips, her face seemed to express that she couldn’t be bothered to explain.

“Furthermore, the space within the Sky Poison Pearl obviously cannot store humans or any living beings, how can she…” Yun Che seemed very confused.

“Because she’s not a living being. I already explained that she’s very likely the already extinct ‘Celestial Spirit’, or, you could think that… she’s just a sword!” Jasmine coldly said.


“Yes! She’s just a sword! You only need to think about it this way and everything will make sense. Besides, the truth is… basically like that.” Jasmine’s gaze slightly flickered as she continued playfully: “Instead of worrying about all this now… Do you not notice what she’s eating?”

Hong’er sat on the ground in a very ungraceful manner. Her cheeks puffed greatly as her mouth chewed in a hardworking manner, producing clear biting noises which sounded like she was eating jelly beans. After she finished eating, she quickly popped another piece into her mouth… Yun Che could clearly see that the item she was eating was giving off a deep purple glow.

The purple glow caused Yun Che to be so shocked he nearly knelt down.

Pur… Purple Veined Heaven Crystal!

“Hong’er… Stop! You can’t eat that!” Yun Che howled loudly as he pounced towards her. Seeing his actions, Hong’er screamed and immediately ran, causing Yun Che to grab nothing. Before Yun Che could catch up to her, Hong’er had already repeatedly chewed the item in her mouth, producing several crunching sounds. With a “gulp”, she swallowed whatever was in her mouth. She then spread her hands open and giggled: “I finished eating!”

Yun Che: “!#¥%……”

Yun Che’s hands trembled as he bellowed in rage: “Hong’er! Do you know what you just ate?!”

“Nope, but it was very delicious.” Hong’er licked her lips happily: “Master, do you have more? I still want more!”

“Of course not!!!” Yun Che’s heart tightened: “That’s a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal; it’s a priceless treasure. In my whole life I've only obtained two pieces in total, how can there be more… Eh, Master?”

“That’s right!” Hong’er tilted her head and replied happily: “Little big sis Jasmine said that Master is younger than me, so I can’t call you big brother and should call you Master. And if I call you Master, I will get many many delicious food every day! Aiya… I've already called you Master so many times. What is Master going to give me to eat?”

Yun Che brows trembled agitatedly… This was definitely not an act, since what Hong’er ate was undoubtedly the actual Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. One piece came from Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect and the other came from Xia Qingyue. As what he had said before, with his level, he merely obtained two pieces and could never bear to use them…

However, it was actually eaten by Hong’er… eaten!

And she even found it delicious!

Not even considering the price of a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, they were rare energy crystals that only paled in comparison to Purple Veined Divine Crystals. It was extremely tough, and with his current cultivation level, he wouldn't be able to damage it at all even if he used his full strength. At the same time, Purple Veined Heaven Crystals possess very dense natural energies. Cultivating using its energy would allow a person to move five hundred kilometers in a day; using it to maintain one’s life force and vitality would allow one to stay alive for a long period of time, and allow one’s body to be rebuilt. If used luxuriously, it could activate profound arks. A small piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal would be able to power up a several hundred ton profound ark for several thousand kilometers of flight! No one would ever imagine what the effects of eating a Heaven Crystal that possessed such dense energy would be… Because no one would actually consume this heavenly treasure.

Not only did Hong’er eat it, she actually chewed it!

Her teeth felt that an ordinary biscuit was tough… but could bite into Dragon Fault and Purple Veined Heaven Crystal as though they were tofu!

“The title Master is so much more harmonious, isn’t it?” Jasmine said with her eyes half closed: “Anyways, the Purple Veined Heaven Crystals are not the only things she had eaten. She has already consumed all your Yellow Profound Crystals, Cyan Profound Crystals, Purple Profound Crystals, Yellow Profound Jade, Cyan Profound Jade, Purple Profound Jade, and the Purple Crystal Jade Marrows you bought in Divine Phoenix Empire.”

“Hehehe…” Hong’er’s little face looked up and laughed, beside her lips were two sparkling little canines. It was uncertain whether she was laughing embarrassingly or proudly.

Yun Che was now feeling very unwell. After a quick count of what he had left, he realized that other than the lowest grade impure profound stones, profound crystals and profound jade… All his energy crystals, and even the precious Purple Crystal Jade Marrow were all eaten; not one bit was left behind.

All the various energy crystals he amassed all these years that he couldn't bear to use were obviously kept in the safest place on earth; even safer than a massive portable space he could open… yet, everything was swept in one night. Yun Che scratched his scalp, covering his face, and asked with tearless grief: “Jasmine, why did you not stop her?”

“I’m your master, not your servant.” Jasmine replied in disdain.

Yun Che: “…”

Jasmine’s tone changed as she continued: “Don’t worry, Hong’er won’t eat your things for free. Her entire being is now contracted to you. She is both your person and your sword. Even though what she eats is special, it will bring your great benefits.”

“Bring me great benefits?”

“Can’t you feel a little of Dragon Fault’s aura from her body?” Jasmine asked.

“Dragon Fault’s aura?” Yun Che stared at Hong’er, concentrated his senses, and was instantly shocked… Even though it was very slight, her original body that didn’t have any aura was now giving off Dragon Fault’s aura! If it was simply just Dragon Fault’s aura, he would be able to think that it was from her having not completely "digested” it. However, this was the aura from when Dragon Fault had not been broken yet, and still possessed low grade spiritual intelligence. He asked in shock: “How can this be?”

“Very simple. After she ate Dragon Fault, its powers were digested and absorbed by her body, becoming her strength. Not only does she possess the slight aura of Dragon Fault, the sword that she turned into has become bigger and more powerful!” Jasmine turned and looked at Yun Che, who was in shock: “Which means to say, every time she eats a sword, her own strength will increase accordingly, and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword that she transforms into becomes stronger as well! She is not only Hong’er, but your sword as well! If you want your sword to become stronger, you need to find various strong swords for her… And it would be best if they were all heavy swords! To Hong’er, swords are the best food, and at the same time, she would also become a massive aid for you!”

“!!” Yun Che was indeed secretly amazed. When Hong’er ate Dragon Fault, he had already found it unbelievable. But now, he found out that she was able to absorb the strength of the sword she eats, then make herself… and the sword she transforms into, grow stronger!!

There was actually such a bizarre existence in this word!

After his shock, he was suddenly thrown into elation… The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was already powerful by itself; at least ten times stronger than Dragon Fault! If it could grow using such methods… Then to him, it would be the ultimate assistance! Its power would not be lower than those legendary Heavenly Profound Treasures!

“It will work as long as I find various swords to feed her?” Yun Che looked at Hong’er. His anger from her eating the Purple Veined Heaven Crystals and Purple Crystal Jade Marrows dissipated immediately, as his eyes glittered.

“That doesn't seem to work.” Jasmine pointed at the area on the left: “Because towards swords that are below the Sky Profound Realm, she has no interest in them at all.”

Looking at where Jasmine pointed, Yun Che saw his other swords that were in the Sky Poison Pearl: The Overlord’s Colossal Sword, Tiger Soul Sword… and the few hundred other swords that he obtained from the Xiao Sect Branch Sect’s treasury. Seeing Hong’er’s greedy attitude, she could give up her morals just so she could eat… yet the swords laid there untouched.

This meant that Hong’er did not eat just any sword. The swords she would be willing to eat had to be at least Sky Profound… Or even Emperor Profound!

Sky Profound Swords were limited, as for Emperor Profound Swords… within the entire Profound Sky Continent, how few were they? In regards artifacts above the Emperor Profound… Yun Che had only seen Ye Xinghan’s Sun Moon Calamity. As for swords above Emperor Profound, he had never seen them before.

Where exactly could he find weapons for her that were above the Sky Profound Realm?!

“Alright, I understand.” Yun Che nodded. Even though a Sky Profound Weapon was extremely difficult to find, if it could help Hong’er strengthen after eating, it was undoubtedly good news. But then, he became a little low-spirited, and said: “She’s now my person and my sword, but why… does she not listen to me at all? Not only is she able to escape from the contracted space by herself, she can come out by herself as well… The worst part is that she can ignore my control.”

When he was chasing Hong’er previously, she ran extremely quickly… Even though both were similarly restricted by contract, the Snow Phoenix could not disobey any of his orders he issued.

“Oh?” Yun Che’s words caused Jasmine to reveal a face of shock for an instant. Then, she coldly replied in annoyance: “She’s not a profound beast, moreover, she’s a celestial spirit at a much higher level than you. It would be weird if you could completely control her. Even though she looks innocent, she is much smarter than you think. As long as you treat her nicely, not only will she listen to you, even if you cancel the contract next time to let her leave, she wouldn’t want to leave you.”

“Oh…” Yun Che could only nod and sigh in his heart. Treat her nicely? Wouldn’t that mean I have to please her? Damn! Am I the master, or is she the master?!

“Then, the crystals she eats, will they increase her strength as well?” Yun Che asked.

“No.” Jasmine shook her head decisively, then said to Hong’er: “Hong’er, show your master the profound ark.”

“Profound ark?” Hong’er blinked with her misty red eyes, before her eyes sparkled: “Oh, that thing!”

As she spoke, she stretched out her little hand and a red glow flashed past. Instantly, a palm-sized, dark red miniature profound ark sat in the palm of her hand.

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