Chapter 492 - Seeing Injustice, Being a Busybody

Against the Gods

Chapter 492 - Seeing Injustice, Being a Busybody

“This is?” The small, dark red ark in Hong’er’s hand gave Yun Che a strangely familiar feeling.

“I don’t know either, I just suddenly have it! Master, do you want to play with it?” Hong’er offered the tiny profound ark to Yun Che. The words ‘master’ came out exceptionally smooth. Yun Che had no idea how Jasmine had managed to educate Hong’er in this manner.

“You can’t recognize it? This is the Primordial Profound Ark that you were trapped in for two years!” Jasmine said.

“What?” Yun Che’s brows furrowed together, “But….”

“On the very day we entered the Primordial Profound Ark, I told you that the interior of the Ark had formed its own world, and that this internal world was much bigger than the ark’s outer appearance. However the reality of the situation was much more exaggerated than I had originally determined. This profound ark’s interior does indeed have an internal world, but it can also change size at will! And no matter how the exterior changes, the interior world is not affected in the least.” Jasmine stared at the profound ark in Hong’er’s hand with a serious expression. “There was a rumor circulating about in the Profound Sky Continent concerning the Primordial Profound Ark; every time the Divine Phoenix Empire discovered the Profound Primordial Ark, it was followed by the signal of the appearance of an extremely high class treasure. And this treasure is not within the profound ark, but should actually be the Primordial Profound Ark itself! The Primordial Profound Ark itself is a rare and unparalleled dimensional treasure! Things with its own internal worlds, I have seen many of those, but an item which can have such a huge internal world while being able to shrink down to such an extent, even I have never seen such a thing…. This is indeed worthy to be called a primordial artifact! And only a True God with the strongest ability to control dimensional power would be able to create such a profound ark!

“You mean… this thing? It’s really that Primordial Profound Ark? But didn’t it disappear?” Yun Che asked in disbelief. That Primordial Profound Ark, with an interior so vast that the Profound Sky Continent spent countless years exploring, but could not finish doing so, was actually the little ark in Hong’er’s hand? Even though it was Jasmine who had personally said it, he still had difficulty accepting this fact. And when he had escaped the Primordial Profound Ark, he personally witnessed it disappear into thin air.

“After you have taken a hold of it yourself, you will naturally find out.” Jasmine said these mysterious words.

Yun Che complied with Jasmine’s words and took the little ark from Hong’er’s hands. The moment his fingers touched the little ark, a ball of weak white light suddenly flashed forth…. Yun Che’s movements froze in place, and pieces of soul fragments entered his heart, suddenly filling his head with some strange memories, while establishing some form of spiritual link with the tiny profound ark.

Observing Yun Che’s situation, Jasmine said in a timely manner, “Do you remember the lingering spirit at the time we discovered Hong’er? She didn’t completely disappear at that time; she imparted the last vestiges of her spirit to Hong’er. It was only once you left the Profound Primordial Ark, that she truly disappeared. And this Primordial Profound Ark was left to you, consider it your repayment for rescuing Hong’er. She handed over the primary control over the profound ark to Hong’er, while the secondary controls were passed to you…. Those were the soul fragments that you received just now. However, following the dissipation of the spirit, this profound ark has completely exhausted its energy. Not only is it unable to move, it is also unable to support its internal world, and it has been sealed completely.”

“The kind of energy it requires to move… Is the same as that of a normal profound ark…” Yun Che muttered in a low voice. The soul fragments had established a clean spiritual link between him and the Primordial Profound Ark, and accompanying this link, came memories which clearly instructed him on the Primordial Profound Ark’s power source and some basic controls. It did not, however, tell him anything about the origin of the ark.

Its power source was basically the same as a normal profound ark, and it could fly in the air just like a normal profound ark. At the same time, it also possessed the ability to traverse dimensions, which normal profound arks definitely could not do.

And if one wanted to use its ability to transverse dimensions, the amount of energy required would be incomparably large! Even if you gathered up all the energy crystals within the Profound Sky Continent, it would only be enough to power it for several jumps.

The primary control of this profound ark laid in Hong’ers hands. At the same time, it had established an extremely strange connection with her… because the method to power up the ark… was actually by feeding Hong’er!!

Yun Che did not even know how to describe Hong’er’s existence, which was bizarre to the point of being heaven breaking!

The interior of the profound ark was boundless, but once he held it in his hand, he could not feel any heaviness whatsoever. Yun Che gripped the profound ark tightly and said in a low voice, “This means that if I can give it enough energy to move, I can use it to traverse the dimensions, and return to the Profound Sky Continent!”

“Hmph, you are too naive.” Jasmine said, bluntly pouring cold water over his idea, “Let’s not even mention the obscene amount of energy required to traverse dimensions, even if you could use that ability…. Do you know where the Profound Sky Continent is located? Do you know how far it is from this world?”

Yun Che: “...”

“Even though you have obtained this Primordial Profound Ark, at the moment, it is not something you can take into consideration. First, you must understand the world that you have landed in right now.”

“Right!” Yun Che crisply nodded his head. This was his second day in this world and he had been slowly understanding the living creatures that made up this world on his journey, but he had yet to inquire about where he was in this world, or even what this world was called in the first place… After all, if he asked this question, there would be the risk that people would suspect he was not right in the head.

Yun Che’s consciousness left the Sky Poison Pearl. He soared into the sky and continued towards the west.

Yun Che was about four hundred kilometers away from Jasmine’s indicated target location. Yun Che’s speed was not fast at all. In a day, he could roughly travel one hundred to one hundred and fifty kilometers. And every time he reached a town, he would stop there for half a day, then would quietly observe the communication of the people around him to glean more information about this world. He could distinctly feel that as he ventured westward, the people, demons, and beasts he met grew stronger and stronger in profound strength. On the third day, in a relatively small town, he merely walked down a street that was not longer than one and a half kilometers, and he had already felt the presence of twenty or more Thrones in the vicinity.

On the afternoon of the third day, he finally reached the area that Jasmine had indicated.

Yun Che flew more than three hundred meters into the air, and faced the west. He saw an exceptionally large grey-white city. This city was still at least fifty kilometers away, but it was huge to the point that he could not see the other side of the city. The whole city was covered in a stagnant grey-white color, and even the sky above the city seemed to have an additional mantle of gloominess.

“What a big city…. It’s at least three times bigger than Divine Phoenix City.” Yun Che said.

“The demonic energy is exceptionally thick.” Jasmine said in a low voice, “From its scale and the power levels present, this city should be the center of this entire world. The population seems roughly half human and half demon. Your real trials in this world, should begin from this city…. Hmph, you better be careful. Do not die too quickly!”

Yun Che slowed down his speed as he drew nearer to the grey-white city. At this time, the sounds of a fiercely violent fight emerged from the area to the front of Yun Che, and as he grew nearer to that spot, bursts of profound energy storms flew from a very far distance to heavily impact his surroundings.

Yun Che’s brows jumped violently… amongst the people who were fighting in front of him, every single one of them emitted an exceedingly strong aura. In terms of profound strength and levels, they were far above him.

“Two half a step into the Tyrant Profound Realm, three others at the first level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!” Jasmine said dully.

Yun Che halted his movements and hesitated for a moment. But he chose to continue flying forward and he quickly reached the scene of the battle.

He had arrived at a forest which was not too thickly enshrouded. In the aftermath of the fierce battle, several hundred meters of the area had already been leveled into a flat surface. Not even a blade of grass could be seen, much less trees. In the center of the area, three people were clothed in black and they wore pitch-black hoods. They were wrapped up in cloth from head to toe, only showing their hands and eyes. And the three people were surrounding a couple; the couple looked extremely young, approximately twenty years of age. The couple stood back to back; the man had a physique that was similar to Yun Che, his face was uncommonly handsome and elegant. He was dressed in all white, holding a longsword completely stained in blood, with a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. Even though his wounds were not light, his eyes emitted a ferocious and unyielding light.

The girl was dressed in a light green, tight-fitting bodysuit. Her face was delicate and pretty while also having an heroic aura which would not lose to men. But what surprised Yun Che was that there were two especially long pointed ears on the side of her head, and on her back, stretched a pair of semi-transparent, butterfly-shaped, diaphanous wings; they were very beautiful. Her weapon was also very special, it was actually an oddly-shaped emerald bow broader than her entire body. On the strings of her tautly-drawn bow were three streaks profound energy sword rays…. But the power of the profound energy rays seemed to have grown weak.

“Ah, the elven race actually exists on this world?” Jasmine said in surprise. Because on their way here, they had seen many different humans and demons, but they had yet to come across fairies.

“Elf? That girl is one of those legendary fae?” Yun Che’s gaze fell on the girl. He had heard many legends of the elven race, but this was the first time he had seen real life elf.

“The special features of the elven race are immediately obvious; you do not need probe their aura, you can tell it with a glance. Elves may be far outnumbered by humankind, but their average potential far outstrips that of humanity. Not only do they find it easier to absorb elemental profound energy, but they are natural born marksmen! A bow is the weapon most suited to them.”

“Who… are you people!” The young man shouted as he gnashed his teeth.

“You despicable, shady villains! I have already sent a sound transmission to Big Brother, he will arrive very soon… And at that time, you will all die a dog’s death!” The elf girl furiously shouted.

The couple was very young, but they were already half-step Overlords, and it was hard to find equals at their age. But the three people surrounding them were genuine Overlords! Even though half-step Overlords were only just half a tier lower than true Overlords, the difference in strength was like heaven and earth. A practitioner at the first level of the Tyrant Profound Realm could easily beat both of them. Even if they combined forces, he could even beat three of such opponents.

When they heard the elf girl mention the two words ‘Big Brother’, the pupils of the three men in black contracted slightly. They were obviously extremely afraid of this ‘Big Brother’. But immediately after, the leader of the black-clad trio laughed sinisterly, “Ah but it’s too bad, that even if he arrives, he will not be able to see you alive one last time. However… young man, you can relax, we only want this girl’s life, we won’t kill you. At most, we will let you suffer a bit. Do thank us, your lords, for sparing your life, hahahaha!”

“If you want to kill my seventh siser… You’ll need to step over my dead corpse first!” The young man did not display the slightest joy and instead, roared harshly. But just as those words fell, he spat out a huge amount of blood. Under the combined attacks of three Overlords, he had long ago sustained serious internal injuries.

At this time, Yun Che had been sensed by their spiritual perception. As they suddenly noticed someone drawing near, the faces of the trio in black went cold, while the young man and the elf girl were overjoyed… However, once they had perceived that the person who was approaching was only in the Sky Profound Realm, the black-clothed men laughed in disdain, and completely let down their guards. The couple’s newly arisen hope was also swiftly and brutally snuffed out.

Yun Che descended until he flew just above their heads. The three men in black paid him no attention at all. As Overlords, why would they even bother to consider a lowly Sky Profound Realm practitioner? Yun Che looked down mutely as he swiftly flew past without stopping. At this moment Jasmine said, “Aren’t you going to meddle in their affairs?”

“Forget it.” Yun Che shook his head, “The two people who have been surrounded are around my age, but they are already half-step Overlords; they cannot be of ordinary birth. And the forces that oppose them has the ability to dispatch three Overlords to deal with them; that kind of power is not to be trifled with. I have just reached this place, and I haven’t even figured out the most basic situation yet. It would be better if I do not meddle.”

The young couple was surrounded by three Overlords and were heavily injured; they had reached an absolute, inescapable dead end. The leader of the black-clad trio gave a cold laugh as he stretched out his hand, all five fingers making a grabbing motion towards the elf girl. “Heh…. Die!”

“I… will definitely not let you harm my seventh sister!” The young man’s face turned scarlet, his arms swelling with all the power he could muster within himself. He let out a terrible shout, and he stood in front of the elf girl, both arms reaching out towards the black-clothed man.

“Stop overestimating yourself.” The black-clothed man coldly laughed, and it was at this moment that the young man’s body suddenly turned, as he used his back to receive the black-clothed man’s attack. The arms which were supposed to receive the attack had instead, fallen heavily on the elf girl’s body.

At this moment, all those who were present were taken by complete surprise; even the Yun Che who had flown away was distracted. Under the strike of this unexpected blow, the elf girl’s body flew extremely far away, escaping the encirclement of the black-clad trio.

“Seventh sister, hurry up and run!!”

As he used all his remaining energy to yell those words, his back had already receive the black-clothed man’s attack. His entire body flew out, and a bloody hole the size of a fist appeared on his back.

“This young punk… is looking for death!” The black-clothed man hastily withdrew his attack, but the remaining energy was already enough to take this young man’s life. Their mission was to kill the elf girl; if they accidently killed the boy as well, the ‘result’ would be greatly lessened.

“Damn it! Do you think this is enough to save her life? Such foolish naivete!”

The other two black-clothed men flew out at the same time, bearing down on the elf girl who had flown more than thirty meters away like a pair of great birds. But they did not even need to give chase, as the elf girl came running back. She had thrown away her weapon as she looked at the young man who had fallen on the ground covered in blood. Her eyes filled with tears, and she said in heart-breaking voice, “Brother Yun… Brother Yun! I won’t run away… if you have to die… then we can die together!”

“Seventh sister…” The boy lying on the ground had difficulty raising his head as he uttered those words in a weak voice.

Yun Che’s body froze and like a bolt of lightning, he rushed all the way back…

Dammit… This kind of scene is something I can’t tolerate seeing!

And moreover, that kid is also named Yun, we might’ve even been relatives many eons ago. I’m going to save him!

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