Chapter 517 - I Have An Objection!

Against the Gods

Chapter 517 - I Have An Objection!

The words said by the Duke Hui Ye immediately caused waves among the Yun Family members who were present. After most of them had recovered from their momentary surprise, their eyes suddenly began to shine with the light of emotion. Many of the core elders from the Elder Council began to look at each other in consternation, after which, they all began to slowly nod their heads simultaneously.

Even the three grand elders, Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi had sunk into deep thought, but they did not show any sign of rejecting his words.

“Mn?” Yun Che rested his hand under his chin as he looked thoughtfully at the completely relaxed Duke Hui Ye. He gave a faint chuckle, and then said in a low voice, “Ah, so it was like this after all… Before, I only had a grasp on about ninety percent of the situation, but now I can see the entire picture.”

Yun Che’s soft words were fully transmitted into Yun Qinghong’s ears. Yun Qinhong looked askance, giving him a deep, long look.

“If Father must truly abdicate his position… Letting Brother Xinyue take over as Patriarch doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.” Yun Xiao said softly.

“His Highness Hui Ye has truly presented an excellent proposal!!” After the noise had begin to die down, a core elder began to clap his hands while standing. He said with a voice filled with admiration, “For all these years, every time the occasion arises for one Patriarch to succeed the other, that person is almost always above one hundred years of age, so this has caused us to unwittingly overlook such an excellent candidate.”

“That is right!” Another elder also stood up, “Xinyue is the best amongst our young generation, and it can also be said that he is perfect in every way. Even though he is not the son of the Patriarch, he is still the son of the Great Elder. Whether it is regarding aptitude or background, you will not be able to find another candidate who can compare to him amongst his peers. As for his age, Xinyue is indeed still young, but why can’t we consider this a kind of advantage? In regards to his shallow qualifications, as long as we put in every effort to assist him, this shallowness can be completely compensated for.”

“Even people from outside the Yun Family has called Xinyue the great hope of our Yun Family. This is definitely not idle talk or lies. Letting Xinyue be the next Patriarch, may truly bring about an entirely new beginning for our Yun Family.”

“His Highness Hui Ye’s suggestion is truly sublime.”

In the current Yun Family which had greatly declined in strength, the halo surrounding Yun Xinyue was indeed dazzling without compare. Countless praises and the greatest hope and expectation for the Yun Family’s resurgence was gathered in that halo of light. And under such a light, even the problem of his age was easily covered up; the seniors of the Yun Family already did not feel that the suggestion for him to be the next Patriarch was too inappropriate, and following the approval of one elder after the other, they felt like it was more and more feasible, to the point where it could be said that he was an excellent choice.

As for the younger members of the Yun Family, it was natural that they exhibited a incomparably excited response. Yun Xinyue becoming the Yun Family Patriarch caused a fierce pride to well up in the hearts of all of those young disciples.

The present cheers were even louder than the ones given when Yun Waitian was presented as the successor of the title of Patriarch.

After the Grand Elders had given this matter careful consideration, they all slowly nodded their heads as well. Yun Jiang said in a gentle voice, “Our Yun Clan has never had the precedent of allowing someone from the younger generation to take the seat of Patriarch prematurely, but that does not mean that such a precedent cannot be set. Xinyue’s temperament and talent are enough to compensate for his lack of experience. After serious consideration and taking into account the present condition of the Yun Family, Xinyue seems to be even more suitable than Waitian to take over the position of Patriarch.”

“I also concur with what has been said.” Yun He nodded his head.

“I can expect no less of Duke Hui Ye. His suggestion has enlightened us, allowing us to see something that we had not been able to see before.” Yun Xi added as he nodded his head as well.

“To be able to attain the recognition from all three Grand Elders is this duke’s fortune.” Duke Hui Ye said as he gave a faint smile, “This duke merely gave a simple suggestion, I did not expect to receive such a vigorous response from your entire clan. It looks like all of you ladies and gentlemen of the Yun Family has an even greater appreciation and respect for Yun Xinyue than I had previously anticipated. Since this is the case, Great Elder, for your virtuous son to succeed the title of Patriarch seems to be the perfect conclusion to this matter.”

Duke Hui Ye’s words had undoubtedly speedily changed Yun Waitians previous melancholy into sheer joy. Letting Yun Xinyue become Patriarch naturally filled him with even more joy than his own appointment as Patriarch would have given him. He strongly restrained the ecstasy in his heart and said in a polite and modest tone, “Duke Hui Ye has such great love for my unworthy son. For that I, Yun Waitian, am eternally grateful. However… my unworthy son is simply too young, and the reality is that… His ability is still currently lacking…”

Yun Xinyue stood up, and it was clear that he was at a loss. He said in a deferential tone, “Everything that my father has said is true. For Duke Hui Ye to show me such great love, Xinyue is simply grateful beyond words. However, Xinyue is not even thirty years old yet and my power, ability and experience still fall far short of the required mark, so how can I be worthy of receiving the huge responsibility of becoming the new Patriarch. Xinyue is truly unbearably perplexed.”

“Oh?” Duke Hui Ye’s smile quickly receded and a displeased look soon appeared on his face. He gave a cold snort and said, “Hmph, looks like those rumors are after all, in the end, merely rumors. This duke had originally thought you, Yun Xinyue, is indeed an incomparable genius who was bestowed to the Yun Family by the heavens, but it looks like you are nothing more than this. The Yun Family currently exists in the boundary between life and death. The entire Yun Family is willing to entrust such a heavy burden to you, even the three Grand Elders have given given their approval. But alas, you do not even have the courage or the nerve to take on this task. Ah, it’s too bad that the so-called ‘Great Hope of the Yun Family’ is nothing more than a joke; this ‘hope’ is merely a fool to be despised by all.”

Duke Hui Ye’s words caused Yun Xinyue’s face to become stained a crimson red. He clenched his fists tightly and said through gritted teeth, “Xinyue does not recognize what Your Highness has just said. To bring about the revival of the Yun Family is my life’s greatest wish. If I am allowed to accomplish this wish, I will not hesitate to pay any price to make it come true....”

“This duke has never bothered listening to useless words that are beneath my notice.” Duke Hui Ye replied with a bland smile, “This duke only wants to know one thing, this position of Yun Family Patriarch, do you dare to take it?!”

“I dare! Why would I not dare!” As if he was severely jolted by Duke Hui Ye’s words, Yun Xinyue’s hesitation disappeared and he replied in a manner that was extremely resolute and decisive. He furrowed his brows and said with a solemn expression, “As long as all the seniors of the Yun Family, as well as my fellow brothers and sisters think highly of me, and is willing to let a junior like me be Patriarch of the Yun Family. Then I will dare to throw caution to the wind and say that I will cause the Yun Family to rise to ascendancy again within my lifetime!”

Once Yun Xinyue had uttered such strong words, all the Yun Family members present naturally went into a frenzy and they blanketed the arena with roars. Several core elders stood up one after the other and as they nodded their heads and laughed, they announced as one body, “Who would have thought that this major event concerning the Patriarch would reach such a resolution. Even though it was beyond our expectations, it is indeed a perfect ending. All of us will commit our greatest strength into supporting the new Patriarch!”

Yun Waitian drew in a long breath and said in an incomparably agitated voice, “Since this is the current state of affairs, if my unworthy son still chooses to decline, it would instead seem like a pretentious and cowardly act. And since today, this heavy burden has fallen upon the shoulders of my unworthy son, I as his father, will exert ten times my previous effort! In hopes that this father and son will not become guilty of perpetuating the decline of our Yun Family.”

The inner circle within the Yun Family all knew that the true motive of this Family Competition was to replace their Patriarch. And before this, everyone had assumed that the new Patriarch would be Yun Waitian. Who would have thought that, under the urging of Duke Hui Ye, they would reach a conclusion that seemed to be even more perfect.

Duke Hui Ye gave off a big laugh and said, “For a clan to change Patriarchs is originally a huge affair that is dealt with within that family. This duke did not expect that as a stranger giving a rather superficial proposal, that my proposal would receive recognition from all the members of the Yun Family present. This duke is overjoyed and extremely honored. And since this matter was precipitated by this duke, this duke also has a burning desire to see it through to completion. Since all those who are present feel that Yun Xinyue is the most suitable candidate to assume the role of Patriarch, and every single member of the Yun Family, including the Grand Elders and core Elders that are present, the esteemed guests who are visiting shall bear witness. The stars have truly aligned and people from every corner are gathered in witness. Since this is so, I do not see why we should not, on this very day, at this very time, proceed to complete the ceremony of succession for the new Patriarch. Everyone, do you have any objections?”

In this entire process, the current Patriarch Yun Qinghong had the least attention paid to him. No one asked him for his opinion and no one cared about his feelings… because even though he was the Patriarch, he had long ago become a useless cripple whom even a beggar could ignore… because at least a beggar could still move under his own power.

The suggestion that Yun Xinyue should become the new Patriarch was met with raucous approval from the entire Yun Clan, and there was not a word that was said in opposition. And the one who had given this suggestions, who had brought it to conclusion was Duke Hui Ye himself, so it was hard for anyone to feel that it was inappropriate. In fact, given the current situation, forget about shouting out one’s objections, those present would hardly even dare to express their objection in any way.

However, as everyone was on the verge of witnessing the fall of the old Patriarch and the beginning of the inauguration of the new Patriarch, there was one ‘unenlightened’ person who stood up.

“I have an objection!”

These four bland words utilized the power of profound energy to possess an extremely strong penetrating effect. And amidst the noisy environment, it was clearly transmitted into everyone’s ears, and even caused the great clamor to instantly die down. All eyes turned at the same time to the origin of that voice.

Yun Che stood up and unhurriedly strode forward five paces. He gave a faint smile to Duke Hui Ye and Yun Waitian, whom he faced, while he exposed himself to the gaze of the crowd at the same time.

Yun Che had, after all, stayed with the Yun Family for two months. Even though a large proportion of the Yun Family had never seen him, they had all heard that Yun Che had become Yun Qinghong’s godson… It was just that the godson of a crippled Patriarch was simply not enough to draw the attention of those within the Yun Family. For him to step out all of sudden and say those four earth-shattering words, ‘I have an objection’, caused everyone to be stunned in place. Following that however, the gazes filled with shock were increasingly replaced by gazes filled with mockery and no small amount of schadenfreude.

“Who the hell is this kid?”

“He has an objection? Heh, what does he mean? Who does he think he is? Who does he think the people who are standing in front of him are?”

“Oh, this seems to be the god-son of Yun Qinghong. Could it be that this person is some sort of retard?”

“Peh, perhaps he just wants to steal some of the limelight. Heh heh, speaking out is easy, but let’s see how you handle the fallout now… It’s time to watch a show!”

As for Duke Hui Ye, the branch of the Royal Family he was from was extremely formidable and it was public knowledge that it rivaled the power that the Little Demon Empress held. Even the stately Great Elder of the Yun Family had to be polite and respectful to young duke and would not dare show any sign of slighting him. Even those who had never heard of Duke Hui Ye before, would still understand what kind of background he had. So when he asked if ‘anyone had any objections’, no one thought that someone would actually really step forward. This was undoubtedly a rude slap delivered to Duke Hui Ye’s face.

“Big… Big Brother!” Yun Xiao cried in alarm has he moved forward to drag Yun Che back. Yun Qinghong extended his hand to block him, after which, he silently shook his head.

“Oh?” Duke Hui Ye had also naturally did not expect that there was someone who was willing to sing a different tune; moreover this was after the entire Yun Family had recognized the proposal that he made. He turned around and casually measured Yun Che with his eyes. In a voice that contained only amusement and no anger, he said, “And you are?”

Yun Waitian fixed his eyes upon Yun Che and his brows wrinkled up. Then, he continued by saying, “Your Highness Hui Ye, this person is actually not part of our Yun Family. Moreover, he is only a foster son who was taken in two months ago by Yun Qinghong. We also have no idea where this fellow came from, but Duke Hui Ye, please do not bother with what he is saying.”

At this point in time, Yun Waitian had abandoned even addressing Yun Qinghong as ‘Patriarch’ and directly called him ‘Yun Qinghong’.

“Foster son?” Duke Hui Ye faintly narrowed his eyes, “This is truly strange, this duke has never heard of someone from the Yun Family taking in a foster child. For Patriarch Yun to have set such a precedent, it seems that this foster son of Patriarch Yun must truly possess some exceedingly extraordinary qualities.”

“You flatter me.” Yun Che said laughingly. He stayed perfectly composed in the face of Duke Hui Ye’s mighty aura, as though he wasn’t even facing someone who stood at the peak of the Illusory Demon Realm, but rather a peer who couldn’t be any more ordinary: “I am only a nobody, so Duke Hui Ye obviously does not recognize me. Even though I am not a member of the Yun Family, my surname is also Yun, with my name being Che.”

“Yun Che!” Yun Waitian deeply uttered: “Today is a major event for our Yun Family. Whether or not your surname is Yun has no meaning, for you are still just an outsider who has no right to butt into our Yun Family affairs. Apologize to Duke Hui Ye immediately for your offense, then scram… Or else, even that godfather of yours would not be able to protect you!”

Yun Family’s Great Elder berated so angrily, and even caused the rest of the young generation to end up trembling with fear while drenched in sweat. However, Yun Che merely gave him an indifferent glance, and said without a change in expression: “I, Yun Che, am not a member of the Yun Family, nor am I a citizen of Demon Imperial City. I’ve only arrived at Demon Imperial City two months ago, and just happened to save Yun Xiao from ambush outside the city. Yun Xiao and I were compatible, so we became sworn brothers. Since I saved his son, the Yun Patriarch accepted me as his adoptive son… Since I have become the Patriarch’s godchild, then I can be considered to be a half member of the Yun Family. If you want to talk about outsiders, I believe that this Duke Hui Ye should be the true outsider, right? If an outsider could decide the Yun Family’s succession of Patriarch with a few words, then why do I, a half ‘insider’, not have the right to speak up?”

Once Yun Che’s words came out, Yun Xiao instantly broke into cold sweat, while those elder-class characters who were a few hundred years old were all struck dumb into speechlessness.

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