Chapter 518 - World-shaking

Against the Gods

Chapter 518 - World-shaking


Yun Che’s words stunned everyone present. Yun Waitian became angry and bellowed: “Insolent brat, how dare you offend His Highness Hui Ye! If it were not for Yun Qinghong, based on those words you said, I would’ve personally give you a few tight slaps.”

Yun Che willfully laughed, showing no signs of panic: “Great Elder’s anger is truly great, did I say anything wrong? This duke who is completely unrelated to the Yun Family can bother with your Yun Family affairs, but I, a half member of the Yun Family, cannot? Furthermore, the person who asked if there were any objections seemed to be that duke as well.”

Seeing that Yu Che did not back off, and instead continue, caused Yun Waitian to laugh in anger: “His Highness Hui Ye is a duke, and his words are like gold, enlightening us, the Yun Family about the matter of the next Patriarch. Who are you to compare to yourself to His Highness Hui Ye? If there were any objections, my Yun Family Elder Council would object. Since when was it your turn, you ridiculous little thing, hurry up and scram! If you are to say another word…”

“Ahh~” Duke Hui Ye lifted up his hand to stop Yun Waitian from speaking, his facing still maintaining its calm. He did not seem even a bit angry… However, a brat whose background was unknown, who was only at the Sky Profound Realm was indeed not even fit to cause him to become angry. If he were really to become angry, others would find it weird instead. He laughed and said: “Great Elder doesn’t have to get angry. Changing Patriarchs is a huge matter. Someone having an objection is just normal. Even though Yun Che is not a member of the Yun Family, he’s still the godson of the current Patriarch. Saying that he is half a Yun Family member is indeed not too much. Furthermore, his godfather would be the one that is giving up his position; for him to have something to say is normal. Why not let us listen to what he has to say.”

“Your Highness, I heard that this brat came from the Southern Borders to Demon Imperial City two months ago. There are not many people from the Yun Family that knows him. There is no need for a man with such high status as you to listen to rubbish from a brat.” Yun Waitian said.

“No, no,” Duke Hui Ye shook his head: “Letting Xinyue succeed as Patriarch is not something your Yun Family decided, but something this duke suggested, and what Yun Che said was not wrong. This duke is still an outsider and something an outsider suggested leading to objections is something normal. Furthermore, this Yun Che is the godson of the current Patriarch. If he were to be really chased away by you like this, wouldn’t it seem as though this duke is narrow-minded, bullying others with authority and cannot take ‘objections’?”

Clap, clap, clap...

A loud applause started, and as Yun Che clapped, he praised loudly: “No wonder you’re a duke. Such magnanimity and boldness is indeed commendable, unlike some others who lived a few hundred years for nothing, you’re much stronger.”

“YOU!” Yun Waitian instantly flew into a rage. Him offending Duke Hui Ye in public could be understood as being ignorant and rash, but his last phrase was obviously criticizing him. However, after he said “YOU”, he did not continue, but instead laughed coldly. He thought that with his status, flying into a rage because of a junior in public was just embarrassing himself. Furthermore, him offending Duke Hui Ye would obviously not do him any good.

This Duke Hui Ye was definitely not some kind and magnanimous person.

“Is he really the youth that saved Number Seven that day?” On his seat, Unparalleled Under Heaven looked at Yun Che and asked.

“Yes, it’s him.” Number One Under Heaven nodded.

“This youngster is a bit reckless.” Unparalleled Under Heaven said.

Number One Under Heaven thought for a while, before replying: “Even though I only met him once, he doesn’t seem to be a rash and thoughtless person.”

“Haha.” Unparalleled Under Heaven laughed slightly as he turned his attention to Yun Qinghong, then thoughtfully said: “If he really is someone Yun Qinghong made godson, then he’s definitely not simple. Your father has more than once said that even though Yun Qinghong is completely crippled, he is not a person to be looked down upon. Even though the current Yun Family seems as though the control is with Yun Waitian, it’s only a superficial view. Your father and I strongly believe that it is not possible for Yun Qinghong to not have backups… If Yun Qinghong is willing to accept this child as his godson, this child is definitely not normal.”

Number One Under Heaven: “...”

“This duke has said before that this duke does not want to hear any useless rubbish.” Duke Hui Ye narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Che with a playful glance. That glance was like someone getting interested in a toy: “You said that you had objections, that means you don’t agree on Yun Xinyue becoming the next Patriarch. Then, let us know the reason why, or you could suggest someone who is more suitable to become Patriarch. If your reason is reasonable or that everyone agrees with you, then it would be the best. Otherwise, if your words were merely objecting for the sake of objecting… Heh, for such a huge matter being treated as a farce by you, let’s not say the Yun Family, but even this duke would likely get angry.”

As Duke Hui Ye finished speaking, a sense of dismay was released, causing the younger disciples on the seats to shudder. Duke Hui Ye was a part of the “Illusory Demons Seven Scions”, and his strength didn’t need to be questioned. Being born in the royal family, his innate and acquired royal aura was not something that an ordinary person can withstand.

Yun Che was unfazed as he said: “I am half a Yun Family member. Naturally, everything I say and do is for the sake of the Yun Family. The Patriarch is the most important leader of the family, the choice of Patriarch affects the future of the entire family. It’s not a matter where even a little negligence can be allowed. When choosing the Patriarch, although strength is important, it is not the most important. Instead, the most important is personality and character… Duke Hui Ye, on this point, I’m sure you agree as well.”

Duke Hui Ye smiled slightly and said: “Of course. However, from what you said, are you questioning Yun Xinyue’s character? From what this duke knows, not only is Yun Xinyue a gifted talent, his character is flawless. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be no one disagreeing with the proposition of Yun Xinyue as the next Patriarch. Do you mean that the understanding of him from the clan members who stayed with him for tens of years is inferior to you, an outsider who has only been in Demon Imperial City for two months?”

Yun Che laughed strangely and said thoughtfully: “Everyone knows, that in this world, the hardest thing to see clearly is the human heart. I said before, the reason I had become Yun Qinghong’s godson was because when I first arrived in Demon Imperial City, I had saved his son Yun Xiao. That day, other than Yun Xiao, Under Heaven Clan’s princess, Number Seven Under Heaven, was attacked as well. Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven were both direct descendants of their Patriarch, the news of them being attacked together is not something trivial and I’m sure everyone present has heard of this news.”

“This duke has indeed heard of it, but does this have anything to do with whether Yun Xinyue can become the next Patriarch?” Duke Hui Ye asked with a slight smile.

“Yes, of course it does, and it’s even greatly related!” Yun Che did not stop and continued. His words caused the brows of Yun Qinghong, who was sitting on the wheelchair, to knit closely together. His gaze was cold… but it all dissipated quickly.

“Number Seven Under Heaven and Yun Xiao were attacked together, and the attacks were very vicious. It was obvious the motive was to kill them. That way, the Under Heaven Patriarch would undoubtedly rage and investigate his matter thoroughly. Yun Xiao’s Uncle, Senior Mu would also meddle in this matter, but Yun Family’s actions… Heh, it doesn’t matter if we don’t talk about it. However, the three black-clothed man who attacked Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven did not reveal their profound skills. Therefore, it was exceptionally difficult to track their identities. Now, two months have passed, and whether it’s the Under Heaven Family or Senior Mu, they did not uncover anything…”

“What exactly is your point!” Yun Waitian impatiently bellowed: “This is my Yun Family’s Great Assembly, we’re not here to listen to your rubbish!”

“Great Elder, calm down. The main point is coming.” Yun Che said neither quickly or slowly: “Yun Xiao is my sworn brother. Him being attacked, Yun Family can ignore it, treat as though nothing happened but I, as his big brother, cannot. In these two months, I kept trying to find out who was it that tried to assassinate Yun Xiao and the Under Heaven Family Princess. Lucky for him, a while back, I finally figured out the identity of one of the culprits.”

From the seats, the faces of Number One Under Heaven and Unparalleled Under Heaven Changed instantly as their gaze became serious. Two months ago, Number Seven Under Heaven nearly lost her life to the black-clothed men and Greatest Ambition Under Heaven exploded with anger, but even though he personally investigated this matter, it did not come to any results. Yun Che’s words instantly captured their attentions. Number One Under Heaven immediately stood up and asked: “Brother Yun, are you serious? The person that you had found out, who is he?”

Mu Yubai stroked his chin as he muttered with a frown: “This brat, just what medicine is this brat concocting. Even that old man Under Heaven could not discover anything, but he did?”

“Ah? Big Brother really discovered who it was?” Yun Xiao had a face of confusion: “But, he has never stepped out of the house much in during these two months, this, this…”

“Husband, what is Che’er trying to do?” Mu Yurou was equally perplexed as well.

“No need to ask, let’s just watch on.” Yun Qinghong looked on with knitted brows as his grip on the handle of the wheelchair grew tighter.

Yun Che turned around and said while facing Number One Under Heaven: “Brother Under Heaven, with one of your family members nearly being assassinated, I believe that even if you and your family were to stab the culprit to death with a thousand swords, it would not quell your anger. But today, I have to ask Brother Under Heaven and our Under Heaven seniors to maintain your composure, since the identity of the culprit that I have figured out is shocking. When I say it, you might not even believe me.”

Yun Che shift his attention to Yun Xinyue and looked at him intently: “One of the culprits behind the assassination attempt of Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven is not anyone else, but the imposing and prestigious son of the Great Elder… Yun Xinyue!”

Once Yun Che mentioned the two words “Yun Xinyue”, it seemed as though someone randomly tossed out two bombs. The entire plaza became a field of silence, then, it was replaced with deafening, world-shaking noises.

However, this was not sound of shock, but rather… the sound of deafening laughter.

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