Chapter 523 - Silencing

Against the Gods

Chapter 523 - Silencing

“Great Elder Yun, don’t be impatient, I am merely asking my first real question. If he’s innocent, you’ll hear it for yourself soon enough.” Yun Che patiently said.

“Yun Xinyue, let me ask you, did you tell this matter to someone else and plot to assassinate Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven when they were together?” Yun Che asked in a stern manner.

Yun Che’s question was straight to the point. Yun Xinyue only had to give a very simple answer… “Yes” or “No”.

“Yes…” Yun Xinyue answered lifelessly.


Once the word “Yes” came out, the entire Yun Family was in an uproar and everyone was stunned. No matter what, they did not dare believe what they had heard with their ears.

That was a Profound Handle Soul Search… and it was a Profound Handle Soul Search personally administered by a Grand Elder. Under the effects of the Profound Handle Soul Search, anything they say would definitely be the truth. The Yun Family who possessed the Profound Handle all completely believed this.

The hope of the entire Clan, the strongest, most respected, the humble and kind Yun Xinyue of the younger generation… He was actually involved in the attempted assassination of Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven! The shock his reply caused for the Yun Family was earth shattering. If it were not because he said it personally under the effect of Profound Handle Soul Search, they would rather believe that ghosts existed in this world than this fact.

“How can this… How can this be…” Yun Xiao’s mouth was agape in shock and his eyes lost focus; he was unable to recompose himself for a long while. Yun Family’s most elite member of the same generation, his most respected person was actually just as Yun Che said, the person who tried to harm him and Number Seven Under Heaven two months ago. Furthermore, when Yun Che was picking on Yun Xinyue on stage before, he had even stepped out to defend him shouting that it was “impossible”...

“Bas… tard!” Number One Under Heaven shouted as he jumped up, his eyes were downcast as he cracked his knuckles. After investigating hard for two months, he couldn’t find any clues, which caused the anger and hate that had built up to be much more intense. Now that the actual culprit had appeared, he could no longer control it, as it was about to explode… understandable since his investigation had yielded no results. Because he never expected that the culprit behind the incident was from the Yun Family!

“Compose yourself.” Unparalleled Under Heaven patted his shoulder, looked at Yun Xinyue, and calmly said: “If it were Yun Xinyue alone, there is no reason for him to harm Number Seven, and even more so Yun Xiao. This incident isn’t so simple… Let’s continue watching!”

Number One Under Heaven gritted his teeth, as he controlled himself.

The moment Yun Xinyue said “Yes”, Yun Waitian’s entire body trembled, nearly collapsing to the ground, but he immediately shouted with a trembling voice: “Im… Impossible! There must be some reason behind this… It’s impossible that my son would do this without a reason… There must be a proper reason!”

All these years, Yun Waitian has always treated Yun Xinyue as his pride, and until now, he still would not believe that Yun Xinyue was someone that would harbor malicious intent. He was his birth father… clearly the person who understood him the most in this world!

“I believe that everyone present here would like to know the reason behind this.” Yun Che said as he looked at Yun Xinyue. Before this, he thought that both Yun Waitian and Yun Xinyue were involved, but looking at Yun Waitian’s reactions, he started to believe that he actually did not know anything at all. He could now see how scheming, well-planned… and how of good an actor Yun Xinyue was!

“Then Great Elder Yun, you’d better open up your ears and listen to the reason behind this.” Yun Che continued before asking: “Yun Xinyue, answer in detail why you worked together with people outside the family to harm your fellow clansman Yun Xiao and the innocent Number Seven Under Heaven!”

Yun Xinyue opened his mouth and replied robotically: “Yun Family… and the Under Heaven Clan… are both loyal to the Little Demon Empress… Killing Number Seven Under Heaven… while letting Yun Xiao go… Under Heaven Family would be enraged with the Yun Family… if the two families clash… even if it isn’t mutual destruction… they would not be on the same side together…”

Yun Family Plaza was dead silent as everyone listened attentively, afraid they would miss out on a single word. When Yun Xinyue had finished speaking, everyone revealed faces of shock and fear. The three Grand Elders stood up in unison as expressions of deep shock appeared on their aged faces.

Yun Waitian trembled, before weakly crashing onto the ground. His eyes stare wide opened, yet his gaze lifeless as incoherent speech escaped from his mouth: “Impossible… This is impossible… Impossible… This cannot be…”

The truth behind what Yun Xinyue was simply too appalling, his motive… More accurately speaking, the motive of the people behind this, was to reduce the power of the faction supporting the Little Demon Empress! Little Demon Empress was the highest monarch of the Illusory Demon Realm. Such actions… were blatant attempts to revolt!

In the face of such a frightening answer, no one in the Yun Family dared to utter a word. Never had they ever thought that Yun Xinyue would be the actual culprit who harmed a fellow clansman… what was even more unimaginable was that it actually implicated such a groundbreaking huge matter.

If it were not for Yun Che lending a hand to Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven that day, their plans would have succeeded and Under Heaven Family would be enraged with the Yun Family, resulting in a huge conflict and would even cause them to not be able to bear with one another… After all, Number Seven Under Heaven was not any ordinary member of the Under Heaven Clan, she was actually Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s only daughter. Yun Xiao asking her out was also an indisputable fact.

Even more frightening was that today, they were all supporting Yun Xinyue to be the next head of the Yun Family, and he almost succeeded the position… Whilst thinking about that, the entire family broke out in cold sweat.

Yun Che sternly said, “Yun Xinyue, harming a fellow clansman and finding an opportunity to reduce the power of the faction supporting the Little Demon Empress! This is a heinous crime! You are the son of the Great Elder, your status is good and your talent isn’t bad either. You are well praised and depended upon by the family who even pushed for you to be the next head of the family. Everything is yours for the taking! Why do you have to do this! Why exactly have you planned this… or were you forced by someone?”

As Yun Che finished speaking, everyone held their breath, especially all the Yun Family Elders, who stood up and stared at Yun Xinyue… An “accusation” that originally caused them to become enraged had suddenly turned into such a shocking truth.

Yun Xinyue’s face contorted. Facing these questions from Yun Che, his mind suddenly experienced pain. His voice became hoarse, yet he still narrated without hiding anything: “... Six years ago… Master poisoned me… with the ‘Heart Disabling Venom’... If I follow his instructions… After Master overthrows the Little Demon Empress… I, the new Patriarch, would be named with the title of a king… If I were to disobey… I would die without a burial… place…”

“Heart Disabling… Venom?!!”

Numerous shocked screams overlapped one another, and the lifeless Yun Waitian, upon hearing Yun Xinyue’s answer, lifted his head agitatedly as his whole body trembled.

Yun Che had never heard of “Heart Disabling Venom” before, but, the same venom, in different places, would often have different names. Him not hearing of it before did not mean he did not what venom it was. Just as he was about to use his profound energy on Yun Xinyue’s body to investigate what venom it was, an icy cold killing intent came from his rear right side.

Although the killing intent was hidden, how could it escape Yun Che’s sharp senses? He quickly gave up on investigating and walked forward to ask in a quick manner: “Tell me… Who are those that attempted to assassinate Yun Xiao and... who is the owner of yours!”

“The ones who attacked Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven is… from the Helian Family… Master… is Duke Huai Palace’s…”


The stage below their feet was suddenly destroyed and an earth shard that was vibrating with a dirty yellow profound glow shot up from the ground. Yun Che’s first reaction was to instantly retreat. At the same time, he using his palm and pushed Yun Xinyue backwards a few steps… However, the energy within the earth shard was too overwhelming and because Yun Xinyue was not in control of his body whilst under the effects of Profound Handle Soul Search, he did not have any chance at avoiding the attack, and was completely pierced through by the shard. Because of that, he was then skewered in midair and large amounts of blood were sprayed around.


“Yun Waitian screamed in horror, sprinting towards the Sacred Yun Stage like a madman. All the elders of the Yun Family were shocked as they ran towards the stage and the scene was instantly a mess.

“Duke Hui Ye… What is the meaning of this!!!” Yun Qinghong asked in anger. The one who mercilessly attacked Yun Xinyue was the Venerable Stone Dragon who stood behind Duke Hui Ye. Currently, the scales on his arms were still emitting a dull profound glow.

“This Yun Xinyue deserves death for maligning my royal father!” Duke Hui Ye laughed with a darkened face: “And Yun Che… the brat who spoiled my plans… must die as well! Kill him!”


The entire Sacred Cloud Arena exploded and dust filled the air. A thick dense yellow raiance shot straight towards Yun Che’s chest… There was only Yun Qinghong beside Yun Che, as the others were not on the stage yet, so they were unable to intervene at all.

Just as the yellow profound light was less than a meter away from Yun Che, Yun Qinghong, who was sitting on his wheelchair, stretched out his arm… The movement of his arm was very slow, so slow that even a person with no profound cultivation would be able to see the movement of his arm. And yet, with such a slow speed, it instantly appeared in front of Yun Che, blocking the attack.


A huge lightning barrier appeared from Yun Qinghong’s palm, completely blocking the Venerable Stone Dragon’s attack. Afterwards, the figure of a person flashed, followed by an instant flash of lightning. Yun Qinghong appeared in front of the Venerable Stone Dragon and a right palm that was glowing purple struck violently against his chest, knocking the unprepared Venerable Stone Dragon far away.

“Wh… What!!!”

“Wh… at!!!”

“Ahhh… Ahhhhhhhhh!!”

The Yun Family’s grand elders, elders, disciples… Number One Under Heaven and Unparalleled Under Heaven… and Helian Peng, who was about to strike; all of them were stunned. They looked at Yun Qinghong, who had suddenly attacked, with an expression of shock that almost became fear. That was due to the fluctuation caused by his majestic profound strength that was so strong that even the three Grand Elders were afraid.

Wh… what exactly was going on here?!

Yun Qinghong… wasn’t he already crippled twenty-two years ago!

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Yun Qinghong and the Venerable Stone Dragon exchanged moves in midair, and every time their attacks met, a deafening noise was produced. Everyone below watched on in their shock and no one actually went to help out.

A fight at the level of Monarchs, even within Demon Imperial City, was something rarely seen. The extremely strong profound fluctuations caused the entire Yun Family to tremble intensely. In midair, the mighty Venerable Stone Dragon had been suppressed into defeat by Yun Qinghong’s Purple Cloud Art, with barely any chances to retaliate. Spurts of dark colored dragon blood was spilt continuously and it nearly became a rain of blood.

“Urghhhh… Graah!!”

In the air, a yellow light flashed, and suddenly, dark clouds surged as deafening noises surrounded the area. A three hundred meter long huge dragon covered in stone scales bellowed and rushed towards Yun Qinghong. In an instant, rocks appeared in midair, covering the whole sky.

“That’s the true form of the Venerable Stone Dragon!!” One of the Yun Family Elders uttered in surprise.


Facing the huge dragon body of the Venerable Stone Dragon that caused others to be shocked, Yun Qinghong merely snorted slightly as his body flashed, and in the next instant, he was on the spinal part of the Venerable Stone Dragon’s back, punching down at it… the fist easily split apart the dragon scales, directly smashing against his body.

The dragon body of Venerable Stone Dragon began to writhe about in pain. A ball of dense purple lightning started to spread from his back, and in a mere two seconds completely engulfed the entire dragon’s body, turning the stone dragon into a purple colored “lightning dragon”.


Following Yun Qinghong’s cold voice, countless rays of lightning on the Venerable Stone Dragon’s body exploded...

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom...

Countless lightning profound energy crazily exploded; so dense that it seemed as though it was the anger of the Lightning God. The skies above the Yun family household were dyed purple by the lightning profound energy, and every time it exploded, the deafening sounds seem to nearly tear through the skies. In the midst of the thousands profound lightning explosions, the Venerable Stone Dragon let out cries of immense pain as his dragon blood rained down like torrential rain...


Following the disappearance of the last bit of lightning, the relieved Venerable Stone Dragon heavily crashed onto the ground. The moment he landed, his dragon body disappeared, and he returned to his human form. He panted as he shakily attempted to stand up, and just as he was about to stand up straight, he vomited out more than ten mouthfuls of blood before collapsing back onto the ground, unable to stand again.

Yun Qinghong slowly descended from the skies as he coldly looked at him: “Venerable Stone Dragon, all these years, I've respected you as a senior and have never disrespected you before, yet you dare to come to my Yun Family’s grounds to act so wildly. I’m afraid you’re not qualified enough to do so!”

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