Chapter 524 - Return of the Patriarch

Against the Gods

Chapter 524 - Return of the Patriarch

The Sovereign Profound Realm was the highest realm that could be reached in the Profound Sky Continent, and it was the same in the Illusory Demon Realm. In the Illusory Demon Realm, the strong who had reached Sovereign Profound Realm were mostly from Demon Imperial City. Outside of Demon Imperial City, it was hard to even have one in a few thousand years. And even in Demon Imperial City, very few reached Sovereign Profound Realm. The number of Monarchs was the most important factor in determining how strong a family was.

And, being at the top of the profound cultivating world, Monarchs were also divided into different levels… even though early stage and mid stage Monarchs were both in the Sovereign Profound Realm, their power levels were worlds apart.

In the reputed Demon Imperial City, the famous Venerable Stone Dragon was a level two Monarch… but twenty-five years ago, Yun Qinghong… was already a level five Monarch, a real mid stage monarch; how could the Venerable Stone Dragon compete with him?!

Watching the strong Venerable Stone Dragon being defeated so easily by Yun Qinghong until he couldn’t even stand up like he was a dead dog, the Yun family’s disciples were all shocked, as if they were in a dream, and the Yun Qinghong who was floating in the air right now, in their eyes, was just like a god coming down to the mortal world.

The Elders were all stunned. Those younger generations who called Yun Qinghong the "Useless Patriarch" to his back, never had respect, never even bowed when they saw him, who even treated him as a joke and the family’s shame, lost their voices, as if something choked their throats, as they couldn’t make a single sound. Compared to the power Yun Qinghong had released, they felt like they were minuscule, like dust in the ocean.

Number One Under Heaven and Unparalleled Under Heaven were both stunned as well. Looking at the divinely shining Yun Qinghong, they were so shocked that they forgot about all the fury and outrage they had earlier.

Mu Yurou didn’t have to hide anymore either. She removed the Profound Sealing Buckle that was used to hide her profound energy aura, and a wave of invisible Sovereign Profound Realm profound energy was released. This made a few of the elders’ mouths widen even more. Mu Yurou flew into the air, and landed next to Yun Che, and asked, “Che’er, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Yun Che smiled and shook his head, while focusing on Duke Hui Ye the whole time.

Duke Hui Ye’s face darkened so much that it looked as though he had just crawled out from under a pot. He looked extremely horrible. At the same time, he was just as shocked as everyone because of Yun Qinghong’s sudden burst of mighty prowess… he kept thinking that everything that happened today, was a complete nightmare!

“Even though a Yun family disciple has made a huge mistake, how they will be punished will be decided by us, the Yun family. Others do not get a say in this!” Yun Qinghong lowered his eyebrows, looked down at the Venerable Stone Dragon from above, and said in a deep voice, “On behalf of you guarding the Little Demon Emperor for ten years, I will not kill you today! Take the master you serve now and get out of here before I change my mind!”

Duke Hui Ye had a noble position, and his background was extraordinary. But now knowing his plot and his conspiring against the Yun family, he didn’t have to save any face for Duke Hui Ye… after all, these two facts were more than enough to become a nemesis against the Yun family, so there was no point for Yun Qinghong to worry about it any longer.

The might and pressure coming from Yun Qinghong made the Venerable Stone Dragon’s heart have trouble even moving. He had no doubt that if he kept being presumptuous, even if he merely talked tough to keep up appearances, Yun Qinghong would actually kill him… as well as Duke Hui Ye. Duke Hui Ye didn’t know what Yun Qinghong was like before he became crippled, but he knew very clearly. A hundred years ago, he was enraged by a duke who was committing serious crimes, and he killed him right on the street… and it was while he knew exactly who that duke was.

“Your Highness, let’s… go…”

The Venerable Stone Dragon almost crawled under Duke Hui Ye’s feet, used his eyes to warn him to leave immediately, and to not attempt to try to use his position as a duke to try to fight Yun Qinghong here. Duke Hui Ye gnashed his teeth, and roared deeply, “Yun Qinghong… wait until you regret this… let’s go!”

"When you return, remember to tell your Father," Yun Qinghong faced Duke Hui Ye’s back, and said softly, “For the sake of old times, I, Yun Qinghong, advise him to not throw away what he has today because of his greed and prejudice against women, and destroy himself! It’s not too late to stop now, the Little Demon Empress is much more powerful than what you imagined. As long as the Yun family is alive, we will forever be loyal to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline!”

Duke Hui Ye stopped his steps. His shoulders shook violently, as he turned around and said with a ferocious expression, “Yun Qinghong, this duke also has a word from my Father... It’s not too late for the Yun family to surrender! Don’t wait until… the family with ten thousand years of history is reduced to dust!”

Yun Qinghong crossed his arms in front of his chest, not mad at all, and instead smiled in contempt, “Are you done? Then get out of my sight.”

“You…” A mouthful of blood surged up from Duke Hui Ye’s chest, as he gnashed his teeth. His body trembled, and he flew away with haste.

At this moment, an angry voice yelled, “Helian Peng, where are you going! We haven’t set our debts straight yet!”

Helian Peng’s body stopped, turned around, and saw Unparalleled Under Heaven’s darkened face. He laughed coldly and said, “Unparalleled Under Heaven, since you already know, then I might as well be straight with you. The one our Twelve Guardian Families have been loyal for generations to, is Lord Demon Emperor! The Little Demon Empress is merely a woman, what gives her the right to make us obey her! But now, the Little Demon Empress’ rule is almost at its end, and I will tell you honestly. Within the Twelve Guardian Families, half of them are already leaning towards Duke Huai. I will give you a friendly word of advice…”

“Shut up!” Unparalleled Under Heaven said angrily, “You are hypocritical, deceitful, and two-faced, yet you still have the face to make such dignified remarks. Putting your disloyalty aside, your Helian Clan even tried to stab the daughter of our Patriarch in the back! You owe us an explanation for this!”

“Want an explanation?” Helian Peng laughed coldly, "At Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony a month later, I will take you on anytime!"

“Want to run? If I don’t break your arm today, then I am not called Unparalleled Under Heaven!” Watching Helian Peng leave, Unparalleled Under Heaven roared angrily, and chased him like the wind. Number One Under Heaven looked toward Yun Che’s direction, hesitated, then quickly followed.


Once outside of Yun family’s territory, Duke Hui Ye wasn’t able to walk far before his body swayed, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Your Highness, are you alright?” The Venerable Stone Dragon asked hurriedly.

“Yun… Qing… hong!” Duke Hui Ye slowly wiped the corner of his mouth, his eyes filled with the expression of hatred. Even though Yun Qinghong didn’t aim to hurt him, being pushed down by a mid stage Monarch, how could he endure that! Under Yun Qinghong’s gaze and aura, his intestines were almost ripped to shreds.

“Originally… today was the day we elect Xinyue as the Patriarch of the Yun family, so we could control the Yun family, and then use the Yun family to control the Mu family. This would clear two obstacles for Father… but we didn’t expect, didn’t expect…” Duke Hui Ye held his hands in fists, and suddenly widened his eyes, “It’s all that Yun Che’s fault! Two months ago, he disturbed my affairs, and today, it was because of him again! All because of him, we not only did not contain the Yun family and the Under Heaven family. Instead, we raised their alertness and hatred against us! If they tell everything to the Little Demon Empress, the Little Demon Empress might have even more defense and action…”

“Everything is screwed… if Father knew… all fault would definitely fall on this duke! Bastard… everything about this, is all that Yun Che’s fault!”

“When we return, investigate everything about that Yun Che… This duke wants his entire clan destroyed!”


“Xinyue… Xinyue… Xinyue… ah! Why… why!!”

Yun Waitian held Yun Xinyue’s body in his arms and cried loudly. Under the Venerable Stone Dragon’s attack, Yun Xinyue’s body was pierced through directly, and on top of not having the protection of profound energy, he was as dead as he could be. Yun Waitian went through jubilation and sorrow in a single day. Originally, he was full of joy, preparing to see the son he was so proud get pushed for election by Duke Hui Ye, be approved by the Grand Elders with the whole clan’s support to become Patriarch, but he never thought that, not even an hour had passed, and they were separated by life and death.

Even if he made a horrible mistake, he was still his biological son.

Yun Qinghong floated down and stood beside Yun Waitian. Watching the Family’s Great Elder cry like a child, his mind flashed at the pain of losing a child for all these years. He made a long sigh, and said, “Great Elder, grieve. Even though Yun Xinyue was at fault, he was being forced by others, so it's forgivable. I believe that the people of our clan would also forgive him. Three days later, we will bury him in Ancestor’s Ridge. I will give an order, and not let anyone speak a word of the fault he had in his life.”

Yun Waitian’s body shook slightly… a person who had committed a huge mistake had no right to enter Ancestor’s Ridge after death. Yun Xinyue conspired with others to betray his own clan, and almost put the whole Yun Family into a crisis that could not be averted. What he committed, was a fault that could be cursed and chastised for hundreds of generations. And Yun Qinghong gave him permission to enter Ancestor’s Ridge, and would conceal his guilt to the outsiders to protect his reputation. This could be seen as a merciful and magnanimous act.

“Thank you… Patriarch…” Yun Waitian lowered his head, and said with a choked throat. He thought about his ignorance and discourtesy against Yun Qinghong after his crippling, and felt ashamed.

“Even though Xinyue is gone, you still have your two sons, Xinwen and Xin'e, and they need your support. Even though Xinyue was at fault, it had nothing to do with you. After today, you are still the Yun Family’s Great Elder. If the Yun Family wants to rise, it must depend on you. So, for your family and for the entire Yun Family, you must not fall.”

Yun Waitian lifted his head, looked at Yun Qinghong with tears in his eyes, and couldn’t speak a word.

“Xiao’er, Che’er, let’s go.” Yun Qinghong turned around.

“Patriarch… Patriarch!” A lot of voices addressing him came from his back. Yun Qinghong paused his steps, lifted his hands and said, “Today’s Family Competition is canceled, tidy this place up first. I know you all have a lot of questions, but right now, there’s about to be a crisis in Demon Imperial City, and the Yun Family must be well-prepared. Tomorrow at ten in the morning, we will have the clan’s general assembly as usual. I will explain everything, and then discuss the family’s affairs… anyone above middle management cannot be absent.”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

The sound of their response was loud and clear, especially the word “Patriarch”; it made many of the elders’ eyes glisten with tears.

Yun Qinghong and his wife left. The whole Yun Family Plaza completely lost control, and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

“Patriarch… has returned! Our Patriarch has really returned!”

“The rise of the Yun Family… there’s hope!”

“I can’t believe we were all rooting for Yun Xinyue to be the next Patriarch… our eyes really were blind. If it wasn’t for Patriarch’s wisdom, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

“Besides Patriarch, we need to thank the godson the Patriarch has taken in, Yun Che! What’s ironic is that we were even mocking him before.”

The Yun Family Elders gathered in a circle, all talking at once without considering their image. Their faces were all red from being so rowdy.

At this moment, Yun Waitian had already stopped crying. He held onto Yun Xinyue’s body, and knelt there, staring blankly ahead. Second Elder Yun Duanshui walked over, after a moment of hesitation, he sighed and said, “Great Elder, did you think it was strange that when the Patriarch ‘returned’, there were so many people among us that were riled up like this?”

Yun Waitian’s eyes moved a little.

Yun Duanshui said slowly, “After Yun Canghai, Yun Qinghong became the Patriarch of our Yun Family. Even though he was crippled, he is still the Patriarch. We would never let anyone question his position and his power as the Patriarch because of his crippled state. But because of the Patriarch being crippled, and him knowing Yun Xiao wasn’t his biological son, he believed that he couldn’t take on the responsibilities of being Patriarch. He wanted us to give him up and make you the center, and in the future, make you our Yun Family Patriarch.”

Yun Waitian, “...”

“Patriarch said, even though you have ambitions, you also have absolute loyalty to the Yun Family, and want the clan to rise more than anyone else. His bloodline has ended, but handing the responsibility to the Great Elder’s bloodline is what sets his mind at ease the most. He told us to coordinate and listen to your orders, and help you bring up your prestige in the Yun Family. As for the Patriarch himself, he strictly commanded us that we cannot even visit him. When the time is right, we would make you the Patriarch.”

“Ah…” Yun Waitian opened his mouth, his whole body was trembling.

“To be honest, even after more than twenty years, as soon as the Patriarch gives his command, of us thirty-six main elders of the family, at least twenty people would stand by the Patriarch without any hesitation. Regarding the purpose of today’s general assembly, the Patriarch already knew. Fourth Elder and I told the Patriarch together. The Patriarch’s response was to let us elect you as the new Patriarch, and us agreeing later on for Yun Xinyue to be the new Patriarch was unexpected.”

“The isolation that Patriarch received after he was crippled was not because we wanted to isolate him, it was him who wanted us to do so. His silence, was not because he was giving up on himself, but was to wear down his reputation to raise up yours. Because to Patriarch, the clan’s future is far more important than his reputation and honor… he was a great, wise Patriarch. Though he was crippled, we cannot help but still respect him.”

“But, the heavens finally favored us, the Yun Family. Our Patriarch has returned, and we resolved a family disaster.” Yun Duanshui looked at the stunned Yun Waitian, and said, “You knew exactly how you treated Patriarch all these years, how serious your son Yun Xinyue’s mistake was, but you saw how Patriarch treated you just now… what I’m saying is, I hope that in the future, Great Elder would not disappoint Patriarch and the Yun Family.”

After Yun Duanshui left, Yun Waitian stood there blankly for a long time, as though he was petrified. After an eighth of an hour, his body trembled, and he dropped on the ground, crying loudly…

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