Chapter 525 - Confession

Against the Gods

Chapter 525 - Confession

“Yurou, Brother-in-law, you’ve both recovered… truly, fully recovered?” He was the stately Mu Family’s future Patriarch, yet currently, he was excitedly dancing in joy like a child.

In regards to Mu Yubai’s temperament, Yun Che had roughly understood it today. He was someone who wore his emotions on his face, upright and outspoken, and was not one to suppress his feelings. At this moment, he was excited and pleasantly surprised, and this completely showed on his face.

“We’ve already fully recovered ten days ago. During those days, we’ve always worn the Profound Sealing Buckle to conceal our profound aura.” Mu Yurou said with a light laugh. Seeing the man who she had accompanied throughout her entire life stand up from the wheelchair to once more display the great might he possessed back then, after more than twenty years, she couldn’t help but want to cry tears of joy. No one else was more clear about these twenty-two years this prideful man spent whilst handicapped, and how much he suffered every day.

“Whether it is our body or profound strength, they have all fully recovered, and this is not something short-lived.” Yun Qinghong lifted his hand and said with a smile: “All this, is because of Che’er. He merely used not even two months of time. I, Yun Qinghong have seen and experienced quite a lot of things, but if this did not happen on my person, I still would never dare believe it. All of the genius doctors in the Illusory Demon Realm added up together could barely rival one finger on Che’er’s hand. I’m afraid that not even the Great Firmament Golden Deity of legends could even compare, hoho.”

This evaluation was no doubt the highest praise beyond limits, and this praise had even come from Yun Qinghong himself. However, Mu Yubai did not feel that it was exaggerated in the least. He was more clear than anyone else about how crippled Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou were originally. Since twenty years ago, in the entire Illusory Demon Realm, not one person believed that they were able to recover… they weren’t even able to recover to an ordinary person’s state of health.

Now that this appeared before his eyes, it was no less than a miracle!

And, this merely took a short time of not even two months!

Mu Yubai grabbed Yun Che’s shoulders, widened his eyes, and said with great emotion: “Good kid… I, Mu Yubai has lived for more than one hundred eighty years, and the only person I have ever truly admired is my brother-in-law, Yun Qinghong. But now, I admire you ten times more than that! So much that I’d prostrate myself in admiration. You saving my brother-in-law means that you have saved the entire Yun Family. You saving my little sister Yurou, also means that you are our Mu Family’s benefactor. Mn…”

Mu Yubai’s eyes suddenly lit up, as the hands he used to grab at Yun Che tightened a bit more… This was a Monarch’s strength, and it immediately made Yun Che ache so hard that he gritted his teeth: “Boy… Oh, no, little brother Yun. How about we become sworn brothers? I’ll be your big brother in the future, and you’ll be my little brother. Your affairs would also become my affairs! If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll smash their brains apart!”

If this situation of the Mu Family’s Young Patriarch requesting to become sworn brothers were to spread out, the entire city would perhaps drop their jaws in shock. If this was in normal circumstances, Yun Che would definitely gladly agree… With such a great supporter, Yun Che could most probably walk sideways against the law if he wanted. But once Mu Yubai’s words came out, it actually scared Yun Che to the point where his entire body broke out in cold sweat. He incessantly waved panickedly: “S-S-S-Senior Mu, this cannot be done. My humble self is merely a junior, how could I dare become sworn brothers with Senior Mu?”

The difference in seniority wasn’t really much of a huge issue, the main point was that this Mu Yubai was his biological uncle! If he became sworn brothers just like that, once he revealed himself, Mu Yubai might even go look for a block of tofu to suicide himself into!

“Tch!” Mu Yubai swung an arm: “What junior, senior, that’s all rubbish. Even though you are a bit young and your profound strength is a bit low, just with your medical skills and the courage you displayed today would even make me willingly call you big brother! Mn… If you don’t want to be my little brother, then me calling you big brother in the future is fine too! That’s no problem at all!”

These few words that Mu Yubai had said truly were not forced out at all. Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou were crippled to such a state, yet they were able to fully recover in two months. In Mu Yubai’s eyes, Yun Che could even be called god! If he could make this person into one of his own, no matter how great of a price he had to pay, it would still not be a loss. As a profound practitioner, there was no one who did not fall ill, encounter calamity, never get injured, and never be in danger. With Yun Che by his side, that would simply be countless numbers of lives under his belt. Even if one were to want to die, it would be hard. Even if one were to be crippled into a dog, they would still fully recover… If Mu Yubai had to pick between ten Monarchs and one Yun Che, Mu Yubai would definitely pick Yun Che without the slightest hesitation.

Yun Che grimaced: “Senior Mu, this junior is just…. just…”

Mu Yubai’s face immediately fell, as he said unhappily: “What? Am I, Mu Yubai, beneath your notice? Do you think that I am not worthy enough to become your sworn brother?”

“Of course not.” Yun Che waved: “This junior is naturally beside himself him delight knowing that Mu Yubai wants to become sworn brothers with this junior. But the problem is that this junior has already become sworn brothers with Yun Xiao. Your sister and brother-in-law are also junior’s godfather and godmother. If this junior becomes sworn brothers with you, then the seniority here would be completely messed up. This is not fair to junior, nor is it fair to my godparents.”

“So what? This and that are all not important. It’s not as though I don’t know you have become sworn brothers with that kiddo Yun Xiao.” Mu Yubai blurted without care as he waved his hand. His heart was just this wide.

“Alright, Big Brother, don’t make things difficult for Che’er anymore.” Mu Yurou said in amusement: “Even if you don’t care about seniority matters and want to become sworn brothers with Che’er no matter what, you’ll have to at least show your sincerity. Who would be as aggressive as you? It’ll be a wonder if you didn’t scare Che’er.”

Mu Yubai widened his eyes, then slapped his head, and said in annoyance: “You’re right! Look at this brain of mine, randomly telling someone to become my sworn brother. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way either… hey! Yun Che boyo… oh, no, little brother Yun, I was rude earlier. Come to my Mu Family for a visit someday. I’ll definitely let you see my sincerity. I, Mu Yubai, promise you that I am absolutely worthy of becoming your sworn brother!”

“Alright, alright, let’s talk about this when that time comes. Big Brother, go back home and tell Father about what happened today, let him prepare for it as well. Something huge is bound to happen during the Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony. After two days, I’ll go back with Qinghong for a visit too.” Mu Yurou stated.

“Mn, if the old man knew that you and brother-in-law have recovered completely, I’d reckon he’ll be so happy that he wouldn’t be able to sleep for three days… Oh! When you come back with brother-in-law, make sure to bring this kid!” Mu Yubai said with great emphasis.

“Xiao’er, go send your uncle off with your mother,” said Yun Qinghong.

“Ah? Yes, Father.” Yun Xiao was still a bit stunned, it was evident that he had not completely taken in and digested everything that had happened today.

Mu Yubai glanced at Yun Qinghong. He knew why Yun Qinghong was letting Mu Yurou and Yun Xiao send him off; he probably had things he wanted to say to Yun Che alone, so he didn’t decline. With a wave of his hand, he left taking large strides.

“Father, do you have something you want to tell me?” Once they left, only Yun Qinghong and Yun Che remained within the courtyard.

“Mn.” Yun Qinghong nodded, then smiled and said: “Che’er, this is all thanks to you. If not for you, Yun Family’s ten thousand years of loyalty would be destroyed in one day. Even so much that we would be beyond redemption.”

Yun Che grinned: “Heh heh, Father’s too polite. I’m still considered to be half a member of the Yun Family. Besides, the one who suppressed everyone is you, Father. And with Father’s wisdom and foresight, even if I wasn’t here, you should’ve seen through everything a long time ago, right?”

Yun Qinghong shook his head, and said: “In these past years, due to my crippling, I knew that I did not have the power to support the Yun Family, so I had always closed my eyes and ears. Even though I was aware of Duke Huai’s disloyalty a long time ago and guessed that he might perhaps already be stretching out his hands into the Yun Family, I didn’t know where he had stretched in from. Furthermore, if not for the fact that you helped recover our health and profound strength for us, even if I knew everything, I wouldn’t have the power to turn it around.”

Yun Che thought for a while, then said: “Father, I have a speculation… I believe that among the elders of your generation, some have not left because of your crippling. All these years that you have been alone, that was something you did deliberately, right?”

Yun Qinghong laughed, and looked at him with praising eyes: “Yes, you’re right. Even though I really don’t want the Patriarch position of our Patriarchal line given to others, at that time, I was completely crippled, and Xiao’er was not my biological child. I’d rather given the head position to Yun Waitian than be a burden on the Yun Family. After all, even though the honor of our Patriarch bloodline is important, how could it possibly compare with our Yun Clan’s future. Che’er, if not for you helping me recover, I originally would’ve already prepared myself to watch Yun Waitian succeed my position as Patriarch. But now that I have recovered, and have enough strength to bear the heavy responsibility of the clan, this position of Patriarch absolutely cannot be given to others. Che’er, you have truly altered the fate of our entire Yun Family. This kind of great favor is enough to let our Yun Family remember it for over thousands of generations.”

“The reason why I wanted to be alone with you is to confess something to you.” Yun Qinghong sucked in a slight breath of air, and said somewhat sadly: “I deliberately allowed the Venerable Stone Dragon to kill Yun Xingyue.”

“I know.” Against Yun Qinghong’s expectations, Yun Che actually gave a direct reply which held no hesitation. He continued: “With Father’s strength, as well as the close distance back then, protecting Yun Xingyue against the Venerable Stone Dragon’s attack could be said to be as easy as turning one’s hand over.”

“...Then, do you think that I am too ruthless?”

“No!” Yun Che shook his head: “The complete opposite. I fully approve of Father’s decision. Since Yun Xinyue has already said ‘Helian’ and ‘Duke Huai’, there is no need to continue asking any further. Even though he had been poisoned and was forced, he still went as far as secretly backstabbing a fellow clansman for the promise of the Patriarch position and the title of a king. What’s even more despicable is the fact that he didn’t hesitate to harm the entire clan! Dying ten thousand times for such a serious crime would not be excessive at all! And if he were to be executed by the clan, even though Yun Waitian won’t say anything, he would still bear resentment over this. Him being “timely silenced” by Duke Hui Ye actually couldn’t be even better. On one hand, he would feel hatred toward Duke Huai’s clan for killing his son, on the other, he would be moved to tears by Father’s comfort and forgiveness. Furthermore, the guilt he’ll feel then would thereby make him unwaveringly loyal to Father and the Yun Family. After all, Yun Waitian is Yun Family’s Great Elder; excluding Father, he is one of the major pillars of Yun Family that must not be lost. This outcome is the most perfect one.”

Yun Qinghong looked deeply at Yun Che, then laughed heartily: “Hahahaha… Che’er, I am still underestimating you. It is hard for me to believe that you are only twenty-two this year. With your talent and temperament, I would not doubt it even if you say that you have a thousand years of experience.”

Yun Che also laughed along, and lightly sighed in his heart... What I have encountered, the life and death situations, as well as the dangers I've experienced, even if someone else were to pile up their thousand years of life experiences, they probably still can't match mine...

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