Chapter 526 - Reunion

Against the Gods

Chapter 526 - Reunion

During the conversation between Yun Che and Yun Qinghong, two silhouettes flashed past before descending. It was then followed by mild laughter: “Hoho, Yun Qinghong, it’s been a long time.”

That person was Unparalleled Under Heaven and soon, Number One Under Heaven descended as well. The phrase “it’s been a long time” by Unparalleled Under Heaven contained various meanings… being in the same city, yet it had been “a long time since they last met”.

“Brother Under Heaven, it has indeed been a long time.” Yun Qinghong nodded, his expression revealed deep lament: “Where’s Helian Peng? Did you catch manage to catch up to him?”

“That bastard fled really quickly, but I still managed to give him a good kick on his ass, enough for him to feel pain from some days. That has at least quelled some of my anger. Hahahaha.” Unparalleled Under Heaven laughed.

Number One Under Heaven stepped forward and paid respects as a junior: “Patriarch Yun returning to his former glory is a joyous event. With Patriarch Yun, Yun Family’s return to prominence is just around the corner.”

“I hope it is like what you have just said.” Yun Qinghong nodded with a smile. Then, he became serious again, and said: “Duke Huai’s ambition has already been exposed. The Little Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony would definitely not be peaceful. Please pass a message to Elder Brother Under Heaven, that within five days, I will personally be going over to visit and discuss some important matters.”

“Patriarch Yun is definitely most welcomed to visit. However, I’m afraid that our Patriarch will not be able to wait five days, and come visit you instead after hearing that you have recovered.” Unparalleled Under Heaven laughed. His words were not lies, since all those years back, the person Great Ambition Under Heaven would submit to the most was Yun Qinghong. After Yun Qinghong became crippled, even if he did not sigh a thousand times, there must have at least been eight hundred times.

“Patriarch Yun, since a major event just happened within your family, you must be busy. We only returned to bid our farewell so we shall not stay any longer. I will deliver Patriarch Yun’s words in full. When you are free, do come to our Under Heaven Clan to visit.” Unparalleled Under Heaven clasped his hands together. Although he was very curious, he did not presumptuously ask Yun Qinghong and his wife just how and when they recovered.

“Definitely!” Yun Qinghong similarly returned his gesture.

“Brother Yun, there are no words to thank you for your kindness.” Number One Under Heaven nodded strongly towards Yun Che.

“Brother Under Heaven is too kind. We’ll meet again in one month.” Yun Che said with a smile: “Also, pardon me for saying this, but the Little Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony is near at hand. At that time, another storm would likely be swept up, therefore, I think that now is not the time to be distracted by the grudge with the Helian Family. Priorities must be placed correctly and personal grudges should be put aside for now as revenge is best served cold.”

Yun Che’s words did not make them unhappy. Number One Under Heaven nodded slightly and Unparalleled Under Heaven even revealed signs of admiration, uttering: “Patriarch Yun, your godson is really extraordinary.”


Unparalleled Under Heaven and Number One Heaven left. It would not be possible to keep whatever happened in the Yun Family today a secret, and perhaps by evening, it would’ve already spread throughout the city like wildfire. The ambition that Duke Huai had all this time would be largely made public. During this period, Demon Imperial City would certainly be tense and the Twelve Guardian Families would enter a very nervous state.

The Little Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony in one month’s time definitely would not be as simple as a celebration of the Demon Empress having reigned for a century, and would likely become a turning point for the future of the Illusory Demon Realm.

After the two left, Mu Yurou and Yun Xiao, who went to send Mu Yubai off, returned. Once Mu Yurou returned, she immediately sprinted beside Yun Qinghong, and asked nervously: “What happened with the Patriarch’s Crest? Where did you get it from?”

Yun Qinghong also would like to know where the Patriarch’s Crest came from. He looked towards Yun Che, and replied: “Che’er passed it to me.”

“Che’er?” Mu Yurou turned back in shock, revealing a face of disbelief.

“Che’er, isn’t it about time for you to tell us about this Patriarch’s Crest? This is your promise from earlier.” Yun Qinghong calmly spoke, but his gaze already revealed his anxiousness. Because when this Patriarch’s Crest was lost a hundred years ago, it was on his father, Yun Canghai… As Yun Family’s most important object, Yun Canghai would have never left it alone!

Yun Che’s lips moved for a little, as he calmed himself, and said: “Let’s go in… I will tell you everything you all want to know.”

“Good!” Yun Qinghong nodded. Looking at Yun Che’s expression, he knew that whatever he was going to say would definitely be overwhelming. He held Mu Yurou’s hand, and they walked towards their room.

Yun Xiao quickly walked beside Yun Che, asking with a face of shock: “Big Brother, that Patriarch’s Crest, did you really give it to Father?”

“Yup,” Yun Che nodded: “I will say in full how I obtained it. It is after all, a Yun Family object.”

As he finished, he looked at Yun Xiao, who looked a little out of sorts, and asked: “Yun Xiao, are you still thinking about what happened just now?”

Yun Xiao lowered his head, speaking half in regret and half self-deprecatingly: “Until now, I still could not accept that the Yun Xinyue, whom I respect the most, is actually… such a person… Just now, I still suspected Big Brother because of him. I’m really… too foolish!”

“All these years, I worked so hard in order to do something for Father and Mother, however, when the entire Yun Family was in a predicament, I was unable to do anything and foolishly supported a man who nearly caused the death of a fellow clansman… If it wasn’t for Big Brother, who knows what would happen to the Yun Family from now onwards… Me and Big Brother are of a similar age, but… I’m too far behind Big Brother… I’m totally useless, who knows when I’ll be able to be like Big Brother.”

Yun Che stopped walking, turned back, and patted Xiao Yun’s shoulders as he said seriously: “Don’t look down on yourself. You have worked hard in your cultivation for Father and Mother all these years, withstanding everything that came for them. Your filial piety is more important and precious than anything else. As for Yun Xinyue, weren’t those elders who lived for hundred of years, and some even close to a thousand years, in the dark as well? There’s really no need for you to diminish yourself. Oversensitive instincts, predictions, and insights are not something people your age will possess.”

“Uh, but Big Brother, you’re obviously the same age as me…”

“I’m different.” Yun Che shook his head: “Yun Xiao, I would rather you keep your personality forever and be as ‘useless’ as you said, than to experience what I have experienced.”

Yun Xiao looked at him perplexedly, unable to comprehend what he just said.

Although they talked softly, it was unable to escape Yun Qinghong’s ears. Hearing what Yun Che had said, he stopped for a moment as a complex expression appeared on his face… That’s right, being just twenty-two and already possessing a maturity and insight that was unlike anyone of the same age; he couldn’t comprehend just what had he been through.

“Yun Xiao, if you really want to mature more quickly, today will be an opportunity.” Yun Che suddenly said.

Yun Xiao was stunned: “Really? What opportunity? What opportunity!”

“Fate often plays all sorts of pranks on us; sometimes it is friendly, sometimes it is evil, and other times cruel, or even vicious. As a man, if you really want to be indomitable and independent, the first thing you must learn is to calmly face the changes that fate brings about! This requires one to be broad minded and have enough courage. If you are able to do this, then your life will improve and you will possess more strength for Father and Mother to rely on, more strength for Seventh Sister to rely on.”

“Calmly… face…” Yun Xiao was still a little shocked, and although he did not really understand the things Yun Che had said, he felt that it was very powerful!

“What’s going to happen next, will be a test of sorts for you.” Yun Che said in a positive manner: “Let me see whether or not my good brother of a lifetime will be an indomitable man who is not easily defeated by the twist of fate!”

Even though he still did not completely know what Yun Che was saying, his words still raised Yun Xiao’s morale as he strongly said: “I, Yun Xiao, do not have such a weak mind! Even if I cannot compare with Big Brother, I will not let Big Brother look down on me!”

“Alright, that’s what you said… let’s go in.”

After they entered the room, they closed the door. Yun Qinghong took out the Patriarch’s Crest that was glowing purple and felt the unique aura on it. Suppressing his agitation, he anxiously asked: “Che’er, tell me, where did you get this?”

When the question was asked, Yun Qinghong, Mu Yurou, and Yun Xiao all looked straight at him, anxiously and nervously awaiting his reply. Under their gaze, Yun Che did not reply, but looked towards Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou and gradually knelt down… Furthermore, he had knelt down on both his knees.

“Che’er, what are you doing… hurry and stand up.” Mu Yurou panicked, and quickly went forward to try and help him up.

Yun Che did not rise, but raised his head and looked at them… his own birth parents. Slowly, he opened his palm...

“Father, Mother… Do you all still remember this thing?”

On Yun Che’s palm, was an old looking copper colored pendant.

The second they saw the pendant, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yunrou seemed as though they were struck by lightning as their entire bodies trembled violently. Mu Yurou suddenly rushed forward like a madman and snatched the pendant in Yun Che’s palm, raising it up to her eyes to look at it. Her hands continued to trembled madly: “Mirror of Samsara… it’s the Mirror of Samsara… It really is the Mirror of Samsara!!!”

Mu Yurou, who usually spoke gently, like water, was currently speaking in a frightening, trembling, hoarse voice. Yun Xiao was shocked as he anxiously asked: “Mother, what’s… what’s wrong…”

He turned towards Yun Qinghong, only to realize that his entire face had already distorted.

“This Mirror of Samsara… You… Where did you get it from…” For the intelligent and proud Yun Qinghong, this short sentence was extremely hard to say. However, a sudden thought flashed past his mind, and his body trembled even more violently: “Could it be… you…”

Yun Che did not answer. He only raised up his left arm, and on his arm, the mark of the Profound Handle shone vividly.

“Ahhh! Profound… Profound Handle!!!” Yun Xiao screamed in surprise. Even though he did not have the Profound Handle, being in the Yun Family for twenty odd years, how could he not recognize it?

Holding the Mirror of Samsara in her hand and looking at the glowing mark of the Profound Handle, Mu Yurou was stunned. Her hands trembled and even her lips trembled intensely, yet she could not utter a single sound. In an instant, her eyes were flooded with tears and her mind spun, before she directly fell backwards.

“Mother!!!” Yun Xiao rushed forward to support her: “Mother! What… What’s wrong? Don’t scare me!”

Yun Qinghong’s eyes were unfocused. His breathing completely stopped and he could no longer feel the existence of his body, which was burning hot. The instant the Profound Handle shone, blood rushed into his head, causing him to hallucinate. He nearly vomited blood and fainted…

Yun Che’s eyes were misty as he softly said: “Before I was sixteen, my surname was not Yun but instead Xiao. At that time, I was called Xiao Che… I’m not from the Illusory Demon Realm. The place I grew up in was one of the seven nations of the Profound Sky Continent, called Blue Wind Nation. The city I lived in was Floating Cloud City. My adopted father was called Xiao Ying and my grandfather is Xiao Lie.”

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