Chapter 577 - Heaven Pities the Yun Family

Against the Gods

Chapter 577 - Heaven Pities the Yun Family

Yun Che’s furious condemnations came as resounding thunder, shaking the ears and souls of everyone present.

Earlier, the Helian, Jiufang, Nangong, Chiyang, Lin, Xiao, and Bai Families were all condemned by Yun Che to the point that their heads were being drenched in dog blood, and they had nothing to refute with. However, the fact that the Demon Emperor’s Seal was ultimately lost because of Yun Canghai still existed to everyone’s knowledge. This was like a set of chains binding the Yun Family; no matter what speech they made, what reasons they gave, or how much loyalty they displayed, they were unable to completely escape from it.

And now, the Demon Emperor’s Seal had returned. Yun Canghai’s corpse had returned as well.

The Demon Emperor’s Seal was completely unscathed, while Yun Canghai’s corpse was like a piece of withered deadwood. In the Demon Imperial Hall, even the person with a heart of the hardest stone could not stop the stirring in the depths of his heart at that moment. For the Demon Emperor, he unhesitantly brought the strongest forces from his family and rushed to the Profound Sky Continent… even though he was awfully clear that there was an extremely high possibility of causing a huge decline to his family’s strength.

In this past hundred years, he even suffered from unimaginable torture and pain. Enduring for exactly a hundred years, he used his own life, willpower, and all of his faith to safeguard the Demon Emperor’s Seal which was entrusted to him by the former Demon Emperor.

Every scar on his body was deeply depicting the meaning of “loyalty” and “might”.

All of them asked their own hearts, but not a single one of them believed that they would be capable of doing it.

Yet in these hundred years, while he was giving his everything to safeguard the Demon Emperor’s Seal… the Yun Family was suffering from heavy punishment, collaborative suppression, and even bullying, from the other Guardian Families. Even his title, under the constant waves of hidden insinuations, had turned from “Demon King” into “sinner”.

How could this Yun Canghai be a sinner?!

Even in the eyes of the heavens, Yun Canghai had determination, loyalty, and courage to a degree that would make them sigh out of grief. If there could only be a single person in all of Illusory Demon Realm who hadn’t sinned, that person would definitely be him, Yun Canghai...

In retrospect, the hundred years of accusatory slander against Yun Canghai, the hundred years of sin which the Yun Family had suffered were clearly the saddest jokes in the history of Illusory Demon Realm...

While holding onto the same title, those seven great families who had acted and spoken against the Yun Family at every turn, and had even personally admitted to collaborating together to suppress the Yun Family a hundred years ago, were unbearably hideous to behold. Their persistence in saying that all they had done was for the sake of the Illusory Demon Realm, flaunting their own righteousness and loyalty… at this moment, in front of Yun Canghai’s corpse, evidently looked incomparably petty and laughable. Their every word earlier had all turned into fans, slapping resoundingly on their faces.

“My grandfather’s willpower and loyalty were reflected by the sun and moon and witnessed by heaven and earth! He held a conscience clear to Illusory Demon Realm, clear to heaven, and clear to the title ‘Demon King’! The lot of you, use your own eyes and take a proper look at his corpse… Take a proper look at how much he had done for Illusory Demon Realm!! For the Demon Emperor, he was trapped in purgatory, but he had never resented it, and he had even desperately safeguarded the Demon Emperor’s Seal which was entrusted to him by the former Demon Emperor. For the Demon Emperor’s Seal, he suffered a living death for a hundred years. Yet, he still did not utter even a single word of resentment… Even at the moment right before his death, he was still concerned about the safety of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline…”

“Helian Kuang, Jiufang Kui, Chiyang Bailie, Nangong Zhi, Xiao Xifeng, Lin Guiyan, Bai Yi… This is the unforgivable ‘sinner’ you guys have spoken about! This is the ‘foolish person’ you have quipped about with your venomous words! The Demon Emperor’s bloodline encountered a great tribulation, but you seven families did not even lose a single soldier or general, nor did you earn the slightest bit of merit. What you seven families have done, however, was collaborate together to slander my grandfather, suppress my Yun Family, and spare no efforts to spread the ‘grave sin’ of our Yun Family to all of Illusory Demon Realm. Even today, when my Yun Family had already completely declined, you all still wish to collaborate together to oust my Yun Family from the Guardian Families, and even humiliate my grandfather with every single one of your words!!”

“If heaven had not pitied us, allowing me to reunite with my grandfather, my grandfather’s honorable name would have forever been tainted by you vile sinners! My entire Yun Family would have forever been unable to address our injustice!”

“Just where did the lot of you get the confidence, the nerve, the qualifications, and the face to criticize my grandfather and judge my Yun Family?!”

“You abandoned your master, acted on your selfish reasoning, betrayed your ancestors, framed innocents, and harbored ill motives… Compared to my grandfather, how are any of you worthy of becoming the Patriarch of a Guardian Family?! A beast acts based on thirty percent of conscience, and none of you are even worthy of being beasts!!”

Yun Che’s eyes had already quietly turned blurry. Yun Canghai severed his own lifeline to put an end to himself, and died with a smile, allowing him to escape alive. Today, he had finally did a little something for his grandfather, something that should be done as his grandchild.

Every single one of the expressions of the seven Patriarch was unsightly to the extreme. Some even had flush-red faces with crimson ears, and their facial features were distorted. Facing Yun Che’s furious condemnation, all seven of them, seven Guardian Family Patriarchs whose might could shake the world, were however unable to refute even a single word… They felt as though their clothes had been stripped off in front of the eyes of everyone present, and those eyes were filled with disdain… Even those people whom they had never even bothered to give a second glance were using the most disdainful eyes look coldly look at them.

The Yun Family which had declined yet still possessed the pride they once had, the Demon Emperor’s Seal which had miraculously returned, and Yun Canghai’s corpse which was engraved with the scars of purgatory… As long as their eyes were not blind, they would be able to see with absolute clarity which side was loyal and which side was scheming. A single glance… had won over the tens of thousands of rumors and hearsay.

Even the many elders and disciples of the seven families had deeply lowered their heads as well, as they did not dare to make eye contact with anyone. That feeling of shame caused them to feel as though they were sitting on pins and needles.

“Duke Huai… What should we do now?” Duke Zhong’s trembling voice transmitted over.

The current situation had already completely spiraled out of control. Everything had completely escaped Duke Huai’s control and predictions. Before today, he had predicted various types of accidents; however, never did he expect that the situation would actually develop to such an extent.

The Yun Family obtaining victory in the competition earlier was already enough to shock him to an incomparable degree, but he could still respond to it. At this moment, he could already feel that his head was soon about to explode. He understood that the plan he had initially set for today could no longer be fulfilled no matter what.

Hearing Duke Zhong’s voice transmission, Duke Huai fiercely took a deep breath, forced himself to calmly step forward, and said, “Demon King Yun Canghai’s loyalty was indeed enough to move the entire world… But, there’s one thing that is unclear to this duke! Since the Demon King was imprisoned by Profound Sky Continent’s Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, how were you able to meet him, and even bring back his corpse!” His voice sank by a small degree. “Since you’re a member of the Yun Family… Why were you in the Profound Sky Continent? And how did you come here from the Profound Sky Continent?”

Duke Huai’s questions mirrored the doubts in everyone’s hearts. However, his solemn tone was clearly hinting that the Yun Family had some hidden motives.

Yun Che’s gaze shifted. Just as he was about to speak, a heartbreaking cold female voice had already resounded, “In regards to these questions, this empress can give you the answers!”

The Little Demon Empress slowly walked down. The moment her voice resounded, it had attracted the eyes of everyone present. Her eyes were like cold stars, and she said frigidly, “Back then, both my imperial father and the Demon King were trapped in the Profound Sky Continent. Although there were no longer any messages, we had yet to see their corpses either. Hence, this empress was unwilling to completely believe that imperial father has already passed on, and Patriarch Yun had not given up on finding out news of the Demon King.”

“A hundred years ago, over at the Profound Sky Continent, they had constantly sent scattered messages, saying that the Demon King wasn’t dead, and wanted my Illusory Demon Realm to exchange our Mirror of Samsara for his life. Although a large number of patriarchs and dukes persisted that this was a scheme by the Profound Sky Continent, the matter concerned the Demon King’s life, and both this empress and Patriarch Yun chose to believe it rather than not! It’s known to the entire world that twenty-five years ago, Patriarch Yun and his wife had secretly gone to the Profound Sky Continent… And at that time, it was actually under this empress’ behest! Otherwise, with Patriarch Yun’s loyalty, he definitely wouldn’t have brought along the Mirror of Samsara he was safeguarding of his own will. Although the Mirror of Samsara was a treasured artifact of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, in the end, it was still a dead object. If it really could be used to exchange for the Demon King’s life, then this empress would definitely not be the slightest bit unwilling to do so.”

The eyes of everyone in the Yun Family were moist, and their expressions stirred. Even they, had only found out at this moment, that everything that happened twenty-five years ago was all facilitated by the Little Demon Empress, and she had even unhesitantly allowed Yun Qinghong to bring along the treasured artifact Mirror of Samsara, to win over that slightest bit of hope to retrieve the Demon King’s life. In these recent years, although she had punished the Yun Family out of pressure, in her heart, she hadn’t truly made light of the Yun Family.

“As for the matters that happened after, all of you should already be aware.” The Little Demon Empress coldly swept her gaze to the front. “Patriarch Yun and his wife returned three years later with heavy injuries, their profound strengths were crippled, and they had even brought back a son. When Patriarch Yun came to confess his sin of losing the Mirror of Samsara, he had told this empress everything that had occurred. At that time, this empress found out that Patriarch Yun and his wife did indeed bear a child in the Profound Sky Continent, but that child was not the Yun Xiao whom they had brought back!”

Yun Xiao was unable to execute the Profound Handle, and rumors concerning him not being Yun Qinghong’s son were already long known to the entire city many years ago. Even the Yun Family had never truly admitted his identity as Young Master. Hence, when the Little Demon Empress said that Yun Xiao was not the son of Yun Qinghong and his wife, although the expressions of the people present were a little odd, not a single person felt that it was shocking.

“Not long after Patriarch Yun and his wife bore their child in the Profound Sky Continent, they were then hunted down for a long period of time. When they were about to reach a dead end, they encountered a good friend they had made in the Profound Sky Continent. Not only did he guide Patriarch Yun and his wife to a path of escape, he was afraid that their child would encounter some uncertainties during the escape, and that they would lose their only descendant. Hence, quietly, he exchanged his own child with Patriarch Yun’s child.”

Exclamations and discussions broke out in the Demon Imperial Hall. Little Demon Express looked towards Yun Che, and slowly said, “Yun Che, you’re the child whom Patriarch Yun had left in the Profound Sky Continent back then, is that right?”

Although she was asking Yun Che, she had used a tone of certainty. Because other than this, there was no second possibility. Yun Che nodded and said, “Yes. I grew up in Profound Sky Continent, and only three months ago did I finally arrive in the Illusory Demon Realm.”

“Then how did you and the Demon King meet? Can you inform this Empress?” Little Demon Empress calmly asked.

Yun Che said, lightly, “In the Profound Sky Continent, when I was seventeen years old, I became the victor of a Ranking Tournament. As a result, I was invited to spectate a demon sealing ceremony by a low-ranked Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… And that ‘demon’, was my grandfather. However, back then, I didn’t even know of my own familial background, nor did I know that he was actually my relative. During that process, because of a sudden accident, I was swept into the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation that was sealing my grandfather, heavily injured by my grandfather, and then sealed in the dark underground along with my grandfather… After that, my grandfather saw the Mirror of Samsara on my body, and then, used his profound energy to force out my Profound Handle Mark. Only then did I find out that he was actually my relative, and find out my true familial background.”

Although Yun Che had only spoke a few short sentences, they had already depicted clear and bizarre scenes in everyone’s minds. The Demon King of the Illusory Demon Realm, imprisoned deep within the enemy’s territory, had actually encountered and reunited with his own biological grandson in the Profound Sky Continent. This was truly an arrangement by the heavens. Truly, the heavens had taken pity on the Yun Family...

Yun Che reached out his hand, and following the opening of his palm, the pendant chain of the plain-looking Mirror of Samsara fell, swaying gently beneath his hand.

“Ah… It’s really the Mirror of Samsara!” Several people in the surroundings exclaimed in unison.

“This Mirror of Samsara was worn on my body since I was young. The grandfather who had raised me up said that this was my only lead to find out about my biological parents and my familial background in the future. It was also this which allowed me to reunite with my grandfather.” Yun Che then clenched the Mirror of Samsara in his hand again. Lowering his eyelids, he said gently, “My grandfather entrusted the Demon Emperor’s Seal and the Yun Family Patriarch’s Crest to me, and then, in order to allow me to escape from that place, he severed his own lifeline, to cancel the seal which was connected to his lifeline… That, was merely three years ago.”

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