Chapter 578 - How Could One Be Willing?

Against the Gods

Chapter 578 - How Could One Be Willing?

Everyone present sighed in their hearts. None of them expected that Yun Canghai did not actually die in the Profound Sky Continent a hundred years ago, but had only truly passed away three years ago. A hundred years had already passed since the Demon Emperor’s great tribulation, yet only today did they truly and clearly see the scenes behind this tragedy. The truths and facts which they had believed in and were familiar with back then had also been completely overturned in their hearts.

“I had always thought little brother Yun and I had already been separated by the heavens, but never did I expect that it’s only been three years since… Haah,” Mu Feiyan let out a long sigh, and for a moment, grief, and joy intersected. He felt sad for the experience Yun Canghai had in these hundred years, but he felt joyful for him to have such a descendant. To be able to see his own biological grandson at his last few moments, hand him the item which he had been safeguarding desperately, and personally witness his extraordinary prowess, Mu Feiyan believed that at the moment he left this world, he must had smiled with a peace of mind.

In the Demon Imperial Hall, every single pair of eyes that was looking at Yun Canghai’s remains, was filled with a heavy amount of yearning, admiration, respect, and a deep sense of guilt… The guilt of him actually labeling him as a “sinner” under the parroting of information in these hundred years.

All of the elders in the Yun Family had long been covered entirely in tears, while those young disciples of the Yun Family were even moreso, clenching their fists, as they looked straight at Yun Canghai… Their gazes were similar to looking up to a god. When they were born, the Yun Family had already declined. Demon Imperial City was forever filled with various types of rumors and slander against the Yun Family. When facing the rest of the Guardian Families, they had always felt that they were a level lower than them. Yet, at this moment, they were filled with such intense pride for being children of the Yun Family.

Duke Huai’s chest undulated, and with a tone that could still be considered calm, he said, “I see, then that is truly an arrangement made by the heavens. But, there’s still one matter that this duke doesn’t understand… and it’s also an extremely important matter.” He narrowed his eyes, and said, “How exactly did you come to Illusory Demon Realm from the Profound Sky Continent?!”

“The Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Realm are separated by a long distance, and even a peak-level Monarch is unable to cross it. The secret dimensional passage which Profound Sky Continent had used to infiltrate our Illusory Demon Realm back then had long been sealed by us, and around it, there’s even three great powers that’s safeguarding it day and night. If they dare to offend us once more, it will definitely be detected by us at the very first instance. Yet, you actually came from the Profound Sky Continent without being detected in any way! If you had not admitted it yourself, none of us would have known that you came from the Profound Sky Continent! Could it be that the Profound Sky Continent had actually opened up a dimensional passage of some sort once again? Or did you use some sort of artifact capable of crossing such distances? If that’s truly the case…”

“Wouldn’t that mean it’s possible for those vile people of Profound Sky Continent to silently infiltrate us at any moment? Then, wouldn’t that mean it’s possible for our Illusory Demon Realm, to once again encounter that huge crisis a hundred years ago at any moment?!”

Duke Huai’s words caused several people to hold their breaths, as they looked towards Yun Che one after another. Yun Che glanced at Duke Huai, and without any change to his expression, said, “Your highness, Duke Huai, your worries are unfounded. If the Profound Sky Continent really did have a way to silently infiltrate here, then, with their covet towards the Mirror of Samsara, they would have long taken action several times over in these hundred years. Why would they have unhesitantly gone through so much trouble to send their sound transmissions here, and wish to use my grandfather’s life to exchange for the Mirror of Samsara then?”

Yun Che slowly continued, “Three years ago, when I found out about my own background, and adding that I was holding onto the item which my grandfather handed to me, I naturally had an incomparable desire to return to the Illusory Demon Realm. Both to reunite with my family, and even moreso, to accomplish the task which my grandfather entrusted to me before his death. As expected, the heavens did not let me down. Due to a fortunate encounter, I found a treasured artifact that could transport me here, and ever since three months ago, I had returned to the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Naturally, Yun Che could not possibly tell the truth about him being sent here by the Primordial Profound Ark; however, what he described was not exactly nonsensical either. Because the “treasured artifact” he spoke of was exactly the Primordial Profound Ark. Duke Huai frowned, and just as he was about to speak, Yun Che, however, immediately continued, “In regards to what this treasured artifact is, it’s now a private item that belongs to me, Yun Che. Duke Huai shouldn’t be rude to the extent that he would even inquire about this, right?”

With Yun Che’s response, Duke Huai swallowed back the question which he was about to ask. He no longer spoke, and his brows secretly furrowed, while the depths of his eyes were shaking with a bone-piercing killing intent. Little Demon Empress glanced at Duke Huai, before shifting her gaze towards Yun Che. Raising her arm, beneath the grey-colored sleeves, a smooth snow-white hand of a girl stretched out. “Yun Che, for now, hand this empress the Demon Emperor’s Seal.”

Duke Huai’s expression stiffened, yet, he was completely helpless to stop this from happening. He deeply knew that the moment Little Demon Empress was to obtain the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the difficulty of achieving his own goal would be raised by several dozens of times, and at worst, he might even have to suffer the consequences of his vile actions. Yet, at this very Demon Empress Grand Ceremony, he was unable to prevent it. At the same time, the appearance of the Demon Emperor’s Seal had undoubtedly stirred the Little Demon Empress’ heart as well. Only by possessing the Demon Emperor’s Seal would she truly become the ruler of Illusory Demon Realm. Her strength, and her current predicament, would also undergo an earthshaking change from then on.

Hence, when Yun Che revealed the Demon Emperor’s Seal, but did not offer it to her and instead kept it, even the Little Demon Empress who had always been as quiet as a cold lake, was no longer able restrain herself as she took the initiative to face Yun Che at this moment.

However, when faced with the Little Demon Empress’ personal request, Yun Che did not take a step forward, nor did he even move to take out the Demon Emperor’s Seal. Instead, he stood at the same position, and said with an incomparably calm expression, “I refuse.”

Yun Che’s answer was out of everyone’s expectations. The Little Demon Empress’ brows rose slightly, and everyone in the imperial hall even looked at each other with shocked expressions.

“This…” Even all of the elders of the Yun Family were dumbfounded. Yun Qinghong’s brows twitched; however, he did not speak, and simply looked at Yun Che silently.

Duke Zhong, whose heart had been stuck in restlessness for a long time, finally grabbed onto this opportunity to attack Yun Che. Taking a step forward, he loudly said, “Yun Che! What great audacity you have! The Demon Emperor’s Seal is an item belonging to our Illusory Demon Royal Family, and carries great importance for our Illusory Demon Royal Family! Could it be that you’re trying to possess it yourself?!”

Yun Che’s eyes slanted, and coldly said, “Duke Zhong, you’ve made three mistakes. One, the Demon Emperor’s Seal is an item belonging to the generations of Demon Emperors, and not an item belonging to the Illusory Demon Royal Family! Only the generations of Demon Emperors themselves have the qualification to possess it. As for dukes and kings, naturally, they do not have this qualification.”

“You…” Duke Zhong’s body trembled. Duke Huai’s lips had even more so, turned purple in an instant. How could they not understand that the hidden meaning behind these words from Yun Che was blatantly ridiculing them? ‘How could a mere duke be qualified to touch the Demon Emperor’s Seal… be qualified to become the Emperor of Illusory Demon Realm?’

Yun Che did not care about their expressions in the slightest, and continued, “Two, this Demon Emperor’s Seal, to the Demon Emperor, is an important treasure. But to me, it’s nothing more than a piece of fiery-red jade. Other than looking at it, there’s no other use to it. I do not have the slightest of interest in making it my own.”

“Three…” Yun Che’s gaze turned cold. “Since you’re merely a duke, naturally, you do not have the rights to interfere or decide who it belongs to. While it was in the Profound Sky Continent for a hundred years, it was protected by my grandfather with his life, and it was then brought back here after I have faced many difficulties to do so. Now that it’s in my hands, I naturally have the freedom to decide who I hand this to! As for the matter of retrieving this Demon Emperor’s Seal, you did not make the effort and merit to do so. You’re not even related to it in the slightest, so you’re not in the place to point fingers and find faults with me!!”

Since the beginning of the Demon Empress Grand Ceremony till now, everyone had seen for themselves how sharp and venomous Yun Che’s tongue was. The seven Patriarchs who had rampantly displayed their arrogance earlier, were now all keeping mum, and not a single person from any of the various large duke palaces dared to challenge Yun Che in linguistics again. Duke Zhong had initially thought since Yun Che had disobeyed the Little Demon Empress in front of the masses, he could be seen to be courting death, so him being criticized was perfectly justified. Duke Zhong had never expected that he would instantly receive a retaliation similar to dogs’ blood being poured over his head. Duke Zhong’s chest raised, and his upright torso trembled. His vision darkened, as though he was seemingly about to puke blood.

The Little Demon Empress, however, wasn’t angry. Calmly, she said, “Since you know that it’s a treasured item belonging to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, and adding that you were entrusted by your grandfather, the Demon King, to return to this empress, why now do you still refuse to do so? Could it be that you have a request? You have brought back the Demon Emperor’s Seal from the Profound Sky Continent, the merits earned are high enough to cover the sky. If you have any request, as long as it’s something this empress can do, then I will naturally agree to it.”

Yun Che let out a bland laugh, however, he shook his head. “Request? The moment I received this from my grandfather’s hands, for days and night, I had been thinking of ways to come to this Illusory Demon Realm in order to hand this to Little Demon Empress. It was merely to fulfill my grandfather’s dying wish, and I had never thought of receiving any rewards by relying on it. Because the Demon Emperor’s Seal in my hands, carried my grandfather’s life and his sincere loyalty.”

“But, when I came to the Illusory Demon Realm, what I saw was instead a Yun Family which had already declined to a miserable state. What I heard was the various types of rumors and scandals against the Yun Family, to the extent where even all of Illusory Demon Realm believed that my Yun Family and my grandfather were all sinners! Heh…” Yun Che laughed, laughing especially sarcastically. “When my grandfather told me about my family back then, his face was filled with pride. He said that our Yun Family was the strongest family in the Illusory Demon Realm, the toughest and mightest defensive barrier next to the Demon Emperor. He told me that even though he was no longer with the current Yun Family, it would still definitely be flourishing even more than before. Because the Yun Family had always been the top among the Twelve Guardian Families in all of history, and in all of history, it had always been the most highly regarded by the Demon Emperors.”

“But, in order to save the former Demon Emperor, my grandfather unhesitantly brought all of the supporting pillars in the family and rushed to the Profound Sky Continent… and while he was suffering a hundred years of torture to safeguard the Demon Emperor’s Seal… What kind of repayment did my Yun Family receive instead? Just what sort of repayment did my grandfather receive instead?!”

“If my grandfather were to know of all these, how could he possibly rest in peace?!”

“In order to save the former Demon Emperor, ten great Grand Elders of my Yun Family fell in vain. In order to safeguard the Demon Emperor’s Seal, my grandfather passed away after suffering a hundred years of torture. While my Yun Family, had instead carried the title of sinners for a hundred years, suffered punishments and suppression time and time again, received countless cold glares and ridicule, and now, it has even declined into such an indescribable miserable state… All of the sacrifices, my Yun Family suffered from them. All of the sins, my Yun Family carried them. All of the punishments, my Yun Family endured them all while gritting their teeth...

“Now that the Demon Emperor’s Seal has returned, you actually want me to hand it over just like that… Tell me, how will I be willing to hand this over to you?!”

Yun Che’s eyes glowed in fury, and his voice was like roaring thunder. “If I were to return this Demon Emperor’s Seal just like that, how would I be able to face the hundred years of injustice my Yun Family had suffered?! How would I be able to face the hundred years of infamy which my guiltless grandfather had carried?!”

“Little Demon Empress, if you were in my position instead, would you be willing?!” Yun Che looked straight at Little Demon Empress, and questioned with narrow eyes.

Little Demon Empress was stunned, and was speechless for a long while. Not a single sound could be heard from within the imperial hall… At the moment when Yun Che shouted out his refusal to hand over the Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress, everyone had thought that Yun Che was simply being utterly audacious. However, after hearing Yun Che’s questions one after another, all of them sank into silence… All of the sacrifices, punishments, and infamy, were carried by the Yun Family alone. Now that the Demon Emperor’s Seal was brought back by a child of the Yun Family, if it was immediately handed back just like that… How could he be willing to do so?! Who would be willing to do so?!

Would everything which the Yun Family had suffered from for a hundred years be all for nothing?!

They questioned themselves in their hearts. If they were in his place, it was definitely impossible for them to be content and willing… It was definitely impossible.

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