Chapter 644 - The Demon Empress’ Wedding Ceremony

Against the Gods

Chapter 644 - The Demon Empress’ Wedding Ceremony

It was the big day of the Little Demon Empress’ wedding, and even before the sun had risen, Demon Imperial City was already exceptionally lively. Numerous soldiers from the Demon Imperial Army were equipped with golden and red armour as they guarded every corner of the city. Numerous powerful profound beasts that were hardly ever seen and could be considered legendary were soaring in the skies. On the back of each of the profound beast stood a profound practitioner who was emitting an exceptionally strong aura. Any strange movements within Demon Imperial City would not escape their watch.

Standing beside the red carpets that had been laid throughout the city were young women in colorful dresses who were also holding flowers. They stood still beside the red carpets as the wind gently ruffled their dresses. It was a wondrously beautiful sight to behold.

Although there was still a few hours until the ceremony, the nobles and hegemons that had come to give their congratulations were already waiting outside the Demon Imperial Hall. The memory of the Little Demon Emperor and Little Demon Empress’ wedding ceremony from a hundred years ago was still fresh in their minds. Now, a hundred years have passed, and through the workings of fate, the Little Demon Empress, relying on her unrivalled strength, single-handedly reigned over Illusory Demon Realm. No one dared to defy her, and the Twelve Guardian Families and all Duke Palaces served under her with the utmost loyalty. The bloodline of the Demon Emperor that everyone expected to have ended had been prolonged by the grace and divine powers of the Golden Crow Divine God… Anyone could feel that this grand marriage was a new page in the history of the Illusory Demon Realm.

Although Yun Che had already gone through two weddings, this one was going to be completely different. The traditions within Illusory Demon Realm and Sky Profound Continent were already vastly different. Furthermore, this was a royal wedding and Yun Che was marrying into the royal family... However, Yun Che would not feel nervous just because of this. For the past few days, the city had been sent into a busy frenzy, other than Yun Che who spent his time leisurely.

The night before the wedding, Yun Che had left the Yun Family for the Demon Imperial Palace. He slept there and even had eight beautiful woman serving him. The sun had barely risen when he was awoken by them.

“Demon Lord Highness, please allow this servant to help you wash up and change.”

After marrying the Little Demon Empress, Yun Che’s identity had also changed from “Young Patriarch Yun” to “Demon Lord.” However, even now, Yun Che still did not know whether this "Demon Lord" title was referring to "Lord of the Illusory Demon Realm," or... "Little Demon Empress' lord husband"?

These eight maids were all personally chosen by the Little Demon Empress, and each one of them was exceptionally beautiful. Even their demeanor was far superior to that of any young lady from a prominent family, and their profound strength was also at least within the Tyrant Profound Realm. They all only wore a thin white veil, and when they walked, their fragrant scent wafted in the air while their jade bodies could be vaguely seen, making it much more alluring than if they were naked.

They helped Yun Che off his bed, put on his robe and boots, and supported him all the way to the bathing pool. Every step the took, the young woman’s breast would softly press against his arm, making him feel a little light-headed.

The pool was large, and the area was misty. No matter whether it was the surroundings or the floor, it was made using the most luxurious Skypool Profound Jade. The milky whiteness of the jade was truly beautiful.

Yun Che took off his outer robe and slowly entered the pool. The eight beautiful maids also took off their veils as they revealed their snowy lumps and seductive figures. Four of the maid scattered flower petals within the pool while the other four surrounded Yun Che and cleansed his body using their snowy hands and jade bodies… Although it was the first time they had seen a male body, their crystal like eyes did not show any signs of fear or disgust, only revealing a pure sense of admiration and clouded curiosity.

When Yun Che had finished his bath, the sun had already risen. The maids led Yun Che to change into a luxurious golden robe and helped him wear a golden jade belt and a golden crown… The extremely elegant attire naturally brought out the prestige in Yun Che, and his overflowing charisma caused all the girls present to look at him with affection. In front of the Demon Imperial Hall, guests had already started to enter. The names that the master of ceremonies was shouting out were getting more and more frightening, and the gifts that they brought were also more and more shocking. Soon, the gifts stacked up like a small mountain, and every one of them was a rare treasure that a common man might never see.

However, the gifts that were presented to the Yun Family seemed to be more one dimensional… because of the fact that the Yun Family released news that their Young Patriarch liked to collect all sorts of weird swords and if they were to bring along gifts, high quality profound swords would be the best! The higher the quality… with heavy swords being the best.

Therefore, for the past seven days, nearly all the top powerhouses within Illusory Demon Realm had been seeking swords at all costs, and those sects that focused on swords had not hesitated to offer divines swords that were their family heirlooms...

More and more famous swords started to gather, and the sword aura naturally emitted by the swords caused all the experts that gathered to shudder.

The Little Demon Empress had appeared before Yun Che, and her arrival caused the originally boisterous Demon Imperial Hall to immediately fall silent… However, this time, what silenced them was not her overbearing aura, but a beauty that should not exist in the mortal realm.

She had used her gray robe to hide her radiance and her cold demeanor to lock away her feelings… and this had not happened only for a few days but for the past hundred years! Even the very old seniors had already forgotten the former allure of Princess Caiyi. For the Little Demon Empress today, she had shed away the gray robes that she wore for the past century and was dressed in an extremely elegant golden dress. The ends of the dress dragged on the floor, and the dress hugged her waist, revealing her slender figure. Her snow-white face wore light makeup, and her lips were reddened with rouge. Her star-like, watery eyes were still cold, but her overbearing demeanor and lack of expression that people thought was forever unbreakable had now disappeared… No one would question that if these eyes were to flirt, all living beings would be mesmerized, and nothing else in the world would seem to be appealing.

The silence within the hall lasted for a long time as everyone’s souls were undergoing the greatest shock that they were going to experience in this lifetime. They felt that they were no longer in the living world and had already transcended to the immortal realm only spoken of in legends… Because such a beauty should not exist in the mortal realm, and it should only exist on an untainted and pure immortal fairy.

She possessed beauty that could not be put into any words, possessed the prestigious status and bloodline that no man in this world can obtain, and also possessed the ability and strength to make the entire population within Illusory Demon Realm bow down to her… It seemed as though the world’s creator had bestowed upon her the best gifts in this world. Gradually, everyone seemed to feel as though tonight’s ceremony was becoming more mystical. Because in their hearts, the same thought resounded within all of them: For such a woman, such a Little Demon Empress, how could anyone in this world be worthy of her… Even the Young Patriarch Yun who had obtained a nearly legendary status for the past few months seemed inadequate for her.

For the elegant and radiant Little Demon Empress in the mortal realm… she could only be described as a fairy.

The time had arrived, the wedding began. Although today was Yun Che marrying into the Demon Imperial Family, in terms of procedures, he was still the lead. The male marries in and the female marries out; this was the Little Demon Empress’ wish and decision which also served to tell everyone, especially Yun Che, his position in the Little Demon Empress’ heart.

For this wedding, regardless whether it was the scale, the ceremony, or the excitement of the event, it far exceeded that of when the Little Demon Emperor married the Little Demon Empress. For this entire day, Demon Imperial City turned into the raging ocean, and only when night had fallen had it become slightly calmer.

Demon Imperial Palace. The candlelight wavered, the red bed curtain hung, and she wore a phoenix coronet and ceremonial robes.

The crescent moon appeared from behind the clouds, yet the sky was still dimly lit. Glimmers of light shone through the thin gaps of the bamboo windows, illuminating the person sitting on the bed. The Little Demon Empress had already been silently sitting on the soft bed for some time… Although, like a hundred years ago, this was her big night, her feelings now were completely different. At that time, her heart was calm like the still water. Her marriage with the Little Demon Emperor was her fate as a female of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, or perhaps it could be said that it was her mission. However, tonight, her heart was beating ferociously, and she could not calm down.

A hundred years before, on the night of her wedding, her waiting did not yield the arrival of the Little Demon Emperor, but instead, she received news that he went into the distant Sky Profound Continent… Following that, she received the news he had met his demise there, causing her fate to completely change.

However, on this night, such a tragedy would not happen, and also, this was a new start to her life. Because a hundred years ago, her marriage was for the sake of her family. Tonight however, it was partly for her family and partly for her own sake.

The door opened gently, and Yun Che walked in slowly. He did not speak and walked straight to the Little Demon Empress’ side before gently lifting his hands to remove the golden beaded phoenix coronet that she wore, revealing her jade white beautiful face.

Today’s Little Demon Empress was as beautiful as a mythical fairy, stunning Yun Che as he looked at her and swallowed the words he was about to say… Subconsciously, he felt as though this dream like situation would be shattered when he spoke.

The two of them, who usually argued with one another, were now facing each other in complete silence.

Yun Che sat down by her side, wrapping one hand around her slender waist while the other hand gently caressed her face. The Little Demon Empress’ figure trembled slightly, but she did not resist and merely closed her eyes. Following that, she felt the warmth of a man approaching her before she was strongly kissed on the lips.

The Little Demon Empress’ eyes widened as she pushed Yun Che away in panic. Although the contact had only been for an instant, it had clearly been felt by the depths of her soul which only caused her heartbeat to quicken and her body to soften in a way unfamiliar to her. When she became conscious of her over exaggerated action, she looked down to avoid Yun Che’s gaze and uttered softly, “I’m… still not used to it…”

The Little Demon Empress blinked gently, her cheeks still wearing a slight layer of makeup… Yun Che’s breathing cut off in an instant before it became exceptionally heavy. This was the first time he had seen the Little Demon Empress exude the charm of a girl… Although it was very slight, it was still sufficient to make Yun Che to completely lose himself right then and there.

Yun Che could feel his blood pumping and could no longer care about anything else. He even ignored the possibility of being blasted away by her subconsciously. Suddenly moving forward, he pounced onto her on the bed, pressing all of his weight onto the Little Demon Empress who reigned over the world and possess a beauty that was out of this world. He kissed her on the cheeks, lips, and neck with vigor, and his hands groped all over her smooth and petite body...

“Ahnn... W… Wait…”

The Little Demon Empress moaned softly, but that was enough to steal people’s hearts. When Yun Che heard it, his blood pumped, and even the Little Demon Empress dared not believe that she had just made such a lewd sound. Although Yun Che was not blasted away, a small hand frantically pressed onto his lips, pushing him away slightly. The Little Demon Empress now blinked slightly, her watery eyes looked clouded, and she was panicking. Not one bit of her usual composure and coldness could been found. Her eyes avoided his gaze as she breathed heavily and asked, “Your… Your medical skills are so outstanding, is there… is there anyway, to let me… have a child sooner?”

Yun Che’s heart was slightly stunned yet again. Following that, his eyes regained their fiery passion as he looked with infatuation at this Little Demon Empress who brought him so much shock, temptation, and surprise. “Such an important matter, of course we have to follow the laws of nature. Why would there be any special methods… Mn, the only way is for us to work hard every single day as husband and wife… Just like when we were at Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

“...Not allowed… to mention what happened in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley…”

“Alright… No mentioning… Just doing!!”

The golden robe in front of the Little Demon Empress’ chest was violently torn apart by Yun Che whose passion had taken over. The skin that was revealed was tender as formed honey and soft as cashmere… The Little Demon Empress’ body trembled slightly, but she still did not make any form of retaliation. She just closed her eyes, knitted her eyebrows, and exhaled hastily. It was as though her body’s ability to reject had disappeared completely on this night when she was in front of Yun Che and had been replaced with a rose like redness that had spread throughout her body.

As the red bed curtain was let down, Little Demon Empress fought hard to maintain her silence as she had started to moan. Her moan sounded like she was half seducing and half resenting, and her soul, along with the guy on top of her, had flown to an unknown world.

“Marrying three times in the span of six years… Definitely worse than a beast!” Jasmine fiercely shut out her hearing, determined not to hear those disturbing noises before closing her eyes and muttering to herself, “The reason why this Little Demon Empress wanted to marry this huge pervert was indeed to make sure she gave birth before she died to extend the Demon Emperor’s bloodline… Such a pity that with the current condition of her body… there’s no way her wish would come true.”

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