Chapter 645 - Time of Departure

Against the Gods

Chapter 645 - Time of Departure

The wedding ceremony had ended, but Demon Imperial City’s liveliness still continued for a full seven days. Following Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress’ marriage, a never before seen “Demon Lord” had surfaced within the Illusory Demon Realm. Previously, when they had received the news, nearly everyone had believed that the only reason why Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress had married was because of his Golden Crow bloodline which would help the Demon Emperor line continue on.

However, everyone who had attended the wedding all felt that it wasn’t just that in these seven days. This was because after marrying Yun Che, the Little Demon Empress no longer wore gray, and her radiance was so beautiful that no one dared to look directly at her. The most important point, however, was that there was a subtle change in her aura and temperament. Even though it was still as dignified and ice-cold as before, the huge, violently-icy, imposing aura that caused them all to tremble with fear and not dare to breathe had disappeared, especially when she was at Yun Che’s side. A rippling splendor surfaced in her ice-cold eyes which had never wavered in a hundred years — and it was also probably due to Yun Che’s existence that her originally dull gray world had once again regained its color.

Yun Che being the host of the wedding ceremony had at first caused unrest in almost everyone’s hearts… Later on, they heard that on the day of the wedding, the Little Demon Empress followed Yun Che home to the Yun Family and undertook a daughter-in-law’s kneeling before Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou. She had even addressed them as “father” and “mother,” startling the couple senseless… Afterwards, she went with Yun Che to honor Yun Canghai and the Yun Family’s ancestors… and then went to honor the ancestors of the Demon Emperor line.

Perhaps, it wasn’t merely for the sake of continuing the bloodline, but true affection.

If that was the case… then, the words “Demon Lord” was in no way a simple title.

Furthermore, even though it was Yun Che joining the Demon Emperor’s clan and even though their child would be surnamed Huan, the child, in terms of bloodline… would still be of the Yun Family’s descent. This also meant that from now on, even though the Little Demon Empress was still the monarch of Illusory Demon Realm from the Demon Emperor bloodline… Illusory Demon Realm was now essentially the Yun Clan’s realm.

Even though the Yun Family was currently still one of the Twelve Guardian Families that protected the Demon Emperor Clan, their position was no longer the same as before in everyone’s eyes.

“Young Patriarch, as a result of the Young Patriarch's wedding, we have received one thousand three hundred and ninety-one swords. Amongst those are two hundred twenty Emperor Profound swords and seven hundred thirty-seven Sky Profound swords of the highest grade. There are also some swords that, despite lacking a profound grade, due to being cast from rare crystals, have a value equivalent to that of several cities. In addition…”

The Sword Pavilion elder paused for a second, clearing his throat nervously before continuing with difficulty, “In addition… there are seven whole swords of the Tyrant Profound Realm!”

“...Seven swords?” Yun Che raised his eyebrow, secretly feeling startled in his heart. Seven swords… if they were just common swords, this would be a negligible amount, but seven Tyrant Profound swords, that was enough to cause the peak of the Illusory Demon Realm’s strongest members to turn pale from shock. Emperor Profound artifacts were already incomparably rare, but Tyrant Profound artifacts were far more precious. In the entire Illusory Demon Realm, every one hundred years, on average, only one new Tyrant Profound artifact would appear. Presently, if all the Illusory Demon Realm’s Tyrant Profound swords were added up, there might only be a dozen or so.

Now, unexpectedly there were seven sent to the Yun Family as his wedding gifts!

Just as astonishing, there was an incomparable sum of over two hundred Emperor Profound swords.

Thinking back to that time when he stood with Dragon Fault arrogantly laughing over Blue Wind, with no one who could hinder him… even in the mighty Divine Phoenix Empire, Dragon Fault would be awe-inspiring and incomparable because even for the vast majority of members of the Divine Phoenix Sect, obtaining an Emperor Profound artifact would just be the extravagant wish of a lifetime.

However, those Tyrant Profound swords of legends, he all of a sudden received seven. In addition, for Emperor Profound swords that could match Dragon Fault… He received a few hundred at no cost!

This is the benefit of power and prestige!

If he hadn’t married the Little Demon Empress, he would just be the Yun Family’s young patriarch. Obtaining an Emperor Profound sword wouldn’t be easy. If what he wanted was to obtain a Tyrant Profound sword, it would even be incredibly difficult.

“This Tyrant Profound sword’s name is ‘Star Breaker’; it is the Su Family Patriarch’s personal present, sent in order to congratulate the Young Patriarch’s wedding as well as thanks for the graciousness of treating the old Su Family Patriarch.

“This sword is named the ‘Rakshasa Nineteen Beheader.’ It is the sword of the Rakshasa Sect’s Tremor Sect. The entire sword weighs ninety-five thousand kilograms and can be considered the Illusory Demon Realm’s most overbearing sword. There are rumors that in the past nine hundred years, not a single person has been able to completely master it… after hearing that the Young Patriarch is fond of heavy swords, the Rakshasa Sect sent this sword to the Young Patriarch in order to convey their reverence. Sigh… They wish the Young Patriarch will be able to whisper a few beautiful words into the Little Demon Empress’ ears at night so that the crime of their defection to Duke Huai Palace will be forgotten.

“This sword’s name is ‘Scarlet Cloud Piercer.’ The year when it appeared, countless profound practitioners fought over it, leading to a storm of blood.”

Any of the Tyrant Profound artifacts were outstandingly famous throughout the Illusory Demon Realm. These seven Tyrant Profound swords were naturally not an exception. Since no Sovereign Profound artifact had ever appeared in the Illusory Demon Realm, these seven Tyrant Profound swords were rulers among swords and were any sword profound practitioner’s highest goal. Appearing all together in front of Yun Che, they produced such a majestic sword aura that any practitioner would feel somewhat weak and unable to breathe.

However, due to them being unpopular profound artifacts, there was only one that was a heavy sword out of the seven Tyrant Profound swords.

“These swords are not commonplace, especially the seven Tyrant Profound swords. All the sword’s old masters have ear-piercing reputations. It would be impossible, even in one’s wildest dreams, to think of a time where all these swords could be seen at once. Young Patriarch, these swords… You want to carry all of them with you?” The sword pavilion elder who introduced the seven Tyrant Profound swords asked with worrying eyes. He had never before seen Yun Che practice the sword and was at even more of a loss as to why Yun Che would to carry that many swords on his body instead of leaving them in the sword pavilion… could it be a hoarding habit?

“Yes, give them all to me,” Yun Che replied as he nodded his head. “No need to put the swords into containers, just put them directly into my spatial ring.”

The sword pavilion elder put all of the swords into a purple spatial ring and then carefully put it in Yun Che’s hand… He wouldn’t be able to imagine that all of the priceless profound swords he had took out would simply become...

A certain little monster’s food!!

The swords that Hong’er ate would be absorbed to become her power, and at the same time, they would cause the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword she transformed into to become stronger. Yun Che simply could not imagine what level the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword would reach if Hong’er ate all of these profound swords… However, right now he was just imagining it since he hadn’t tried it out yet. Firstly, he didn’t know if Hong’er would even be able to eat all of the swords in a short amount of time or if the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword would grow too quickly, possibly reaching a level where he would be unable to control it which would turn such a joyful event into a tragedy.

Moreover, these “delicacies” had to be fed to Hong’er slowly… If he were to give all of them to her all at once, the little devil wouldn’t listen to him at critical moments, and he wouldn’t be able to take out food to entice her.

Since he had entered the Demon Emperor Clan, he naturally had to begin living in the Imperial Demon Palace. Nonetheless, due to Yun Qinghong’s injury not being fully recovered and since the marriage had just happened, Yun Che would return to the Yun Family household everyday, but he wouldn’t be there for very long each visit. This was because he had to quickly return to the Little Demon Empress to make a child.

Yes, during this period, everyday he would spend two hours treating Yun Qinghong, four hours sleeping, four hours cultivating, and the rest of the time would simply be spent with the Little Demon Empress in bed… and some other strange places.

Even though they were newlyweds, they should have a bit more control… Yun Che said to himself. But the problem was… he was no match for the Little Demon Empress. Alright, this was just a secondary reason, the main reason was… every time the Little Demon Empress slightly showed her charm, all the blood in his body would be set aflame, making him completely unable to resist.

“In a few days, Father’s injury should be completely healed.”

In Demon Imperial Palace, Yun Che reclined on a huge lotus leaf in the lotus pond, softly thinking aloud. In front of him, Hong’er sat on his knee holding a longsword that glittered like frost, elatedly nibbling it. Hong’er’s lips were a light pink color and looked even more tender than flower petals, but with each bite, she cut away at the sword which could level a mountain. The Emperor sword was reduced to a mere flaky pastry which would crackle and break with each bite, her teeth leaving clear marks on the sword’s blade.

At this moment, any other person would fall down in alarm, but Yun Che had already gotten used to it and had no reaction whatsoever… This little monster was even able to swallow the Divine Jade of the Nine Suns, so in comparison, eating an Emperor Profound sword couldn’t even be considered minor matter!

“The Little Demon Empress is here, come back, Hong’er!” Jasmine all of a sudden exclaimed.

“Ah? Oh!” Hong’er listened to Jasmine, and upon hearing her summons, she fiercely took a bite of the shining, sharp point of the sword and transformed into a red light while chewing before returning to the Sky Poison Pearl.

Following Yun Che getting up, the Little Demon Empress’ figure appeared in his line of sight. She wore a light green dress, and due to her being very petite, the slightly large skirt curved behind her body, elegantly floating behind her. Her dark jade hair wasn’t draped over her shoulders; instead, they were strung together into a simple flying goddess topknot with smooth and round jade pearls adorning her hair. Lastly, her two pupils appeared to be like snow. Upon seeing Yun Che, her eyes overflowed with an absolutely beautiful radiance.

After marrying Yun Che, the Little Demon Empress hadn’t worn any of the dark gray gowns she used to. Moreover, this was a change that everyone could see. Her biggest change though, only Yun Che knew clearly. No longer wearing gray clothes, the Little Demon Empress gave off a radiance that made everything else pale in comparison. In her heart, she longed to give Yun Che a successor as soon as possible, and every day after their marriage, she, with Yun Che, spent the entire night… Even during the daytime, these feelings made her usual cold and dignified jade-like expression take on an unerasable charm...

It was an expression that could topple the world, a bearing that could frighten the world… Adding a little natural beauty and charm, all together it was enough to annihilate the defense of any male’s heart in a second… During official business, in the past, the court, under the heavy pressure she gave off, was unwilling to look straight at her. Today, they even more unwaveringly kept their heads down, not willing at all to raise them and look at the Little Demon Empress in fear that their hearts and souls would instantly lose their defenses.

“Caiyi,” Yun Che smilingly called out.

The Little Demon Empress jumped on the water, lightly arriving to the side of the lotus leaf Yun Che was on. She wrinkled her brows, seemingly worried about something and slowly saying, “Six days from now, after Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven’s wedding… At that time, are you still planning to head back to the Profound Sky Continent?”

When planning Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven’s wedding, Yun Che calculated that would be around the time Yun Qinghong would have fully recovered. After Xiao Yun’s wedding and Yun Qinghong had recovered, he would immediately return to the Profound Sky Continent.

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded his head. “If it wasn’t for my father’s health, I would have left earlier. Having already waited this long… I really can’t wait any longer.”

“No matter what, you must return?” The Little Demon Empress averted her gaze and softly said, trying her utmost to conceal the turbulent emotions, “Based on what you told me about your time in the Profound Sky Continent, your time there was anything but stable and you made many enemies. But in Illusory Demon Realm, although your profound strength isn’t the highest, you are the Yun Family’s young patriarch. Moreso, you are the universally accepted ‘Demon Lord’ of Illusory Demon Realm. Your status is the same as mine. No one will treat you disrespectfully, no one will deny you, and no one will bully you. Whatever you want, as long as Illusory Demon Realm has it, you can easily obtain. If my three years… if I pass away before you, the entire Illusory Demon Realm will be yours… Is this bad? Why are you so determined to return to that place where you have no influence and are constantly under the threat of danger?”

This was the first time the Little Demon Empress had said these type of words to him. The time that Yun Che had spent in Illusory Demon Realm wasn’t long at all; taking everything into account, it hadn’t even reached one year. However, this one year of experiences had been filled with more events and experiences than a person’s entire life.

During this period of time that was even shorter than a year… he had entered Illusory Demon Realm’s most respected royal clan, obtained an illustrious reputation, obtained Illusory Demon Realm’s most beautiful woman who was also the most powerful Little Demon Empress… He stood at the very summit of the Illusory Demon Realm.

His profound strength, because of the events in the Sea of Death and the Golden Crow Divine Spirit, had grown incredibly.

Presently, having the status of “Demon Lord,” he could accomplish whatever he wished for in Illusory Demon Realm. If he wanted something, all he needed to do was move his hand and no one would disagree or disobey. Nor would he experience the least bit of risk or hazard… Honestly speaking, although he was never willing to live under others, he never before thought that one day he would possess this level of power.

Although Yun Che had lived through two turbulent lives, he absolutely wasn’t a person who disliked a comfortable lifestyle. If there was no Profound Sky Continent to worry about, he would be undeniably willing to stay with the Little Demon Empress, his parents, and his family, standing at the peak while looking down over the entire Illusory Demon realm and contentedly enjoying a life of luxury and glory.

But since he had the Profound Sky Continent to worry about, he absolutely couldn’t, for the sake of a life of comfort and glory in the Illusory Demon Realm, forget about the Profound Sky Continent. If not for the Primordial Profound Ark, he wouldn’t be able to comfortably pass the time. He would not hesitate to drop everything to find a way to get back. Looking at the Little Demon Empress, he said, “Yes… no matter what, I must return. After all, the Profound Sky Continent is my birthplace. It is where I grew up for nineteen years. Everything else I can ignore, but it still has my grandpa, my little aunt, and also…”

“It also has women that you are unable to part with, right?” The Little Demon Empress said coldly, “If you love women that much, I’ve said I will never restrict you! Demon Imperial Palace’s maids, regardless of appearance or aptitude, are all one in a million. Whoever you want, you can have. The ladies of those duke palaces and aristocratic families, whoever you look at, including the Su family’s Su Zhixi or Duke Qing Palace’s Lan Zhi, I can all personally give to you as concubines…”

“Sigh…” Yun Che grabbed the Little Demon Empress’ small hand and laughingly said, “Caiyi my wife… You hate to part with me this much… It’s not that I don’t plan to return from the Profound Sky Continent. If there weren’t so many matters to take care of or if everything was peaceful, I might be back in just a few days. I might bring them here to meet my parents, as well as you, my wife.”

Yun Che had thought about it long before, that after returning to the Profound Sky Continent, he could bring Xiao Lie, Xiao Lingxi, and his princess wife back to the Illusory Demon Realm since here there wasn’t any danger or pressure. It would give them a peaceful life… The most perfect ending would be finding Chu Yuechan and taking her back as well. As for Xia Qingyue… she definitely wouldn’t follow him here.

“Them? Do they include your other wives?” The Little Demon Empress snorted coldly. “You aren't afraid I’ll kill them if I don’t find them pleasing?”

“Not afraid at all!” Yun Che said as he pulled her arm, bringing the Litttle Demon Empress who did not have her guard up into his chest and immediately beginning to tear at her dress from bottom to top. In a second, two slender white legs were presented naked before Yun Che. In the entire world, only Yun Che knew the Little Demon Empress’ most attractive part were her legs… They were like milky white jade and shined with an incomparably attractiveness.

“You…” In the past dozen days since their wedding, the Little Demon Empresses’ garments had already been torn by Yun Che dozens of times. She hurriedly moved to obstruct the hands that were touching her snow white legs. “We’re outside…”

“They’ve already gotten used to it.” Yun Che directly picked up the Little Demon Empress and set her on his lap, saying with a serious face, “Caiyi my wife, you forgot the conversation we had. If you want to quickly have kids, we not only have to put forth effort every day, we need to try different positions and locations… In addition, our actions must be energetic, and the sound has to be a little loud…”

“Oh…” Hearing the word “children,” the Little Demon Empresses’ calmed down, and she stopped resisting in any way. She was expected to live for only three more years, and presently, her biggest wish was to have a child with Yun Che before then. But with regards to having children, she was completely unaware. She couldn’t ask anyone else questions. In addition, Yun Che was the entire Illusory Demon Realm’s “genius doctor,” so with regards to Yun Che’s “authoritative guidance,” no matter how shameful, she would comply.

No would would believe that the absolutely dignified and powerful Little Demon Empress, who could cause a crowd of monarchs to hold their breath and shudder, under Yun Che’s guidance, would adopt positions that would make even prostitutes, upon seeing them, cover their eyes. The moaning would also make the faces of all the Demon Imperial Palace’s maids flush with embarrassment.

Six days later, after Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven’s marriage rites had been completed. Number Seven Under Heaven joined the Yun Family, becoming the Yun Family’s daughter-in-law. Greatest Ambition Under Heaven had six sons and only this one girl. The marriage day truly made his eyes red. But, luckily, the Yun and Under Heaven Families were very close distance-wise. If he wanted to see her, it was an easy matter. It wasn’t like completely losing his daughter.

With that, after two more days, it was finally the day Yun Che had decided to leave.

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