Chapter 652 - Tempest of Rage

Against the Gods

Chapter 652 - Tempest of Rage

A stifling aura of suppression shot down from above, causing Dongfang Xiu to unwittingly raise his head. He saw the flaming ball flying right at them… it was only a tiny fireball, but it carried with it a suppressive force that caused his entire body to instantly convulse… because it was made of phoenix flames, and it was phoenix flames from an Overlord at that!

Dongfang Xiu’s entire body froze, and his face went pale due to alarm. He instantly used his body to shield Cang Yue, and he caused all the profound energy in his body to unreservedly surge forth, yelling in a loud voice, “Scram… Everyone get away from here!!”


Dongfang Xiu’s voice was swallowed up by the raging sounds of battle, and the phoenix flames mercilessly fell to the ground, causing an explosion which caused the heaven and earth to tremble. A pillar of violent flames rushed towards the sky in front of the gates of Blue Wind Imperial City. It was as if a slumbering volcano had suddenly erupted to life.

Over two thousand Blue Wind soldiers were engulfed within the firestorm as they were mercilessly incinerated by the phoenix flames, and the number of heavily injured people who were sent flying by the explosion was uncountable. Feng Yunlie was fiercely smashed against the city wall in the aftermath of that explosion. His whole body was covered in blood, and he was not able to stand for a long time. Behind him, the already ravaged city gates and wall had been devastated by the phoenix flames to the point where they were on the verge of collapse.

Even though he was on the edge of the blast, Dongfang Xiu still had to use all his strength to block the impact, managing to somehow come out of it unscathed while fully protecting Cang Yue. He glared furiously at the sky, but the phoenix robes and the golden embroidery on them caused his pupils to contract suddenly—because those were symbols that clearly marked this person as an elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect!!

And to be qualified to become an elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, one’s profound strength had to be at least at the fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!

So that was to say that the red-robed man floating in the air… was at the very least a mid-stage Overlord! A terrifying existence that his Blue Wind Imperial City could definitely not resist! His phoenix flames could easily reduce all of Blue Wind Imperial City to cinders in the blink of an eye.

The veins on Dongfang Xiu’s forehead stood out as he furiously rebuked the man, “As a grand and glorious elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, how could you stoop so low as to take action against normal soldiers… Do you want to even abandon your pride as a profound practitioner of the Tyrant Profound Realm?!!”

“Palace Chief Dongfang, there is no need to get angry,” Cang Yue said in a chilly voice. “The Divine Phoenix Sect has long ago completely abandoned any semblance of conscience or virtue, so why would they still care about their sense of honor?!”

“Hehehe.” Feng Feiying was not the least bit infuriated as he gazed down from above… and it was a gaze which looked down from above in judgement while carrying the slightest trace of pity. “This elder is not interfering with the battles of mere mortals, I am merely granting you one final chance. Open the city, surrender to us, and obediently wait to captured. Then it might still be possible for you to be…”

“Old bandit of the Divine Phoenix Sect, you can stop your wishful thinking!” Cang Yue’s delicate brows drew themselves into cold crescent moons, and every word that proceeded from her mouth was filled with hate, “We would hate to be the ruler of a dead kingdom… so even if we were to die a thousand times, we would never became slaves from a vanquished nation!!”

A girl who was barely twenty years of age, with the aura of a True Profound Realm practitioner… yet the sharpness and coldness of her gaze caused him to look away. Feng Feiying gave a cold laugh, and his whole body starting burning with flames. “Then all of you can accompany this wretched and pitiful city to become ashes and scorched earth!!”


The scarlet flames on Feng Feiying’ body instantly soared up tens of meters into the sky, and in a three thousand kilometer radius around him, the temperature sharply rose. All of Blue Wind Imperial City was engulfed in an oppressive heat, and a scarlet light blanketed the entire sky in the blink of an eye.

“Stop… Stop it!!” Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang’s line of sight had completely been flooded by the scarlet-red fire light, causing all color to drain from their face… if such a fearsome phoenix fire smashed against them, it would completely incinerate the northern part of Blue Wind Imperial City. Not only would it destroy the city wall and city gates, it would also consume countless soldiers. Moreover, even more innocent civilians who were not willing to flee would be buried in the aftershock.

Feng Feiying, who had lost his patience long ago, would definitely not stop. He looked down on the people and city wall below, and a brutal thrill ran through him. “All you inferior denizens of this fallen nation who vainly attempt to rebel against our Divine Phoenix Empire, go to hell!”

Amidst his brash laughter, the phoenix flames which hid the sky and covered the earth mercilessly rained down. It was as if a glorious sun had collapsed in the middle of the sky as the red light of death enshrouded the northern part of Blue Wind Imperial City.

“Protect her Majesty!!” Feng Yunlie extended a blood-stained arm as he let out cry that was choked up by blood.

Dongfang Xiu, Qin Wushang, and all the most powerful practitioners of the Blue Wind Profound Palace had long ago shielded Cang Yue. All the profound energy in their bodies began to frantically surge out as their faces were distorted with pain… because each and every one of them knew that this was the phoenix flame produced by a mid-stage Overlord. So even if they used all their strength or even if they were ten times stronger than they were at present, they still could not block this attack.

Cang Yue tilted her head upwards and looked at the flames of death which were growing closer and closer. But there was no alarm or terror on her face; instead, those beautiful eyes began to mist up…

Finally… is it going to be over…

Royal Father… Yue’er really cannot go on any longer… these three years… I have been so burdened… so afraid… and so tired…

“Your Majesty!!”

“Protect her majesty… Protect her majesty!”

The sounds around her gradually faded away, and very slowly, she began to close her eyes as two tears slid silently down her cheeks. Yet her mouth curved up to form a gentle and beautiful smile… Husband… I can finally… come and accompany you…

The all-encompassing crimson flames grew closer and closer and shone on faces that were filled with boundless hate and despair. Each person bitterly closed their eyes and awaited the arrival of death and destruction.

At this time, a deep and low explosion rang through the air as another cluster of flames that came out of nowhere collided with the first flaming ball. That cluster of flames was also scarlet in color, but it was a much deeper red, and it burned with even more intensity. In an instant, that ball of fire had already spread more than three kilometers wide, and even though it began its descent, it was not falling onto Blue Wind Imperial City. Instead, it was collapsing on the phoenix flames which were assaulting the city… and in a mere blink of an eye, the phoenix flames released by Feng Feiying had been completely swallowed up.

The phoenix flames which had been devoured stopped its descent and began to furiously struggle. But these terrifying flames which came from an all-powerful Overlord was like an earthworm that had fallen into the mouth of a python in front of these flames. Its pitiful struggles only lasted for a fraction of a second before it was completely extinguished, and besides a few small threads of smoke that wafted through the air, there was not a trace of its existence left… and there was nothing to left to stain even the smallest speck of land in Blue Wind Imperial City.

Feng Feiying’s eyes dramatically bulged out, and he looked as if he had seen the most unbelievable thing in the world. At this time, the cluster of flames which had completely extinguished his phoenix flames rushed towards him, and despite the hundreds of meters separating the two, the scorching aura seemed to plunge him into a purgatory of flames.

“Feiying… fall back now!!”

Feng Feiheng was extremely clear on just how much destructive power the phoenix flames that Feng Feiying had released just now possessed. To be able to extinguish that cluster of flames in an instant… the fearsomeness of those scarlet flames was unimaginable! As he saw those flames storm towards Feng Feiying, he desperately roared out those words.

Even though Feng Feiying was in a state of shock, his reaction speed was still extremely fast, and he circulated all the profound energy in his body to make a swift retreat… But after he had flown several kilometers, he was still caught by the edges of that scarlet fire.


An extremely shrill and miserable cry pierced the skies above the blood-soaked battlefield. The very moment Feng Feiying was touched by that scarlet flame, his entire body was instantly transformed into that of a human torch. He unceremoniously fell from the sky and just happened to land in a location that was not to far away from Feng Feiheng. After that, he began rolling on the floor, howling in agony… But the scarlet flames on his body grew more and more intense, and they were accompanied by a pungent smell of roasting flesh.


Feng Feiheng quickly rushed forward, but before he could come within five steps of Feng Feiying, he was assaulted by a scorching sensation that was hard to endure. It caused his expression to change dramatically as he retreated in a hurry. And by the time he had recovered from his shock, Feng Feiying’s screams had already stilled, and the flames on his body had been extinguished as well… The only thing that was left was a completely charred corpse, and the only thing that was recognizable was a clawed and charred hand which stretched towards the sky with all five fingers contorted in agony.

The Divine Phoenix Army commanders, Qi Zhencang and Duan Qinghai, had become completely petrified. Even more so, when they looked at that charred corpse, their eyes were filled with boundless shock and horror.

The air was incomparably hot, and within his body, there flowed the Phoenix bloodline which glowed even hotter, yet Feng Feiheng clearly felt a piercing cold aura start up his spine and spread to the rest of his body…

Feng Feiying was ranked forty-third amongst all the elders in the Divine Phoenix Sect! Furthermore, he was a level five Overlord who could lord it over most of the world! Feng Feiying’s profound strength was only lower than his by two levels… yet he had only come into the briefest contact with those scarlet flames… and as a result, he had been burned into ashes in the space of a few breaths! He did not even have the opportunity to struggle or resist.

He was very sure that those scarlet flames were not phoenix flames because they did not have a trace of the aura given out by phoenix flames. But the power and the aura of these flames were sufficient to cause him, who possessed the strongest flames in the world—the Phoenix flames, to feel utter dread. He raised his head to look at the sky and roared in a trembling voice, “Who is it?! Who is it?!”

The flames in the sky had disappeared, and the red light and scorching heat that had obscured the sky had disappeared along with it. But the light was clearly much dimmer than it had been before, as if a storm of dark clouds had replaced the fire which blanketed the sky. At the same time, an extremely heavy and gloomy pressure soundlessly engulfed the entire area. And under this pressure, the raging battlefield immediately became desolate. Not a single person could utter a sound, nor could a single person even breath; even the blood flowing along the ground seemed to stop in its tracks, as if it had been completely and utterly frozen.

In addition, this pressure was not only heavy, it also contained a boundless rage… The rage was so violent that it seemed that it would burst open and explode at any moment.

Everyone unconsciously raised their heads to peer into the distant sky… where a figure stood wreathed in flames. The flames were so thick that they were unable to make anything out of it, resulting in them only being able to see an indistinct silhouette. The aura of rage that hung in the air was too fierce and terrifying, so it caused all who were present to be unable to differentiate whether what was burning on that person’s body was profound flames or flames of pure rage.

Furthermore, not far behind him stood another three figures, but all eyes were on the burning man, so no one took notice of them.

“Who… who is… who is that…” Looking at the burning figure in the skies above, Dongfang Xiu’s pupils dilated, and he could not suppress the shock and fear in his voice. Even though that person had used a strong and unfathomable power to extinguish the flames that were falling on Blue Wind Imperial City and had easily destroyed an invincible elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, he did not seem to be an enemy… but that person’s aura of power and rage was simply far too terrifying… As the Palace Chief of Blue Wind, he had never experienced this degree of dread in his life before… No! He had not even experienced one-tenth of the fear he was experiencing right now.

He had no doubts whatsoever that with such terrifying power, destroying the entire Blue Wind Imperial City… would be as easy and quick as flipping a hand.

Who was this person… and when did such a person exist in the Profound Sky Continent… and why would this person help Blue Wind...

“Uwah… It’s really… really scary…” Number Seven Under Heaven covered half of her eyes while relentlessly burrowing into Xiao Yun’s chest.

“This is indeed horrifying to the point where it cannot be described with mere words.” Number One Under Heaven observed the battlefield where rivers of blood ran and bodies were strewn everywhere. If even his heart palpitated at such a sight, then it was natural that Number Seven would do so as well. They had accompanied Yun Che and used the Primordial Profound Ark to transverse space from New Moon City, and they instantly arrived in this place… He had expected to arrive in the field of battle, but he did not expect to see such a horrific and miserable sight.

“No, it's not that…” Number Seven Under Heaven said as her body curled up, “I am talking ab… I am talking about Big Brother Yun! He seems to be really scary right now…”

“Big Brother…” Xiao Yun cautiously made his way forward, but he was immediately held back by Number One Under Heaven. “Do not approach him!”

Beneath the Golden Crow flames, Yun Che’s body began to steadily tremble … That tempest of rage caused Number One Under Heaven to feel a deep and intense dread.

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