Chapter 653 - I’m Back

Against the Gods

Chapter 653 - I’m Back…

“Who… who are you… Why are you attacking my Divine Phoenix Army…”

Qi Zhencang, the commander-in-chief of the Divine Phoenix Army, had experienced all kinds of grand scenes. Even when they were facing the lords of great nations like Navy Tide and Black Fiend, he would hold his head up high, and his roar would be so loud that it would shake the sky. But the sound that he roared out at this moment carried a tremor that couldn’t be suppressed, especially the last few words, and even he himself could hear the sound of his teeth shivering.

That aura of profound energy was incredibly scary, but what made him in even more afraid was the furious atmosphere that covered the sky and sun. Under this rage, the large battlefield was as if it was covered by a large, black pot… He was sure that even thousands or millions of desperate wolves wouldn’t be able to release such a horrifying aura… and it actually came from a single person!

It was also his appearance that made this large battlefield become as cold and still as the deep netherworld so suddenly.

Yun Che’s anger was boiling crazily, and he could feel that every single cell in his body was on the edge of exploding. He came here in a hurry with longing and joyous emotions, he thought that he could see the people that he had been missing day and night very soon, and reunite with them… But he never thought that what welcomed him would be a homeland violated and riddled with gaping wounds!

This was the second time that Yun Che had completely lost control of his temper in Profound Sky Continent… The first time was back when Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi were kidnapped by the Burning Heaven Clan, and this time, it was even more uncontrollable than before! His rage was mixed with flames and burned violently, and even the world that he saw was covered in a layer of scarlet.

Qi Zhencang’s voice came from afar. The flames on Yun Che’s body shook violently as he suddenly dropped from the sky onto the Divine Phoenix Army.

More than five kilometers of the nearby land shook violently. The flames on Yun Che were accompanied by an extremely forceful profound energy storm and it was released to his surroundings. Countless soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army were rolling on the ground while wailing in fear, and even the mounts of the cavalry screamed out of fear. When each of them stood up from the ground in distress, and looked at the shadow of a person who was falling from the sky, each of their pupils instantly enlarged until it almost exploded…

Because they saw the most terrifying scene in their whole life.

More than five kilometers of the ground collapsed severely, with Yun Che’s foot as the center. Countless cracks on the ground radiated outward, the longest crack spreading until it went as far as one could see, and it was three meters wide. And within the three thousand meters of area around him, the originally densely packed Divine Phoenix Army there all disappeared, even those densely piled corpses all disappeared without a trace… Following, pieces of armor and the remains of the corpses fell from the sky, becoming a true rain of blood!

“You… will… all… die!!”

Countless Divine Phoenix Army soldiers collapsed in extreme shock and horror. More than ten thousand companions couldn’t give them any sense of security. The sound ringing by their ears… it didn’t even seem to be the voice of a human, but the deadly curse of the reaper.

“This is… the power of a Monarch!”

Feng Feiheng said as his voice shivered. He couldn’t understand how a Monarch would appear in the territory of this Blue Wind Nation! His momentum and all of his actions obviously showed that he sided with Blue Wind Nation… The small Blue Wind Nation, the peak of their profound realm was only at Thrones, how was it possible for them to have a Monarch as an ally—in another way, Monarch, this type of aloof existence that looked down on the whole universe, why would an honorable being like him help a small Blue Wind Nation!

“What? Mo… monarch!?” Feng Feiheng’s words made Qi Zhencang and Duan Qinghang lose the color in their faces simultaneously out of fear. Even though the two of them were only Thrones, they knew clearly what the concept of “Monarch” meant! Their Divine Phoenix Nation, Divine Phoenix Sect’s Sect Master Feng Hengkong was also only at the peak of Overlord, and the fifty-six elders were all only mid-late stage Overlords… In the whole Divine Phoenix Sect, only among people like the Grand Sect Masters and Grand Elders, there existed a few limited, more than ten Monarchs, and these people, were the true foundation of Divine Phoenix Sect. They were an existence that surpassed the world. They almost never showed their faces normally, and even when Feng Hengkong met them, he would be very respectful towards them.

Millions of Divine Phoenix Army soldiers were enough to destroy Blue Wind Nation, but when facing a real Monarch, they were not much different from millions of ants.

“Commander Qi, what do we do… If he really is a Monarch…” Duan Qinghang said in a trembling voice. After having spent most of his lifetime on the battlefield, even when he faced enemies that ten times as many forces as his army, he wouldn’t panic at all, but if the person before his eyes was really a Monarch, then it was not something that could be fought with an “army!”

Because when one reached this high realm that could look down upon the sky… the so-called numbers, armaments, disposition of troops, morale, strategies… These all became useless jokes.

“It shouldn’t be like this… Absolutely shouldn’t be like this! How is it possible that a Monarch would aid the small Blue Wind Nation!” Feng Feiheng gnashed his teeth and said, “Let me go to him and…”

Feng Feiheng’s voice suddenly stopped at this moment, because as the flames on Yun Che’s body dispersed and the blood rain that was all over the sky stopped, he saw Yun Che’s face clearly… At that instant, his pupils shrank abruptly, he lost his voice as he yelled, “Yun… Yun Che!!”

Even though Qi Zhencang and Duan Qinghang have heard of Yun Che’s name many times, they had never seen him in person before. But for Feng Feiheng, as the elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, three years ago, he was naturally at the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament… Those who had experienced that Seven Nation Ranking Tournament personally would never forget Yun Che’s face for the rest of their lives.

When Feng Feiheng yelled Yun Che’s name, Cang Yue’s eyes that were watching Yun Che’s back were already dull. Her eyes were trembling and lips were shivering, but no sound came out between her lips. She was stunned while she reached out her arm towards the direction of Yun Che, and her feet tried to move towards him unconsciously, but her vision became more and more blurry, even the strength in her whole body was disappearing completely without a sound, making her body fall down slowly…

“Your majesty!” Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang wanted to hold her up in panic, but a golden shadow suddenly swung, and an incredibly fierce storm overwhelmed them, suddenly rendering them defenseless and knocking them backwards, almost falling on the ground. Cang Yue, who almost fell on the ground, was held in the arms of a man in golden clothing. They focused their eyes and looked at the person who was holding Cang Yue, and then their eyes widened immensely at the same time.

“Yun… Yun Che!?”

“It really is you!?”

Yun Che held Cang Yue in his arms, and the anger that was on the edge of being uncontrollable was surrounded by deep, gentle feeling and satisfaction, and he slowly calmed down. He had his back facing her earlier, but just as she started falling, it was as if there was a voice calling to him from the bottom on his heart, which made him turn around on instinct and rush towards her.

“Yue’er…” He held onto the body that was a lot weaker than it was three years ago. His heart was in extreme pain, and he didn’t know whether he should feel hatred or be glad. He hated that disaster was brought to Blue Wind Nation, and the pressure of the doom of the nation was carried heavily by her for a whole three years. He was glad that he could be back in time at this last moment, and still be able to hold her in his arms.

If he came back slightly later… The consequences, he couldn’t dare to think about it.

Cang Yue’s eyes were unfocused like fog, and she looked at Yun Che who was close to her openly. At this moment, she didn’t have any of the prestige or determination that she had normally; she was so weak that it made people’s hearts ache. Her lips moved slightly, and her voice was as if she was still dreaming, “Hus… band… Is it… really you…”

“It’s me! It’s me!” Yun Che nodded his head as hard as he could, “I’m back…”

“Am… I… dreaming…”

“Of course not!” Yun Che immediately held Cang Yue’s palm against his face to let her feel his body’s temperature, “I am right here. Here in one piece… Look at me closely, this is not a dream. I didn’t die… I didn’t die at all… My Yue’er is still waiting for me to return, how could I die…”

The warmth, body, and scent that she missed and yearned for in her dreams… Cang Yue’s tears flooded out of her eyes… At this moment, the Divine Phoenix, war, destruction of the nation, determination, hatred… nothing was important anymore. The figure of the person who had returned to her side like a dream had completely filled her heart and soul. She caressed Yun Che’s face clingingly; her vision was like a blur, and her voice was as if she were in a pipe dream, “My Junior Brother Yun… My husband didn’t die… That’s great… that’s… great…”

She spoke in a low voice while crying, her arms fell down slowly, and her eyes also slowly closed… Under the large shock to her heart and soul, she peacefully passed out in Yun Che’s arms, only there was still a tear falling silently from the corner of her eye.

Yue Che pressed his palm onto her chest and inserted the energy of heaven and earth into her body. Her inner vitality was incredibly weak; Yun Che could imagine that she probably hadn’t slept for many days and nights.

“Yue’er, rest well… I will take care of the rest.” Yun Che mumbled softly in a low voice. He held Cang Yue, stood up slowly, faced Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang’s fully red faces, bowed slightly and said, “Palace Chief Dongfang, Palace Chief Qin, thank you two for protecting my Yue’er… Thank you for your hard work all this time.”

“This is… part of our job.” When he looked at Yun Che, Dongfang Xiu’s emotions couldn’t be calmed. Three years ago, he was buried on the Primordial Profound Ark, there was no way he could have survived. Blue Wind Nation had lost its prince consort and lost its brightest pearl. But… he lived and came back! And his power increased “earth-shatteringly”!

He didn’t dare to guess Yun Che’s strength now, but killing a Divine Phoenix Sect’s Elder figure within a few breaths, the Yun Che before his eyes… This young man who had once moved the whole Blue Wind Profound Palace, his profound energy plane now was already so strong that he couldn’t even see it.

“It’s good that you’re back, good that you’re back,” Qin Wushang nodded hard, being extremely overwhelmed, he already didn’t know what to say.

Xiao Yun and the others landed from the sky, came behind Yun Che, and Yun Che put Cang Yue who was in his arms into Number Seven Under Heaven’s arms, “Seventh Sister, protect her for me. She is my wife.”

Number Seven Under Heaven nodded seriously, “Big Brother Yun, don’t worry. Unless I die, no one will dare to get near her.”

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded slightly, there was no joy or sadness in his expression, it was so calm that it made people feel fear in their heart. His eyes turned towards Xiao Yun and suddenly said, “Xiao Yun, have you ever killed someone?”

“Ah?” Xiao Yun stunned for a moment, and shook his head, “N… No.”

Yun Che turned around, watching the densely packed Divine Phoenix Army in the north, and anger and murderous intent boiled madly in his eyes once again, “If you want to become a true man, from today on, let your own hands be covered with the enemy’s fresh blood!!”

Once his voice ended, Yun Che’s body had already shot outwards, carrying endless hatred towards the Divine Phoenix Army that had drove the Blue Wind Nation into the depths of despair.

Xiao Yun stood there blankly, not knowing what to do.

“Even though the thing that our elven clan hates the most is killing and war,” Number One Under Heaven said, opening his mouth slowly, “today, if I were you, I will definitely make my whole body covered by these people’s fresh blood… Look closely at this land that was originally calm and peaceful. It is now being stormed over by enemies and soaked with its the blood of its people… This land was riddled with gaping wounds, buried with tens of thousands of people… Facing this kind of enemy that has committed a crime that cannot be forgiven, and who has lost their humanity, tolerance and mercy are not only cheap, but are stupidity!”

“Don’t forget, this is not only Yun Che’s homeland… it is also your homeland!”

Xiao Yun, “!!!!”

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