Chapter 660 - Scared Witless

Against the Gods

Chapter 660 - Scared Witless

All of the contempt that Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi possessed morphed in stone cold fear. They were not idiots; even though the other party’s profound aura was only at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, they were very clear what level of profound strength was required to perform the feat that he had just displayed…

They had never paid any attention to the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament because, to the Sacred Grounds, the Seven Nations were inferior existences. If not for the might of the Phoenix Divine Spirit, they would not even pay any mind to the strongest nation, the Divine Phoenix Empire. So the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was only a place where the strongest amongst the weak went to play. So they knew the name “Yun Che,” not only because he had caused the Divine Phoenix Empire to lose the first time in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, but also because of the anger this name had caused Ye Xinghan after he had returned from the Divine Phoenix Empire.

And at this time, they began to vaguely remember… three years ago, Yun Che had beaten the ten strongest members of the youngest generation of the Divine Phoenix Empire, and his profound level had only been at the Earth Profound Realm. At that time, nearly everyone in Sun Moon Divine Hall expressed their disbelief and even treated it as a joke.

In addition, the ten Divine Phoenix disciples he had defeated were all in the mid-stage of the Emperor Profound Realm… and some of them were even late stage Thrones.

So if that rumor was true… and if the Yun Che at the Earth Profound Realm could defeat late stage Thrones, then the Yun Che who now had the profound power of the Emperor Profound Realm...

The impact that scene had on Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi was simply too great. Their hearts and souls were greatly shaken, completely unable to calm down. Facing this young man who only exuded an aura that was at the third level of the Emperor Profound, their hearts started to beat harder and harder in their chests.

Ye Qingsheng could no longer laugh. The only thing he could do was pray that what happened just now was only a coincidence that could not be duplicated. With that, he grit his teeth and gave a flourish of his hand. “All of you advance together… capture him!!”

As Ye Qingsheng’s command cut through the air, the profound energy of the nine, black-robed Thrones exploded outwards. They gave a low cry and rushed towards Yun Che from multiple directions. The eyes of every single one of them gleamed with viciousness, and they held nothing back. Nine strong profound auras caused ripples to criss-cross through the intervening space… their companion had been killed in an instant by this young man who was weaker than him by half a realm, and perhaps that could be written off as a unique coincidence, but if nine people advanced together, this kind of “coincidence”... could not appear no matter what happened!

Nine Thrones who were at the eighth level and above launched an all-out assault against a level three Throne. Before today, if they had heard of it, they would all definitely feel that such a situation would be extremely funny. But right now, while Yun Che’s profound strength was actually at the Emperor Profound Realm, his true strength had never been comparable to the level of his profound strength. So even though he was also at the Emperor Profound Realm, the strength of someone at the Emperor Profound Realm was to him… something that could only be described as “utterly weak.”

Despite facing the all-out assault of nine Thrones, Yun Che’s feet still remained rooted to the ground, and not a single ripple could be seen in his eyes. He only raised his arm as a blue light flashed in his palm. Following a flourish of his hand, nine ice spirits suddenly shot out… the speed of the ice spirits was extremely fast, and nine blue lines were traced through the air. Those nine Thrones didn’t even register the blue flashes of light before the ice spirits made contact with their chests.

Chink, chink, chink, chink, chink, chink...

The blue lights were as small the lights of fireflies, but the moment those nine Thrones came into contact with them, their entire bodies were bathed in blue light as they morphed into ice statues… They had been completely frozen from the inside out!

There were no wails nor horror. Not even an instance of resistance was displayed. There was only the heavy ring of nine objects solidifying into solid ice… and in the very next instant, nine ice statues fell from midair to smash against the ground.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Once the ice statues came into contact with the ground, they instantly shattered into pieces. Some of them shattered into tiny fragments while others broke into several big chunks. Even the least damaged statue had snapped at the waist as numerous cracks ran through his body. As for those who had flown the highest, their bodies had been shattered into dregs of ice... Moreover, along the floor that was filled with broken fragments, not a single trace of blood could be seen. That was because even their blood had been instantly and completely frozen in that one moment.

“Wha… wha… what?!!” Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi backed up a step simultaneously… the two mighty Overlords’ pupils shrank into pinpricks, and even their legs could be seen to be trembling.

Nine high level Thrones were frozen and sealed in an instant… and the most horrifying fact was that after their frozen bodies had naturally fallen from the air, they actually all shattered on the cold and hard ground as if they were all made of regular ice.

As high level Thrones, they had the profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm protecting their body. Even if they fell to the bottom of an extremely deep ravine, there was no way their bodies would have shattered solely because of that. Additionally, even if they were sealed in ice, their protective profound energy should have still remained… Not only that, even if they had died in that instant, their profound energy should not have immediately and completely dissipated/disappeared.

But the scene that had just unfolded right before their very eyes was so horrifying that they could scarcely believe it… They had begun to suspect whether this was an illusion that simply did not exist in reality… or perhaps they were stuck in a nightmare.

Unless… unless in that instant, not only were their bodies sealed in ice, but even their profound energy was sealed in ice as well.

Furthermore, this level of strength, how could it appear on someone who was only around twenty years old and whose profound energy aura was only at that of the Emperor Profound Realm?!

“Ah…” Behind Yun Che, all the girls of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace cried out in astonishment and unwittingly raised their hands to their lips, and even Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies were completely dumbfounded… the scene they had just witnessed was a million times more shocking than when he had killed that level nine Throne in an instant.

This was a power that they had never seen before, one that even completely exceeded the bounds of their understanding!

To be able to kill a level nine Throne in an instant was something that Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi could do as well. But to simultaneously kill nine late-stage Thrones, even if the both of them cooperated together, it was something they definitely could not do… and when Yun Che made his move, not only were they unable to sense the slightest ripple of profound energy, during the entire process, he had only waved his hand in an extremely casual manner… it was as if he had only used the energy it would take to lift a finger.

Both of them had been rendered completely breathless as the cold sensation in their bodies instantly swelled up tens of times over. But at this point, Yun Che’s gaze fell on their bodies and they felt a thick and fierce killing intent lock in on them. “Now, it’s your turn.”

After being targeted by Yun Che’s killing intent, their bodies suddenly ran cold, as if there was a python twisting around their bodies only to set their venomous fangs against their throat.

A terror they had never felt before spread through their entire bodies. If they were previously unsure of the gap between their power and Yun Che’s, the moment Yun Che’s killing intent locked on to them… that indescribable, bone-piercing cold, caused their very hearts and souls to shiver so severely that they could not control themselves no matter what they did, and that very oppressive pressure also caused their profound strength to curl up and become sluggish. All of these things led them to discover, to their horror, that this young man not only had a profound strength that far surpassed the Emperor Profound Realm, he was also stronger than the two of them, both mid-stage Overlords, by nearly an entire realm as well!

They had only ever experienced such a strong might and pressure in the presences of a Monarch.

The Yun Che in front of them… just a flourish of his hand was enough to instantly kill nine late-stage Thrones… so he definitely had the ability to kill the both of them!”

Ye Qingsheng started to shuffle his feet backwards… That was a movement which indicated that he was prepared to flee at any moment. At this time, he already knew that he could definitely not behave arrogantly, no matter the circumstances. He forced his terror down and did not allow it to show on his face while giving a low shout, “Yun Che! You…. Do you know who we are…”

“I don’t know who the both of you are.” Yun Che’s every word was as heavy as a gigantic boulder smashing against their chests. “But I do know one thing… that the both of you are about to become dead men!”


Before the sound of Yun Che’s voice had finished falling, his figure instantly blurred as his real body appeared in front of Ye Ziyi like a ghost… His speed was way too fast, it was so quick to the point that no one had any time to react at all, and even when he appeared before the two of them, both of these mighty Overlords were still focused on the still-present afterimage that he had left behind.

“Ah!!” The figure that abruptly appeared caused Ye Qingsheng, whose nerves were already tightly wound, to give a strangled cry in shock and fear as he shot backwards like an arrow. However, Yun Che’s hand already had formed a death grip around Ye Ziyi’s throat, and with a simple shrug of his shoulders, he completely lifted him off the ground.

Ye Ziyi’s eyes widened into saucers, and his eyeballs started bulging out as his entire face turned beet red… that hand around his throat was simply too fierce and tight, so much so that he was unable to even utter a groan of pain. Moreover, all of the profound energy in his body was completely suppressed by an extremely tyrannical strength. It completely sealed his every moment and did not even allow him resist even in the slightest. It was as if Yun Che was lifting a rigid corpse into the air.

Ye Qingsheng stumbled backwards in terror as the pretty faces of the women of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace completely went pale… Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi, both of them were incomparably powerful Overlords, and it was also the two of them that forced everyone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace into this desperate situation. To them, they were stronger and more terrifying than demons. They were existences that could not be resisted or defeated, no matter what they did.

Despite that, Yun Che had actually grabbed such a terrifying person by the throat, and that person could only twitch and convulse in that death grip without even being able to fight back… even both of his hands flopped uselessly at his side… he did not even have the strength to lift up both hands!

If he was not being completely suppressed by such an absolute power, how would it be possible for this mighty Overlord to not even be able to muster the slightest bit of resistance.

Ye Ziyi’s pupils slowly dilated, and it seemed like they were going to explode out of his eyes as they were filled with terror, despair, and pleading. But why would Yun Che show even the slightest bit of mercy? With a slight twitch of his fingers, the bones in Ye Ziyi’s throat were reduced to fine powder. Yun Che gave a low shout after that, “My Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had no quarrel or complaint with you, yet you have behaved against us in such an evil and vicious manner… even though you are only lapdogs… even if you died ten thousand times, it would not redeem your sins! Die!!!”

As the word “die” was spoken, a flame flashed in Yun Che’s eyes, and the red-hot Golden Crow flames ignited in his hand. It instantly spread to Ye Ziyi’s body and turned him into a human torch. Ye Ziyi, whose entire body was being baptised in the Golden Crow flames, was in such pain that even his pupils spasmed, and all of his fear and pleading was turned into extreme pain and despair…

The flames in Yun Che’s hands soared into the sky, and after a few breaths, they swiftly fell. Finally, after the flames died out and the last fire petal hit the ground, Ye Ziyi’s body had already completely disappeared… not even ashes remained.

The Frozen End Divine Hall had descended into an absolute silence. While the air had turned scorching hot, Ye Qingsheng’s entire body went cold, and he felt as if he had been plunged into a frozen hell. He could only helplessly look on as Ye Ziyi was, in the span of a few breaths, reduced to ashes by Yun Che without even the slightest opposition… His body went limp the moment he saw Ye Ziyi’s body completely disappear, and as Yun Che’s gaze slowly rotated over to him, he let out a shrill and strangled cry as he scrambled up the wall, attempting to desperately climb to freedom… It was as if he was a defeated dog who had been completely scared out of his mind.

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