Chapter 661 - New Asgard Master

Against the Gods

Chapter 661 - New Palace Master

However, even if Ye Qingsheng’s speed was ten times faster, it would still be impossible for him to escape from Yun Che’s palms. Yun Che stood still, reached out his arm, and an invisible cold air stabbed through the space, instantly shooting out further than three hundred kilometers. The body of Ye Qingsheng, who was desperately escaping, became stiff and fell onto the ground while he was screaming. Following that, his whole body was frozen under a layer of ice that was rapidly getting thicker.

“Keep… keep him alive!” exclaimed Gong Yuxian with a rapid voice.

Even without Gong Yuxian’s reminder, Yun Che wasn’t planning to kill Ye Qingsheng in the first place. He had already confirmed that these people were from the Sun Moon Divine Hall, but he still didn’t know why they would attack the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… especially when these people were obviously under the command of Ye Xinghan himself!

At the very least, he must figure out the reason behind this… especially Ye Xinghan’s goal.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Qingsheng’s whole body was completely sealed with ice, and whether it was his body or profound energy, they were all sealed completely. He laid on the ground without moving. Yun Che opened his palm, and along with a chaotic airflow, Ye Qingsheng’s ice sealed body flew up from the ground, quickly flew backwards until it landed by Yun Che’s foot, and was heavily stamped on by Yun Che’s feet … The moment his feet landed, the ice layer that covered Ye Qingsheng’s whole body shattered in an instant.

Ye Qingsheng wasn’t unconscious. Without the ice layer on his body, his whole body was still shivering from the cold, and his face was covered with bruises, but his profound energy was completely suppressed and locked by a strength that was so strong he couldn’t even resist against it. No matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to use any of it.

Yun Che lifted his eyes and slowly moved his feet away from Ye Qingsheng’s back. Even without Yun Che stepping on him, that overbearing force of suppression still existed. On top of that, his body was completely frozen stiff. Not mentioning standing up, he couldn’t even lift his arms or turn his head. There was only weak, unclear moaning coming from his mouth.


Yun Che kicked Ye Qingsheng into a corner of the Frozen End Divine Hall, didn’t give him another look, and hurried to Gong Yuxian’s front. Because he felt that Gong Yuxian’s breath was getting weaker by the moment, if it kept going on like this, her life would end at any moment.

“Palace Mistress, you asked me to keep him alive, was it to question them where they are from?” Yun Che asked peacefully while facing Gong Yuxian as he started to circulate Great Way of the Buddha and gather the nature’s energy.

Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, Feng Hanxue… and all of the Frozen Cloud disciples looked straight at him with blank looks on their faces. All of their eyes were in a haze as if they were covered with ice mist and in a blur as if they were in a dream… Perhaps, they supposed, up until this very moment, they were still in the most fantastic dream.

A catastrophic calamity. During these six months, they were always in a desperate, hopeless situation… Their enemies included two Overlords and ten late-stage Thrones, and they could not fight against that power no matter what. For six months, they relied on the last breath of the Frozen End Divine Hall. Today, when the villains broke open the Frozen End Divine Hall, every one of them had prepared for death and had already stopped hoping for any miracle to appear… but, Yun Che, who had died three years ago on the Primordial Profound Ark… the only male disciple of their Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace actually came back at the very last moment and appeared before them.

Not only did he miraculously come back alive, his strength had become so strong that it was both completely unbelievable and incomprehensible. Ten strong, high-level Thrones were all killed by him in two short seconds; Overlords that were considered as so strong that they were horrifying and exceeded the existence of legends to Blue Wind Nation could not resist in front of Yun Che at all; they were no different from newborn babes.

The danger that placed them in a desperate situation was solved in the blink of an eye because of Yun Che’s return. The eleven villains who they hated and feared were all dead with their bodies unwhole, and the only one that remained was paralyzed, effectively dead. But none of them cheered in joy because all of this was too unreal. At this moment, they couldn’t believe the Yun Che before their eyes was the Yun Che that they knew.

“Yes…” Gong Yuxian nodded slowly. “Our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… cannot… not know… why we’re suffering from this disaster… cough… cough, cough…”

Gong Yuxian coughed severely, and a trace of black blood fell from the corner of her mouth.

“Mistress!” Murong Qianxue and Jun Lianqie exclaimed, and immediately, they started to transfer their own profound energy into her body in desperation. Yun Che also put his palm onto her chest right away and let the nature’s essence that he had just gathered flow into her lifeline. “Palace Mistress, don’t worry. We will definitely be able to get to the bottom of this… The person behind this, no matter who it is, will have to pay a heavy price for this… Palace Mistress, don’t speak now, close your eyes and calm yourself… There is no danger any longer, you just have to heal your wounds in peace and you will recover very soon!”

“No…” But Gong Yuxian shook her head and said, “There are somethings, that I must… say now…”

Gong Yuxian’s voice was trembling and weak, but at this moment, her eyes were not unfocused anymore. Instead, they were bright and clear; even the weak vitality in her body had suddenly stabilized… But Yun Che didn’t stop worrying at this change; rather, his heart immediately sunk…

This was… a moment of clarity right before death!

Gong Yuxian was using all of the remainder of her life force… in exchange for one last bit of short clarity.

“Palace Mistress, you…”

“Don’t… say anything… Listen to me… listen to me…” Gong Yuxian’s lips were trembling, and her weak voice was filled with deep urgency, causing Yun Che to not dare to interrupt her anymore. “Yun Che… Can you tell me… what realm your strength is at now?”

Everyone’s focus gathered on Yun Che once again. They were all incredibly curious of what realm his strength was at now, but Yun Che knew that Gong Yuxian absolutely did not ask this question out of curiosity. He seriously responded, “My profound strength realm is at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, but if I use all of my strength, I might be able to battle against a Monarch that is under the third level.”

Battle… against a Monarch?

Indescribable shock and looks of disbelief revealed themselves on the Frozen Snow disciple’s beautiful faces as they all gasped uncontrollably. If Yun Che were to use all of his strength, he could battle against a Monarch… That meant, Yun Che’s strength now, was already at the legendary… Sovereign Profound Realm!!

This was the highest realm that could be reached by the profound practitioners not only in Blue Wind Nation, but the entire Profound Sky Continent! It was the peak plane in this world! Once one entered this realm, one would become a true Monarch among humans! A true legend of the profound way.

Gong Yuxian's expression was very calm, but in her eyes, an instant of bright brilliance flashed. She said slowly, “Then do you… still admit… that you are a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace?”

“If Palace Mistress doesn’t expel me, I will always be the disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace,” Yun Che claimed without hesitation. He reached out his palm, and a, ice-blue frost crystal slowly appeared in the center of his palm. “This Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal was personally given to me by Grand Palace Mistress back then, and it is the proof of my identity as the disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Even though I have left Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for three years, this has always been on this disciple and was never left behind.”

Looking at the Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal in Yun Che’s hand, Gong Yuxian’s eyes showed movement. She used all of her strength to slowly nod, and even her voice was accompanied with excitement, “Good… good… good… In a short six years… from no profound strength at all to being able to battle against a Monarch… Only six years… There has never been a case like this before in the Profound Sky Continent… Even though we are also a petty existence… you are still… willing to admit that you are my asgard’s disciple… You are indeed… a man who values relationships… No wonder… Yuechan was willing to abandon the Frozen Cloud for you… Qingyue wasn’t able to stop worrying because of you… Senior Master even broke the thousand year sect rule to let you become the first male disciple…”

Gong Yuxian said these many things in one go, but her face become rosy from pale. Yun Che knew that this wasn’t because her status was improving, but it was because she was another step closer to death. “Qingyue married you… Yuechan left the asgard because of you… I once thought that you were a misfortune to Frozen Cloud… When Senior Master accepted you as a male disciple, I also once couldn’t accept or understand it… But today, I just found out that you are not only not a misfortune to Frozen Cloud, you are the savior given to my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace by the heavens… If it wasn’t for you, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace wouldn’t exist after today… Senior Master was indeed insightful and wise…”

“Mistress, stop talking.” Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue were already so anxious that they were close to crying. “The danger has passed. We will take you to the Frozen Heart Hall immediately… When we get there, you will definitely recover very soon.”

“No…” Gong Yuxian weakly shook her head, and in determination said, “Don’t move me… Finish… finish listening to what I have to say… Yun Che… Since you admit your identity as the disciple of Frozen Cloud, then are you… willing to listen to my, this Palace Mistress’, command?”

“...” Yun Che nodded. He didn’t try to convince Gong Yuxian because he knew that, to someone who was already filled with the will to die, even the strongest medical skills wouldn’t be able help. “I am the disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Naturally, I will listen to the command of the Palace Mistress.”

“Good…” Gong Yuxian’s voice trembled even harder, her tone was suddenly even more solemn and just. “Frozen Cloud’s disciple, Yun Che… kneel down and listen to my command!”

Yun Che was stunned slightly, but facing the current Gong Yuxian, he couldn’t refuse at all. He kneeled down on one knee in seriousness before her, and at this moment, he saw Gong Yuxian’s right palm slowly open. A small, exquisite, diamond-shaped icicle floated in the air above the back of her palm, and it released a strange, fantastic blue light.

Looking at this icicle, the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies were all severely moved, and as they lost their voices, stammered, “That… that is…”

“This icicle is called the ‘Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul,’ it carries all of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s arts, secrets, and precious memories of the past Immortal Palace Mistresses. With this, you can also unlock every restriction in the asgard… and this, is also the proof of identity of my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for the Palace Mistress…” Gong Yuxian reached out, her arms trembling, and placed the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul before Yun Che.

“I will now… give you this ‘Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul’... From now on, you will be my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s… New Palace Master!”

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