Chapter 668 - The Approaching Sun Moon Divine Hall

Against the Gods

Chapter 668 - The Approaching Sun Moon Divine Hall

“Hmph, you really are naive!” Jasmine scoffed, “The most distinctive characteristic of the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins is its growth. But the distinctive feature of the power of the Heretic God and the Rage God is Berserk and Sacred Body! Even though it’s only at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm now, but under the berserk profound energy, it can contend with an early stage monarch! Under the power of Rage God, your body will be so tough, it could also be compared to a Monarch’s! As you are now, it is indeed impossible for you to match up against Xia Yuanba, but if you are in the same realm as him, it would be impossible for even ten of him to match you!”

“But…” Jasmine’s voice lowered, “Even so, the degree of his growth was so great that it is indeed quite unusual. I have said before, once the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins awakens, the profound energy will immediately increase to the Emperor Profound or even the Tyrant Profound Realm, but this is at the status of the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins being fully awakened. Three years ago, his Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins was only at the early stage of awakening, but he has already managed to become an Overlord. Now, his Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins still haven’t fully awakened, but he is already a Monarch… At this plane, with such short amount of time, is impossible to reach this amount of growth through simple cultivation. The only possibility is that it came from the strength that had already been sleeping within the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins! But, in normal Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, it is impossible to have innate strength this strong to be sleeping within, much less at this lower level plane… Then, there is only one possibility…”

“What do you mean?” Yun Che continued to ask.

“That is… his birth father or birth mother is an extremely strong person, so in the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, besides the power of War God, it also carries a powerful innate gift and strength from the birth father or birth mother. Or else, it is impossible for him to grow at such speed with the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins still not completely awake,” Jasmine said with complete certainty.

“But, Yuanba’s father was a merchant his whole life, almost not cultivating any profound strength at all, and Yuanba’s mother… passed away when he was very young,” said Yun Che as he locked his eyebrows.

“Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue, one of them has an extremely strong Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, and the other has the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ and the ‘Heart of Snow Glazed Glass.’ If their parents are just normal people… that is simply the biggest joke!” Jasmine scoffed, “I have actually seen their father. That person named Xia Hongyi is indeed a normal person. But for their birth mother, not only is it impossible for her to have been a normal person… she must be so strong and in such a realm that you cannot even comprehend as you are now!”

Yun Che, “...”

Nightfall, the Moon Embracing Palace was brightly lit.

Blue Wind Imperial City was very quiet, and the dark clouds covered the light from the moon which made the entire capital so dark that it could almost suffocate people. Yun Che, Cang Yue, Xia Yuanba, and the others were talking to each other about the encounters during these three years. Reuniting after being separated for so long should have been full of joy, but with their homeland being stomped over, becoming a scene of devastation wherever it meets the eye and with half of their homeland being taken over by the Divine Phoenix Empire, the atmosphere throughout was somewhat depressing.

“Yue’er, you should rest soon. Don’t worry. With me here, our imperial city will definitely be alright,” worried Yun Che with dear concern as held Cang Yue’s small hands.

But Cang Yue smiled, shook her head, and said, “Husband, after you left to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, I sent a sound transmission to Grandfather and Lingxi and told them you are back… Lingxi responded with a sound transmission with a heavy tearful tone… They must be almost wearing out their eyes waiting in Floating Cloud City. Even though it is midnight now, they must still be awake. You should go there soon and reunite with them. Here in the capital, we have Yuanba, so there is nothing to be worried about.”

Yun Che unconsciously turned his head to look in the east and sighed softly, but then shook his head slightly. “ Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is in imminent danger now, and there is a possibility that it will affect here as well. I should finish dealing with the situation with Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace before returning to Floating Cloud City in case they start worrying again right after we reunite.”

“What happened with Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? How is the situation now?” Cang Yue asked worriedly.

Yun Che was silent for a bit, and then, he briefly summarized Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s encounters for the past six months and its current situation.

“What? Sun Moon Divine Hall!?” Xia Yuanba roared deeply and stood up all of a sudden in response. “Sun Moon Divine Hall again! Why did they attack my Big Sister… that Ye Xinghan…” The murderous intent in Xia Yuanba’s whole body boiled. “He almost killed brother-in-law three years ago, and now he actually attacked my big sister …”

Yun Che said calmly, “Ye Xinghan has an arrogant, conceited, sinister, and even somewhat extreme personality, but at the same time, he is definitely not a foolish person. After he finds out that I am still alive, have ruined his plan once again, and even killed his people, the most likely thing he will do is to put me to death in the shortest amount of time, allowing me no chance to escape or run away. There is even a possibility… that he will come himself this time.”

“Just how I like it!!” Xia Yuanba held both his fists tight. “Watch me smash his brain into mush with a single punch!”

Yun Che shook his head. “Yuanba, don’t be impulsive. My current level of strength has already been exposed to Ye Xinghan. If he wants to completely put me to death, the people that he brings will absolutely not be someone we can handle with just the two of us… In addition, you are representing Absolute Monarch Sanctuary now. If you show up, it could develop into a conflict between Sun Moon Divine Hall and Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. It will gain the attention of both sides and even all of the Sacred Grounds’ attention. To Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, not only is this not beneficial at all, it will, on the contrary, be an extremely horrible disaster.”

“Ah? Why?” Xia Yuanba asked in confusion, “I can protect Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace as the representative of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Then, there shouldn’t be anyone who will dare to bully Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, right? How is it a disaster?”

Yun Che shook his head, lowered his eyebrows, and explained, “The reason the Sun Moon Divine Hall attacked Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was because of one of Qingyue’s secrets, and at this moment, only Ye Xinghan and one person from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region knows about this secret. If this matter alerts the Four Great Sacred Grounds, then there will be a possibility for this secret to be known by more and more people… By then, Ye Xinghan wouldn’t be the only one with his eyes on Qingyue. Instead, it will be all of Sacred Grounds and even more powerful forces. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would also be involved completely in this flood.”

Yun Che’s words had already shocked Xia Yuanba’s heart, and his brain quickly cooled down. He didn’t ask Yun Che what his Big Sister’s “secret” was, because he already realized. This “secret,” the less people who know about it, the better, including himself. If he really protected Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… then the situation would indeed escalate and include more and more parties—— He himself clearly knew that he was no longer a normal disciple of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.

"Then what should we do now… Where is Big Sister now? Is she in danger?” Xia Yuanba asked anxiously.

The profound escape formation at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is a random dimensional formation. No one knows where she was teleported to. We were not able to contact her even with the One Hundred Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Talisman, so she have been transported to somewhere very far away. But…” Yun Che smiled lightly and comforted, “Yuanba, you don’t have to be too worried. Six months ago, Qingyue was already half step into the Tyrant Profound Realm. Even in the whole continent, there are not a lot of people who could bully her. In addition, since she is that smart, you can rest assured that nothing will happen. Maybe she will come back after she finds out Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is safe and sound.”

Even though Yun Che was also concerned with where exactly Xia Qingyue went, he wasn’t too worried about her safeness in his unconscious mind. Her strength, gifts, and intelligence were just an extremely small portion of the reason why he wasn’t too concerned, but the main reason was that, besides her “Nine Profound Exquisite Body,” she also possessed the “Heart of Snow Glazed Glass” which, Jasmine had mentioned, shouldn’t have existed in this plane, and Jasmine had said that the people who possess the “Heart of Snow Glazed Glass” would be favored by the heavens… Even though he didn’t really understand the concept of being “favored by the heavens,” at the very least, she wouldn’t encounter bad luck, right?

“Mm… yeah!” Big Sister is that strong, she will definitely be safe.” Xia Yuanba strongly nodded his head, and then, he thought of something and took out a golden, strangely-shaped Sound Transmission Jade. He didn’t use a Sound Transmission Talisman; instead, he input his profound energy within, and the Sound Transmission Jade started flashing in a golden light. Xia Yuanba spoke into the Sound Transmission Jade and said, “Master, disciple is now in Blue Wind Imperial City. Can Master help investigate and see if there are any special movements from Sun Moon Divine Hall… Especially the movement of high level sacred arks.”

Number One Under Heaven and Number Seven Under Heaven listened quietly to their entire conversation and didn’t interrupt at all. Even though they were not from Profound Sky Continent, they knew the name Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Sun Moon Divine Hall better than most people of the Profound Sky Continent. Because those were the villains who once invaded their Illusory Demon Realm and were one of the culprits that caused Demon Emperor’s death which put the Illusory Demon Realm into a hundred years of chaos.

Originally, the reason they followed Yun Che to Profound Sky Continent was to accompany Xiao Yun to reunite with his relatives, but they didn’t imagine that they would directly and indirectly come into contact with the two terrifying existences of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Sun Moon Divine Hall in this nation which only had Emperor Profound as their highest realm.

The expression in Number One Under Heaven’s eyes was really complicated. He came to Profound Sky Continent to protect Number Seven Under Heaven, and he thought that he was too cautious and worried too much… But now, it was only the first day, and his mind was already unable to settle down.

Before Xia Yuanba could put away his Sound Transmission Jade, it suddenly shined again. He immediately picked it up and the soul voice of Spiritual Master Ancient Blue was immediately sent into his mind, causing his expression to subsequently change.

“What did your Master say?” immediately asked as Yun Che’s eyebrows moved. The reason Xia Yuanba’s master would give him a response so quickly was obviously because he had noticed something strange from Sun Moon Divine Hall already.

Xia Yuanba lifted his head and said in a deep voice, “Master said, the Sun Moon Sacred Ark had already flon out from Sun Moon Divine Hall four hours ago. It was moving extremely quickly, and the direction it was flying in, was where Blue Wind Nation is!”

“Sun Moon Sacred Ark!?” Yun Che’s eyebrows locked. According to Ye Qingsheng’s memory, the Sun Moon Sacred Ark is the best profound ark of Sun Moon Divine Hall. Even though it could not be compared with the Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark that Xia Yuanba used this time, the speed of it definitely surpassed common folk’s knowledge, and it also has very strong offensive capabilities.

“I heard Master mentioned that the Sun Moon Sacred Ark of Sun Moon Divine Hall can only be controlled by the Heavenly Monarch, Ye Meixie, and his son, Ye Xinghan. And Master said that Ye Meixie was still currently in Supreme Ocean Palace… that means Ye Xinghan must be in the Sun Moon Sacred Ark!” angrily exclaimed Xia Yuanba as he grit his teeth. During the secluded cultivation in the past three years, the reason his powers awakened and increased so fast was because of his desire to take revenge. The person he wanted to take revenge on was naturally Ye Xinghan. Even though he now saw that Yun Che was safe and sound, his hatred towards Ye Xinghan still only increased instead of decreasing because of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s calamity… If Ye Xinghan appeared before him now, even with Yun Che’s reminder earlier, he would definitely punch him in the head with all of his strength——Even if he was the Young Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, the only son of the Heavenly Monarch!

With the speed of the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, they will arrive in about eight more hours… at most nine hours! Brother-in-law, what should we do now?” Xia Yuanba was already unsettled and couldn’t sit still. He tightly clenched his fists, and the profound energy in his entire body was moving uncontrollably… Even though his profound strength was already so strong that it bordered upon terrifying, his almost instinctive trust and reliance on Yun Che had still not changed in the slightest.

Big Brother Yun, let’s send the people from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace away immediately with the profound ark. With Big Brother Yun’s profound ark, none of them would be hurt,” Number Seven Under Heaven shouted.

“No!” Yun Che said in a deep voice, “This time, Ye Xinghan even used the strongest profound ark of Sun Moon Divine Hall to rush here as fast as possible. He must want to kill me at all costs. If he was left empty-handed at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, destroying the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would still be secondary. He will instead definitely target Blue Wind Imperial City immediately to force me to appear… If he had investigated me during these three years, he might even turn to Floating Cloud City! After all, my identity is the prince consort of the Blue Wind Imperial Family, and Floating Cloud City was my birthplace.”

“But, that is Sun Moon Divine Hall! Dad said that no matter which one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds it is, they are all stronger than any of the Guardian Families! It is impossible for us to fight against them with just us alone,” Number Seven Under Heaven said in panic.

“Old Seven is right.” Number One Under Heaven also said in a serious manner, “Brother Yun, you have that profound ark that can travel through space, so even if Sun Moon Divine Hall arrive, you can bring anyone you want to protect away safely. As for the other things… no matter what it is, nothing is more important than staying alive.”

Yun Che’s eyes turned slightly. Compared to other people’s nervous and slight panic, Yun Che’s expression was a lot calmer. “If we really reach that step, I will naturally take everyone and escape… but that will only happen if we have no other choice remaining.”

Beneath his feet was the last glory that Cang Yue used everything to protect under the disaster of Blue Wind Nation. How could he let this imperial city not be destroyed by the hands of Divine Phoenix, but be destroyed in the hands of Ye Xinghan because of him.

“Brother Yun, did you come up with some method? But the other side is Sun Moon Divine Hall, and their Young Master is coming in person, and you also said that the other party roughly knows the current level of your strength…” said Number One Under Heaven while frowning. He absolutely did not question Yun Che’s ability… because back then, even Duke Huai failed miserably before him. But now under the current situation, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with a way to counter it.

Unless he returned to Illusory Demon Realm and brought the Little Demon Empress over… then no matter how many powerful practitioners came from Sun Moon Divine Hall, they would all be fodder.

“Basically… but I am not very certain, so we can only gamble on it.” Without waiting for them to ask, Yun Che stood up and said, “Yuanba, you stay here and protect the Imperial City. If the Divine Phoenix Empire dares to come again, kill them all! Brother Under Heaven, Seventh Sister, you two stay here and protect Yue’er… Xiao Yun, you come with me to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, right now.”

“Ah?” Xiao Yun’s expression was stunned as he doubtfully pointed to himself. “Me?”

“Ah!?” Number Seven Under Heaven rushed over and used half of her body to block Xiao Yun while saying with a panicked expression, “Wh… why are you taking Brother Yun with you? Sun Moon Divine Hall is so dangerous, what if Brother Yun… what if…”

“Don’t worry, did you forget about my profound ark? He is more safe with me than with you guys.” Yun Che reached out, brushed Number Seven Under Heaven’s shoulders, and pulled Xiao Yun over. “I promise you that when you see him again, not a single hair on his head will be missing, or else, you can punish me however you like.”

“Seventh Sister, you don’t have to worry. With Big Brother here, I will definitely be safe,” Xiao Yun also immediately comforted.

Number Seven Under Heaven's face blushed slightly because of the unconscious reaction just now. She immediately swung her arm and said, “Alright, alright. Brother Yun and I are not those cowardly people… But you promised me, he can’t even be missing a single hair!”

“Brother Yun, what are you going to do exactly?” Number One Under Heaven couldn’t help but to ask in curiosity.

“To put it simply, we are going to scare them back.” Yun Che smiled slightly, and his eyes shined slightly with a strange light. “The best way is to scare them so hard that they wouldn’t dare to bother us in the future.”

“Scare them back?” Number One Under Heaven was stunned, and everyone else was stunned too. If it was to frighten… with Yun Che’s strength now, it was enough to frighten a normal profound practitioner completely. But they were facing Sun Moon Divine Hall, the highest level of existence in the Profound Sky Continent, how could Yun Che scare them… or it could even be said that in the whole Profound Sky Continent, there was almost nothing that could be enough to scare them thoroughly enough.

Yun Che didn’t explain, simply calmly saying, “I don’t know if it will work, but if it works, at least they wouldn’t bother us for a short period of time. But if it fails… we can only escape.”

“Xiao Yun, let’s go.”

“Ah… yes!”

“Yue’er, don’t worry. Even though there is a possibility that it will fail, if I want to escape, there is really not a lot of people who can hold me back in this world. No matter what, I will not get into an accident again like three years ago. Before noon tomorrow, I will return safely for sure,” said Yun Che as he took Xiao Yun’s arms while looking into Cang Yue’s eyes. Then, he turned around and flew out of the main hall with Xiao Yun.

“Husband…” As his back figure disappeared from her line of sight, Cang Yue unconsciously stepped forward, looked at the night sky outside, and her eyes became blurry. This man she loved and married, his life seems to always be accompanied with troubles that others could not understand. This was the first day they had reunited after being separated by life and death… but he had to leave in a hurry, to use his own strength to face one of the highest existences in the Profound Sky Continent…

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