Chapter 669 - Four Great Elders

Against the Gods

Chapter 669 - Four Great Elders

When a profound practitioner increased his profound strength, his speed would naturally increase as well. Especially for someone within the Sky Profound Realm who could utilize the Profound Floating Technique, he would be able to fly at an extremely frightening speed. However, it still could not be compared to the speed of a profound ark. When one had attained an even higher profound realm such as the Tyrant or Sovereign Profound Realm, although their speed could surpass a vast majority of profound ark, it still would not the match the speed of some of the higher quality profound arks.

Like Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark or Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Sun Moon Sacred Ark.

However, when a profound ark was being operated, it would consume a large amount of high quality jades. The higher the quality of the profound ark, the faster it could fly. Accordingly, the quality of the jades required would be higher, and the consumption rate would also be faster. Therefore, even at the level of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, they would not employ high quality profound arks haphazardly unless they had an emergency.

At this time, several thousand meters in the air, the Sun Moon Sacred Ark was flying at breakneck speed. The ark was several hundred meters long, and its entire body was silver. On the left side of the ark, there were the imprints of a scorching sun, and on the right side, there was a crescent moon. The speed at which it was flying was far above any human’s comprehension, and the profound practitioners on the ground could only hear the piercing noise of air being ripped apart. When they had looked up, they could not even see the silhouette of the ark. All that they could see were pieces of clouds and empty space left behind when the ark had flown past.

Inside the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, Ye Xinghan’s face was still just like water, and his eyes were cold. At this point in time, his mind had already coldly sobered. He knew that his impulsive activation of the Sun Moon Sacred Ark due to Yun Che would cause him to be punished by his father, but he did not regret this impulsive action.

Aside from Ye Xinghan, there were nineteen other people aboard the Sun Moon Sacred Ark. Fifteen within them were Ye Xinghan’s personal protectorates. All of their profound strengths were in the Tyrant Profound Realm, with the strongest one at the ninth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm. As for the other four… they were each separated by Ye Xinghan’s side. Each of their faces showed not anger, but prestige. The aura they emitted was as heavy as a tall mountain. Not only were the profound strengths of those fifteen Overlords overbearing, as Ye Xinghan’s protectorates, they all held a high position in Sun Moon Divine Hall. However, when they looked at the four individuals, their eyes were all filled with deep reverence.

Because these four, were elders from Sun Moon Divine Hall!!

And to become an elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall, one requirement had to be met, which was to reach the realm of Monarchs!

Moreover, these four were not only elders from Sun Moon Divine Hall but were also ranked in the top twenty. One among them was even ranked in the top ten. They were respectively, Eleventh Elder Ye Juanyun, Fifteenth Elder Ye Shi, Seventeenth Elder Ye Shuran, and the one whose profound strength was close to a late stage Monarch, Ninth Elder Ye Guying, was already at the seventh level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

"Just a mere Yun Che actually drove Young Master to fly into rage. Isn't the young master overestimating him?" indifferently commented Fifteenth Elder Ye Shi after seeing that Ye Xinghan was calming down from his anger. It wasn’t that he had not heard of the name “Yun Che.” After all, single-handedly overturning ten great geniuses from Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation had caused a great commotion three years ago. It was hard to not know of that matter… However, they had only heard of it and nothing more because Yun Che did not qualify to hold their interest due to the difference in levels. As for hearing that Yun Che had foiled Ye Xinghan on the Primordial Profound Ark and then died on it, they had only just laughed it off… because anyone who dared to offend their Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Master, even if he did not die in the Primordial Profound Ark, after coming out of it, he would die an even more miserable death.

After suddenly finding out that Yun Che was actually alive and had even killed two of his protectorates, Ye Xinghan was thoroughly enraged. He wanted to kill him immediately and didn’t hesitate to activate the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, and bring fifteen protectorates He even brought four of their elders! This was like bringing a knife that could butcher cows to kill chickens!

"Ye Shi is right." Ye Shuran slightly nodded his head and said, "Even though that Yun Che has impressive talent, what status does Young Master have? How is he even worthy of such treatment from the young master? If Young Master wants him dead, why does he need to activate the Sacred Sun Moon Ark and come in person? Only I am needed to kill him without a proper burial."

Ye Xinghan’s face was cold and dark as he quietly exclaimed, "Yun Che… has to die!!"

Ye Guying raised his head slightly, then said, "Young Master, this old one thinks that we should be a bit more cautious in going to Blue Wind to kill Yun Che at this time.”

"Why does Ninth Elder say that? With the four of us here, even if there are thousands Yun Ches, he would still die a certain death. That Yun Che was able to kill those two pieces of trash, Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi, is indeed unexpected, but how could he triumph over the four of us?" Ye Guying’s statement caused the faces of both Ye Shi and Ye Shuran to reveal puzzlement. As the Ninth Elder, Ye Guying’s profound strength cultivation had reached great heights. The position he held in Sun Moon Divine Hall was high, and although he was also an elder, while Ye Guying could call Ye Shi and Ye Shuran by name, Ye Shi and Ye Shuran still had to be slightly respectful and refer to him as Ninth Elder.

"No, we still have to be careful, not against Yun Che, but the one that is supporting him from the shadows, or to speak more precisely—his master!" Ye Guying solemnly replied, "Although Young Master is impulsive in his rage, he is not stupid. I believe that he had considered and thought it over before bringing us four along with him.”

"I also have to agree with what Ninth Elder had said," Eleventh Elder Ye Juanyun spoke. "It is said that Yun Che’s profound veins were crippled when he was young and were miraculously healed later on. Three years ago, when he swept the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, it had been said that he had not even been cultivating in the profound for four years! And now that such a short three years have passed, his profound strength has reached the realm where he could kill Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi in but an instant! This level of power could be described as being exaggerated to the extreme. Even if it’s our Four Great Sacred Grounds exhausting all our resources, it is still impossible for us to nurture a person to reach such a terrifying realm in such a short amount of time! It is truly hard to imagine what kind of expert could actually produce such a disciple!”

"Three years ago, there were rumors that there was a very strong and mysterious master behind him, but no one had ever seen his master." Yue Guying indifferently continued, "That year, he faced the entire Divine Phoenix Sect in Divine Phoenix City alone without fear. At that time, he was not even twenty years of age, so it was impossible for him to be that calm and bold back then. It must be that he had something to rely on. That might be sufficient to explain that the master behind him was so strong that it allowed him to not fear the Divine Phoenix Sect. At that time, Divine Phoenix Sect should have thought about this many times, which was why they decided to announce that they had "reconciled" with Yun Che during the Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, yet allowed Feng Feiyan to kill him on the Primordial Profound Ark.

"What I concerns me the most is that how he actually fled out of the Primordial Profound Ark alive." Ye Guying continued, "Our Four Great Sacred Grounds also had a few predecessors that have stayed on the Primordial Profound Ark, but the outcome was that not a bag of bones was found! Yet Yun Che actually came out alive..."

"That’s really easy to explain." Ye Shi smiled and said, "Young Master had said before that three years ago, in the Primordial Profound Ark, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary Xia Yuanba, who possessed the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, exited the Primordial Profound Ark before it was about to close. Divine Phoenix Sect’s Princess Snow was initially sealed for death in a fortress alone with Yun Che by our Young Master, but that Princess Snow actually safely made it out… The reason that they could actually exit was with the help of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s spatial bracelet which was specially manufactured at great expense to prevent accidents in the Primordial Profound Ark. Xia Yuanba and Princess Snow had both escaped with the help of the spatial bracelet, so Yun Che naturally had as well! He obviously never got taken away by the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago and had escaped with the help of the spatial bracelet. Only, when he thought about him having offended the young master, he knew that leaving the Primordial Profound Ark could only result in death. Divine Phoenix Sect would also not let him off, so he quickly went into hiding after leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, resulting in the false image that he had been taken away by the Primordial Profound Ark which led everyone to think that he was already dead. In this way, he would not be hunted down by our Sun Moon Divine Hall and Divine Phoenix Sect. From then on, he was living in hiding… which was only exposed now."

"Yes." Ye Shuran nodded in approval, "This is the only explanation. That Yun Che is so cunning and could actually fool our Sun Moon Divine Hall and Divine Phoenix Sect for an entire three years… It’s no wonder why young master would be so furious!"

Yue Guying slightly moved his brows together, and then slowly nodded, "This is indeed the best explanation. But, I still have another point of concern… Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi both had the soul imprint that Young Master personally planted in their bodies. Both Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi’s soul crystals had shattered, which proves that both of them are dead. However, Young Master had only received Ye Ziyi’s death imprint. This could only mean that Ye Qingsheng soul imprint had been erased before his death! For someone who could erase a soul imprint, how could he not have detected the imprint! But he still directly killed Ye Ziyi, and it seems like he deliberately killed Ye Ziyi so that he could pass the death imprint to the young master..."

"Hahahaha," Ye Shuran suddenly laughed. "Ninth Elder has always been calm and wise, thinking things through carefully which is a quality many admire. But this time, you have worried too much. Although there is a strong master behind Yun Che, no matter how strong his master is, how could his master be stronger than Ninth Elder? Our Sun Moon Divine Hall has existed in the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, who does it actually fear? Being ‘noticed’ by our young master should be little Yun Che’s greatest glory. Even if his talent and strength were to be multiplied by ten, in the face of our Sun Moon Divine Hall, he is just a grasshopper that we can step on at anytime! If he is actually as Ninth Elder had said… how could he, just to live, actually make the effort three years ago to create the false image of being ‘dead’?"

"What Shuran has said also make sense." Having heard that, Ye Juanyun nodded, "Every time those who have been implanted with a soul imprint breaks through, there is always the chance that the battering of profound energy would erase it. Ye Qingsheng’s soul imprint might have disappeared a long time ago without anyone knowing, and that happening is also very normal."

"Heheh," Ye Guying let out a laugh. “Perhaps I really am thinking too much into it."

"Ninth Elder always thinks carefully and has never underestimated anyone. It is precisely why he is extremely valued by the Heavenly Monarch." Ye Shi smiled and said, "This is also the reason why I have always admired Ninth Elder… Oh? It seems like we are approaching the border of Blue Wind Nation. I wonder if Yun Che is already aware of us and has already covered his face to scamper off like a rat."

At the very north of Blue Wind Nation, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

It was now very late at night, but the skies of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice were an ashen white reflected by the boundless snow and ice. Upon arriving at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Yun Che and Xiao Yun did not exit the Primordial Profound Ark. He estimated how long it would take Sun Moon Divine Hall to arrive and took out two identical sets of outer clothing, belts, and shoes from the Sky Poison Pearl. "Xiao Yun, quick, change into these clothes!”

Xiao Yun and Yun Che’s body shapes were extremely similar, so Yun Che clothes naturally fit well on Xiao Yun’s body.

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