Chapter 71 – The Battle That Shook the City (8)

Against the Gods

Chapter 71 – The Battle That Shook the City (8)

Over ten breaths of time had passed since Yun Che issued the challenge, but no one from the seven sects gave a response; it was incomparably embarrassing. Yun Che’s gaze gradually became more mocking. At this moment, a youngster from the Burning Heaven Clan’s Outer Sect was unable to hold back, and stood up, but was then pulled back by the person next to him, who whispered: “What are you doing? There’s not much difference in strength between you and Feng Guangyi. Are you trying to lose face for our Heaven Burning Clan?”

“Damn, that kid is too arrogant!” The youngster clenched his teeth: “If young clan master Zi Luan was here right now, he’d beat him to the point that even his own mother wouldn’t recognize him.”

The Zi Luan he was talking about was their Heaven Burning Clan Outer Sect Master’s son, a genius of the younger generation. Even though he cannot be compared to Xiao Luocheng, at the age of sixteen, he was already seventh level of the Nascent Profound Realm, and was a step away from the eighth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. Amongst the younger generation within New Moon City, he was second only to Xiao Luocheng.

At this moment, a resolute looking youngster from the Iron Spear Clan slowly walked out. He was about the same age as Yun Che, yet he did not give off a bit of immaturity, and instead possessed a composure that was inconsistent with his age. He stood in front of Yun Che, slightly nodded and calmly stated: “Iron Spear Clan’s Tie Hengjun, seventeen years old this year. I’m not eligible to challenge you. But watching you defeat one foe after another with such a haughty and regal demeanor, there’s admiration in my heart; therefore, I’d like to exchange pointers with you……It’s just because I admire you, there are no other intentions. If you feel I am too old and is not eligible to spar with you, you can refuse and I will definitely not pursue any further.”

“Whoa! That’s the Iron Spear Clan’s young clan master! It’s actually him that has stepped up this time!”

“I heard three months ago he was already at the fourth rank of Nascent Profound Realm! Also, his ability with the spear had already reached perfection! It wouldn’t be difficult at all for him to defeat someone who’s one or two ranks higher.”

Once Tie Hengjun stepped out, apart from Yun Che, there was not a single disciple or elder present who did not recognize him. As the Iron Spear Clan’s young clan master, his reputation, influence, or even his position in New Moon City was not inferior to the Governor’s. And there was no need to doubt his strength either; a seventeen years old at the fourth level of the Nascent Profound Realm was considered top-tier in the seven major sects. Although not considered the finest, Iron Spear Clan’s emphasis was not in Profound Strength, but in the study of the spear! Their Profound Strength may be ranked lowest amongst the seven major sects, but with their combined True Strength, they ranked in the middle.

“For Tie Hengjun to actually come out; it should be a piece of cake for him to defeat Yun Che. But he’s already seventeen years old, so his victory would be natural and expected. This doesn’t vent my anger at all.” A disciple of Profound Heart Sect stated.

“It really is a bit unfair. Although if he ends up cutting off his arms and legs or what not, hehe, that’s not bad either. I really can’t stand that Yun Che’s arrogant face any longer.” Another person said with hatred.

People from New Moon Profound Palace also thought that maybe Tie Hengjun was only using this “exchange of pointers” as an excuse to injure Yun Che, so he would be unable to continue challenging others. After all, with his strength of being the Iron Spear Clan’s young clan master and a fourth ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm, he could certainly accomplish this. At this moment, a few New Moon Profound Palace seventeen years old disciples tensely grasped both hands, eager to use the age range as an excuse to go up and defeat Tie Hengjun; but after remembering who Tie Hengjun was, and his strength, in the end, none of these seventeen years old disciples dared to step up.

From Tie Hengjun’s face and eyes, Yun Che could see his eagerness and sincerity, and no other ulterior motives. His heart was slightly startled as he realized not all the disciples of the seven major sects were arrogant trash. This Tie Hengjun was young in years, but was already this steadfast, his entire body had a seldomly seen air of righteousness. he was also proud, but his proudness was an unyielding character a man should have, and was not a wild arrogance.

Yun Che’s earlier performance made admiration surface in his heart; at the same time, it made his heart itch, and he genuinely wanted to exchange pointers with Yun Che.

At once, Yun Che smiled slightly and said: “Brother Tie, what are you saying, you’re the young master of Iron Spear Clan. For you to challenge this nobody in front of all these people, you’re already thinking too highly of me. I would be extremely honored to have a match with Brother Tie. So, let us begin.”

With that, Yun Che took half a step back and raised his right arm.

Tie Hengjun stared blankly. Never would he have expected that Yun Che, who was clearly arrogant without bounds until now, would actually treat him in this way. His heart immediately warmed as he also revealed a slight smile on his face: “Since it’s like this, Younger Brother Yun and I shall have a proper exchange of pointers! Younger Brother Yun, you’ve already fought three consecutive rounds, so it’s inevitable that your Profound Energy has been spent to an extent; although winning or losing doesn’t matter in an exchange of pointers, if we were to start right away, it wouldn’t be fair for you. How about……”

“No need.” Yun Che shook his head and smiled: “I am grateful for Brother Tie’s consideration, but you can be at ease. Even though I fought in three consecutive rounds, all three were finished in the blink of an eye, I had barely used up any of my Profound Energy; therefore, there’s no need for me to rest. For my spar with Brother Tie, I will naturally have to give it my best.”

Tie Hengjun did not persist and nodded as he reached out to touch his spatial ring. A silver spear as long as his height appeared in his hand; he pointed it downward at an angle: “This spear is called ‘Piercing Cloud’, a True Profound Tool and a heirloom. I consider this precious spear as a part of my own life and it has never left my side. I’ll be using Piercing Cloud for this exchange with Younger Brother Yun. Younger Brother Yun, show your weapon.”

Yun Che slightly shook his head: “There’s no need, I’ll be using my hands to spar with Brother Tie.”

Tie Hengjun was taken aback for a moment, then nodded: “As expected, Younger Brother Yun is haughty. Since it’s this way…”

“Don’t misunderstand, Brother Tie.” Yun Che immediately said: “It’s not that I don’t think Brother Tie isn’t worthy of me using a weapon, but rather that I’ve never used weapons before; the only weapons I’ve ever used are my hands. If I were to use one now, it would just bind me and I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

Yun Che’s heart had always believed in this: If someone showed him a bit of respect, he would return the respect ten fold. If someone wronged him by an inch, he would pay it back with a smack of a stick. If someone wrongs him dearly, he will immediately torture them to death; this was Yun Che’s nature. Tie Hengjun was genuinely respectful towards him, so it was only natural for him to show Tie Hengjun courtesy and due respect.

Tie Hengjun seriously looked at Yun Che, then let out a hearty laugh: “Hahahaha, great! So Younger Brother Yun Che isn’t one of those arrogant and haughty people after all. Looks like I’ll get to enjoy this exchange to my heart’s content. Then, Younger Brother Yun should take care, my Piercing Cloud spear has never lost to one who’s younger than me!”

“Brother Tie will also need to take care!” Yun Che slowly extended his hand, and Heretic God Arts First Realm —— Heretic Soul, immediately opened! Facing Tie Hengjun, who was far better than Feng Guangyi and Yan Ming, it was necessary for him to sustain this state of “Heretic Soul” or he would definitely not have a chance at defeating him. At the same time, this was a kind of respect for Tie Hengjun .

“In that case, receive this spear!!”

Tie Hengjun roared as his entire body released profound energy, Piercing Cloud fiercely shot out towards Yun Che. His movement did not appear to be fast, but the spear point seemed to be like lightning striking out of a cloud; it carried an immense might and appeared in front of Yun Che in an instant. Even the surrounding air was split apart, and created a flash of ripples.

Yun Che’s pupils slightly contracted as he quickly retreated backwards, leaned to one side, and barely dodged the attack. Just as he was about to counterattack, a dangerous gust of wind suddenly came from his left……

Generally speaking, the more power a spear strike possessed, the slower the speed of retracting the spear, and its openings would become bigger; however, as Tie Hengjun’s Piercing Cloud struck the air, it suddenly swept across in a flash, and greatly surprised Yun Che. He withdrew his hands as quick as lightning; he then folded his wrists to support his waist, and forcibly blocked it.


As his wrists blocked the body of the spear, a violent shock came from the spear, which caused him to take three consecutive steps back, and almost ruptured the Profound Energy protecting his body.

“Great spear power! Great spear technique!” Yun Che couldn’t help but exclaim. Even though Tie Hengjun’s was still young, his ability to handle a spear, definitely, could already be considered master class.

“Flood Dragon Breaking Clouds!”

Tie Hengjun’s Piercing Cloud swept across once again as the afterimages of the spear danced about, and forced Yun Che to back off far away. The spear was the most oppressive amongst hundreds of the weapons; its domineering force and power could not be compared with any other type of weapon. It was the most difficult to master, but once mastered, not to mention an enemy’s counterattack, one would not even be able to get close.

“Flood Dragon Scouts The Abyss!”

“Flaming Meteor!”

“Roaring Azure Sea!”


Tie Hengjun roared every time he struck out with his spear. In a short time, everyone’s eyes were filled with the afterimages of his spear; its tyrannical strikes forced Yun Che back step by step.

“Sweeping Through A Thousand!”

Tie Hengjun leaped fifteen meters as his Piercing Cloud swept across the air to attack Yun Che; even from fifteen meters away, the dominating force had already almost made Yun Che incapable of opening his eyes. Under Tie Hengjun’s dozen or so spear strikes, Yun Che had already been forced to the edge of the hall. Since Yun Che was unable to dodge it this time, he howled as he faced upwards, and unyieldingly struck out against Tie Hengjun’s Piercing Cloud with his arm.

“AH!” New Moon Profound Palace disciples cried out in shock.

Yun Che’s profound strength could thwart an opponent of Nascent Profound Realm of the third rank; however, Tie Hengjun’s spear not only contained pure Profound Strength, but it also had an overbearing might of the spear! How could one forcefully try to block the highest level of a spear’s attack with bare arms.

However, as Tie Hengjun’s spear and Yun Che’s arms collided, the sound of collision wasn’t very loud. In the split second that they met, Yun Che’s arm offsetted diagonally; he borrowed Piercing Cloud’s force to completely change its trajectory, and at the same time, thoroughly negate the spear’s force. Then, he quickly attacked, to directly strike at Tie Hengjun’s chest.

Tie Hengjun quickly retracted the spear, but was unable to regain his posture in time, and was easily blown away by Yun Che. However, he did not panic in the slightest and roared as Piercing Cloud’s magnificent silver shadow flashed again; it no longer had an overbearing force, but rather, it struck upwards from an unconventional angle towards Yun Che’s throat, as if it was an intelligent silver snake.

Yun Che’s breath paused as he bursted backwards using Star God’s Broken Shadow to dodge and heavily smash down onto the spear at the same time; which then forced Tie Hengjun to take several steps back.

Separated at a distance, Tie Hengjun and Yun Che did not immediately clash again. The entire palace once again, fell into an absolute silence.

Even though only a dozen or so moves had been executed in this brief moment, Tie Hengjun’s usage of the spear that was at times like a violent storm and at times like an intelligent snake, coupled with his astonishing control of his spear, were all extremely amazing; to think that this kind of skill of the spear, was actually accomplished by a mere seventeen year old youngster. The disciples of the same age and rank were all shocked without exception. They had to admit that even though they may be of the same rank as Tie Hengjun, there were by no means, his match.

Even Tie Hengjun’s father, Tie Zhancang, continuously nodded in silence with a smile of satisfaction.

And most shocking of all, when faced with the power and technique of the spear, in addition to the difference of three ranks in Profound Strength, Yun Che unexpectedly didn’t even suffer a single injury even after more than ten moves! Moreover, he was almost evenly matched with Tie Hengjun! Everyone was shocked to the point of not being able to move; some even had their mouth wide open, and couldn’t close them back for a long time.

“Looks like exchanging pointers with Younger Brother Yun, was a choice that could not be more right.” Tie Hengjun swung Piercing Cloud with a look of excitement on his steadfast face.

“Same here, same here.” Yun Che faintly smiled and then, his tone also carried a subtle warning: “Then, Brother Tie, about what’s coming next, you’ll need to be careful!”

Tie Hengjun’s spear technique was practically invulnerable, it was difficult to find an opening in it. Since it was so, the best method to defeat him in the shortest amount of time was to use an overwhelming force to forcibly break through his spear wielding posture.

Yun Che narrowed his eyes slightly. Under the “Heretic Soul” state, the berserking profound energy from his Profound Veins entered his arms without reservation.

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