Chapter 72 – The Battle That Shook the City (9)

Against the Gods

Chapter 72 – The Battle That Shook the City (9)

“Haha, good! To be honest, I suddenly kind of wish that Brother Yun will defeat me. Having said that, I definitely won’t hold back!”

As Tie Hengjun let out a loud laugh, his gaze had already regained its former chill. He swung his silver spear across and roared: “Receive this spear of mine…. Dragon of the Rising Sun!!

An enormous wave of pressure gathered upon the spear. As the Piercing Cloud Spear danced, the people inside the palace actually heard the faint cries of a dragon, as astonishment emerged on their faces, one after another. And at this time, the Piercing Cloud Spear had also horizontally swept toward Yun Che… This move could either thrust or sweep; thrusting would pierce anything, and sweeping could sway thousands. Since Tie Hengjun chose to sweep, it clearly showed his understanding of this spear’s power; if he had chosen to thrust, Yun Che may be gravely injured if he was unable to dodge under the oppression of the spear’s imposing aura; but with a sweep, not only would it be easier to hit Yun Che, but it was also unlikely to cause any irreparable damage.

As the silver spear fell, it carried an astonishing momentum like that of a seismic tsunami in the turbulent times of a raging storm. This shock caused by this spear, definitely surpassed any single one of Tie Hengjun’s earlier moves.

However, what shocked Tie Hengjun as well as everyone else, was that when faced with this frightening force, Yun Che didn’t choose to dodge using his bizarre movement profound skill at all; but instead stood in place and raised his right arm to welcome the Piercing Cloud spear that horizontally swept in his direction.

“F*ck! Is he crazy!!” A large number of disciples in the palace straight up exclaimed out loud.

“Dodge it quickly!!” Roared all four of the New Moon Palace’s Elders. As strong masters that far surpassed these juniors, they could obviously see how alarming of a power was behind this spear of Tie Hengjun.

However, Yun Che didn’t listen at all; instead, his arm sped up and violently collided onto the Piercing Cloud Spear that carried such an immense power.


Inside the Main Palace, the ear-piercing sound of colliding metal sounded.

The moment Yun Che’s arm smashed onto the Piercing Cloud Spear, Tie Hengjun had thought that this one spear would be able to sweep him flying for a few dozen meters. However, in that instant, his pupils suddenly contracted to the size of a needle; because, he felt as if his Piercing Cloud spear had swept into an indestructible and impeccably thick steel plate, as a massive wave of shock traveled back from the spear…

Tie Hengjun suddenly felt nauseous inside his chest. He flew backwards with a single backflip and was only able to barely come to a stop after retreating another five or six steps back. His arms that held the spear also became slightly numb. If not for his control with the spear that had already been embedded all the way into his bone marrows, the counter shockwave from earlier would’ve been enough to disarm the silver spear from his hands.

Yet Yun Che, only took two or three steps back, to then already be firmly standing in place. He shook his arms that were also somewhat numb, and faintly smiled.

“Wh… What!!” Tie Hengjun’s father, Iron Spear Clan’s Clan Master, Tie Zhancang, abruptly stood up. One of the seven major sect’s Clan Masters, that could shake New Moon City, was actually shocked enough by this scene to lose his composure! As Clan Master of the Iron Spear Clan, he knew how frighteningly powerful the move “Dragon of the Rising Sun” was better, than anyone. Even for opponents three ranks above Tie Hengjun in profound strength, they would not necessarily be able to receive it head on.

Yet Yun Che, a mere first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm, actually…. Actually!!!!

Since Tie Zhancang was already like this, there was even less of a point to mention anyone else; Iron Spear Clan’s disciple’s jaws were almost shocked open to the point of touching the floor, and the eyeballs of New Moon Profound Palace’s four Elders were also about to burst out of their sockets. In this short period of time, Yun Che had already given them one shock after another; and this time, they were almost shaken up to the point of losing their integrity, just so they could yell out on the spot.

After defending against this spear, Yun Che’s expression became even more calm; because he knew that this battle would definitely still end in his victory. Although “Heretic Soul” was only the first and the weakest realm of the Heretic God Arts, the extent of its terrifying power still far surpassed his expectations. He looked at the Tie Hengjun who had a dumbfounded expression, and spoke while smiling: “Brother Tie, it’s my turn to attack now!”

Yun Che took a step forward, and closed in on Tie Hengjun’s body in a blink of an eye, like a roving dragon. Tie Hengjun’s state of mind was as expected; it was incomparable to peers of the same age, for he immediately recovered from his bewilderment. The Piercing Cloud Spear was raised up like lightning, and swept toward Yun Che who was already near.


As the Piercing Cloud Spear slammed into Yun Che’s right fist, the noise of metal colliding resounded again. Tie Hengjun’s body leaned backwards, his hand numbed and almost dropped his spear. He was even surprised in his heart…. His profound strength of the Nascent Profound Realm’s fourth level, coupled with the power of the spear, was actually so easily blocked by a single fist; how could this strength possibly belong to a first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm!

Under the astonishment, Tie Hengjun fiercely breathed in and unreservedly released the profound energy inside his entire body. His control over the spear was displayed to his limit; Piercing Cloud Spear swung out afterimages that covered the sky, and caged Yun Che’s entire body within them.






The Cloud Piercing Spear continued to collide a dozen more times with Yun Che’s fists, as it emitted the incredibly intense sounds of vibrating metal. At the final collision, Yun Che’s gaze became solemn; both of his fists simultaneously shot out, and directly smashed into the Cloud Piercing Spear.



Tie Hengjun let out a smothered groan and staggeringly retreated as if he was under the assault of an irresistible storm. Only after retreating more than dozen of steps did he finally finally come to a standstill; both his hands, which held onto the Cloud Piercing Spear, trembled again and again.

Yun Che lowered both hands and calmly looked in his direction, but did not continue to further attack.

Tie Hengjun let out a long sigh of relief, as he withdrew the Cloud Piercing Spear back into his Spatial Ring. After straightening his body, he revealed a grateful smile toward Yun Che and spoke: “Brother Yun, I lost, and I am sincerely convinced about my loss.”

Others wouldn’t be able know, but Tie Hengjun had clearly understood that the last collision was completely over of his tolerance range; it was enough to knock the Piercing Cloud Spear directly out of his hands. However, right before his Cloud Piercing Spear was about to leave his hands, the overbearing profound energy suddenly withdrew… Since the Iron Spear Clan even used “Spear” for its name, one could obviously see how importantly they view the spear. Before the battle, Tie Hengjun had also mentioned to Yun Che that the Piercing Cloud Spear was his partner; it was seen to be as important as his own life, and had never left his side. For these type of people, to be disarmed of their weapons, was a tremendous humiliation that would be even harder to accept than death.

“If it’s possible, I truly wish to become friends with Brother Yun.” Tie Hengjun said.

“With those words of yours, we’re already friends.” Yun Che said while smiling.

Tie Hengjun was stumped for words. Then, he cupped a fist at Yun Che as he smiled sincerely, and casually walked down.

“Father, I lost; sincerely lost and conceded, yet also lost very happily.” Tie Hengjun calmly stated as he arrived next to his father, Tie Zhancang’s side.

“What a splendid exchange of pointers.” Tie Zhancang sincerely exclaimed: “Your improvement made me both amazed and gratified. Although you lost, it’s definitely not because you are weak; instead, your progress has already surpassed my expectations. However, this child named Yun Che….” He glanced at Yun Che with a profound gaze: “This child, will certainly become a true dragon amongst the clouds in the future. But this time, he provoked almost all of the New Moon City’s great sects at once; even knowing what kind of calamity may befall him, are you still willing to become his friend?”

Tie Hengjun didn’t even think about it, and immediately nodded.

“Good! Now that’s a real man, that’s truly the son of I, Tie Zhancang.” Tie Zhangcang gleefully laughed.

Roars of clamor bursted within the Main Palace.

“He actually prevailed over that Tie Hengjun! My heavens! Am I actually dreaming about this?

“Is he really in the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm? Sss~~~ How could this be possible! Too frightening…. too frightening!”

Tie Hengjun was a genius worthy of his title…. but this Yun Che, was simply just a monster!!

For the seven sect’s Sect Masters and Elders, it was difficult for their attention to not fall onto Yun Che’s body at this time. The New Moon Profound Palace that they had always looked down upon, unexpectedly brought out this kind of character. Defeating Profound Heart Sect’s Xuan Yu, Cloudy Sun Sect’s Yan Ming, Stormy Profound Palace’s Feng Guangyi, and even Iron Spear Clan’s Young Clan Master Tie Hengjun, with only a profound strength of the first level Nascent Profound Realm…. If one didn’t see it happen in person, they would never believe it!

Their former plan of playing rough with the newly appointed Palace Chief was thoroughly disrupted by Yun Che, and instead turned into his one-man show. In turn, it also allowed New Moon Profound Palace to completely show off in their presence, and even slapped them a few times in the face.

“Brother-in-law…. is that really my brother-in-law?” Xia Yuanba opened his eyes wide as he watched the awe-inspiring figure that attracted everyone’s gaze in the center of the Main Palace. He was unable to connect that figure with the crippled Yun Che, who had to suffer from all kinds of ridicule and contempt, who also needed his protection, together.

Every one of the New Moon Profound Palace’s male disciples tightly gripped their fists, as their eyes shined with excitement, since they didn’t know how to express their current feelings. And the eyes of the female disciples who looked at Yun Che were already filled with stars. Especially Ye Hongling, who had spoke with Yun Che before; when thinking about how she actually told Yun Che “if you have any problems, Senior Sister will help you” before, she couldn’t help it but blush out of embarrassment…. At just how overreaching those big words were.

Of course, among them, were also people who were envious with jealous hate; such as…. Murong Ye.

As the surrounding disciples cheered on Yun Che in their hearts, he had continuously snorted and had an extremely unpleasant feeling in his heart. It was because this time, Yun Che had bathed inside the limelight for far too long, and even allowed all disciples of New Moon Profound Palace to boldly stand tall; one could imagine how high of a popularity Yun Che would have in New Moon Profound Palace from now on…. It may even far surpass him, who had always been the most popular inside the New Moon Profound Palace.

When he looked at Lan Xueruo, he discovered that she was staring unblinkingly at Yun Che with an abnormal luster in her eyes; one that she had never revealed to him. Instantly, the fire of jealousy crazily exploded inside his heart, as his teeth also tightly clenched together… You’re just a feral brat at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm who came from a remote little city! You have stolen the show enough; after today, I’ll make you understand who’s the real boss of New Moon Profound Palace!

“Counting Brother Tie, that makes four…. Who shall be next?”

Yun Che stood in the middle of the Main Palace, and faced the seven sects as he once again, issued his challenge.

Defeating a Feng Guangyi, had already frightened the sixteen year old age group enough that no one would dare to accept the challenge; now he had also defeated Tie Hengjun, the sixteen year olds even more so, did not dare to make a sound. Even after almost half a minute, no one from the seven sects had answered the challenge. And at this time, a voice full of disdain resounded: “In the sixteen year old category, neither the number nor quality of the disciples we have brought are good. For the sixteen year old age group, this will count as our loss. Hehe, do you dare to allow your Profound Palace’s seventeen and eighteen year old disciples to come up and exchange pointers with us?”

As these words rang out, it immediately received positive responses from the seven sects. However, Yun Che made a cold laugh: “Want to challenge our New Moon Profound Palace disciples who are above sixteen years old? That’s fine; however, you should at least defeat me, who is only sixteen, right? How else would you have the qualifications to challenge my Senior Brothers and Sisters… Heh, this brother that spoke up, you seemed to be around eighteen or nineteen? How about you challenge me, a sixteen year old New Moon Profound Palace disciple? If you win against me, you can challenge any of my Senior Brothers and Sisters as you wish. However, if you can’t even defeat a sixteen year old like me, heh…”

The crowd looked in the direction of the person who spoke up. As he lifted his head, everyone’s gaze suddenly straightened. The disciples who were about to instantly shout, all became quiet, and even the Elders of New Moon Profound Palace exhibited alarm in their eyes.

This person…. This person is….

This eighteen or nineteen year old had a slightly pale face. He glanced apathetically at Yun Che with his indifferent gaze that was like a pool of dead water, and laughed with contempt as if he had heard some vulgar and uninteresting joke: “You’re saying that… You want to challenge me?”

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