Chapter 714 - Quick End to the Battle

Against the Gods

Chapter 714 - Quick End to the Battle

With the Heaven Smiting Sword’s wild and violent attacks complementing the Star God’s Broken Shadow, the moment Yun Che had suppressed his opponent, a reversal was bound to never happen. At this time, Feng Tianyu was in this sort of predicament. He had lived for several hundred years, and had exchanged blows with countless experts, but even if he was facing an opponent who was several times stronger than himself, he had never been completely suppressed to this extent.

Under Yun Che’s hurricane-like strikes, Feng Tianyu could only guard and retreat desperately.  In a blink of an eye, he was consecutively struck several dozen kilometers away. During the entire process, forget about counter-attacking or fleeing, even catching his breath had become an extravagant wish. He was unable to get on his feet as he felt as though his entire being was firmly pressed under several huge mountains.

In the earlier clash of phoenix flames, he was able to slightly take the upper hand, but the moment Yun Che pulled out the Heaven Smiting Sword and made a single slash, he was suppressed to the point of not being able to catch his breath at all. But because of his incomparably rich amount of profound energy, he had yet to fall or receive serious injuries. Under Yun Che’s several dozen strikes, the energy and blood in his entire body had long been in a state of turmoil, as though they were boiling from within.

At this moment, a surging wave of air came from the northwestern direction at a breakneck speed. As soon as it appeared, Feng Tianyu’s unbearably painful expression finally revealed a hint of ease. While that wave of air had yet to approach, a gigantic sphere of phoenix flames had already enveloped the sky and earth, blasting towards Yun Che.

Yun Che forced open his distance with Feng Tianyu with a slash, and with another fierce swing, under the gigantic torrent of profound energy, the phoenix flames that was blasting towards him were instantly distorted into another direction, straight towards his back. The moment it made contact with the ground, it loudly exploded into several sky-piercing fire pillars of up to several hundred meters tall.

Under the radiance of the fiery light, another person stood next to Feng Tianyu who had finally caught his breath after escaping Yun Che’s heavy sword strikes . He was of similar age with Feng Tianyu, and he was dressed in the same apparel; naturally, it was Feng Tianqing who rushed over in full speed. However, his expression looked extremely hideous, because like Feng Tianyu, he could clearly feel that heart wrenching aura from Yun Che’s body. In his heart, he was even more so filled with extreme shock and disbelief.

Feng Tianyu’s arms were bleeding profusely. He hurriedly gathered his energy to suppress all of the injuries on his body as he solemnly said, “Tianqing, this boy is simply a monster. He’s ten, hundred times stronger than we imagined... Tch, we have to unleash our full strength together… If this boy doesn’t die… Our divine sect will never be at ease!!”

There wasn’t a need for Feng Tianyu to explain. His condition and the aura emitted from Yun Che’s body were already sufficient enough to allow Feng Tianqing to understand that they had completely wrongly estimated Yun Che’s strength. In regards to Feng Tianyu’s final words, he incomparably agreed to them as well. Feng Tianqing took a deep breath and said, “There’s no longer a need to capture him alive… Just deal the killing blow, do not give him any chance to breathe.”


Feng Tianqing took half a step forward… and within this half a step worth of time, the phoenix flames on his body had already expanded by several dozen meters. In his hands, an additional flaming heavy blade that was about five inches in length appeared. With Feng Tianyu following closely behind, both of their phoenix flames blended together, and looking from afar, it was as though there was another crimson red sun in the sky.

And under the “sun”, the boundless earth’s surface quickly turned into tumbling lava.

“With these two working together, the longer this battle drags on, the more disadvantageous it will become. If there’s any other unforeseen events, then it will be even harder for you to deal with it… End the battle quickly!” Jasmine said with a solemn voice.

“I know!” Yun Che tightly grasped the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword with both of his hands. Before the sword moved, a catastrophic aura had already enveloped the great earth. Facing the tag-team of two great Phoenix Monarchs, he did not prepare to cautiously make his retreat, instead, he took the initiative to step forward. Smashing his sword out, the most intense of phoenix flames were set ablaze on both his body and sword as a near substantial phoenix image spread out its wings behind his back, roaring out.

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”

At the same time, Feng Tianqing’s and Feng Tianyu’s phoenix flames smashed towards Yun Che in an overwhelming manner as well.

“Phoenix Fire Burning Heaven!!”

The two Phoenix Fire Burning Heaven carried a destructive force that an ordinary person couldn’t possibly imagine. The enormous, blinding fiery radiance covered every other light, like a devil originating from the deep pits of hell, as it engulfed the approaching Yun Che.

Three Monarch-level powers unfancily clashed with each other, and for a moment, even all sounds had been engulfed. The surging flames charged straight above the skies, completely swallowing the surrounding area of several dozen kilometers. In that short moment, all of the living beings and inanimate objects within turned into ashes. Space wildly collapsed, and several strips of gigantic space fissures ferociously swallowed the explosive power and flames.

One was simply unable to open their eyes due to the extremely bright light, and under the enveloping fiery radiance, Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were ruthlessly sent flying away by the violent energy. In midair, they supported each other with their strength, only stopping after all the energy in their bodies were depleted. Both of their faces were as red as blood, and the profound energy within their entire bodies were wantonly clashing in their meridians; it was chaotic to the point of being unsuppressable. A trickle of blood was present on Feng Tianqing’s lips, but his condition was a little better, since only his arms suffered heavier injuries. Feng Tianyu’s chest, however, was already badly mutilated, and his two hands, which were grabbing onto the blade, had even revealed ghastly white bones; at least half of the meridians in his two arms were even destroyed. He seemed to be no longer able to grasp the hilt of the blade tightly from the intense pain and serious injuries.


With a light ring, the flaming heavy blade in Feng Tianqing’s hands suddenly shattered. From the hilt of the blade to the blade’s body itself, the finely scattered fragments dispersed onto the ground.

Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were both startled at the same time. Feng Tianqing let out a long sigh; he did not mourn for his shattered precious blade, instead, he solemnly said, “Forget it. With my hands seriously injured to this extent, I’m afraid even ten years wouldn’t be enough for them to fully recover. Ten years should be enough to find another suitable blade… Tianyu, how’s your injuries?”

“I’m fine.” Although Feng Tianyu had already exchanged blows with Yun Che earlier, his profound strength has, after all, surpassed Feng Tianqing by a small realm, so his injuries weren’t much heavier than Feng Tianqing’s. With his gaze fixated on the overbearing flames in front of him that were unceasingly engulfing everything, he said with a hoarse voice, “For that attack earlier, both of us had used our entire strength. Although we both suffered some injuries, that devilspawn… should have already turned into ashes.”

Feng Tianqing slowly nodded, “Although his abilities are irregularly strong, he merely possesses an Emperor Profound physique after all, so there’s absolutely no reason for him to survive. Haah, even in my dreams, I would have never thought that it the small Blue Wind Nation, an impossible freak like him would actually appear. He actually needed the both of us to join hands…”

Boom boom boom...

Extremely oppressive booms suddenly echoed out. Irregular sways suddenly occurred to the boundless phoenix flames in front of them, and in the next moment, they were violently split apart. Yun Che, along with that Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword which was even larger than his own physique, suddenly came assaulting forward with a terrifying wave of air that was not any weaker than the one he had before.

“Wh… What!?”

Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianqing’s eyes widened at the same time. At this single moment, for the first time in their lives, they experienced what was known as true terror.

Even if Yun Che did not die, they would have been still able to accept it a little if he appeared while bloodsoaked. However, Yun Che’s gaze was still as cold as a sharp blade, and his aura had not even weakened in the slightest bit. From what they saw, they were seemingly unable to see any scars on his body. Even if they were to die a hundred times, this was an outcome that they could never accept or believe.

Under their extreme shock and disbelief, their bodies instinctively reacted in tacit agreement. With one facing the left and the other facing the right, they fled off at extreme speeds. Earlier, Yun Che had instantly smashed out his immensely exhaustive “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth”, evidently wanting to follow Jasmine’s advice of ending the battle quickly. Even though he had the absolute advantage the entire time, his opponents were still two mighty Monarchs; they definitely wouldn’t be easy to take down.

Since he wanted to end this battle quickly, how could he possibly allow them to flee?

Yun Che did not chase any one of them. Instead, after slightly pausing at their original position before charging away, a rising glow instantly flashed within his pupils, and above his head, an image of a gigantic azure dragon appeared in a flash.

“Dragon Soul Domain!!”

Spiritual pressure originating from the Primordial Azure Dragon descended from the skies, enveloping Feng Tianyu’s and Feng Tianqing’s souls. With the duo’s Monarch-level souls, they shouldn’t have suffered too greatly under the Dragon Soul Domain. But in the first place, their souls were already this close to flying out of their bodies due to the shock they received from Yun Che, thus, under the pressure of the Dragon Soul, they instantly sank into the deep abyss of fear. Their bodies instantly turned limp from extreme terror as they fell straight to the ground; their protective profound energy was also greatly affected as it quickly dispersed like tidal waters.


Amidst the leather breaking sound, the Heaven Smiting Devil Sword easily pierced Feng Tianyu from his back. The surging energy flooded inside his body, instantly mincing his meridians, profound veins and organs inside his entire body.

Because of the protective layer made from a Monarch’s powers, when Yun Che smashed out the Destroying Sky Decimating Earth earlier, it merely caused them to suffer slightly heavy injuries. But, under the Dragon Soul Domain, with a casual swing of his sword, Yun Che could easily take their lives, as though they were mere commoners.

This was the terrifying nature of the Dragon Soul Domain.

Feng Tianyu’s face froze as his senses, which had yet to completely disappear, had already clearly seen his own death. With the last of his willpower, he turned his head to the back bit by bit, seemingly wanting to clearly see Yun Che’s face again before his death...

“You… mon… ster…”

His head had only turned halfway through, before it heavily drooped down, no longer making a single sound. The two words, which had costed him all of his willpower to shout out, carried neither hatred nor unwillingness, but instead astonishment and disbelief that could not be dispelled even in death.

“Hmph, thank you for your praise.” Yun Che let out a cold laugh. With a swing of his sword, Feng Tianyu’s corpse was swung far away, falling into the sea of phoenix flames. In a blink of an eye, it had already turned into ashes.

In the several hundred years Feng Tianyu had lived for, not even in his dreams would he expect that he would actually fall under the hands of someone who was merely around twenty years old.

Yun Che coldly turned around and gazed at Feng Tianqing. The Dragon Soul Domain earlier had only lasted for two breaths of time before it was recalled by Yun Che. Feng Tianqing was still sitting limply on the ground, but it was unknown whether his condition was due to the shock of the Dragon Soul which had yet to completely disperse or the fact that his spirit had completely collapsed. He did not take the opportunity to flee, and his eyes, which were staring at Yun Che, had already turned hollow.

“You… Just who… are you?” Feng Tianqing’s lips shivered, and his every word was similarly trembling as well. Both Feng Tianyu and him had joined forces, yet they were still defeated by Yun Che to such an extent. He was now the only one left, and he was even bearing serious injuries. In addition to the collapse of his spirit from the force of pressure brought by the Dragon Soul, he had already completely lost the will to resist.

“I am Yun Che, Prince Consort of the Blue Wind Imperial Family, husband of the current Blue Wind Empress, and the son-in-law of the former Blue Wind Emperor who was killed by your people! A citizen of Blue Wind Nation which had been violated and trampled into hell by you people for no reason! Do you understand now!?” Yun Che coldly said.

“...” Feng Tianqing’s hands had sunk into the ground below him as he muttered, “Is this heaven’s will…”

“Heaven’s will?” Yun Che solemnly let out a cold snort, “Heh, this is retribution which your Divine Phoenix Sect deserves!! And this retribution… has only just begun!!”

“Heheh…” Feng Tianqing listlessly laughed, “Although I was useless and failed to kill you, the foundation of five thousand years behind our Divine Phoenix Sect isn’t something the likes of you can possibly move… With the two of us dead, you… will definitely not be able to live past today either.”


A dull bursting sound rang out. With his eyes closed, his entire body shook as blood gushed out from his seven orifices. After which, he slowly collapsed onto the ground.

As a Phoenix Grand Elder, he was unwilling to be killed by Yun Che. However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from Yun Che’s grasp, hence, he killed himself by self-destructing his own profound meridians and organs… After the collapse of his body, the sparse Phoenix blood on his body were also set ablaze, burning his corpse within the Phoenix flames.

Yun Che turned his head away, kept the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, and let out a soft, cold laugh, “Whether I’m able to move it or not, is not something you can decide!”

When his voice fell, he had already risen into the air, charging straight towards the direction of Divine Phoenix City.



Feng Hengkong’s body suddenly shook, as though his entire being was struck by a bolt of heavenly lightning; his four limbs and facial features had intensely contorted as his body swayed, staggered, and then fell backwards.

“Sect Master!!”

“Royal father!!”

The surrounding elders and princes were instantly in great shock. They held him up in a fluster as they anxiously asked, “Sect Master, what happened to you?”

Feng Hengkong’s lips were still trembling, and his pair of pupils were in enlarged states the entire time, unable to revert back to normal. That was an extremely intense form of fear and astonishment.

“Elder Tianyu… is dead.”

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